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Found 127 results

  1. Hello, I'm the new owner of deed Blackmith, located beside the road from TD to east. I love Wurm but now Cele has low population and I feel alone sometimes. I play 12 hours/day (but I'm still a bit newbie) and I'm glad to help all my neighboors. If u feel alone playing Wurm /tell me and we can play together. I have a private mine with good veins and u will have permission to mine a vein adecuate to ur mining skill.
  2. The Monk Temple is now looking for initiates! we have been working on our temple for some time and are now prepared to start housing more players, with our public housing barracks for new recruits now under construction! each initiate will be assigned a bedroom with a bed, chest, and a Bulk storage bin. upon joining they will be shown efficient techniques for grinding experience and learn to truly hone their skills. From a great architect to a master of martial arts, our goal is to grow as a whole, and not just leave our initiates fend for themselves. Through this modality of cooperation and coordination that we have managed to maintain, we have managed to make much progress on the soon-to-be monk temple. with the courtyard, cook-house, tailor, stables, a high Ql quard tower and a fully functional farm, we have everything we need to accommodate new comers. upon completion of the monk temple there will also be a blacksmith, barracks, dojo, shipyard, and of course, the temple itself! our long-term goal is to build a strong and profitable commonwealth with our kingdom allies to the east. Apart from such international endeavours, we also hope to unify the kingdoms surrounding the lake that our great temple is located on known as "serpent lake" under one banner! we hope you will become a part of our community and I hope to hear from you soon! i can be found In-game as Scninja. See you guys on Xanadu!
  3. hi i have just started a new deed on exdous and i am looking for one villager to join me my in game name is mathob if you would like to join me plz pm me in game thanks
  4. Asgard Is Now Recruiting First and foremost we are drama free. If we find that people aren't a good match we try resolution first, if one can't be made then we find other housing solutions for the person causing the problem. We all pay way too much money for this game to not enjoy it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Communication You must be able to speak English well enough to understand Wurm Rules and Guidelines when explained to you. The people of Asgard, and the alliance members are all fun-loving people who love to work together as a team and help out new players. Sadly, when you can't understand the language it makes it very hard to communicate. English is a must. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Location We are conveniently (or not so conveniently) located in the far south west near Newspring. On the in game map we are at 11Q. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Us Asgard is still undergoing construction. If you want digging or mining skills to work up you strength and mind logic then we currently have both. Asgard is a great place for you to come, skill, and help out with community projects. You must be able to tolerate lots of joking and horsing around in Alliance chat. Some adult content is used. You can build your own house and prepare your plot the way you like. If you don't log in at least once a week you will have your privileges limited and if you are gone for a month (without prior notification) then you will be removed as a villager. We want active players. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What Asgard has to offer: § Our help with tools and weapons (to the best of our abilities). § Plot for you to design how you want. § Horses and Cattle (to borrow until you acquire your own). § Carts for you to borrow (until you make your own). § Mines off deed of varying types and qualities. § Wells on site. § Altars for all three Gods. § Coastal property. § 10 Guards to offer you maximum protection. ​§ Rowboats for your travel needs. § Meals are provided if you like. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What Asgard will off in the Future: § Market at Alliance docks to sell your merchandise. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What we have to offer: § To be part of a community. § Friendship and Trust (open community). § Semi-relaxed environment. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What we expect from you: § Manners and respect. § Someone who gives as much as they take. § Willingness to learn. § Desire to help out and work as a team. § Ability to follow directions and listen to Asgard leaders. § Honesty (thievery will get you booted). § The ability to be on often. Arrangements can be made in advance for longer absences if you make arrangements with Asgard Elders. § Willingness to help out other villagers. § Villagers must be premium. § Must speak English. § Willingness to take part in community projects. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Asgard Rules § You are allowed to work on Asgard projects; if you can't then Asgard isn't for you. § You will not grief other players. § You will NOT steal, cheat or anything else that will cause harm to Asgard, its villagers or alliance members. § You will follow the guidance of the Mayor and Asgard leaders. § You will not mix low quality items with the high quality ones in the bulk storage containers. § Respect other members and be polite. Grievances will be held in pm’s, not Freedom chats. § You will not kill penned animals unless given specific permission. § If you want to practice your mining skills and you are low level you will mine in an off deed mine. § Trees must be replanted after cut. If you are interested in joining our village please contact myself, Harvest (by sending a message here) or send Lucard a p.m. in game. Please don't post here as I don't get notified and forget to check. Thank you.
  5. Hello foilks, i'm Selvagem! I just started a deed at Xanadu and i would like some good fellas to live in it. It's very fresh, so you will be able to see it's transformation over time and also be part of that, Server: Xanadu Taking non-prems?: Yes Taking newbies: Yes Location: R19 PM me if interested and we can talk, i'm interested in good and decent folks to play with.
  6. Well me and my friend Ragnar, recently took up playing Wurm Online.. And well we'd like to eventually form a settlement, but before that we're just surviving in the wild trying to get a handle on this game.. Well we'd like to try and play game without to much help from veteran players(We thrive on the challenge).. But that said, we'd like to see if there is any other possible new players out there that might be willing to join us. We've got a teamspeak server, and we're European based.. And well we've got a friendly spirit, and we don't mind having fun Contact me on here, or pm me ingame same name as on the forums -HoratioOakheart
  7. SunSerpent Oasis This is a huge settlement with a lot of great ideas to how it should be developed. there is currently a lot of work to be done, This is a city for both experienced and new players. Ideas and creativity is what makes this game what it is, so we welcome those as much as possible. You never know when someone has a great idea about something. Important Information: Deed size: 50x50 Location: R15 resources: Iron, Clay, Tar, Sand, Water, Tin, Gold Creatures in Area: spiders, hell hounds, scorpions, unicorns, trolls, horses, and various weaker critters. Land Marks: Desert, Coastline, Mountain, lots of Forrest Religious Domain: Vyn in city area, Mag in the mine, Fo working on location Alliance: has total 6 villages in area NPC: will setup locations for merchants very soon. What We are Looking For: Dedicated players willing to learn the game and build the city into what it could become. Loyatly Activity is a must. If your not able to login then let us know whats up so we don't assume you quit. Current and Future Projects: Mine Teraforming stockpiling resources What Village Needs: Fo priest Mag priest Vyn Priest Dedicated and Fun Citizens What We Offer: Security and Freedom Experienced players to help answer any questions you may have. Alliance and Village Communications: Team Speak Event Scheduling Village Website to come in the future. Photos: Will post them very soon! Contact: Eldarian in game or on forum if you are interested in more information or to join our wonderful community.
  8. Hört hört ! Leute von Wurm Online unsere Prachtvolle Stadt Port of Oak auf Exodus sucht Bürger ! Wir sind eine freundliche deutschsprachige Stadt mit aufstiegschancen. Jeder Bürger hat die Chance in den Adel aufzusteigen und somit mehr Rechte in der Stadt zu bekommen. Wir bieten euch die Möglichkeit in unsere Armee einzutreten in der ihr einen regelmäßigen Sold erhaltet. Dieser richtet sich nach Rang und besondere bemühungen! Wir haben den Vorteil jederzeit auf den PvP Server zu fahren um dort eben PvP zu machen =) Die Stadt befindet sich derzeit noch im Aufbau und das Gelände ist 63 x 64 also genügend Platz ! Falls wir euer Interesse geweckt haben könnt ihr euch jederzeit per PM ingame an Striehl oder Snakeger wenden, oder ihr kommt einfach auf unser TS 3: oder alternativ =) Ihr findet uns Ingame auf Exodus auf der Ingame Map auf P 8 Wir freuen uns hoffentlich schon bald neue Leute zu treffen. Gez. Striehl, Port of Oak ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hear, hear ! People from Wurm Online our glorious Town Port of Oak on Exodus is looking for villagers! We are a friendly, german-speaking Town with opportunities of advancement. Every Citizen has the possibility to achieve nobility and with that to gain more rights in the town. We are offering you the chance to join our army to receive pay regulary. This adjusts to tier and efforts. We got the advantage to join the PvP server at any time to have some action there. This town is under development and the area sizes 63x64, so enough room for everyone! In case you are interested feel free to PM Striehl or Snakeger or just join our Teamspeak on or altenatively We are looking forward to hear from you soon. Gez. Striehl, Port of Oak Danke Capi für die übersetzung =D / Thanks Capi for translate =D
  9. Hola seguimos reclutando pero con algunas condiciones que cumplir/ we still recruiting but with some conditions to accomplish Para más información mirad este enlace / For more information look this link (only spanish information): Esta es nuestra web: Las normas están aquí: Rangos: ¿Qué ofrecemos?: Estamos en las coordenadas : 32x 46y costa sur/este. En el server Deliverance ========================================== English: Hello, we looking for mature people for our settlement can able to speak spanish, we are a village with a touch of role-playing, so who wants to join with us will have to understand that our role task is to help other people in their travels, as protectors, If you can´t help with your sword then healing or somehow assisting travelers and newbies. This is our web: The village rules are here: Members village ranks: We are at these coordinates: 32x 46y south coast / east. Deliverance server Recruitment closed from this thread/ reclutamiento cerrado desde este hilo. más información/more information:
  10. The newly founded and expanded village of Hideaway is accepting recruits. I am more into a nice leisurely paced gameplay. There is plenty of room for massive farms warehouses homes and whatever else you could possibly want to build as the deed sits on a plot 55x53. theres an area for a harbor to be built also. its Q10 on the map.the little penninsula. I dont mind if your new or an old vet who just wants a place to sit by your forge. After the place is built up a bit i would like to get some production of some sort going for profit. As far as leadership I accept all ideas and whatever works best for everyone will ussually go. Do as you wish as long as you dont bother the others. come be a part of this great village in the making.
  11. Welcome to Die deutsche Community vom Deed Water Seven + 10 Ally Deeds(Shining Valley Alliance) sucht noch deutschsprachige Mitspieler! Aktuell sind wir 14 Leute. Wir bieten eine tolle Umgebung, 40+ql Meals, 60+ql Tools 70+ql Ledersachen, einen öffentlichen Marktplatz für eigene NPC Händler und einen TS3 Server. Bei intresse hier antworten oder Ingame bei Scope, Terraluna, Bratokar oder Abarec. Gruß Bratokar/Baium ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, The german Community from Deed Water Seven + 10 Ally Deeds(Shining Valley Alliance) looking for germanspeaking Players. We can offer a great Place, 40+ql Meals, 60+ql Tools and 70+ql leatheritems, a Marketplace for private Merchant and a TS3 Server. If intrested post here or Ingame to Scope, Terraluna, Bratokar or Abarec. Best Regards Bratokar/Baium a liitle preview under the spoiler:
  12. EbonHeart StrongHold This is a huge settlement with a lot of great ideas to how it should be developed. there is currently a lot of work to be done, but it is walled in for security and protection for those who need it. This is a city for both experienced and new players. Ideas and creativity is what makes this game what it is, so we welcome those as much as possible. You never know when someone has a great idea about something. Important Information: Deed size: 51x57 resources: Iron, Silver, Clay, Tar, Sand, Water, Copper, Tin, Gold Creatures in Area: spiders, hell hounds, lava spiders, scorpions, hell scorpions, unicorns Land Marks: Desert, Coastline, Mountain, lots of Forrest Religious Domain: Vyn in city area, Mag in the mine, Fo working on location Alliance: The Republic, currently am the capital of the alliance with roughly 10 villages NPC: currently have a trader and will setup locations for merchants very soon. What We are Looking For: Dedicated players willing to learn the game and build the city into what it could become. Loyatly Activity is a must. If your not able to login then let us know whats up so we don't assume you quit. Prefer premium Players, but non-premium are welcome as well Current and Future Projects: Mine Shipyard More guard towers in area currently have 3 redoing central part of village Stockpiling resources What Village Needs: Vyn Priest All and Any Specific trade type What We Offer: Security and Freedom Experienced players to help answer any questions you may have. Alliance and Village Communications: Team Speak Facebook Group Event Scheduling Village and possibly Alliance Website to come in the future. Photos: Will post them very soon! Contact: Eldarian in game or on forum if you are interested in more information or to join our wonderful community.
  13. North Shore. Main site Current Members is * 8 * Players this does not include alts and these are active players. Deed size is roughly 35x60 with huge area to expand Location Is North Celebration Y8 x43 or D23 We are Chatting on TeamSpeak 3 We have a Facebook setup to share in game help tips, photo and more We are recruiting new and experienced players Nice Hunting area, Farming Animals Husbandry, Close to Exoduses zone line, On deed Mining, Shipping, Much more We do have rules and Player perspiration expected.
  14. WELCOME TO KALAYAAN KALAYAAN VILLAGE, is a village located on the "Independence" server, at the co-ordinates of "37y, 17x" (based off of this map -; literally a small boat ride across the sea, from The Howl! FOR us at Kalayaan, we value three things greatly - that is: Freedom (honestly, you can do whatever you see fit: make what you want, pursue any job that you want, do work as you please, etc.), Community (being active within the community - talking to others, being respectful, helping one another out, etc.), and Having Fun (this is rather self-explanatory -> Wurm is about having fun!) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUR community has a lot of benefits to offer you - everything from easy access to ample supplies of lumber, stones, ores, and other basic resources for all your construction needs; to easy "job related" resources, buildings, and areas (i.e. tons of grape vines for any vintners, a harbour for anyone that likes to fish, mines, etc.). BUT in order to keep things simple, let's take you through the major parts of our village, one by one, giving you a detailed description of what we have to offer you in each area! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KALAYAAN RESIDENTIAL ZONES --> TOWN CENTRE KALAYAAN offers several "community services" to its residents, such as the newly built community centre which holds all of our major buildings and major communal services (such as a woodworks, a smithy/stoneworks, a (to-be-finished) Church, and a kitchen and hunting lodge)! EACH community building is fully available to all members of the Kalayaan Community, regardless of their wurm experience! KALAYAAN RESIDENTIAL ZONES --> HOUSES KALAYAAN offers its residents several different sizes of homes in order to decorate as they see fit, several of them are compeltely empty, while some of them have been furnished already by communtiy members who have left; nonetheless, there are homes of all sizes, with varying property lots that can be built, furnished, and maintained (don't worry, our friendly village can help you with that!) EACH house comes fully built, in terms of walls, doors, windows, etc. - and a generally blank backyard (nothing planted, but with fencing!); nothing else is put into the house if it is an unfinished, so that way you can decorate it as you see fit! Some pictures of these include: KALAYAAN HARBOUR --> HARBOURFRONT & CANAL KALAYAAN is lucky enough to border right onto the "Inner Sea" in Wurm - meaning Kalayaan takes full advantage of this, by maintaining a working Harbour that is available for use by all members of the Kalayaan Community; such features on the harbour include: large shipbuilding areas, receiving (delivery) house for shipments and purchases, waterfront properties (i.e. large homes for shipbuilders), a large canal just north of the village, and all around ample area to moor/dock your vessels! Some photos include: KALAYAAN HARBOUR --> KALAYAAN INN KALAYAAN has, on-deed, what is called an "Inn" (though it is currently under renovations; a great project for anyone who likes to build things!) - that is, a building that has six rooms, each with storage bins, forges, beds, ovens, altars, etc., for anyone passing by with their boat, on foot, with a cart, etc., who need a place to stay for the night! This is a great place, that only costs approximately 10iron to rent out, that is accessible to just about anyone, regardless if they are a part of the village or not! KALAYAAN AGRICULTURAL ZONE --> FIELDS AND ENCLOSURE! KALAYAAN has a vast range of fields and stables, used primarily for growing crops, and containing our animals (horses, cows, etc.). Our 6-8 fields, some of which contain at least 100 individual tiles for planting crops on, are the centre of our profit in Kalayaan! Specializing primarily in "Potatoes" and other vegetables, our fields are sure to not disappoint any farmer or potential customer! Not to mention, we also have an enormous enclosure, excellent for natural growth, in terms of trees and wildlife! IN our fields, you will also find our many horses (which we breed and then sell for money), and cows, that are also used for meats, food, etc. Some photos include: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SO WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR? ESSENTIALLY, we are looking for just about ANYONE that is active, and willing to participate in a community setting! We don't care if you are young in wurm, old; it doesn't really matter what timezone you are from, or anything like that... KALAYAAN accepts everyone... everyone is welcome to join! IF INTERESTED, FEEL FREE TO CONTACT "XANDRYA" (OUR MAYOR), "ALASKANBOB" (OUR DEPUTY MAYOR), OR "TESULA" (ONE OF OUR VILLAGE SENIORS) IN ORDER TO GET HELP/DIRECTIONS TO KALAYAAN, AND TO ULTIMATELY JOIN US! If all else fails feel free to drop me a Pm with any questions =)
  15. We are recruiting Polish speaking players to Stoned Deed on Epic Desertion. MolRehan: Twierdza Stoned Serwer: Epic: Desertion (MolRehan) O nas: Jesteśmy grupą Polaków zorientowaną głównie na PvP (7 osób chodź nie tylko ;-) Należymy do największego sojuszu na Desertion o nazwie: MRE prowadzącego działania PvP na Desertion jak i na Elevation. Większość czasu mieszkamy w Stoned na Desertion, ale zlokalizowani jesteśmy zaledwie kilka minut żeglugi na Elevation więc do stolicy MolRehan (EC) jest blisko. Dzięki temu uczestniczymy we wszystkich eventach PvP organizowanych przez nasze władze królestwa co dostarcza dużo emocji ;-) [YouTube] [YouTube] [YouTube] Szukamy graczy zarówno nowych jak i doświadczonych. Gwarantujemy szkolenie i pomoc, sprzęt. Kontakt: pm w grze Tosiek, Teosen, Vill, Villz, Kuciak, Tedix jak i przez forum:
  16. Hello Deli! We've always thought wurm needs a river. Instead of waiting for Rolf to make us a server with rivers, we're going to make one our selves. It won't be easy of course. It'll be a lot of digging and surface mining, but I think it's a cool project and the body stats are fantastic, if you ever want to get into PVP (We have a deed on Chaos as well) it's all about those bod stats. We have high ql food and I will make anyone 80+ ql shovels and enchant them that helps enough. The river will be around Soleil at 26 y and 4x and meander towards the mountain. Send Vindekator or I (BrandonSF) or Finalwolfblack a PM if interested. We have beds and places to make homes of you like the area,
  17. Demon's Reach Now Recruiting Contact: Xor, Bathor, or Supernatural. I am sort of a jack of all trades myself, no skills very high, but have 50 in many, such as blacksmithing, cloth tailoring, soon fine carpentry, etc. I have a good Vynora Priest who also has high farming (as of this posting, passing the 80 skill mark). I have two new villagers atm, and am looking to recruit more, As of now I think I have enough room for 6-10 more players. We're all friendly, relatively active players. I am US Central time (-6 iirc). The alliance has players in many time zones and usually there are at least a couple people online, often more than 10+ online during peak hours. Village can provide: Meals, increasingly better as I raise my cooking skill on the priestI will help you get a set of 50ql+ tools for your chosen profession (should you pick one)I will also enchant a set of tools for that same profession, whether it be skiller tools, or WoA tools for quicker actions.CoC Enchanted Meditation rugs available for use to grind meditatingPath of Love and Path of Knowledge Tiles on deed.15 Minute walk from BlossomLarge and friendly alliance with villages around the bayFree enchantments from my priest as long as you provide the favorCrops, and farms, animals, etcLarge mine next door on my neighboring farm deed. Just starting it, but it should have Silver and Copper in it, and we have found plenty of Iron.Coastal Location, close to starter town, and right next to a public market.Will add more as I think of more good thingsWhat I am looking for: Friendly players new or old with premium, or a strong interest in getting premium (I can provide work to pay or help pay for your premium time with your labor in game)Honest, trustworthy, and reliable. We have a lot of players in the alliance, and will eventually have many on deed.Respect others, and others will do you the same courtesy. We don't all have the same opinions or views, you don't need to either, just don't be a prick I may require help around the village sometimes, nothing outrageous or ridiculous. I pay for most work I have done anyway .I might add some more to this in the future after thinking on it some more. Travel Guide with Screenshots from Blossom There is a cyan Dot on the mini map, about where you would be located, and a red arrow pointing towards where you should be heading.
  18. Roseguard: The Village of the Winds Roseguard is a village that sits nestled by the gentle warm winds of the ocean and the Highfrost winds of the mountain. Overlooked by a reconstruction of Rosehall, the village of Roseguard itself is a haven built in tiers. Wherein each tier represents one of the winds and walks of life. We built our life on the progression of passion. Your place among us can vary greatly by your passion to live and strive within the realm of Wurm. Introduction to our village will have you placed as a Dock Worker, and living on the scenic townhouses placed on our lowest tier, where you will enjoy the sounds of the waves nestling and crashing on our shoreline. From this point, your chosen career will move you to different places in the village infrastructure. [ Unfortunately due to the recent attack on Wurm I have not been able to garner photos on the reconstruction of our village. ] ​Shipwrights will find better accommodations on the raised platform behind the townhouses, remaining close to their work and the waves they so love to venture over. Two such residences will be provided, and built as someone rises to fulfill said position. [ Unfortunately due to the recent attack on Wurm I have not been able to garner photos on the reconstruction of our village. ] Those who look to join us as general residents, who tend to their own and just wish to play leisurely, with no primary focus will take residence on our lovely Oleander Square, located two tiers over the Docks District and just below the Guild Court. Sharing in Oleander Square is our primary Animal Care Facilitating to Bison and other Bovine Species. However, worry not, as Oleander's communities are gated off from any potential Bull Goring and from prying eyes. [ Unfortunately due to the recent attack on Wurm I have not been able to garner photos on the reconstruction of our village. ] ​Smiths and Tailors will find willful accommodations on the Tier encircling our Guild Court, with ample reach to our village's primary Mine, located behind the Seven Saints Cellar Inn and Tavern. Directly across from the 'Cellar' are two specialty shops, Chevasto's Loom and Jiorto's Silver Helm, dedicated to the crafts, and future home to our town's best artisans in said fields. [ Unfortunately due to the recent attack on Wurm I have not been able to garner photos on the reconstruction of our village. ] Above the Guild Court Circle is 'The Valley' currently home to our advanced housing project, the Cliffside Heights Commons. Future plans for the Heights are in hold, but they promise to be a beautiful vista overlooking the southern horizon, the Western Forested Ravine, and the Village as a Whole. Our village hosts facilities for the working man, as well as testbeds to increase the skill you currently have. Our Crafstman Hall is soon to host 4 Forges, Four Looms, and Four Ovens. Future items will be built in as necessary.
  19. I'm a new player looking for a village or just one person is fine as well to join. I don't no anything really except what I learned from the wiki and tutorial.
  20. Welcome in the Lands of Wurm, in Serenity, Kingdom and homeland from Jenn-Kellon, protected by the Withe Light, by The Holy Three, Fo, Vynora and Magranon, guide us shining bright and free, so our homeland be free off evil, war and tyranny. Me and a friend want to recrut new Players, yes, you read it correctly, new Players, because we know that it is hard to get in the game and figure out how things work, so we want to support them and educate them so they can leave the deed with many knowledge and maybe creat a own deed later. What we offer - A friendly, respectful and helpful atmosphere - A kind of education/knowledge - Food/water - Materials - Skillgain - A home (our deed, Wotansberg) What it needs to join us - Also a friendly, respectful and helpful atmosphere - Teamspeak 3 (link below) - Speaking English - Being from the Jenn-Kellon Kingdom of course We wil guide players, for example talk about to being a prist, talking about the for and against or help to choose which god, or in other questions and problems we will help, for free of course. We also will recruit players, when they dont know how long they will play, only a week or less. They should try it and the best way to try it is to join us so we can help them to figure out the game. Want to join or need more infos? Send me (Rainbowcrashger or Sauerkrautii) a PM ingame (in Local "/tell Rainbowcrashger"), post a comment below or PM in the forum. Thanks for Reading RainbowCrashGer and Sauerkrautii *Teamspeak 3:
  21. Together we rise, Together we shall fall City of Oaksted Lore The fires where fresh, the shouts and screams as villagers where slaughtered within there homes. Frostalphus stood infront of him home, as it burned and crumbled to the ground. His deed was in flames. He looked around, The unknown enemy had broken in through the town walls. It was unexpected. Frostalphus remembered all the people who had helped build this place. And felt a pang of regret as everything crumbled. Right before his eyes. He turned in time to see a nogump come crashing through the gates and charge towards him. He closed his eyes and felt a painful slam as the nogumps grafted morning stars slammed into him. He slipped into unconsciousness. He awoke to the sounds of birds chirping and the sound of the lake. The Morning air smelt fresh and warm, he slowly opened his eyes and looked around, nothing was left, only ruins. Only piles of rubble where houses used to be. A nogump lay slayed in the plaza. The kingdom banner tattered and ruined lay upon the nogump. Frostalphus slowly got up and walked towards the banner, he picked it up and rolled up the cloth, he put it in his backpack along with the rest of the tools he still had. He began walking forwards, Past the rubble of the old mine door. But all of a sudden a man came out, it was his second in command, klickguy, he joined frostalphus on his journeys. Day and night they traveled. Following wherever the roads would take them. Until one day they stumbled across the steppe, and they looked through the barren wasteland, just as they began to walk a familiar and warm voice shouted. The two travelers turned in surprise as an old friend rode up on his cart. Thatdamnkid told the two to hop on and come with him to his deed. The two travelers quickly got on and they began riding through the steppe. Thatdamnkid had heard about what happened to the town and told them if they ever need help, he would be there to assist. The two travelers thanked him. And as they entered the desert Frostalphus told thatdamnkid to stop the cart. He had spotted a spot of land. The two travelers walked forwards and told Thatdamnkid they had found there location. To start afresh. Start there lives over. They began working, Klickguy cut the trees down and Frostalphus turned them into planks. They worked together and soon they had built a shack. Within this shack frostalphus planned the city on paper, buildings, rules and whatever he could think of. His imagination ran wild. City walls thick and defended well, Catapults on every tower. Frostalphus had it all planned out. Days passed as the two worked hard. People came and helped. And soon the entire land was being raised. New friends where made and skills where learnt, Frostalphus vowed that whatever happened. He would not let this city fall. Recruiting Oaksted, a city of safety, comfort and warmth, no fear of the outside world. But that is still a thought, we require assistance in the creation of this idea. We are recruiting, we need dedicated players, new or old, no matter from which background, to assist. There will be a rank system. Ranks: The Oaksted High council Lord: Frostalphus [Me] Military Strategist: Klickguy High Priest: Military General: Watkins Head of agriculture: Head of trade: Drewkatski Public relations: Military: Sgt - Bowman - Swordsman - Mauler - Scout - Pike men - Axe-men - Civilian Classes: Farmer: Smith: Craftsman: Militia: Trader: Shop owner: Healer: Priest: Hunter: Elite class: From within the military ranks of oaksted, a group of elite soldiers are formed, the knights, the knights are oaksted's task force, These specifically picked group of soldiers are trained and toughened to there best. They assist anyone looking for help. If it's its carrying out missions behind enemy lines or defending the city or its allies. Grand Knight: The brains of the knights operation, they send out the knights on there tasks. These are the highest of the order, only 5 at a time, they each have there own company of men. Grand knights must progress through the ranks of the military and exceed all tasks given. However, the are specifically picked by the Military general and the high council. Require 75+ FS and can be a priest. Knight: Knights are elite soldiers and shadows of the city, they move swiftly executing there moves, Knights require 75+ FS and can be a priest. Squire: Squires are knights in training, these young knights are trialed and judged over a period of time, until deemed worthy of knighthood. Elite buildings: With the knights comes the chapel, this is only allowed to be entered by the knights and members of the high council. This is were they do there meditation and prayers. ================================== At the moment that is the ranking system. ================================== We plan to create a wide variety of buildings and areas. We want to name different areas of the city and streets. We plan to create: Blacksmith Forge Public Workshop Barracks Armour Castle Public Stables Cart stables Warehouses Farms [barns etc.] Public inn General housing, for the civilians. Church And so on. Laws Oaksted does have laws, these are customary for citizens. No stealing, No littering inactivity for two weeks with no good reason before hand or afterwards will be kicked out of the city. Militia will be called upon to fight if times become dire. Soldiers need to have 70+ Fs Militia need to have 50+ Fs Houses and or rooms are available via real estate. We require active players We do not want people who have a record of stealing, looting, and killing for fun. This is a community Jobs can be selected. You can do whatever you want, as long as your know how to do it. or want to learn it. We want to help each other out. We have alot planned and we need a lot of help, if anyone is interested drop me a PM on wurm, Frostalphus, and ill give you the location. We welcome all! [16:17:43] It is 10:30:50 on Luck day in week 2 of the Bear's starfall in the year of 1037. [16:17:43] The settlement of City Of Oaksted has just been founded by Frostalphus. We now have teamspeak Something useful for planning out deeds. deed-planner. Download it from here. Together we rise, Together we shall fall
  22. Insula Magna is a great island rising out of the ocean. We welcome new citizens seeking fun, adventure and learning in the ways of wurm. We are south and west of Blossom, just of the coast near the Garden of Shadows. Check out our wurmpedia entry Check out our settlement forum RISE ABOVE!
  23. WoodSea Mountain Resort We are a new village located in the southwest region of independence at 18x, 53y Our village has lots of space to grow We are looking for both new and experienced players to help us grow PM DMonkey or Parashurama in game
  24. im looking for a new village that is still growing since its no fun to join an already fully structured town with nothing to do or build Pm me in game my user is DMonkey im on independence