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Found 147 results

  1. Looking for work? or an active village and alliance? New to the game and looking for somwhere safe to bump your skills before setting out on your own? Then come join us at Legendary Enterprises! Not only do we have access to extensive forests, peat, clay and tar, we also share a sizable mine with the nearby Metal Works just across the river. At Legendary Enterprises the only thing expected of you is that you follow our rules, they are simple; Don't Steal Be respectful And don't start fights with other villages or you are on your own. Not only does joining us here give you the oppertunity to work with a very large local alliance of preists, shipwrights, miners, builders, farmers and more, it also provides you with the option to earn money helping on contracts. While its still on the drawing board public housing will be built soon. If interested PM me or TsubasaLegend in game. Interested in trade? Please see our advert in the Merchant Adds Section
  2. DRAGON SHORE I am pleased to announce that Dragon Shore is now ready for our first citizen. Located at R 22 on Xanadu, we are now looking to recruit a Fo Priest or Priest-To-Be to join us on deed. On a currently 100x130 sized deed, we are looking to create a city dedicated to different deities in different districts. Having started with Fo, we are now far enough in the building process to be able to provide residential and private space to our first member. Current Roster: Mayor: Mirabloodarc (Yldrania) Citizens: Birdwatcher (Lead Construction Worker) UlrichFowler (Trial Member) Alliance: Blood Imperium Allied Deeds: Feywood Landing (R 23) What We Offer: 1x5 Tile Stone House with Thatched Roof and Stone Slab Floor Any furniture you like will be provided upon request. The house is locked and nobody except for you and the mayor can enter. 4x5 Tile private garden for your personal use, surrounded by medium height cedar hedges. (Writs must be given to the mayor if you wish to build extra housing.) Personal gold altar in the center of your garden Livestock available for grooming, we gladly provide you with horses to start your own line. Fields available for farming. Great location for trading. We gladly provide you with any space or resources you need to begin your own trade. You may bring any alts you wish into the deed in order to get a full experience. They will however need to share your housing. Community forums (obligatory) and a community teamspeak3 server (optional). What We Require: Contribution of 1S / Month to the deed upkeep. Everyone takes care of their personal property, so the upkeep of your own house and garden is your responsibility. We gladly prune the hedge fences for you upon request though. Regular activity, meaning at least an hour of playtime every second day. Registration on our community forums. You must be a Fo priest or look to become one on at least one of your characters, which will be considered your main toon within the village. Why We Are Looking For A Fo Priest Only: The reason for this is simple. My main character in the village, Mirabloodarc, is a Fo priest and I am responsible for the upkeep of all the livestock and fields within the village. Apart from the fact that I am looking for some support with the grooming and farming, I would like to have a Fo priest in the village to jump in for me when I can not be there, to keep the breeding going, and to discuss priest details with. I am looking to create a deed based on a design of different deity districts on a currently 100x130 sized deed, and Fo is the district I decided to start with - obviously because I happen to be a priest of that god. This is why the first official new resident of my deed should be a Fo priest. In the future, there will be space for non-religious villagers, but for now the only house completely ready for a resident is the Fo Priest Den, which is currently empty. If You Are Interested... ... please get in touch with Yldrania here on the Wurm forums, or post a reply in the Village Board (link underneath) on our community forums, in order to be contacted by either Birdwatcher or me, in order to figure out if this village is the right place for you, and to get you to us if it happens to be. Keep in mind that we are looking for a PERMANENT RESIDENT, and not somebody who will leave the village once his priest is levelled up. Community Forums: Village Board:
  3. Gateway Gateway is situated on a small island on Xanadu, Q-22. We are in the alliance of Rhino Lake which is comprised of nearly 20 deeds. The deeds are all very closely knit group and very helpful. There is canal systems linking the mainland to the south and eastern seaboards. Since Gateway is still largely under development there a a multitude of projects to include but not limited to: Digging Mason Work Carpentry Farming This is the bulk of the work that is going on at the moment. However, there are always smaller projects to be done if a break is needed. This is not a recruitment thread for "labor" or "hands for hire". Plots of land will be handed out immediately and houses may be built. Any upkeep will be maintained by myself, no monetary commitments need to be made. Alliance TS and Mumble Casual play is acceptable, however, looking for individuals that play on a fairly regular basis. Noobs or veterans may apply. Kingdom drama is not allowed nor tolerated, keep it in Chaos. There WILL BE NO AFFILIATION WITH TROLLS OR GRIEVERS IN THIS DEED OR ALLIANCE, ANYONE DEALING IN SUCH MATTERS WILL HAVE CITIZENSHIP REVOKED IMMEDIATELY. Perms are made to individuals as needed until such a time as I see fit for a more lenient role to be est. based on trust and amount of time individual plays. These are fairly straight forward rules you will find on most deeds and alliance across the board, so I hope it is nothing to disparaging. Looking for 3 individuals off the bat. Thank you for your interest. Krisstofer in-game name is Krisstofer
  4. Gateway Gateway is situated on a small island on Xanadu, Q-22. We are in the alliance of Rhino Lake which is comprised of nearly 20 deeds. The deeds are all very closely knit group and very helpful. There is canal systems linking the mainland to the south and eastern seaboards. Since Gateway is still largely under development there a a multitude of projects to include but not limited to: Digging Mason Work Carpentry Farming This is the bulk of the work that is going on at the moment. However, there are always smaller projects to be done if a break is needed. This is not a recruitment thread for "labor" or "hands for hire". Plots of land will be handed out immediately and houses may be built. Any upkeep will be maintained by myself, no monetary commitments need to be made. Alliance TS and Mumble Casual play is acceptable, however, looking for individuals that play on a fairly regular basis. Noobs or veterans may apply. Kingdom drama is not allowed nor tolerated, keep it in Chaos. There WILL BE NO AFFILIATION WITH TROLLS OR GRIEVERS IN THIS DEED OR ALLIANCE, ANYONE DEALING IN SUCH MATTERS WILL HAVE CITIZENSHIP REVOKED IMMEDIATELY. Perms are made to individuals as needed until such a time as I see fit for a more lenient role to be est. based on trust and amount of time individual plays. These are fairly straight forward rules you will find on most deeds and alliance across the board, so I hope it is nothing to disparaging. Looking for 3 individuals off the bat. Thank you for your interest. Krisstofer in-game name is Krisstofer
  5. Hey, we are looking for more people to join our deed (new players will receive any help they need to start into Wurm), the name of the deed is Port Caldorus (50*92) and is located on P8. We are member of Lemosa alliance which means that there are allot of people around our deed and you well be rarely alone. We can offer you a nice own area with allot of space (you get as much space as you need), we have access to the water and all kind of veins (iron. tin, zinc, copper, lead, slate and marble) even clay and tar is ondeed . There is still allot of work to develop all the area's of the deed (see picture below) and further expansion of the deed are easily possible. If you are planning to join our deed please contact me ingame (Calimdor) leave a message in this forum. I am playing on GMT+1 Screenshots of the deed see posts below.
  6. Attention new players and old alike, the town of Port in the Storm located at E. 14 (North of Esert) The town is now recruiting new villagers to join its ranks, apart from the basics that will allow each villager to have a plot of their own for housing there are already pre-built facilities catering to each trade and available, we support encourage all players trades. For any and all inquiries about the village and its setups as contact us here or in game send a tell Andrewwhitman or Troy We currently seeking people to fill a number of trades\professionals. However for villagers who like to have one set profession or trade primary roles are open to take: Blacksmith Weaponsmith Armorsmith Carpentry Shipbuilder Masonry Miner Animal-Breeder Forster Farmer Merchants Chef
  7. About Us Blackwater is a large settlement on Serenity looking for crafters and pvpers alike, new and veteran players are welcomed to join us. We participate in PVP and PVE events across Serenity & Elevation. Perks for joining Safe deed. On deed housing. PVP Focused Deed Use of all work houses on deed. e.g Smithy, Tailor, leatherworking, Kitchen etc. High skilled crafters [90+] Active Elevation deed. Active Teamspeak. Active Alliance. Weekly events. Help with tools and gear. Enchanted armor and weapons provided for pvp. Easy and safe access to resources. Help with developing your skills. What requirements do I need to join? Active Loyal Prem player If you have any questions or wish to apply please send me a private message on forums or in game. Thank you! In game names: Teal, Mclovin/Solarblade. Take part in Awesome PVP events.. > And PVE events! > Blackwater on Storm. >
  8. We have a couple houses still available and offer anyone in need of a roof, to escape the elements, a nice cottage, furnished with the necessary items to help you get a great start, we only ask you contribute to Norhaven any way you are comfortable, we are always in need of help. We are logged in and working on Norhaven Every Day, and would love for you to visit us. We are located just South of Linton Spawn, at L10 on your in game map. Thanks! SuperFly and Clementine
  9. Lasting Village 2 mins east of sb now recruiting for new players. Once we have an active base I will deed up for safety. Msg Liquiddreamz or Jadesorrow
  10. Jenn Kellon on Chaos is home to the best builders and crafters in Wurm. We pride ourselves on our massive landmarks and building projects, our top-quality tools, weapons, and armor and, most importantly, our very close, tight-knit community. Whether you wish to create the next breath-taking work of art on Chaos, hone your skills to near-perfection, or fight to defend your friends and kingdom, Jenn Kellon invites you to join our ranks. We welcome players of all ages and servers to join us in pursuing your dreams of becoming Wurm's next master crafter. Or, for those of you interested in PvP, we always have room for one more fighter, or perhaps even a leader in our army. We are a democracy; A union of individual villages and ruled by a council. We ensure that everyone has a say and every voice is be heard. No matter what path you wish to pursue in Wurm, we'll ensure that you have a safe, welcoming home in which to pursue it. If you would like to apply to join Jenn Kellon, visit us at and fill out an application. If you have any questions, feel free to PM Umbranik, Flegmar, or Ciray in game.(make sure your cross-kingdom chat is enabled)
  11. I just started up a new village. It is a huge area that I'm looking to build into a city. We have a great location and we are a part of a large alliance. I am mainly looking for veteran or returning players but we can take in new players as well. As I said its a huge area so there is plenty of room to build. I will be uploading pictures soon of the deed. If you are interested message milksteak in game or here on the forums.
  12. not looking for people anymore
  13. New Village Recruiting Looking to build a very large village on Celebration with a huge new market. Plan to set up a small Kingdom on celebration. Start with one village at a time. I am looking for loyal subjects that are committed and have positive attitudes. Team players who can play on a reg full time bases and get along. I have high standards for the kinds of people id like to see join my realm. I like to have fun but i also like to take this as serious as is possible for Wurm play. What you need to be is the following, A loyal subject to the crown. Hard worker and skill driven. I don't need 5 of everything. I have a list of what i am looking for if you fit that list reply we can talk and interview see if you will work within the new kingdom. You must be 18 years old. I am not wanting to baby sit so ill say that right up front. If you have not completed the Wurm tutorial and don't know the games basics then do not bother responding to this forum add. I will recruit certain number of nub's and train but i want experienced loyal players mostly. Couples are encouraged to apply. Vet players of none PVP servers are encouraged to apply. The following the list what i need. x 2 Cooks 50 + Skill x 4 Farmers All Skill Level Welcomed x 3 Miners 50 + Skill x 5 Priests 2-Vyn 2 Fo 1 Mag 60 + Skill x 2 Carpenter- 1 Furniture Specialist x 2 Masons x 4 Hunters x 2 Blacksmiths 1 20 + Skill 1 60 + Skill x 2 Weapons Smiths 1 20 + Skill 1 60 + Skill x 1 Bow Maker x 2 Ship Builders x 2 Armor Makers includes shield smiths x 2 Forrest Specialist/ Lumberjacks x 1 Healer, Potion maker x 3 Ship Captains x 8 Men at Arms Accepting 45 Villagers Max Recruiting for office holders Captain of the Guards King Advisory/ Treasury Specialist Chief Architect/ Kingdom planner Religious Adviser/ Leader of the Priests Master Thief Specialist of Covert Action/ Spy Diplomat Yes i know celebration not PVP so please don't remind me im not setting this up on PVP. This is what im looking for. If you wish to hold an office in a new freedom isle Kingdom starting then you must pass a interview process and prove yourself before acceptance. This is ground breaking so it's new. I'm currently looking for the people before i invest in this project. Once numbers are secured we will start with one village and branch out and form a real freedom isle Kingdom. You may respond to this post or reply by personal PM to me. I will be watching. Thank you. King Sadon the 1st of Celebration
  14. I've been toying with the idea of setting up a small village for new players. But I'm not quite sure what all is involved. I would imagine you'd need public spaces for crafting, farming, animal pens etc. for folks to work on their skills. Housing also. But do you provide pre-built houses or let players build themselves? What is suitable size for a plot? Supply tools to citizens? I'm sure a lot of this is personal preference as to how you'd like to run your village, but was just wondering what others have done, suggestions etc. Also, how do I make this a viable project? At least self-sufficient enough to support itself and maybe make some profit if possible. I'd appreciate your thoughts and opinions!
  15. Hello everyone Im looking for 1-2 people to join my village which is located at O16 Xanadu, village name is Antioch. New players or veterans welcome, and i would preffer someone from european time zone. I offer a large spot on deed for your house, pens, gardens or whatever you'd like to do. Also i'd be ready to sponsor premium for a player if they show to be worth it and play daily.. Also tools, meals, tips and tricks from older player ;-) now t get this clear, im not looking for a slave to make me bricks or something, just looking for some people to play with, as everything is easyer in team =) Village has large farm area, manny pens with horses, cattle and sheep, guard tower, big mine, cooking station, smithing station all ready to use.. If you are interested to do some team work, and would like to be part of Antioch please drop me a message. Thiefs turn around! Screenshot of deed: Happy Wurming
  16. Are you bored of the repetitive life on the homestead? Do you seek the excitement of exploring new places and meeting new people? Do you want to do more for your people and to be remembered as a pioneer of something new? Join Freedom Carrier Service (FCS) and become a fundamental player in the future of Wurm logistics before it opens its doors to the public! About Us Headquartered in Xanadu, FCS strives to offer cargo and personnel transportation to all Freedom Island Servers while adhering to a code of ethics that will allow our customers to trust and rely on us for all their delivery needs. We guarantee that all our team members will act with Honesty, Integrity, and Reliability. We will have many different functions and responsibilities, but our primary expertise will be the movement of goods and people. We will have a corporate like command structure with different titles and functions. We plan to operate out of one central headquarters and then expand with multiple transfer stations throughout the land. There will be multiple divisions to include: Transportation Specialist, Roads and Seas Engineers, Building Maintenance, Sales and Accounting, Research and Development, Animal Development, and Public Relations. There should be something for everyone within our team. Ideal Candidates We are seeking new members who are dedicated and able to follow general command structures, individuals who are trustworthy, loyal, and will accept responsibilities as they come their way. Trust is key! Some of the positions require extensive traveling and responsibilities that will be placed solely upon individual team members. This is a video game and this idea is meant to be fun. We mean to travel and explore the continents while integrating that with a business idea giving us a purpose. Whether the services we offer are used or not, we still hope to have a fun time in creating something meaningful. We’ll strive for communication with players across the servers. We’ll stop at villages that invite us in and accept their hospitality. We’ll enjoy the game in multitude of ways other than just leveling our skills. With all that said, we will not ever force anyone to do anything, but applying for a position within FCS means that you accept a certain degree of responsibility when task are handed down to you, be it a delivery across the continent or simply building a set of crates. To Apply If you’re interested in joining, please join the website and complete the application ( You will be asked several questions and may have to sit through an interview for some of the positions. There are no time requirements of when you should log in (unless you’re on an important delivery), we just ask you to let us know if you will not be around for a certain length of time. There are no age requirements, but please be mature, honest, and understanding. Please apply for at least one position that we offer. This position will be your main profession within the company. You may do any side skills and jobs that you wish in your spare time, but you must perform your main tasking when needed. If you choose a certain position and are accepted into that position, then we expect for you to be available from time to time to perform that job. If you fail to complete task or volunteer for tasks that fall under your job title you may be removed from that position (i.e. If you apply to be a deliverer, but never accept any assignments). There is more information included in our forums about our current positions. Players may also choose secondary positions if they fill that they have the time. Current Events We are currently breaking ground to create our headquarters in South Eastern Xanadu (N20). At this time we are gathering interest for future members, and members who may want to help us build. Anyone may apply as long as they agree with what was said above. Please join the website and pick a career path best suited for your game style. Freedom Carriers Employment OpportunitiesOverseer The overseer is the head of operations, overseeing all functions and is the final approver for all decisions that passes through the lower chain of command. The Overseer holds and decides the fair dispersing of wealth to the members of the company. The Overseer must remain a positive figurehead and uphold the standards that the company keeps. The Current Overseer is Coren. Public Relations Team The public relations team will include several team members who are responsible for recruiting and improving the image of Freedom Carrier. They will be experienced in posting on the Wurm Main forums and other locations to keep up awareness of the activities of the company. They will also be required to be active in the in-game chat channels looking for those who made need our service or keeping up awareness there as well. Estimators and Revenue Team The estimating team will focus on incoming job request and determine the most reasonable price to complete the job for. They must be experienced in Wurm economy and reasonable assume what people will pay for our services. They must have good people skills as they will be handling incoming orders. The revenue team will focus on new ways for the company to make money and assist the Overseer on how to manage funds within the company. They will also research issues involving revenues, the first of which is researching the best way to insure others may trust us for them to use our services. They may also look into expanding into other markets such as trade and manufacturing. Building Maintenance Team The Building Maintenance team will include several workers and a manager. The team will be responsible for building new structures, and keeping existing structures undamaged. This team may travel to multiple locations to build transfer stations and complete upkeep. Delivery Specialist This will be the backbone of Freedom Carrier, as it will serve as our major offered service. Members will have to be willing to accept transportation bids and complete the delivery in a timely manner. Members may be stationed at different outposts to ease the requirement of long distance travel. Members from other villages may contract out to be delivery agents as long as the estimating team has agreed to a price and that member is trustworthy and reliable. Agricultural Team This team will include members who wish to be involved in agricultural and animal husbandry. This team will be responsible for keeping the company fed and keeping needed agricultural supplies stocked such as wemp, hides, cotton, or anything that has to do with nature. Tamers will also be needed to achieve the fastest travel possible overland by breeding successful and fast animals. This team will include farmers, hunters, and breeders. Shipwrights and Wagon Makers This group will consist of managers and workers who are in charge of manufacturing ships and wagons to be used in delivery. A manager in this group must understand the supply and demand need for new vessel based on the current number of delivers available and how many jobs are requested. Tool Manufacturer Each outpost that requires a tool manufacturer may have one. This person is responsible for making all tools and equipment that are created from metals or wood. Weapons will also be lumped into this grouping. Excess tools may also be sold to create extra revenue for the company. Road and Canal Crew The road crew is responsible for researching and designing transportation routes throughout the lands to improve our delivery operations. This team may work with other villagers to improve the servers’ transportation grid. This team will be constantly traveling from one spot to another while creating roads and digging canals. Raw Materials Specialist Raw Material Specialist will supply the company with raw materials they need to build with. These members will enjoy mining and woodcutting and must be able to supply decent quality ores. These members may serve on road crews and building teams but will serve the purpose of providing supplies. Research and Development Team This team will research fixes for problems that may arise within the companies. They will constantly be thinking of improvements and new ideas while also making sure the current quality of the company is up to par with the company’s ethic codes.
  17. Rancid Acres farm Looking for.. Prem members. Harvesting, Building mining, an for all around skills. Non Prem members, To "farm an may help groom animals mine more. What we offer. As We are a newish Deed we are also At of decent side. You as a member of our village have the opportunity To grind your skills in many skill categories. We are a friendly Community always willing to help. Also a very friendly an very helpful alliance The Drunken Sailors The size of the deed is always expanding as of right now the size is 32 by 96. Only a few buildings a fields are there. So stop in today an send me a message if you are interested. Mayor Rancid Miles Co-mayor Gackomas
  18. We are not recruiting anymore , please close topic. Thanks for all replies
  19. Where are we ? Our village is located NE around E 24 on the coast, next to steppe. Here is a map - Thanks To MamaDarkness. Here are some screenshots.UPDATED!!! Who are we ? We currently have 4 members some new some old players, mostly freinds guys and gals and we are all 18+. We are all hardworking and sharing and work to get our village progressed. Most of us are from Australia some play at night other through the day but we are all active. What do we want from you ? This village is looking for active players who want to play with others, grind and help each other out. We want help with the village duties, not slaves just help! We are also looking for players who speak english you dont have to be 100% but you do have to be able to communicate with us. Majority of the players are from australia and we would like +8 GMT but its not a restriction.We do spend alot of our time talking on voice chat in this case we have been using raidcall not that its required but its the best way to communicate with the players as some watch things or play other games while they play wurm and can sometimes miss typed chat. Follow rules and be respectful. What do we have to offer you ? We are offering 5x5 area's for your to build your home and place your stuff. A community and freindly place to play, somewhere you could belong too, call home. Help, we help out and share our things and are kind. We have good neighbours who are freindly and in our alliance. Sometimes a funny distraction as we get into our shanigans. We have iron, horses, food, tools, water, steppe for hunting, zinc and lots of work to get those skills up. If you need anymore info please contact me ingame @ Paulski or here on the forums, thanks alot.
  20. Red Mountain Trade Port Recruiting Large and active community of villagers. We need a Weapons Smith and Cook. Villager should have at least 3 month experience at game play and is committed to wanting to play and be active in an active village. Weaponsmith and Cook need not be of higher level. Just committed to play and wants to have fun in there craft. We have access to all resources. If you prove to be the perfect villager for the job we will provide you with a piece of land within the village large enough to build a nice house and have live stock. Access to the port and access to a merchant stall should you want to setup shop later down the road. We dont demand you contribute coin to the deed upkeep but we do ask you contribute to the village as a whole. Great group of older people average age between 20-30, No nonesense type of community of players. We hope to find our cook and weaponsmith, We already have two ship builders, miners, priests, blacksmiths,lumber jacks and a farmer or two and a couple builders, we are just missing the cook and the weaponsmith. We would also like to find two a"fo priests" to join our village. I have built a grand temple to fo that a couple of good fo priests could live, preach and work out of, it not complete but has a rare statue and rare fountain inside and once a couple priests is found ill complete it. PM me or reply to this forum page if you like to join.
  21. JENN KELLON Loyalty & Strength Recruitment Moved to:
  22. I'm looking to recruit a player, or possibly multiple players for a large deed (55 x 77), located on the Deli steppe 36x 40y. My preference would be a returning player essentially wanting free land, and any contribution to upkeep would be appreciated. It's a secondary deed for me at the moment, so I won't be too picky about what you'd like to do with it. There's currently over 500 tiles of flat land that could be used for farming, tons of trees, as well as plenty of space for animals. Good hunting nearby, as it's on the steppe, marble, zinc, copper, iron in the mine. I'd like to find someone who's self motivated and will be sticking with the game for awhile. The deed's apart of a small alliance, and some help can be provided, but I'm not looking for anyone I'd have to walk through the fundamentals of the game with. Farmers, or someone who can use the land to help pay the upkeep are a bonus. Upkeep is 8.5s a month, but has a trader to help out, so contributions would be minimal. Please post here or send me a PM if interested.
  23. Recruiting newbies. Los Angeles is located at 25.5x - 4.5y ( Still named as New Eden on search map : ), east from boat bridge to Independance: It's 18x28 deed surrounded with iron fences to prevent mobs from entering village. Guard tower is just few tiles from town main gates. LA is 50 tiles away from sea. Have 3 villagers stone house built for now. Will add 3 more later. Houses are 2x2 size (only outer walls for now, possibility to add second floor) with 8 tiles enclosed area for keeping your stuffs private. Every house have bed, forge, large chest, lamp and 1 bsb. Mine with few iron veins and plenty of zinc veins. Plenty of various animals are wandering around. Not much players in area currently. Vynora altar in town if want to pray, sacrifice or train for a priest. I can convert you to a Vynora follover so you can use altar. Love tile is close to town if wish to follow Path of Love with your meditation skill. Building Colossus of Vynora is in progress. Free food available (ql 50+ meals for now) Can provide you decent quality tools and some weapons/armor to make your start easier. Please be nice to our allies, do not use other than English in village and alliance chat, and do not mine cave floors. Using wurm wiki is advisable, because expirienced players are often grinding their skills using sleep bonus and can not type much. As a citizen, you can participate in making bulk items as bricks and mortar, some for building town as well as for selling them so we can share profit. If you wish to become citizen of Los Angeles, PM me here on forum or in game on same name Marksilard. Current town members: General MarkSilard Captain Marvel citizens Jeremist Mentaltvpl Milot Picture of my deed, taken from hill behind town: