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Found 147 results

  1. "RMT" Red Mountain Trade Port is recruiting for the following people to join our lovely new city and to be apart of our community. We are a socialistic community helping one another to achieve greater goals and personal gains. We are looking for the following types of occupations to join our community, Builder/Mason Brick and Mortar Maker Carpenter Lumber Jack Priests!!! Fo, Mag, Vyn Digger Smiths Farmer If your a mature, helpful player, looking to be apart of a great community then we need you. We are a honorable bunch and are very keen at being the largest trade hub within the freedom cluster. We request that those that join us to be premium players 18 or older. We are looking for dedicated players who want to devote there time to assisting the community and being apart of our trade city. Our members are friendly and helpful and we do welcome new players in addition to the experienced. We have strict rules of conduct and new member are placed on a trial period to make sure personalities work out smoothly. We ask our members to follow basic rules of respect and conduct as we are apart of a large alliance. Our community is energetic and fun we hope to find new citizens who like to join in on the fun. WHAT WE OFFER We offer a friendly social community from which you can interact with and be apart of. A chance to participate and help in the design and continued creation and growth of our trade port. We provide vast knowledge and experience of game play within Wurm and can help new comers to the game. We also offer access to our local ,high ql resources to create goods to sell for personal gain with in our newly constructed trade hub. WTB Clay 1000 pay 1S Mortar 2000 pay 4S Brick 1000 pay 2S Also looking to hire someone who can make our trade city a logo in graphics so we can use it on our Tabard's. Round Logo of a Red Mountain back drop with blue Sky and Flaming Sun. PM me if your interested.
  2. We are looking to recruit new through experiencesd villagers at Autumn Grove. We are very close to lake and ocean. we are part of a 12 deed alliance of very experienced to new players. Autumn grove is a celebration of if you want to milk cows, breed horses, farm crops, plant sprout sapplings, harvest syrup...this is a village for you. Food is provided. mines available. Looking for like-minded players who respect nature and want to preserve the landscape and grow with it. Autumn Grove is located at 22y,11x. you can respond to this post, pm Greasygrundle, or stop by the village at 22y,11x to take a look around.
  3. Hello! Thanks for taking an interest in our little deed. Located : y20 x6 Release map Right now we have 3 villagers (2 East Coast and 1 West Coast) (COUPLES ARE ENCOURAGED) the deed is 31x31 so having people in pairs is nice. You will be given an decent area to build on Rough deed layout The left top/bottom areas are open to build on( lava tile is a guard tower). You are free to build within the slabbed area or make it into a yard. (6x6areas) One area we need help finishing making it level . But it's mostly done. A lot of the areas already have most of the beds done and forges! just needs to be moved around a bit We have about 5 guards and a spirit templar. The mines are located outside the deed where we have just iron ore for now. Required: English Active! 18+ years old If there's anything else you would like to know feel free to message me ingame as well.
  4. The Lonely Fortress is now recruiting! we're a small island village with 2 on-land deeds to collect resources. The size of the deed is 37x31, and everyone gets their own 5x5 to work with. We have several bred horses and plenty of crops. we currently have 8 active villagers, and a few inactive ones. active villagers: Asher - Mayor - Blacksmith/Leatherworker Gaffer - Mason/farmer Ghostmonkey - Fo Priest/Animal Breeder Hakandede - new villager Hinbert - carpenter/ship-builder Princessluna - Vyn Priest Twilicorn - miner/weaponsmith Vissarian - miner/mason PM Asher or Gaffer for information and transportation to the island. and now, the images:
  5. Water Town is located on the Release server in the top left hand corner of the map. We are in need of more players as some have disappeared and I am having trouble doing the work. Player must be on for at least two hours each day. Friendly player. Also if you are going to be inactive could you please tell me. If you are inactive for 30 days without reason you will be removed from deed Thankyou - Ronanxx
  6. Devil's Bend is recruiting! We are actively looking for players of all skill range and age We reside on the South Eastern part of the continent of Release [x:42 Y:32], as indicated in the picture below "Why should I join?" You may ask yourself. Here are some point features we are Devil's have to offer -Vast mine exceeding 250 tiles -Lead vein access -Iron vein on deed (over 12 veins last I checked, varying from low ql to "Utmost") -Copper Vein on deed (Utmost) -Tin Vein access via Alliance member -Silver Vein on deed (Utmost, Devil's Fabrication) -Marble Vein on deed (countless veins at varying QL) -Zinc Vein on deed (Three counted thus far, Devil's Fabrication) -Countless ongoing projects that you may partake in if you wish -Ever growing helpful friendly community, that is always willing to help in any way they can -Market status with plenty of market stalls for your own Merchant -Plenty of room for you and your friends to set up a house and make your living! -Three Deeds now under our control (Devil's Bend, Devil's Fabrication, and Devil's Domain) We have extremely nice neighbours, a highway in the front of our deed, and a canal very close to us giving us access to northen waters. Perhaps the most important part to mention, we do not require premium, do not require your undying loyalty and will never ask you to partake in the paying of rent Our goal here is to create a living community, with all the freedom one could ask for (Within reason ) If you would like more information please feel free to contact any of us in game, or leave a post on here In game contacts: Blackavuli - Mayor, Devil's Bend Steeloxide - Mayor, Devil's Domain Shortie - General Manager, Devil's Bend Zerohope - Recruiter, Devil's Bend Eldoro - Recruiter, Devil's Bend Raistlinmajere - Mayor, Devils Fabrication
  7. Hello and welcome This Is General, Mayor of General's Mountain Anyone who is wanting to join can PM me in-game OR leave a comment here Spoiler's are at the bottom Enjoy We are located at X: 14.5 Y: 45.5 Can/Will pick up from any Coast Of Deliverance OR escort the player(s) to our deed. We can also meet you anywhere on the mainland if needed. Any player(s) are welcome to join! I have 6 RULES for you to follow which are as follows: Rule #1 : Respect me and your fellow citizens Rule #2 : Ask before you build any projects must be APPROVED BY THE MAYOR OR CO-MAYOR Alcina (if we disapprove you can ask again when you improve the design ALSO, Ask to see what needs to be improved) Rule #3 : Don't kill my Dog or remove her from the deeds farm! SHE IS MY PET! Rule #4 : If you need to Teraform (dig/flatten/ECT.) please consult the mayor or Co-Mayor Alcina Rule #5 : Please if you can help it bury the corpses on the ground but butcher animal corpses before you bury. Rule #6 : Have Fun (also if you have problems with something come to me or Alcina for help we'll be glad to help you out! ) This is the path down Main Entrance First Floor Citizen Living Area/Storage Room (Under Construction) Second Floor Citizen Kitchen/Living area (Under Construction) Second Floor Views Top Floor Citizen Living area (Finished) Long Spoiler Top Floor Views Main Street Animal Pen Mini Farm (bigger one Coming Soon) Citizen Well And my first statue made Forge area inside the Mine Safety Net (for coming out of the Mine) View of everything (some blocked by trees) Oceanside View Last but not least our neighbors deed ​Sincerely, General Mayor of General's Mountain X:14.5 Y:45.5
  8. New Pineview is recruiting again! Hello all new and old fellow players of Wurm. After recent unfortunate events and our communitys decay, we decided to blow life to our recruiting project again. New Pineview is located at central Exodus, little bit south of starting town Esert. We take in all kind players, were them older,newer,freebies or premiums. All of them get same start point in our community,village and amount of help from our helpfull older community members. New Pineview Dominion is cluster of deeds under same leadership. New Pineview deed is our capitol deed and house only our Leaders(MrBlades) and our Caretakers(Dusty and Dunewolf) homes. Estates deed is our housing deed, where new villager get own plot to build house and learn Wurm with other people at same learning stage of his/hers own. Its home deed for our second tier management group too, known as Counsil of Estates(CainDarren[Hello!],Akiyama,Raimian and Obw). If you can be nice to other villagers,helpfull in our projects and can obey village rules. We welcome you to be part of NPD community!!!
  9. Hello! I am recruiting for my current settlement Elwynn Forest, and am looking for players, new and old, to join me in having a good time. Goals: My primary goal in this village is to promote a fun and active community on celebration. I want to help new players learn the game, and give older players a place where they can spend time with others while playing. Details: We are a 25x32 sized settlement with room for expansion. Just a 3-5 minute walk from Amish Paradise Market & Port All the necessities a new player will need, including a large pine forest, An on-deed mine with Iron & lead, food & water, farms, animal space, and of course their own personal space. Looking for possibly 5 players at the moment. Album: Full album here
  10. The village of Nissyville is looking for an active citizen to help out with daily tasks. Nissyville is a somewhat small village located in the north surrounded by wonderful alliance members. We have a fun, friendly and supportive group of people within our alliance. If your new to the game or just looking for a place to belong, consider Nissyville as your new home! Applicants should be interested in farming, mining, animal husbandry, cooking, and whatever else suits your fancy. Only stipulation is that your active. Don't have to be premium but would help. Nissyville is located at Y37, X24 PM Nissy in game or leave a post
  11. Hello I've recently established a new settlement (Storm's End) on Independence with my brother and we are looking to recruit new citizens and builders to help grow our village/castle. We've cleared out much of the land, with many trees to go. In the process of planning tall stone walls and a guard tower. If anyone is interested just apply here with your: In-game name Affinity Highest building skill (name and skill level) Highest crafting skill (name and skill level) How often you play per week (estimated hours) Reputation rating P.S. - If you are interested in joining the village as a permanent or full-time citizen, then you MUST have or be willing to go premium and contribute to upkeep in the near future.
  12. Hi. I'm a mayer of young village Dziki Gon, the village is set on the South-East of Inde 46x 47y on the map. Me and my bro have setted on the 6th of february this year and now we're building the village. The village is 21x21. You don't need to worry about food and water. The Crysal Lake is very close so we can easilly build a harbour though the village is a short way up in the forest. I should mention that the area is dangerous because you can find here every type of animals here. Mostly spiders... (we have croco and cats spawn inside the village). The area is flat so it's easy to build many huge farms. I've already found a few abadoned villages (I suppose they're abadoned for more than half of a year), that's why we have a lot of free space for ourselves We also have many friendly and helpful neighbour. Everyone in the village are active players. At the moment there are 5 villagers. Mechan and me can do many other stuff, we're old and quite experienced players. The only one thing that I want is a premium time. Every villager must have it. I want to make this village quite stable, with active players and not players who join and play only for 1 week. If you're interested write here or pm me in game. My nick in game is also Ading. Here are some screenshots!
  13. New Hellsing is now taking in new recruits! We offer all our recruits plenty of food, shelter, and some basic means of self-defense. We place a HUGE emphasis on fighting skills here, as we will be making frequent trips to Chaos. All recruits will have the option to join us. On-deed we will be focused on building, grinding, and just plain having fun! Chaos activities will include raids (possibly), grinding, hunting/PvP, seaside campfire songs, you name it. Lots of fun to be had! Current Members: Epicphail / Whereami (Mayor) Rathalos / Soma Doppler What we have to offer: 39 x 37 deed, completely walled off for a safe on-deed environment Magranon and Fo Priest Iron, Gold, Tin, Slate Clay, Moss, and Tar, all nearby A 400+ tile Farm A 200+ tile Lumber Yard 4 and 5 speed horses available to all villagers Deed Trader Excellent Hunting Lots of knowledge to pass on Laughs and good times And More! As mayor, I have 4+ years of experience playing Wurm, and can teach any new player anything and everything you need to know in order to be a self-sufficient, capable Wurmian. All we require is that you are willing to learn new things, to be self-sufficient, have a sense of humor, and are a dedicated and helpful player. New Hellsing is located at 35X 5Y, on the Northeast coast of Deliverance. If you would like to join, feel free to send me a PM on the Forums or in-game. (For in-game inquiries please PM Epicphail) EDIT: Sorry, pics got removed as I am no longer paying for a webserver, hoping to add them back soon. Thank you all, and Happy Wurming!
  14. I'm not listing my town name because I'm currently planning on changing it within the next day or so and don't want to throw anyone off. I am currently recruiting new(ish) players to my town. I'm located in South-eastern Pristine and am willing to pick you up from Blossom. As of right now, I'm looking for a specific set of criteria - later on recruitment will be a little more loose. To be eligible, you must: - Live in either an Eastern, Mountain, Central, or Pacific timezone. - Be a premium player - Expect to be on semi-regularly between 6p-12a central time The deed is large, but the village is still undeveloped and does not have many members. There is plenty of food, lumber, rock, and ore to be found. We also have a fair number of cattle (horses, cows, & bison). If you're interested please pm me here on the forums, or in game. My player name is xTheosx. Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you in game!
  15. Quahog is situated overlooking an idyllic bay where the quahogs are harvested. Founded by Griffin Peterson, who had been exiled to an Epic land by King Stewart III, Quahog has lived in peace with it's neighbors. Now, something stirs in the hearts of men, we are not content to sit by and watch while others risk their lives in the name of justice. Come live the adventure with us on Elevation. The preceding message is fictional, and has nothing to do with anything. If you are JK and want to experience Elevation PVP, message me. We can pick up on Serenity or the JK Epic portal on Elevation. Chaos server players welcome. (Epic portal on deed so you can go back and tend your fields) If you are not JK, but want to be... your welcome too. What you need: A good attitude. The ability to play well with others. A desire to read text of how you are hurting your enemies. What you will get: All your wildest dreams will come true. PM me, MaverickG, on the forums, IRC, or ingame for more information. This message is approved by Griffin Peterson, thank you for your consideration.
  16. Tanelorn Training Academy First and foremost we are drama free. If we find that people aren't a good match we try resolution first, if one can't be made then we find other housing solutions for the person causing the problem. We all pay way too much money for this game to not enjoy it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Communication You must be able to speak English well enough to understand Wurm Rules and Guidelines when explained to you. The people of Tanelorn are all fun-loving people who love to work together as a team and help out new players at the same time but when you can't understand the language it makes it very hard to communicate. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Location We are conveniently (or not so conveniently) located in the far north east near Cherrywood Isle. On the Dump Map we are located at X42.5, Y8.5 and on the Darkmalice Map we are at 53-BC. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Us The Academy is still undergoing construction. Most of the digging is done but there are still two holes that need filled. If you want to dig we have a sister deed that still has quite a bit to do that you are welcome to come work on and grind that strength. As for The Academy, we are still building the houses and fences so there are some things that we need help with if you want to come help us grow. The Academy is a great place for you to come, skill, and help out with community projects. Our primary goal is to help you learn to survive this great bad world and then help you move out on your own. When you come to The Academy you do not come on a permanent basis so please be aware of that to begin with. You have three possible outcomes and two of those are only if there are: Most people will learn what they need to fight, hunt, forage and build, gain their skills to do this successfully and build up some stocks to go out and find their homes elsewhere. We ask that you NOT build in our hunting grounds as this will ruin things for other hunters in the future. There are so many other viable places to build and we love to help you scout them out. Another option is becoming a permanent resident of The Academy Either helping us lead, teach and direct our new players or keeping the land in great repair. This is only if there is an opening. You must be premium for this option. The final option is becoming a permanent resident of Tanalorn itself. Again, only if a position is available there. You must be premium for this option. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What The Academy has to offer: § Our help with tools and weapons (to the best of our abilities). § 2x3 houses with a large yard. § Bed in your house. § Horses and Cattle (to borrow while you are here). § Carts for you to borrow (while you are here). § Mine off deed of varying types and qualities. § Well on site. § Altars for all three Gods. § Coastal property. § 1 Templar Guards. § 50 Ql Guard Tower. ​§ Rowboat for Academy students use only. § Meals are provided until you are able to cook (perm residents always). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What more The Academy will have: § Market at Tanelorn docks to sell your merchandise. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What we, as a community, have to offer: § To be part of a community. § Friendship and Trust (open community). § Semi-relaxed environment. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What we expect from you: As Temporary Resident: § Manners and respect. § Someone who gives as much as they take. § Willingness to learn. § Desire to help out and work as a team. § Ability to follow directions and listen The Academy or Tanelorn leaders.< § Honesty (thievery will get you on KOS). § To be able be on often; if you don't log in for 2 weeks your house will be given away. Arrangements can be made in advance for longer absences if you make arrangements in advance with The Academy or Tanelorn Elders. § Willingness to help out other students. § Basic or Premium are okay. § Must speak English. § Willingness to take part in community projects. As Permanent Resident: § Manners and respect. § Willingness to learn. § Desire to help out and work as a team. § Someone who gives as much as they take. § Ability to follow directions and listen The Academy leaders. § Honesty (thievery will get you on KOS). § To be able be on daily, even if for a couple of hours. § Willingness to help out other students. § Premium player for permanent resident. § Must speak English. § Willingness to take part in community projects. § No warnings on your account.</p> § Know this game is for you, we do not want to recruit people who quit after a week. Wurm is not for the faint of heart. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Academy Rules § You are allowed to work on Academy projects; if you can't then our Academy isn't for you. § You will not grief other students or players. § You will NOT steal, cheat or anything else that will cause harm to The Academy or its students. § You will follow the guidance of the Mayor and The Academy leaders. § You will not mix low quality items with the high quality one in the bulk storage containers. § Respect other members and be polite. Grievances will be held in p.m.’s, not Freedom. § You will not kill penned animals unless given specific permission. § You will not take over someone else's job unless they have given permission (i.e. only miner mines and only the cook butchers things killed by the Templars). § If you want to practice your mining skills and you are low level you will mine in an off deed mine. § Trees must be replanted after cut. This is what The Academy will look like when done. If you are interested in joining our village please contact myself, Harvest, or Lucard in game or send a p.m. to me on the forum. Please do not send Lucard a private message as he does not check them. Please don't post here as I don't get notified and forget to check. Thank you.
  17. "Over time, the population of every village approaches one. Most players quit, or become mayors. Why fight it?" -- Garis of Wealdin The Northmere Alliance is a federation of land owners based in the northeast of Celebration, and we're always on the lookout for good players. Whether they seek citizenship in one of our villages, or to settle in the northeast, we can usually tell which players are made for these mountains. In general, rather than recruiting lots of new players into one village and spending all of our time trying to keep them happy and motivated, or living like hermits and getting discouraged in our fortresses of solitude, our members are usually deed owners, dedicated specialist craftsmen, or aspiring deed owners. This means we're almost all premium players with some skin in the game, who can appreciate the challenge and pride that comes from building up your own settlement. Our alliance gives us several advantages. Currently, every member of The Northmere is a premium player. If a villager wants to set out and found their own settlement, they can do so with the full support of the alliance. With mostly solo deeds, each of our members can set permissions for other member on a per-person basis, as they see fit. We don't have rules telling you what you have to contribute or what to do with your deed. For example, if a member want to give one someone mining access for a week, that's up to them. Our ranks include priests of Magranon, Fo, and Vynora. We have access to every major resource, and several rare metal types. We tend not to price-gouge one another, and none of us needs a handout. We also have high expectations of our our members. We want them to be active, intelligent, and of reasonably good character. We don't recruit part time occupants of Celebration, but only players who are committed to living here. Since nobody can turn off the /alliance channel, we expect people to conduct themselves in /alliance chat according to the rules that govern local chat. We save the rowdy, offensive, and wildly inappropriate talk for IRC, and have a system in place for resolving the rare conflicts that pop up. If someone needs to leave, for personal reasons or to get some space, or if they lapse for a while due to RL, they can come back. As an alliance, we work together to develop infrastructure in our region, especially roads, highways, tunnels, towers, ports, and mines. We keep a good balance between progress on the home front and development of our region. If this sounds like a community you'd enjoy, drop me a PM on the forums, or send a message to me, Liviella, Nicefrog, Crick, or Eldris in game.
  18. Hillbilly deeds consists of 2 deeds run by me, Guruen. Located X28Y44 on this map; http://impgal.site90...elebtpikols.jpg The main deed, where I live on, is Hillbilly Hermitage. The second deed is located just south of my main deed, perimeter touching. See pictures at the end of this post Currently there is 1 spots open for a villager on this deed. What i'm looking for is someone mature that wants a place to live and is capable of being independent. Wether you're just starting out in the game or have been playing for a while doesn't matter, as long as you're active and plan on playing this on a regular basis (don't need daily, but at least a few times each week). What I can offer in return is: 2x2 tile house, with a personal 6-9 tile yard. Relative safe place to live. There is alot of wild life, so good for hunting. A guardtower is present on deed, in case things gets a bit to dangerous. =) Loads and loads of trees to cut down (and replant ofc! Sickle will be provided). All the iron you'd ever need. Also some lead available should it be needed. Several tar spots close to deed, clay is about 5-10 min travel from deed (at Amish Paradise). Any tools you'd need and not able to craft yourself. 1-2 free horse for travelling purpose. Bed, forge, oven and access to meals. Great Alliance with alot of helpful people spread across the server. Due to the limited space on this deed, it is not suited to handle farmers and breeders. It is however ideal for hunters, smiths, carpenters etc. Also if you're just looking for a temp. place to hang your hat untill you find your own spot, you're welcome. If you end up living here I do expect you to be active, and if you're going to be offline for longer periods of time give me a fair warning (either forum PM or catch me ingame). People offline for more than 2 weeks without notice will be evicted. This is to avoid having 'empty' houses occupied. Any questions etc can be posted as a reply to this post, via PM in forum or you can try and catch me ingame, name is same as here, Guruen. Hillbilly Hermitage, the main deed Hillbilly Pass, with tunnel entrance to Hillbilly Hermitage Cottage no 1 - no villagers yet - 2x2 with 9 tile yard Cottage no 2 - Moridrid - & Cottage no 3 - Scootlez/Coolvolsfan - both 2x2 with 6 tile yard Hillbilly Hostel - Inn on deed Overview of Hillbilly Pass After 24-36 hours of hunting with guards on deed, so the area around here are great for hunting. (better be carefull if you're travelling here with low FS )
  19. Seems we already have a post, please go to: http://forum.wurmonl...on/#entry737141
  20. Welcome to Dragon Shore Dragon Shore is the port of Dragon Forest, and thus, they are the same village. Every villager in our village are citizens of Dragon Forest, but they have same rights in both deeds and they can choose where they want to live. This can be changed when wanted. Dragon Shore is a big port at southeast Deliverance, located at 45X 30Y in the community map. ( We also have big alliance, and there is pretty much always someone on. The alliance deeds are mostly near Dragon Forest. The port has a big mine with few iron veins and lots of zinc, and it's surrounded by forest. We should have anything you need for skilling, living, creating, earning money and enjoying the game. Our village focuses on village projects and material sharing, so pretty much anything is public for villagers. Of course, everyone gets their own house (normally 2x3+2 tiles) which they can decorate how they want it. Also, it's possible to build second floor. Our port is still under construction, as you can see from the pictures. We are working with it all the time, and every villager is free to make plans and affect how we build it. We will offer: Our village has lots of resources, and villagers are free to use them all. We keep almost anything public, so everyone can use them. Of course, this doesn't affect your personal stuff. Our village supports new villagers via tools, house and equipment they would need. (We may not give you the highest QL tools possible, but tools which will do.) You are pretty free to do what you want, i.e. skill or hunt, but we still want that you work with other villagers and take part to community projects. We do have active people, if not anybody else, I (Dragonmob) will play almost every day in the week. We will have community events, though the more people, the better. We have two deeds to live at and use We will demand: You must be active player, we do not want to invite peple who logs on once a week. Also, we do not want to recruit someone who will quit. Think twice that do you like the game, and do you want to be part of a village. You must accept the rules. You should be okay to play and work even if there aren't any others villagers online atm. You should be able to be on somewhere at 15:00 - 21:00 CET time. You must speak english. You should be okay to do work, and take part to community projects. (If you aren't, Wurm is not the game for you.) Here are some pictures from the port This is from northern entrance of the port, the first layer (left area is unused for now, new player housing is at right) Here is the new player housing a bit closer This is the second layer, which has elder housing, token, port Centre and farm with farmhouse Here you can see the eastern port area with marketplace The view of the port So many BSBs and some of our ships. Southern entrance of marketplace The western port area is unused now, it's going to be worked with soon though. Information about joining and rules WE ARE ALWAYS RECRUITING Before you join, you must fulfil our demans, and accept the rules. We will also ask few questions about you when you contact us. We prefer skilled and experienced players, but newbies are most welcome to our village too. We will give you basic knowledge of the game if you don't know all of it and you will get tools and great community here to get used to the game. If you want more information about village, joining, or anything else, you can pm me ingame (Dragonmob), send pm forum message, or post it to this topic. RULES Do not grief. Do not steal, cheat or anything else which would harm our village or villagers. You must obey the command of mayor. Breaking the rules will lead to kick, or even KoS, if you have made serious damage. JOINING You can ask for joining in the same way you can ask questions. (Ingame pm Dragonmob, forum pm or replay to this thread.) When you contact us, you could tell few things about you (what kind of wurmian you are), and how experieced you are. The great village of Dragon Forest and Dragon Shore is waiting for you. Are you brave enough to enter the village of Dragon?
  21. Hi, I recently returned to wurm and settled a medium sized deed currently 111x98 on release Projects will be decided together but everyone can have private space just to them I will pay for all the upkeep/founding, donations are welcome of course I'd prefer enthusiastic / active players to play with me but send me a pm if you want to talk/join New players are definitely welcome, me being one as well. We have water, tar, coast location, not sure what else since I havn't prospected at all Pm me here, in game (littlelady) or on steam Tegga21 or post here Once again, anyone can reserve an area just for them if they desire & hope to see you soon EDIT: We have Tar, clay, forest, coast, tin, slate, iron (probally more) and water
  22. Hi, Die deutsche Community vom Deed Marianople + 3 Ally Deeds sucht noch deuschsprachige Mitspieler! Wir bieten eine tolle Umgebung, 40ql Meals, 60ql Tools, einen Marktplatz für eigene NPC Händler und einen TS3 Server. Bei intresse hier antworten oder Ingame bei Cadurynn oder Abarec. Gruß Caduryn ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, The german Community from Deed Marianople + 3 Ally Deeds looking for germanspeaking Players. We can offer a great Place, 40ql Meals, 60ql Tools, a Marketplace for private Merchant and a TS3 Server. If intrested post here or Ingame to Cadurynn or Abarec. Best Regards Caduryn
  23. Tovanis is recruiting able bodied citizens new and old. We would ask that all recruits be willing to help out around village and carry their own weight. Just follow the road from New Market east to New Freeport and look out for the sign. We only have room for people willing to help the village as a whole. Friendly and trustworthy people needed. Current Rules of Tovanis: Help out the village when you can you do not need to live inside deed but don't live too far away when gathering herbs and food in the grass inside village bounds deposit what you gather don't hog Nature's bounty Do Not take out of the food storage bin, deposit only! the food & water barrels are for every one though i require that i hold all writs for property on or near deed for expansion reasons Job's needed done: Finishing buildings Making planks and Nails (Large and Small) Terraforming desert to the immediate west of deed Gathering logs Notice: Starting February 1 i will be selecting a Citizen of the month Prizes include - a special rank, a place in the Hall of Fame we will be building , and possibly other prizes if i have the resources to do so