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Found 147 results

  1. Trident bay recruiting I'm looking for active new-old players who want a place to start his/her experiance in Xanado. My village at Q13. PM me ingame or forum. What I can Offen: A safe place where you can build your house. Clay, tar, ores on deed and at alliance deed. Helping and material sharing Knowlage sharing. Better tools armour. Good food. What I searching: Active players. Solo or group players wellcome. Priest welcome. Village Rules: Respect other players. Respect others stuff. Have Fun Progress: Farm area: Done! Citizen lot area: Done! Storage, Workshop house: In progress Cave cannal: In progress, Entrance done! Mine: In progress Stewen
  2. Who We Are Axiom is currently made up of a small group of friends who have been playing games together for many years, as well as some new people we have met here in Wurm. We have a wide variety of characters, covering a wide range of skills and experience. While we may not have any super crafters, we like many others continue to skill up and improve, and also have a selection of priests to enchant and do other fun tricks. Who We Want We will welcome just about any player of any skill level with the following guidelines. They should be Premium or fully intend to go premium once they cap their skills. They should be very self motivated and willing to take on big projects and help out around the deed, especially during the initial construction phase. It is also strongly encouraged for them to be comfortable with use voice chat (Team Speak) and have a mic/headset to communicate with other members of the deed, and take part in our little family. If you are a loner, don't want to work with others, or consider yourself a hermit, this is not the village for you. What We Offer Aside from a fun community with experienced players who don't have huge egos, we are happy to provide you with a plot of land on the deed with which to create your home in any style you like (within reason). We will have large tracts of farm land for people looking to skill farming, as well as sizable herds for those interested in raising their animal husbandry. Our current location provides access to desert/steppe/forest hunting and we intend to enhance the local biomes once the deed is closer to completion. We have multiple Iron Veins and continue to tunnel to reveal more resources. Our bay is right on the main sea on the west coast, and our neighbors are all friendly and helpful. On top of all that, we are happy to help provide equipment for new players, and support higher skilled players. We have a priest from each freedom god, and do regular sermons. How Do I Join If you are interested in joining you can either PM me here on the forums or contact me in game. Don't expect an instant invite but we don't have a crazy application process either. We will have a friendly discussion and get a chance to find out what your experience, hopes and desires are and make sure we seem like a good fit. Building Regulations We understand that everyone has their dream home, but in the interest of keeping the village pleasing to the eye, we do not allow buildings to have main floors above the second story, and only small extensions up to the 4th floor. If you have an amazing idea for your home that would break these guidelines we are happy to review the plan and if it looks good and fits in we'll happily support you. Bellow you can find a layout of the deed which indicates available plots for villagers. The larger plots are reserved for more experienced players, and or those who have been with us for a long time. We also have small starter cottages for brand new players looking to get their feet wet and want a roof over their head.
  3. Hey! Resurrection is recruiting! Looking for active (premium players) new or old players are both welcome! We are offering: Starting kit (optional)Horses Huge mine w/ (Iron, Lead, Tin) Tar pit Clay pit Sand pit Desert Steppe Village priest Healing supplies Housing on the deed Friendly alliance Water (spot for fishing) Port What do we need from you?: LoyaltyRespect Active If you are new to the game we will help you and teach you the basics. PM me here on forums or in-game if you'd like to join! (name: Johnnny/Drkaszana)
  4. Hello everyone. I'm Martynas. If there are any questions just post them here. Calmtown (Calmwood in this map down) is located at 19,5x 33y Not far from Green Dog, just go south by highway. I'm looking for mature players for this settlement. Preferable experienced Free spots ? 8 vacant houses 3x2 size, 2nd floor possible. Village rules: No stealing/cheating/griefing/swearing Only English in village/alliance chats. Never mine cave floor, unless you're allowed. Replant trees which you cut(Especially off deed). Do not mine cave floors. Do not kill animals. Be active. Just logging in and no progress doesn't count. ( Will keep your more valueble stuff in case you come back only for a month or two) What town has? Alliance house ( merchant is by it) Smithy Kitchen Tailor's Mason's and potter's Carpenter's Mine ( has iron, ) Collosus being built. Guard tower Pen for horses, currently enchanting grass. What i can do here? Enjoy the game Help allies with various projects ( mostly there will be one or more) Grind skills Sell goods, gain coins and buy premium What I can get? A fine place to stay House Other various stuff depending on your needs Alliance? What alliance??? Plenty of deeds with mature players. Do not bother allies with sales. ( We're not interested unless we say so). Will post here links or info if any ally is recruiting. Some screenshots: All of them Animal pen Mason's and potter's Tailor's My house, there are free stuff on left Carpenter's Smithy, needs some work to finish Kitchen Mine entrance Token, just past carpenter's. Up there is gate and unfinished collosus further Town entrance. Gatehouse in front, alliance house and merchant on right. Alliance house and merchant
  5. Hello I am Damine old owner of south shore, Now I am Owner Of north shore 35x35 Deed has 2 guard towers and 2 other extremely close one of wich is rare. A Coastal Mountains wooded area in a Desert Oasis I am recruiting new and veteran players Pm me in game or check my out on Facebook wurm northshore. We have 8 active villagers atm we also and encourage using team-speak 3 we own our own chat server plenty of hunting, fishing farming, mining can be done in this area. in game map 23D or 43x Y8 on online map Mine have been know to have Iron, Rock, Marble, Lead so far discovered Village design is relatively simple 3x3 wood home 1 and 2 stories not trying a fancy Castle theme to many out there all ready just a country farming theme based high and far in the mountain side, We also building a sea port since were close to sever zone line
  6. As the title says, Gurrington is currently looking for more villagers to join our lovely deed. We are located at X20Y18, right on the coast at The Salsa Strait. We have 3 houses/areas that's open for villagers. Closed for now, untill after Xanadu has hit us. (We currently don't have any woodworkers, so we'd really love to get a Shipbuilder/carpenter, but not a dealbreaker if you're not) What we are looking for: Players that... ..has some experience in game. You have some idea of what to do, and what you want to do ingame. active. You're logging in at least several times during a week to play. mature. We expect people to respect other players. We don't need dramaqueens and trolls. premium. What we can offer: A place that... very friendly and where we help eachothers if possible. ..has almost anything you could need to work on your skills. ..has a nice alliance and network of people to draw on for help/advice. located on the water with fast access to the rest of the server for easy trading/travelling. ..has a mine with iron and zinc, and with the other metals in the near vicinity. ..has a nice cave harbour that fits ships up to knarrs in depth. ..has a community crafting house with loom (70ql) and forges (75ql), and altars for all the gods. (Vyn domain on top, and Mag domain in the mine) ..has a community farming area where you can get your own plot to farm. ..has a large horse breeding program, which can be used to grind AH on. ..has a locked area for shipbuilding. ..has a small market area where you're free to place 1 or more merchants. .... and many other things. You'll be able to select one of the prebuilt houses with attached yard, where you can do whatever you want in terms of decorating/planting. See pics below. Album with some screenshots from the deed: If you think you could fit in here, just want to ask questions or get a tour, feel free to contact Guruen in game or via PM or just reply to this thread.
  7. Settlement Name: Novastrov Alliance: Black Market Trading Location: X38, Y37 Deed Size: 73 x 27 I am looking for to build a team to “Take Over The World WURM!!!!!â€, mwahaahaahaa Contacts: bigsteve on Forums bigsteve or bigsteveusa ingame. Will to come and collect you from Sloping Sands... Facilities: Water front Workhouse/Shipyard: 3D Planner File of Workhouse/Shipyard (Elevation is not included) Cooking Station (4 Forges, 1 Oven) Smithing Station (2 Forges) Shipwright Area. Makeshift Leather Station Tailoring Station with Rare Loom. Large Dormitory. Farm: Very Small and Medium on deed Farm areas. Large Off deed Farm, vacated by a friend, Can be deeded over by you have the Silver or Walled off for security. Currently Fallow as no time to use. Stables: Medium Size Stable. Foal Maturing Area/Pens. A Small Hell Horse Enclosure. The Castle: 3D Planner File of Castle/Stables (Elevation is not included) A 5 Building Castle Currently underutilized. This will be your home, u will get to use a building to do what you like in. The Mine: Has Copper, Iron, Sliver, Zinc of various qualities. We have Access to Tin/Lead off deed. Resources/Tools: Many Bulk Storage Bins. New Members will get a set of tools for their usage, a set of Armor relative to the Skill level and a weapon. Guard Tower: Rare Guard Tower at Eastern Edge of deed on highway. (5 Guards) Security: Until you can be trusted you will have minimal access to Novastrov assets. On proving your loyalty more access will be granted… About me: At the moment there is just me, with 2 Characters. My main (bigsteve) is focused on Ship Building/Woodcutting/Ropemaking and dabbles in Chain Smithing & Breeding. My alt (bigsteveusa) is focused on Leatherworking/Shield Smithing/Jewelry Smithing & Farming Another alt (Scarletmaltais) will be my Vyn Priest/Farmer/Breeder. I would prefer US TZ players... I am Looking for a Player how want to: Blacksmith Weaponsmith Mine Farm Breed. All are welcome. Comms: Our Clan runs a Teamspeak server and I would prefer that villagers be on there when they are playing.
  8. Gladius Recruiting!!! New and Experienced players welcome!!! Gladius welcomes and accommodates any premium players who wish to join! At the moment there are 8 spots open for recruitment and we are expanding... Free to play but want to see how it is to be in a deed? You are welcome to build a house off-deed near Gladius, we can help you learn the basics and when you get premium you may choose to join the village as a full member Carebear? Crafter? Hunter? Maybe you build a home and get bored and keep rebuilding or moving every month? Maybe you need a place to build your PvP skills? You have a unique specialty that requires a less common material? We have anything you need here and can assist anybody with special requests, just let me know in a pm. Whatever you do, any and all are welcome and some may find it quite lucrative to join us...(See incentive program below) A full member will get the benefits of: Mine with every ore type Property to build any house you want Access to nearby sand and clay Access to nearby water source for fishing or shipbuilding Surrounding hunting grounds An active Alliance of knowledgeable and experienced players as well as a handful of new players A few alliance priests (Looking for a Fo priest to join) Other things that may concern you: Alliance uses Teamspeak 3, it isn't mandatory but is encouraged to download and use You may only have 4 animals on deed(subject to change) If you are dishonest, disrespectful or act like a troll on a regular basis, you will be treated like one and will be asked to leave(that being said...we can all take a joke) You may have a house but I will hold on to the writ for 2 weeks after completion of the structure to make sure you are planning on staying Alliance members are specialized in many aspects of the game and are happy to help new players get started or improve something for you but don't expect handouts, we like to help players who help themselves and lend a hand to village and alliance projects You may leave at any time, but if you are leaving the game, taking a break for a few weeks or just finding a new place to live try to let us know beforehand Introducing... The Incentive and Tax Systems (optional) Eligibility: Active, premium village member for 2 weeks Active: 18 hours or more of playing time in one real-life week Once considered active after the standard 2 week waiting period you may opt to join the incentive program or tax system Death and Taxes The tax system is designed only for the players who occupy deed space and use community materials to make in-game coin and don't contribute to the community as a whole. This is not meant to punish those who don't help, it is just a means to contribute without having to put forth effort (an option for those who spend a lot of time on their craft and can't help around the deed) As horrible as taxes sound, I would only ask for 25c per month added to the deed's upkeep Incentive program The incentive program is designed to reward those who contribute to our active community and this can be done in many ways. To name a few you can lend a hand to our alliance and village projects, help new players get started, create and improve items for allies and fellow villagers or all of the above. Of course those are the broad strokes and any helpful behavior will be noted and possibly rewarded. Those who choose the incentive program must be willing to spend some time and effort if they want to be eligible for rewards but the effort won't go unseen and rewards may come in many forms...for example, some help with a dig project might earn you an enchanted tool or maybe multiple productive days helping players get started will earn you a bonus to your monthly coin handout, either way if you choose to go above and beyond you will reap the benefits You wondering how much this monthly handout is? After the first 2 weeks are up your first month of the incentive program begins...If you have done what is expected you will receive 30c as a base payment including whatever you earned through extra effort. After your second month of activity starts and you do as is expected you will receive 40c...3rd month...50c After 3 months of being a productive villager you would have earned 1.2 silver and can earn a silver coin every 2 months for as long as you stay an active villager Welcome to the retirement pension program...after 3 months you will get the 50c and the option to become a "retired" player. This means that you will not have to contribute as much as you used to for the coin at the end of the month but will only earn 25c You just want to be a regular villager? well there is still a tax system in place..but there is a limited time offer, join the deed tax and incentive free for 45 days, get acquainted with people and the way the system works...then you can either choose the incentive program or the lower tax bracket and pay 10c a month or make 200 bricks or 200 mortar for the deed Sound Interesting? Pm me on forums or in-game if you have any questions If I'm not available or unresponsive in-game Pm Tylerdurden or Kingselassie
  9. A safe place to stay and learn 13x13y Tired of being mauled by spiders? Did that pig thrash you when you tried to tame him? Is all the iron behind doors, fences or scorpions? If so Wyvern Academy can help! Our Recruitment Center workshop is always stocked and filled with the equipment to make almost all your wurm tools and items. Forges, Stoves, Looms and the materials are all at your disposal. The Bunk house in the Recruitment Center has beds to sleep in for free, and a training room with practice dummies to help build that fight skill and exact revenge on that incredibly powerful deer that put a hurting on you first day! New villagers receive a 4 tile plot and get to build there first 1 tile shack and fenced in area. This plot is theirs and they may lock and decorate it as they wish. This is your temporary home it may seem small but once you have put your time in and learned some basic skills, you can choose to become a full resident, join an alliance village or venture off on your own to create at your whim. The somewhat spacious mine has plenty of iron to feed those forges and create all your shinies. Our public farm is available to tend and grow that green thumb you've dreamed of, while providing the food with which we create our delicious meals. For the more devout we have a temple, with FO, MAG, and VYN altars. Also those seeking inner peace can relax in the Knowledge/Love meditation garden. So come relax and create at Wyvern Academy. we are right on the water on the southern end of Wyvern Lake at 13x13y. The 3 tile highway from Little Market just outside of Sloping Sands spawn leads right to the front door, just follow the signs. All this can be yours for the price of a chore board. We put chores up that help restock the village and help you skill. See even the fee helps you! More options to help you on your way are in the works. PM Siathes (School Master) or Stackus in game for help or directions. Looking for Mentors to help with the academy and new players. Mentors Get larger Plots and voices in any future projects. Priests are more then welcome to join or visit the temple and also will be pampered the way they like. ***I will be adding another sign to deed with names of people looking to recruit. If you would like to be added to the list just pm me and i will happily add your name!
  10. Fyrkat is currently recruiting. It is located south of Tap Dance at X31 Y34. We are looking for mature players that preferably live in Europe - that would make it easier when playing at the same hours Write here or PM Fjalke ingame. We have 1 open spot This is a screenshot of one of the plots
  11. so we've recently gotten the ability to plant village recruiting boards, and i'm wondering how exactly they work. my big concern is how do they recruit villagers? do they get a little box asking if they want to join and teleport? if so, which rank do they get when they join? can we change the rank to prevent joining thieves? can i write more with a higher ql sign? i've made one myself, and though it did auto-place in the world, it did not auto-plant, which is nice. if anyone has tested these out, i'd love to know how they work
  12. The Chaotic Brotherhood Hello all, and welcome. My name is Vinzen - also known as Priest, and I am leader of this multi-gaming community called The Chaotic Brotherhood. Before I begin I would like to make it clear that we do not currently own a deed (subject to change), but we are a multi-gaming community that has now expanded to Wurm and has made Jenn-Kellon it's home. The Chaotic Brotherhood is a multi-gaming community dedicated to making it's mark on the gaming world. We come from an ocean of different games searching for that one keeper that we can play any day, and all day long. We believe Wurm to be that keeper, and we need your help to find out. Our leaders come from a variety of different communites, and in their time with those communities they have gained a series of leadership skills. Unfortunately most of those communities now lie dead, however everything must one day die, as it begins it's life. Therefore we are hoping to make this community last throughout the years, and we have every ounce of dedication to do it. Rules Constant disrespect towards the community or any of its members is not toleratedWhile there are no activity requirements, all we ask is that you log in at least once every 7 daysTeamspeak 3 is essential for important tasks - (raids, defending our base, group exploring, etc..)We will never ask you to donate in-game or out-of-game money to the community, however we will ask for you to contribute in some wayYou cannot make any major changes to the land we build on or the surrounding land unless you inform a leader of your intentionYou will not slander our name while you represent us (This means do not be an annoying troll or mean soul in any form a chat towards other wurm players)You must be able to work in a team and follow instructions if given (Lone wolf's don't make it far with the Brotherhood)Do not attempt to unlock anyone's chest without their permission or take any other contents from itDo not repeatidly ask The Brotherhood and it's members for money (We take care of our own here, and if we can pay for your premium we will, however do not beg)If you are caught stealing from us you will be removed instantlyIf you are caught attempting to kill any one of us you will be removed instantly (We don't tolerate the whole "I was just playing around" speech)Do not be a sore winner (If you've got something to say to someone, use your weapon, not your text)Be loyal to us as we are to you*Defend the brothers and sisters of the Brotherhood Gaming Essentials Chaotic Brotherhood Website Teamspeak 3 Address: Steam Community Registration For more information on joining our community, and the community itself.. Please contact Vinzen, Miztu, or Giddyod and we will respond to you as soon as possible.
  13. GM please close this topic as it was placed wrong. Thank you
  14. Welcome to Hilltop! Hilltop is located on x:14 y:15-16. It's size is 41 by 35, we are protected by 2 Templars and a guardtower. We are part of the Freedom and Cheese alliance, a very helpfull and friendly group of players. Hilltop was created by a group of 6 players who only started playing 5 or 6 weeks ago. We all range between ages of 30-36, and we would prefer to stick with older players. We're a close group, we help each other when needed, and put the community before personal needs. This also means everyone chips in on the upkeep. In the town you can find animal pens, farming grounds and a warehouse that stores all kinds of materials. There are plenty of trees on deed and inside the perimeter, as well as 3 different mines, each having iron veins. All residents have their own plots to build their house on. Everyone is given exactly the same size, we're all equals. We currently have room for 2 more players. Ideally you are relatively new to the game as well, are at the very least 18+ and live in Europe. (Most of us are in the GMT+01 timezone). Obviously you are a teamplayer as well. You would be willing to pass a trial period: No access to the warehouse or locked fences, though we'll gladly help you get the materials you need. We just want to prevent someone running of with all our hard earned stuff. You will be unable to destroy buildings or terraform the land. You will need to hand over your writ after finalising the build plan for your house. Just to prevent we have to get rid of it in case you decide to stop playing or move on. While I don't want to put a deadline on the trial period, we will keep it as short as possible. Once we feel you are a great addition to the town, and you fit in well with our little group, you will be given full access. If you are interested in taking a look, just come to our town and we'll gladly show you around. If you have any questions, you can always contact me via pm (ingame or the forums).
  15. We're recruiting! Check this thread for details and questions
  16. This is a Polish village and we're looking for Polish players. Doesn't matter if you know this game well or not. We still need you! Witam, nasza wioska znajduje się na Independent 46x 47y o nazwie Dziki Gon. Mamy wszelkie udogodnienia potrzebne do szybkiego rozwoju. W wiosce mieszka kilka osób chętnych do pomocy z wysokimi skillami i długim doświadczeniem w grze. Wioska ma wymiary 31x31, dlatego mamy dużo miejsca dla graczy. Każdy ma okazję samemu wybudować sobie dom lub dostać gotowy (zależnie od upodobania). Dbamy też o estetykę otoczenia i mam nadzieję, że znajdzie się wiele kreatywnych osób. W okolicy nie brakuje nam żadnych minerałów, jedzenia, zboża, zwierząt. Zaznaczam, że pomimo sporej ilości zwierząt okolica jest bezpieczna ze względu na wieże strażnicze. Generalnie jesteśmy samowystarczalni. Potrafimy wytwarzać narzędzia i zbroje o bardzo wysokiej jakości. Posiadamy Priest'a Vynory, dlatego i enchanty posiadamy własne i nie musimy płacić. Mile widziana jest każda osoba, której podoba się Wurm i ma ochotę grać w zgranej wiosce, gdzie nie będzie ograniczana przez nikogo. Planujemy stworzyć miłą społeczność, w której każdy będzie się czuł dobrze. Chętne osoby nie muszą za nic płacić w wiosce, narzędzia i uzbrojenie otrzymają. Można się u nas zajmować czymkolwiek, każdy zawód się przyda. W razie jakichkolwiek wątpliwości lub pytań, proszę śmiało pisać na gg, w grze lub bezpośrednio tutaj. Zapraszam do kontaktu nick w grze ten sam (Mechan) GG: 6816581 Pozdrawiam
  17. The coastal village of Tranquility Bay recruits up to 5 somewhat active citizens. What do I gain from joining? That's a great question. After joining you'll get: - nice place to stay including a soft bed and warm breakfast. - chest to store your stuff. - friendly allies to chat (they're great people, seriously). - materials and help with the projects you might have. WOW! It's a great offer, where do I sign? I understand your anxiety to join but listen to me just one more second. To apply as a citizen you should follow two not-so-strict rules: 1) You should appear ingame at least two times a week (seriously disappering for a month without telling anyone is rude). 2) You should help keep the village running, including farming, grooming, repairing and such. I'm your man, where's the office? The village is located at x44 y22 (E2, if you prefer FPF notation).
  18. hello i am the mayor of Prospero and im looking for 1 or 2 mature players at any level of experience to join my deed. i will provide a safe place to learn the game or do their business,can provide food and basic items if needed,villager wont be asked to pay for upkeep or work for me in any way. dont have any pictures right now but its a nice,walled deed
  19. ok so this is the plan for the deed...i'll have room for about 5 people when it's done...and one spot filled... we will be a business deed...and want active can be new or old players idc...just be respectfull and kind... apply here or through pm...and i'll let you know... this is a deliverance deed...just so you know...
  20. Vanaheimr Current open slots: 0 Location: X37Y40 on this map; So I've decided to turn a part of my deed into an area for villagers. I'd prefer Premium players or at least you're going premium in the near future. Also as i'm doing this to get a bit more life on my deed and i'm EU based, I'll only consider EU players, or at least players that play on the same times as i do (usually from CET 4pm->) You'll get a lot that is yours to do with what you want, well almost.* We do need a few groundrules. First off; I'll be holding writs to any buildings you build. (In case you go MIA i need to be able to knock down the building) Secondly; I'll enforce a 2 floor height limit plus roof. (don't want any eyesore towers spoiling the nice look of the deed) Thirdly; Respect your fellow villagers and their belongings, and be friendly. And yes that's all there is to it. What can I offer? You will... ..have complete freedom to do whatever you want. No expectations of paying rent or having to build huge projects. You're ofc more than welcome to do/help with these things. ..get a fenced off private area to do whatever you like. ..have access to a mine with iron/tin and loads of rockshards to be mined ..get the opportunity to work with just about anything you can imagine. (Huge farming area is possible offdeed) a part of a very friendly deed and alliance. on a coastal deed with great hunting around the deed. ..have a safe haven to live at, with both templar and guardtower on deed. ..get a free 5 speed horse if/when you have the skill to ride it. If this sounds interesting, please feel free to contact me here or ingame (Guruen) for further questions/details and/or a tour of the deed. I've just cleared the area, so not all the fences around the lots have been finished yet. *Due to the nature of this setup, you can expect to have to clean up a bit after previous tenants. (some things might be reusable and save you build time) Overview of the villager area:
  21. Recruitment Rivendell is looking for new premium account players that have recently joined the game. Rivendell is a trading village so your job will be to for fill customer orders. Unlike most villages you will be paid for what you make, all Rivendell asks for is a 20% tax which goes towards upkeep and maintenance, there will also be a village economy where you will be able to spend your wages on food weapons tools etc. There will be space to build your own house but there are to ways on how to do it 1st choice is to rent the space eg you want a 3x4 area so 12 tiles x rent per month but you would not own it and Rivendell keeps the writ. 2nd choice is to buy so again 3x4 area 12 x cost of tile plus rent ( council tax lets call it) but this way you keep the writ. I'm doing it this way because some people might want big houses but tiles cost money on a deed and space is costly , also gives the village a real estate economy where people can buy and sell there houses. If you like the sound of this please message me we need lots of hard honest working people to help grow our village to have thriving economy and most of all to make friends and have fun. What you will need to achieve before you earn your citizenship Ranks Miner : mine 1k rock shards & 60 iron ore ( reward x1 stone chisel) Mason : make 1k stone bricks Lumber jack : chop up 100 logs Carpenter : make 100 planks 100 shafts Black smith : make 50 large & 50 small nails Fine carpenter : make large cart Tera former: dig 1k dirt Citizen : collect your free armour chain set sword and shield The stone bricks will go to the village as we only sell 30ql + Congratulations you are now a citizen of Rivendell. You are now free to take what ever career path you choose wether that be a warrior , powerful priest, black smith, or farmer the choice is yours. Rivendell Rules Rivendell business should never be discussed outside the village. No privet bulk deals will be set up unless asked to No bullying of any kind in or outside the walls of Rivendell, if you have a problem with some one please tell me so we can deal with it professionally. Theft is the upmost crime and will not be tolerated, the offender will be KOS on many deeds. The most important rule have fun look out for each other and be proud of Rivendell . Regards Mayor Swistony
  22. Come to Autumn Grove in Deliverance , freedome server, 22y, 11x. If you want to celebrate nature and enhance forestry planting new sprouts, cultivate the earth to harvest wonderful crop, milk cows to make cheese, grow cotton to make textiles, specialize in leather works to make leather armor and horse equipment. this could be the place for your. Autumn Grove is a praise to mother earth by celebrating all the wonders of nature and working with it with respect and kindness. we have meals provide, places to live out your dreams, meet new people and work within a 12 deed alliance of many skilled and unskilled players. Learn to breed animals, prepare food, hunt, harness skills in iron works and weapons making. Close access to ocean and lakes. We look forward to hearing from you and joining our great village of Autumn Grove. respond to this posting, pm GreasyGrundle, or you can come look at us using map coords. 22y,11x
  23. Hello! Thanks for taking an interest in our little deed. Located : y20 x6 Map location Right now we have 9 villagers (COUPLES ARE ENCOURAGED) the deed is 33x33 so having people in pairs is nice. You will be given an decent area to build on Rough deed layout (lava tile is the guard tower) Currently how the deed looks A lot of the areas already have most of the beds done and forges! just needs to be moved around a bit We have about 5 guards and 3 spirit templars. The mines are located outside the deed where we have just iron ore for now. Required: English Active! 18+ years old If there's anything else you would like to know feel free to message me ingame as well.
  24. Just like it says - Event Horizon is looking for citizens! We're located on the northwest coast of the server (8x 10y), which is still comparatively undeveloped area. The basic necessities - water, fuel, wood, stone, iron - are all here in town. More is available within hauling distance. It's pretty rugged out here, so we're looking for committed players who like a challenge. Respect and sense of humor are vital. We'd really like a priest around (two citizens are Vynora worshipers, but any Whitelighter would be welcome), but it's not a requirement by any means. We'd just like to have more company in town. We're looking to develop the town perimeter, so there's still room for building and creativity. At this time, all citizens are English-speakers in PST. But we're friendly and on at various times, plus we have some limited Spanish- and German-speaking ability. Interested? PM me (username is the same here and in-game) or ladyapril, or stop by in town proper.