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Found 132 results

  1. Hello folks, im Selva, i'm 22, i started playing Wurm Online since the end of July. One week after i've started playing, i met some good guys who were recruiting ppl to their villages. However, all the 5 villagers, including the mayor and co-mayor, went away at the beginning of August, moren than 2 away months now. So , im alone, in a ghost deed, with lots of buildings locked and about to get off deed, since the upkeep money is almost gone. Why i dont put more money at the deed's bank?! Well, im almost sure they will not come back, unfortunelly, and i have no interest in feeding a ghost deed which i wouldn't have, at least, the minimum control of even my house. So, cut to the point, im looking for a new deed at Celebration, who has a nice place, decent people and recruit me as a free villager, not a slave or a second class citizen. -My location is near TapDance -Not premium at the moment, but, obviously i have plans to be -Have some stuff that might help the recruiter, if not a super advanced wealthy deed. - I'm a good villager, you can check about me with the players : Reyaa, Pepeford, Hooter, Harvest, Feasd pr Maiya.
  2. Good Morning Everyone. Sunstone Seaport currently have open positions! We are interested in all new comers to the game We are currently running a Newbie Training Camp which will teach you how to play the game and give you new free good ql tools. Sunstone Seaport is located on Independence just South East of Maple Island at 44x 81y (co-ords click able to bring the map up) If you are interested PM me on this forum or ingame under Maximusi (note I am mostly on 5pm to 10pm GMT Monday to Fridays and 8am to 10PM GMT Saturday and Sundays) we can arrange to pick you up from one of several major locations one of which is near where new players start the game. Once we have picked you up we will bring you back and show you to the Newbie Camp, From there you will receive 2 weeks training on how to use the game, how to craft, it will include field trips and skill training. Upon completion of the 2 weeks if you are eligible we will offer you a full time position in our village. If you are not then you will be given time collect your belongings and we can give you a lift if you require back to where we picked you up or one of the other major destinations near us. Details about the Newbiew Training Camp Scheme can be found here We will post pictures soon!
  3. Welcome to Somalia! [media] thread music Somalia is a deed recently made on Affliction and is accepting new players to train for a world of PvP. We are in a strong alliance called the Republics of Dave. Our deed has empty houses ready for moving in, archery targets, mostly completed dirt walls, a mine with forges, several iron veins among which there are two utmost ql, and a copper vein. We have horse pens for breeding and public pens for other animals and it's own lake for your boats! Somalia is secure, we have a guardtower and the location is ideal. This is the perfect deed for any new player to learn the game and train his skills up in a friendly environment. At Somalia, we have experienced players who will help you along, you will be able to learn skills quickly, letting you move up in the world *other pictures of somalia go right about here* If you are interested in joining PM me here on the forums OR message one of the two ingame: TrulliLulli* Religiousnutjob P.S. I'll add more reasons for why you should join this amazing deed later. *TrulliLulli will be leaving for Elevation soon, leaving Religiousnutjob as the vice-mayor.
  4. Hey, you! Are you new to this fabulous game we call Wurm? If so, are you sick and tired of living in your 1x1 shack in the middle of the frontier? Can't stand the fact that you keep having to rebuild that one wall of your house because the trolls break into it every day? Want to live in a place where your food doesn't keep killing you? Or maybe you're an experienced player and you're sick and tired of living on your own in that 25x25 deed with your collection of multicolored crocodiles? Well, we have good news! Westbrook needs YOU for cheap labour to become respected members of our society! Westbrook is a small city-state ruled by a dictator village in Celebration (10x, 20y) on a wonderful island full of resources, including both iron and silver veins, plus some tin and possibly other veins in our troll country cower-in-fear "frontier vacation" cottage. We have quite a few boats (mostly rowboats) and horses that you can use to escape the iron fisht of El Presidente or go hunting. Our small collective is very friendly and will help you along the way, whether it be with armor, food, weaponry, escape, or to help build your house, whatever you need. We also have very friendly neighbors as well that can help you, too! We cannot supply you with food, water, shelter, and other essentials. The deed is still under a degree of construction at the moment, but we'll have it up and running away in no time! We don't have any prerequisites (except loving bison) for joining, so if you're green-as-grass or have been playing since Gold 1, we'll accept you so long as you sign over your soul. We can also pick you up from anywhere. Living in the upper Independence coast? In the starting cities in all the servers? Maybe you live in troll country in some backwards corner of Freedom? We will crash at your place until El Presidente thinks we're dead pick you up! At the moment, we are accepting only four new slaves recruits, but that number might increase at some point in the future! So, PM me on the forums, ingame (Delex), or post in this here thread; come on down; and we'll set you up in the middle of hell paradise! Please god help us Sincerely, Delex El Presidente's Most Trustworthy Advisor
  5. Friendly village in the North of Exodus, at the NW foot of Mount Tundra on the coast of Shallow Bay, now recruiting due to expansion plans. Looking for mature players of any skill level, to join our experienced team. Village has positions available, whatever specialty you would like to pursue. Large crop/animal farms and mine Housing plots available in our newly built 4th tier. For applications, or for answers to any questions, please PM through the forum, or in game message : Andrewwhitman Lokaen Blar Teralynn
  6. Howdy folks! I've been tossing up the idea of recruiting a couple of people to my deed, Tranquil Woodlands, located in the southern regions of Exodus server. Most of the deed is farmland at this stage, but I plan to keep expanding and building as we go. I can offer citizens any of the basic gear and supplies you'd need to survive on freedom, nothing too fancy though. If you're interested or have more questions, pm me on forums or ingame. here are some pictures to show you roughly what the deed looks like
  7. Hello fellow Wurmians! We are a new, small and evolving village, on Independence. Our village is recruiting, and we are accepting new aswell as experienced players, and give them a warm welcome! The settlement is purely based on labor, and taking orders from other people(which includes alot of crafting) We LOVE to hunt, and there is a steppe nearby. We encounter alot of spiders, but no worries, if you are new, we can train you The citizens don't need to be premium, but because we do alot of orders, we can get you premium if you can prove you are worthy You can PM Aziandood or Neoking if you would like to join. If you'd like, we can pick you up at Freedom Market(FM) The settlement is marked as 44x26y on the map, as shown here: Currently, our village has: BUILDINGS - A farm - An animal pen - A workshop - A food storage - Housing district RESOURCES -Access to Iron ore