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Found 127 results

  1. Willow Vale Deeps, situated at 27x 45y on Independence (about 20 minutes walk from Freedom Market, less by boat), has a few spaces for more villagers. There is a lot of mining being done in the area, both in the Willow Vale mine and for the Magranon`s Scar highway project, plus the farmland on the deed is producing more than the villagers need so this would be an excellent opportunity for anyone with a Mag priest alt (and it would be good to have a spellcaster available). The only requirement I have is that you help tend the farm and animals, other than those, your time is your own. There are several large scale projects underway in the surrounding area. You won`t be expected to help on these, but if you`re willing to, then all the better. While I would prefer English speaking European players (I`m British) with premium, that`s not essential (well, the premium isn`t, but the English is, unless we can somehow use sign language...) About the deed: It`s 21x25, with several house plots already outlined or under construction. The sanded area to the left is partly on deed, and is being dug down to make room for more housing. Close to the sea (and involved in constructing a harbour) so easy access to water. There is also a plan to hollow out a cavern beneath the deed as an underground dock and shipyard, and link it to the harbour via canal. Has an on-deed templar (who covers the mine entrance), and surrounded by guard towers, so the area is secure. An ever expanding mine, with a number of veins (mainly iron of varying qualities) already exposed. There is copper, tin, zinc, silver, lead and much iron in the area, but as yet only lead, zinc and iron have been found in the WV mine. The surrounding area is well forested (including an on deed oak plantation), so easy access to plentiful timber, and there will be terraced orchards and vineyards for fruits and grapes. There is a mailbox with a Courier 91 enchantment only a few minutes walk away at the harbour The dawn view from Pellandria`s Colossus, with Dragon Fang mountain to the north east (Willow Vale is out of shot on the bottom left of the screen): Village Projects: Terraform the surrounding area into additional grazing land and orchards Mine out a cavern (underground shipyard) beneath the deed, and link it via canal to an exit at the harbour Expand the mine to uncover more veins. You can contact me either ingame (Kaldari), as I`m often on most evenings, or send a forum PM, if you have any questions about anything
  2. Zortains Bay Is Looking for members, Please PM me online @ Zortanis or Email me @ My Village is pretty new but has lot's of room for growth, Current projects are mining a tunnel to Shrewberry village and a road as well, We are in Alliance with them and Booty Bay. If interested please contact me online or via E-mail, Serious Players Only And Premium Preferred Mayor Zortanis Of Zortanis Bay
  3. Hi all, Anybody recruiting? Recently moved to the epic cluster, in Desertion.. I'm currently looking to be part of a town/village Coming from Release, I'm not new to the game, just to the pvp part... Anybody in Desertion, or MR controlled Elevation recruiting please pm in game to (Dragoromir)
  4. My name is RockTango, I have not played this game in a long time and actually forgot a good amount of mechanics. I am trying to decicate myself back into this game and I still have alot to learn. I am used to merely do mining, collecting the corpses to sell and lastly making small supplies. I hope I can join somewhere, I am always trying to help out, no matter the cost.
  5. Buena Vista is my settlement with plenty of room for a new player or players to learn, stay or go on their own if so desired. No fees, no requirements just a chance to learn the game or join in on making someplace to stay. Must be mature in attitude not necessarily an adult but must be mannered and want to enjoy the game. Contact Tantagoth is such is desirable. Premium also not required.
  6. i have rooms for about 5 people.. more if you are willing to bunk in the same room with others... this is for thilis deed on deliverance server... we are located at 36x 37y on the map.... if your interested pm me in game... i'm looking for active people who are looking to eventually travel to other servers...and make some money doing so...looking to sell boats and items to chaos and harvest materials from where ever... horses and boats...we are a coastal deed so i will make sure we always have these around... there is going to be a mine nearby but not on deed... any questions...hit me up... oh and it will be a magranon area for those who care...
  7. About us: Once we first joint Wurm we didn't know where on earth to start. Starting out by yourself, building a house to keep safe, whilst trying to do that, run away from monsters, then worry about food, water, trying to find cotton..and of course the many other things to go with it. We finally found a village to stay and the people who owned it were incredibly friendly, offered pretty good QL armor, weapons, meals, helped us build our very own house and helped raise most of our skills. We soon became village elders and ran the place ourselves. Unfortunately, the village got abandoned. We then decided to head off to find our own place where to stay, came across a place close to sea and main sources, which we would need. Plus it was surrounded by dozens of unicorns.. We then deeded the area and started to civilize it. After building the basics we thought about recruiting a handful of people to help out with the village and help them out too, just like we had offered to us. So far our deed is yet to be finished and generally make it look better, so there may be future plans with structures. Currently building the community housing, this will be finished soon and will be fully furnished for players. What we're looking for: Ideally this would be for experienced players. Please be aware as it's a small village only a few may join. We're looking for people who just want to chill, get on with their crafting and getting skills up, training up to go elevation and of course, help maintain the deed. (for experienced players who are ready to go to elevation, you're free to join and use the village as a pit stop to make your boat and head off from there). What Waters Edge can offer to you: Safe deed. (Deed is all blocked off by tall walls).Community housing.Community farm.Community mine.Community forge shop.Easy access for fishing.Located nearby sand, clay and peat.Free meals.Easy to build a boat. (as we're right near the sea and offers more protection as it will be docked on deeded land).Always have healing supplies.Supplied with basic weapons and armor.Regular hunting trips. (For supplies, skill gain or just for the heck of it).Live near a forest area. (never gonna run out of wood to make that boat).Deed guards.Small animal keeping area. (gain animal husbandry skill and keep your own animals in there). Part of a large alliance. Interested? If so, please message either me, Mclovin or Teal. I'm hardly online at the moment, so it would be best to message Teal. Happy Wurming. Mclovin
  8. Recruitment Rivendell is looking for new premium account players that have recently joined the game. Rivendell is a trading village so your job will be to for fill customer orders. Unlike most villages you will be paid for what you make, all Rivendell asks for is a 20% tax which goes towards upkeep and maintenance, there will also be a village economy where you will be able to spend your wages on food weapons tools etc. There will be space to build your own house but there are to ways on how to do it 1st choice is to rent the space eg you want a 3x4 area so 12 tiles x rent per month but you would not own it and Rivendell keeps the writ. 2nd choice is to buy so again 3x4 area 12 x cost of tile plus rent ( council tax lets call it) but this way you keep the writ. I'm doing it this way because some people might want big houses but tiles cost money on a deed and space is costly , also gives the village a real estate economy where people can buy and sell there houses. If you like the sound of this please message me we need lots of hard honest working people to help grow our village to have thriving economy and most of all to make friends and have fun. What you will need to achieve before you earn your citizenship Ranks Miner : mine 1k rock shards & 60 iron ore ( reward x1 stone chisel) Mason : make 1k stone bricks Lumber jack : chop up 100 logs Carpenter : make 100 planks 100 shafts Black smith : make 50 large & 50 small nails Fine carpenter : make large cart Tera former: dig 1k dirt Citizen : collect your free armour chain set sword and shield The stone bricks will go to the village as we only sell 30ql + Congratulations you are now a citizen of Rivendell. You are now free to take what ever career path you choose wether that be a warrior , powerful priest, black smith, or farmer the choice is yours. Rivendell Rules Rivendell business should never be discussed outside the village. No privet bulk deals will be set up unless asked to No bullying of any kind in or outside the walls of Rivendell, if you have a problem with some one please tell me so we can deal with it professionally. Theft is the upmost crime and will not be tolerated, the offender will be KOS on many deeds. The most important rule have fun look out for each other and be proud of Rivendell . Regards Mayor Swistony
  9. Recruitment is currently closed due to me personally not having all that much time for the deed (RL is to blame,) although if you're interested in having somewhere on the West Coast to hermit up then I'd still be happy to help. Join us on IRC with #Captains (I'm on IRC all the time but am often afk. Feel free to leave a message as I'll see it.) I'm opening recruitment for my deed, A Captain's Hideaway. I remember the days when I first started playing Wurm and some of the earlier villages I was at - we had a great time socially. However, since going solo on my own deed, I've been lonely! Seeing as a lot of the deed's ground work has now been done (50%-ish) I feel it's the right time to start to build up another great village. The deed is placed on the west coast in a calm part of the server (8x 34y.) Local resources include lots of on-deed iron in an ever-expanding mine, clay a short hop across the bay, and the vast forests of Deliverance on the deed's doorstep. The deed is currently 31x31 in size but is in no way land-locked and could easily expand a lot more as more players join the deed. The deed also has a "fleet" of horses at your disposal for carts and trips, an expanding herd of cows for omnoms, and a village sailboat you're welcome to use for whatever trip you may need to take. And did I mention upto 70ql meals cooked for you too? In terms of villagers, I am very open in what I look for. I'd rather have players with at least a few months under their belt around the deed - it simply isn't cut out to support swathes of relatively new players and I'd rather that newbies went somewhere more specialist - however, for more experienced players whether you've got years under your belt or are just starting to get a good feel for the game, then Captain's is undeniably the right place for you. I know what it's like to live under a repressive, restrictive, inactive mayor - it sucks - as such, I'll do my best to be the exact opposite of those adjectives, so you can get on with enjoying the game you enjoy in an environment where someone else is doing their best to make the game as great for you as possible! I don't mind what skills you have or want to train. If turning over a load of empty space into farmland to toil away at floats your boat, then sir, float your boat you may! I could list every other possibility in Wurm and how I'll let you do it within reason, but then I'd be here all day... in terms of timezones, I'm GMT and can usually play at least a few hours a day, usually enough to catch most other timezones including US ones online at some point. More about myself (funfunfun!) - I'm mainly a carpenter/terraformer/mason/fighting kinda Wurmian, but also have a 70+ faith mag priest and an (almost) 60+ faith vyn priest. Enchanted grass is available on the house, as well as some enchants. In general, I like to have a balanced set of skills - as such, so does/will the deed - everything can be accommodated. I've played Wurm for a year and a half and don't plan to go anywhere anytime soon, so joining the deed is "safe" so to speak! More experienced players generally prefer to do their own thing - here, you can! In terms of housing, as above, I aim to be accommodating. There is no real minimum or maximum as to how much space you can have for housing and projects, it simply has to work with the land that's available. I'm happy to expand the deed if necessary too - there is plenty of space to, I simply haven't bothered due to me being the only player at the deed for a while. Only village rule: be mature. That means don't aggro your peers or go 110% HotS just because someone left something shiny on the floor that you might like for yourself! Any villager is welcome to help as much or as little as they want to on village projects. Uniquely, you're also more than welcome to contribute ideas and changes too - my mind can only stretch so far, I'd love to get some input from others about things to tweak and add to make the deed better. And lastly, a word about the deed's status. It is almost fully terraformed and there are many projects under way. These include: - A 150 tile boat cave ("sailboat garage") - Ongoing construction work to build a range of main buildings - Ongoing work to make the deed prettier, with trees, decorations etc. So, if you're interested in the village, feel free to PM me if you have any questions or want to know more about joining. I also lie when I say that I'm the only person at the deed - I did have 2 villagers, but due to RL issues they haven't been around much. Kinda related - if you're coming back to Wurm after a break and want somewhere to give the game another go then I'm happy to take the risk and let you try it out again here. To finish, some pics: Looking at the deed from the south - much of the mountain to the right of this pic is also part of it. Everything else in the near shot is the deed too. The main square One half of the village workshop Main pier and much of the deed's open space Thanks for looking through the thread!
  10. Hey guys this is Catmanel the current sheriff of morgul reborn, i'm working on restoring the city and in time making it even better then it was before, were situated on the horseshoe island (as minas morgul because maps not been updated yet) and looking for some players who want to lend a hand, everyone is friendly here and share most of our stuff as of yet nobody has their own house yet either, but in time a residential quarter will be built. If you wish to run your own business you are free to do so from our town and get help from the locals all we ask is a 10% levy on your profits that goes towards upkeep of the town. if your not earning any money then it doesn't cost you anything at all to stay here its just when you make money. CALLING ALL TRADESMEN we are also wanting to get some outside traders to come and set up merchants in the town so that its more of a trade hub and we can get it running again, first month trial period can come for free but after that the 10% levy would be required to help keep the town running. So if anyone is wanting to come join me message me in-game or on here. Vynora even came and visited
  11. Hey there, I am not really recruiting for a village, more looking for someone who shares a similar interest. My home is a small cottage on a small deed, 2x1 and very cosy. The locals are very friendly, we often help and trade with one another, my deed provides the local revive point. I tend a small forest named the red woods, a forest entirely populated by maples and bushes (mostly maples). Over time this forest has grown and grown, replacing the other trees in the area (though there are small groves of other tree types). It is my hope to expand it further bit by bit, alas though... Tending all those trees? It can net over 200 maple saplings per day and is soon going to be a task beyond my ability alone. Thus I am seeking an apprentice, to help me tend and extend the forest. In return? I can offer a place to live (a small 2x1 cottage on the deed) and all the maple syrup you can keep down. The forest provides food regularly (mostly stews and casseroles I will admit, forage runs yield a fair amount of food). This is for those who just love making forests and beautiful locations, not someone looking to turn a quick buck (though if they want to sell maple saplings they are welcome to XD) and (more importantly) for someone casual (I spend an 1-2 hours making a sapling run daily, it's relaxing and pretty calming). Contact me ingame (Etherdrifter) if this kind of life appeals.
  12. Hello there! I am a returning player searching for a small or starting village. I can perform menial tasks and will do my best to be of help to the village. I am planning on getting premium when my budget allows it. I am willing to join any type of village, honestly. I just want to be a part of a tight-knit community that will help me grow as a player. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you consider my request!
  13. I have a 33x27 deed (Malibu Bay) to myself on the eastern edge of the map. There is plenty of room to build on deed, and room off deed if you decide to go out on your own at a later date. I am based in the Central US, and generally play in the evenings, between 6 and midnight CDT. I am part of a somewhat regional alliance, with 4-6 fairly active players. PM Akgrath or Cyangrath in game for more info. The attached pics are all standing on the far eastern edge of the deed looking SW, NW, and W.
  14. So this idea is kinda nice and i think many people would agree 1. Villages create a profile at the token and toggle a "Fee" if they want to have it show up on the post board at the local starter town. 25-50c a month added to the upkeep. 2 the Board is at all the major spawn towns next to where the new members spawn.. and a prompt pops up suggesting for them to take a look at the board for a village or venture out on there own. ( Some Epic Servers should be excluded. ) 3 This allows New members to easily find a village that suits there play style and.. as it is in game.. it also has a higher chance to be use.. because the new players are more likely to look at something in game, then tab out and spend 20 minutes trying to dig thought new and old village recruitment guides.. 4 it brings a slightly bit more money to the server.. and has a usable function that in the long run will help build the player base more.. Most people who join and quit in the first few days because its hard and they die a lot.. this gives new players a chance to go right in to village life and.. they might stay longer even prem up. * me in example.. ive ben in this village for over a year and i joined my village the date i joined on this avatar.+
  15. Getting Bored of Your Settlement? Looking for new project's & ideas? Enjoy a challenge? Look no further! After Playing Wurm for a few years, owning and living on numerous deed's and residing on few different server's, I have experienced a lot of things in this wide and wonderful world. For the past few months, I have been playing mostly solo on a small deed, one that's development has finished long ago and this has left me searching for a new challenge. The Idea! An Idea I have been kicking around for sometime is to assemble a group of like minded players, And break off into the vast unknown to start a new project. One that is a challenge, requiring planning, commitment, dedication, and an Overall sense of community! A place to hone skills our skills, both in the creation aspect as well as a crafting haven providing most everything we shall need as we develop. Of Course, this is merely in the planning stages, So any opinion's and idea's from players interested will be compiled, until we can strike on something that everyone is thrilled to work towards. Idea's may include anything from a magnificent deed to a central market, our personal island or mountain retreat, and anything else one's mind can come up with! As for location, I would prefer to keep it located on the old freedom cluster, any server as long as we agree upon it, but If we can stay away from Exodus I would be thrilled. Nothing against that server except the fact in my experiences, there is no dirt layer which makes it more challenging to work with than it need's to be. Also Chao's if it is something we are comfortable with but that requires the trust of a tight knit group, and fair amount of planning and communication between an existing faction. The People! Anyone is welcome, New players or more seasoned veteran's! Premium is not an issue, bit I do request a little bit of in game time to be sure that this idea Is right for you. The ability to work with others is a must, and some sort of voice communication program would be ideal. So please, reply on this thread, send me a PM, or hunt me down in game if this idea appeals to you! What One Person Considers Impossible, a Group Can Accomplish Within a Shortened Time Frame. When One Mind is Stalled, The Power Of Collective Thought Can Prevail. As a Group, You Can Move Mountains, And Who Knows, We may Just Do That
  16. Amitabha will soon be entering Serenity and starting a monastery to spread the word of the Buddha into this new land. We are a group of guys and gals who originally met and started playing together in Age of Wushu. Most of us are 20+, with one or two exceptions, and all of us are dedicated and mature. I have a short temper when it comes to drama and stupidity, and I will kick you out without warning if you start becoming a drama queen/king or find that trolling is your favorite pass-time. It's a harsh policy, but its one that has lead us to extreme success in other games and has kept us a tight-knit group of competent gamers for quite a while. We use Team Speak 3 as our communication, and while you are not required to be on it, if you want to participate in PVP with us you will be required to at least be online to listen. In other games we are quite sizable (average 40 people online at any one time, usually spikes to upwards to 80 when we start in a new (read: new) game). But, knowing Wurm, I do not see that being anywhere near the case here. We will be lucky to maintain 10-15 regular players, which is why I have decided to open recruitment in Wurm prior to our actual entrance into the game. Do not fear, we have several experienced Wurm players, and will be having outside help from a couple of established settlements (in terms of high skilled labor, high quality tools, seeds, etc...). So we are not entering blind. If you are interested in joining us from the start, please feel free to visit our website and sign-up. If not, understandable. I will update this post later on when we actually enter the game in the coming weeks. Thank you for reading.
  17. Storm's End, located in the North Crystal Lake area, is open to citizenship. If you are passing through the area or would like to join a deed, stop by and say hello!! You can also reply to this so I know who you are if you need help finding the place! Here is some of the land we recently finished terraforming. It was all hills when we established the deed.
  18. Hello all! I am a brand new Wurm Online player. While I may be new to the game, I am not new to MMORPG gaming or gaming in general. I am very active with plenty of free time on my hands to help out where needed. I am still learning so I need a village that is active, social, experienced, patient, willing to teach, and yet still let me do my own thing. Please send me a message in forum or in game. My character name is Kiznick. Thank you!
  19. Skulltooth Cove (X20 Y48) is a small community with two very active and dedicated members, YukiAkari and me (LordByte). (All are on GMT +1) We are looking for other dedicated members that can fill in the tasks left empty by their predecessors (or take over some of the multitude of tasks that are still open and filled by us by necessity). We're looking for players that have already proven, or are certain that they want to stick with the game, but we place no stock on skill values or age alone. Most important is that there's a match, that you fit in (we're not elitist ogres, if you're nice to be around you'll fit in ) [media] Our philosophy You do what you like, in between you try to fill in the open tasks to help out with the others. If you're the primary (highest skill) you're expected to fill in a bit more, and if you're not: anything that gives skill to the primary is expected to be left to them. Again the most important part is that there's no pressure, we're here for fun foremost. Everything in the village is shared, and we expect it to stay that way, the locks are on the outside of the wall, so that our members can be free to do what they want and have the right tools to do it. We talk and we try to cooperate to make our village work and look nice! We're usually on Teamspeak and have a lot of very active players in other games, we expect mature behaviour, but we won't stick an age on it (though most of us are around 30). A microphone is expected and at least a little command of the English language. (Clarification: Our entire gaming community has been active on voice-communication in some form or another since 1998! We're used to it and have noticed that when there are others who aren't they tend to split off rapidly because it's much harder to make a bond between two sides using different communications). Our history We started out in december, a couple of friends had after much pushing by me started playing this instead of some other sandbox, so I had to get in fast... This is our story: We set out on a lone winternight, the four of us. Modzo and Creuss had already set out before but the wilds had taken them, luckily the spirits had pulled them back to Sloping sands. They were working hard when I walked through the portal. Shaping clay pots for water and preparing some basic tools. When Gazef arrived we set out, the plan was to travel northeast, there were untilled lands in the northeast, near an enormous lake that would supply us with fish, and possibly a new ship for our crew. The map was a rough drawing and wholly inaccurate as we found out. And the trek was harsh, and filled with dangers... Many times did we have to run back down from the hills we climbed, because giant spiders and mountain lions would attack us as we crested it. Then Creuss would bandage our wounds, but as supplies were running out we had to forage for more healing herbs and berries to keep us going. Wounds started to fester and we were losing hope when we finally got out of the wilds and the lands opened up to reveal a wide stretch of tundra... and WATER! Beautiful shining lakes in the distance, but many creatures blocked our path. We were running low on water and our wounds were bad so a fight was out of the question. "If we reach the water they will leave us alone." said Creuss. "We will never reach it, too many are in the way and the distance is too great to do in one run with our wounds" said another. But a plan was made and we would, attack a mountain lion and rat on our path, that would give us enough of a break to get to the water. We fought the creatures and luckily didn't take too much damage, allowing us to escape to the waters, chased by a multitude of spiders and hellhounds, but we made it! Now we started looking for a place. We found a seemingly abandoned iron mine, and made it our home! We were beautifully situated near a nice pond that supplied us with fish, in a dale between two large hills, with access to the southern lakelands, and the northern great lake. The mine was apparently from a neighbour a bit further on that we hadn't met in our first few days, but he allowed us to stay if we allowed him access, which we did. We toiled hard, and built many great buildings, the most fantastic one was a large stone inn, but the disadvantages were soon apparent, the beautiful forest I was planting with all the trees our area lacked, were ransacked often by others. Often without regard for their age. As more and more settled nearby our lack of settling rights was becoming an issue too. I traveled many times to Sloping Sands as I had found a hidden pathway that was safe to be used, and would get us past the many creatures safely, oftentimes for recruits of our old crew that had walked through the portal as we did, as we regaled them with tales of those wonderful lands, but the need for new lands and the wanderlust was great! One day Modzo finished a rowing boat and we set out to discover new lands, a new map had been created and we had spotted a very nice area in the far south. So we set out and pulled the mighty oars and sailed for days... We reached the area, we now call Skulltooth Cove safely and noticed while many parts were occupied, the most promising part (after a very steep climb) wasn't. We travelled back, picked up all that we would need to build a new and better village, bought a deed, and set out! I traveled for days bringing supplies and people over, and in a record time we settled the area, built a great wall that would keep our lands safe, and our forests pristine and an enormous mine-shaft was built towards the sea so we could enter our lands safely and easily! Many have left us for other strange lands, but me and YukiAkari still toil away, wishing for other to join us to keep Skulltooth Cove alive. And we still have to kill a dragon! What can we provide? We provide large tracts of deeded lands, on which you can build (or just use the beds in the hostel), all the materials you could want and need (all types of wood, massive quantities of plants, iron, copper, incredible amounts of zinc, marble, gold, silver, lead,...). Ships to travel to faraway lands, high quality tools (50+) and weaponry... Everything is walled and safe, and we can ship your items and goods (and yourself and any alts) to our lands. What are we looking for? We have a shipbuilder, farmer, blacksmith (YukiAkari) and woodcutter (me) (and both are skilled masons and carpenters and miners), all other jobs are open if you're up for them, but we're not specifically looking, just more people to enjoy the game with. Armoursmith, leatherworker, Alchemist (zinc into White paint anyone?), tailor.... would be nice to have though! How to contact us? If you're interested or have any questions, message LordByte on release, in this topic, or with the PM button.
  20. The tiny village around Castle Bonsai is seeking out for more enthusiastic Wurmians , willing to help it grow in size, wealth and reputation within the lands of Independence – and maybe one day across the oceans in far off lands. Whether you are just looking for a safe place to raise your skills to head out for the world one day and found your own place in the wild, or search a place to rest and stay till you rich of many nice experiences decide to end your life in Wurm … Whether you are a Veteran or new born Wurmian , a fearless Soldier or a chilled out Farmer, a strong Miner or an excellent cook or inspired for the love to any other of Wurms delightful skills and expertise’s … …you will be welcomed to join our lovely little village on his way to glory. We have a lot to offer ,including but not exclusively: · A Huge Farm to grind and higher your skills · Free Food, Rooms with Beds and Storage areas, forges, ovens, carts and more… · Lots of Space for more Houses (81x64 Tiles on Deed + much empty space around it) · A big mine leading deep into the mountains (Lots of Iron ,some copper and silver) · Inner Sea Coastal areas to build your very own ships · Lots of dirt which needs to be removed and flattened · Cows, Horses, Pigs, Dogs to pet, play, ride, groom, tame and feed · Lots of Buildings which need to be build · Opportunities to gain more rights and higher positions Most Basic Laws of Bonsai: Even the nicest have to fear other peoples malice and envy , therefor we have laws which are not to be crossed in anyhow – doing otherwise might pull attention from our guards and then will lead to fast and painful death. · Be polite, friendly and respectful to others (even if they are not), so don’t insult or harass them in any way. Any racism, anti-Semitism, anti-Islamism, or similar will get u kicked and KoSed straight away (and reported to the staff of Wurm)! · Help others as much as you can · Don’t steal of others ,as u don’t like to be stolen from · Don’t destroy or damage other peoples stuff (on purpose) · Don’t build on or block parts in and outside Bonsai u are not supposed to (best too ask the mayor or others in leading positions before starting to build). · Don’t mix too high Ql-Differences in BsBs and FsBs… Building Guidelines: As we grow in size we want to keep one style for the whole village. Therefore we established some guidelines. Guidelines are just guidelines and no rules – therefore exceptions to them will allways exist but will have to be approved by the “Royal City-Planer†, Co-Leader or the King. · Houses: Normal living-houses will not exceed 2 floors (ground-floor + 1st floor) · Houses: Normal living-houses are stone on the ground-floor and wood on the first floor · Houses: Arched ways thru houses are very nice to look at and therefore preferred (if possible) · Houses: Normal living-houses will not be smaller then 10 Tiles and not bigger then 20 Tiles · House-Decorations: we are aware that finding a consented decoration style everyone likes is not possible , but we want houses to look good in the inside – so please let a house be a house and not a fabric (10 forges on 2 tiles) or do similar unaesthetic things. · Houses: All Houses will have a pottery roof. Houses without roofs are not allowed. · Terraforming: Slopes bigger then 60 have to be spited up in 2 slopes · Terraforming: Streets should not drop have more then 10 slopes difference to each other to make them look natural. Therefore we established a system of building street slopes called “the waveâ€. For instance a 40 slop would be accomplished over 3 tiles with following slopes: flat - 10 – 20 – 10 – flat. Of cause this may not be always possible but should be aimed for in any case. · Walls/Fences: as we live in a medieval age and metal was rare , metal fences have been rare as well so we don’t use them – exception to this are gates and buildings of royal values. Ranks of Bonsai: We offering everyone to join our little village, this will lead to experienced and not-yet-experienced Wurmian to join. Therefore we astablished a Ranksystem in which villagers can climb up the longer they are part of our little village. New-Born-Wurmian New-Borns, meaning Players with very low experiences to zero experiences, are always welcomed in our community. Since we had a lot of them join and leave after a couple of days or weeks , New-Borns will not be able to get a higher Rank for one month of regular playing . This time may be shortend or may be longer for more or less active players. A Room with storage areas, a shared forge and cooking area as well as food and access to mine, farm and carts (and some more) will be provided. To upgrade in rank a premiumship will be needed as well (if you are low on cash we might be able to help you with jobs u can do to earn the 10 silver coins needed to get your first premiumship). Villager A proud Rank for every Veteran or more experienced Player to start in our small village. You will be granted with most standard rights except of building and destroying within the deeds area. You may be given a place to build your own house, which will be about 12Tiles with a little pen around it for a small farm and some personal horses. For safety reasons all writs will stay with the King, Co-Leader or “Royal City-Planer†(no need for abandoned unusable houses). Since we had Villagers before ,who build houses which now stand empty (due inactivity) u may be given a finished house as well. Old Villager After some time and getting to know each other you might will be ranked up to an Old Villager in which position will be granted the right to vote on mayor decisions and be granted the possibilities to suggest, plan and build a second house to fit your Job you have taken in the village (blacksmith shop , farmhouse, breeding station, miners house for storage, Loading docks for Bulk traders , etc etc…) . This is the highest Rank you may gain with normal activity in the village. Royal Citizens-Adviser This Rank comes with all rights of an Old Villager but will grant the Rights to Invite new citizens, manage Ranks and Kick citizens. With those rights there comes the duty to help new players on the Deed as much as possible as well as taking care for anything they may need. As this Job is a very responsible and time taking one , it will not be able to be reached without being a long trusted, active member of our small village. Royal City-Planer This Rank comes with all rights of an Old Villager but will grant the Rights to build and destroy Buildings on Deed. As this Job is a very responsible and time taking one , it will not be able to be reached without being a long trusted, active member of our small village. King/Co-Leader As the King rank is obviously being taking, there still is the possibility to be ranked a Co-Leader which comes with all rights of the mayor. As this Job is a very responsible and time taking one , it will not be able to be reached without being a very long trusted, very active member of our small village.
  21. I have a large ad at this link with great detail of what we offer and expect, but to make it easy I will post a couple of thoughts here. Temporary Residents: Basically Tanelorn is a great place for new players to come and get their feet wet and figure out what this game is about, what it expects from you and where you want to go. We have temporary housing for those who don't want a permanent dwelling and who will be moving on shortly. We can help out with as little as leaving you alone to figure things out and providing a safe dwelling or as much as helping you with some good tools and showing you the way. Permanent Residents: Tanelorn is looking for a few permanent villagers to add to the family. To get those details you really need to visit the main page because we are picky about what we want. This is a permanent family and we want to make sure we mesh well together and don't have a bunch of people bouncing back and forth on the main grounds. I suggest you all read the main page because there are lots of lovely pictures and lots of information about us. Please post your comments over there because I will probably forget to check here for them. You may contact Lucard or myself in game however this is my project so I invest much more time into it. Please keep in mind, Lucard is very busy with terraforming so sometimes he forgets to check pm's (he is getting better about it). I can also be contacted via pm on the forum. I look forward to chatting with you all. Blessings, Harvest
  22. I am seeking a few good people to join me and one other villager (Fes) at Jacob's Ladder, located at 11x 8y on http://impgal.site90...elebtpikols.jpg The village is located on the coast, with a mountain on one side of us and the ocean on the other. We have a great harbor area, and are just minutes away from the Exodus border. We are a proud member of the Northmere Alliance, and are currently the only member village on the western half of the map. We are most active during evenings in CST, and are typically on every night, at least for a short time. I would prefer that you be near our timezone, as there is little benefit to being in a village with someone you never see. I would also prefer you are mature (if not older), as both Fes and I are around 30. I am happy to take people new or experienced, F2P or premium, as long as you plan on sticking with us for a decent amount of time. Ive been burned several times in the past by people who join and get set up, then quit the game. What we offer- First and foremost, we offer friendship. Fes and I met on Wurm a while back, and have been building villages together ever since. I figure that if I can find another person or two who we can hang out with, the game will be even more awesome. Guidance: if you are a newer player, we can help you overcome the steep learning curve that Wurm has and answer the questions you will have. Great Location, Great Harbor: Since we straddle the border of Celebration and Exodus, we have two servers for the potential merchand to peddle his/her wares on. The harbor is set up to accomodate 10 large ships and numerous smaller ones, and even has a special pier to make it easier to load livestock on the larger ships. A merchant area is on the agenda. Would make a great spot for an aspiring ship builder. A home: I can provide a ready-made house if you are looking to move in immediately. If you prefer to do things yourself, I have lots of undeveloped land. Resources: We have most of the resources near us, and can obtain those that we dont. This would be an especially good spot for anyone interested in carpentry, jewelrysmithing, farming, or animal breeding. We also have all three priest altars nearby. Large Stables: Whether you need a horse to ride while hunting, pull a cart, or raise AH skill we've got you covered. Projects: While participation is not required, we usually have a few crazy ideas we are working on, and always welcome extra help! The more you pitch in the more the area will feel like a home to you. What we expect- Be around: I dont expect you to play every day, but if I dont see you in over a week I will begin to wonder if you really want to be here. Be mature: Fes and I are both pretty easygoing, but if you insist on making fart jokes 20 times an hour, this is not the place for you. Be respectful of people and property: I have put alot of time and money into building here, and am on good terms with all of my neighbors. If you would jepordize any of that, this is not the place for you. Contribute: Neither Fes nor I will make any demands that you do any particular chore or help on a project. We hope that as you settle in, you will offer to help us out and become a contributing member of our village. If you plan on using the resources we have worked so hard to obtain to line your own pockets and ignore the village, this is not the place for you. If you are interested in joining, post here or PM me on the forum, or contact JacobSilver in-game.