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Found 147 results

  1. Hello everyone, Lions Gate I 11 Xanadu is looking for more Knights(recruits) to join the cause! If you need a place to stay or just want to have more people in local and have your own plot on deed to do whatever you want to do come on over! plenty of room If you are clean and tidy and pick up after yourself you are welcome! respect other players and their property and work together civil like and you will grow! Plus, with my page on merchant ads i tend to get a lot of jobs that need to be done so if you would like to join in on the action as well thats another way to earn income in game to pay for whatever youre wanting to get Anyways just shoot me a pm here or post on this ad and tell me a bit about yourself! What do you like to do on wurm? What are your top 3 skills and level? What is your goal here? Do you have friends that would be interested in joining as well? How long have you played? Are you a people person or like to do your own thing and talk in your own time? How can we help each other?
  2. Zuelatek's Hamlet The Hamlet's #1 goal is a strong lively community. Location: F24, Cadence ~40 members (10 unique players every day) How we plan to achieve this. Alts are not allowed! RPG elements We are looking for all types of players as long as you're interested in community! The deed is located at F24 on Cadence slightly north of the bay and east of the steppe. Currently about 25 members strong. If you are interested in joining add me on Discord Zuelatak#6607, join my Discord, or leave a reply.
  3. Hello fellow homesteader, Are you tired from the road? Tired of fighting off the monsters of the land alone? Have your spirit templars quit because of the hazardous duty? Or do you need a place to stay and learn from others? Trying to save up for that nice little patch to call your own? Rose Respite Shipwright is needing your help! We are currently looking for all roles yet you are free to choose your own path. If you already have a chosen path in mind or want a profession to strive towards to help even more, we currently need Masons, Fine Carpenters, Laborers, Leatherworkers, Sculptors, Potters, Foragers, or Farmers. About Us I started this deed as a solo player. After a little while, two new players set up a homestead near me. I could tell they needed some help and so I invited them to join my village. Together we have grown as friends and I have expanded my deed from a simple 10x11 (110 tiles) to a 43x40 (1720 tiles) deed. We are a fairly active village with 5 members and there is normally at least one player on with only a few hour gaps. We are respectful, and enjoy helping others to learn this awesome game. We are located at E9/E10 on the Northwest Coast of Melody. You are welcome to come by and check out the deed and visit with the locals. What is in it for you? As mayor, I ask that you help your fellow citizens and allies if they need help. Any money you make is yours to keep, but I ask that you chip in to the deed upkeep or give a fellow citizen a fair payment for his work if it is above the normal day to day request. I also provide you with a free apartment that is either a 2x2 or a 3x2 space with great views that you are free to decorate any way you please. The apartments are first come, first choice but the choices won't let you down. The Amenities A large coastal deed with central guard tower and 2 spirit templars with another guard tower nearby, easy access to a Trader, Merchant, Wagoner (future), Enchanted Mailbox, Community Ships, Public Mine with room to expand, Well, 2 Clay pits, and a Tar pit. We also have community carts, rowboats, and sailboats available to accommodate your trade craft. Mountains and Dense Forest with Linden, Fir, Chestnut, Pine and Linden. Maple, Oak, and Cedar scattered around the premises provide enough lumber for most crafts. There are nearby areas of untamed wilds still ready to be explored by hunters and adventure seekers. Being on the Northwest coast makes traveling to other servers a breeze as we reside about 5-10 minutes from both the West and Northern server borders allowing for quick access for both residents and customers. Sit on the beach, fish from the docks, or take a leisurely stroll along a paved mountain path (*no guarantees on safety ) Active Projects Because of starting as a solo deed, I am a little behind but we are quickly catching up. I have received a beautiful set of deed plans back from the architect and I have just finished acquiring a large amount of the materials needed to build. The deed will have a public kitchen\tavern, workshop, large docks and shipyard, and provided player housing. A lighthouse has also been added to the deed With just the few of us, it is difficult to work on these major projects while trying to coordinate trades and fulfill ship orders in order to make money to fill the coffers and pay the man. But don't worry about the deed as it is well paid for. If you are in the market for a ship, please check out my merchant ad below: The Player Housing building is complete. I am now working on the Kitchen/Tavern and the Workshop. Below is the proposed deed plan. The current deed as of November 1, 2020. My Humble Beginnings as seen in Katspurr's video below: Rules Please be respectful to your fellow citizens, neighbors, and alliance members. No griefing or stealing. Act like an adult when needed. Your reputation means something in this game. I encourage you to aspire to be self sufficient but feel free to ask if you need help. I do not require payments or tithes or taxes but donations of money to the deed upkeep or materials to the community is welcome. I am fine with any buildings being constructed outside the proposed village center as long as the "Settlement may manage flag" is checked. This ensures that in the case of a player leaving for good, that space could more easily be utilized in the future if needed. How do I join? Contact the mayor, Opaveus, with an in-game tell message, look for our ad on any village recruitment board, or leave a message here on the forum. My alliance neighbor, Jadis, may also be able to give you a free teleport if you are on Melody and you have already utilized a free village teleport or you just want to check out the area. We can help you move or give you a ride to the deed, if needed, as we have a large fleet of available nautical craft and can load cargo. I look forward to meeting you and being a part of your Wurm experience! To Do List for Villagers/New Recruits
  4. Citadel, part of Oathkeepers Alliance, is looking for three active and friendly players. Located along the coast in Q16. Join a friendly settlement with a growing alliance, in beautiful south central melody with a great view of the sea. We currently have two deeds with space to make your own. There is an established mine, animals to tend, fields to farm, boats to build, and local sermon groups. We are approximately 10 mins from Overture by boat and about 15/20 mins to sea server boundary. There are alliance friends from different time zones that play, hang out, and help each other to advance their characters and skills. Leave a note here or contact Severo or Travellerx in game.
  5. Athendale/Xiaxis Athendale Trading Company Athendale Xiaxis Located on the NE corner of N14 and middle of P16 in Harmony Just under 4k tiles of land in Athendale and about 1k in Xiaxis We are currently taking in anyone interested in sharing our community driven goals. We accept newbies and veterans alike, with a wide range of experience already in the village we can help you get started or give you a place to thrive. We have a few slots open for specialized focuses, but willing to take anyone in who wants to be apart of a thriving village. A solid effort has been afforded to creating a useable canal that borders most of the deed, we hope those who join us are willing to put in an even greater effort to create a permanent one passable by all ships that may be around for the servers lifetime. As we have recently gained partial control over both canals of the major Harmony river. we hope more will join us in this endeavor to connect everyone, and create major trade routes. A major highway has already been completed allowing for a high traffic location, with the perfect spot to setup your market and sell goods on site, players averaging easily over 10s a month there is plenty of money to be made with us. Current Major Specializations needed: Fine Carpenter, assistant Animal Husbandry/Tamer, Deed Builder/Manager for Xiaxis, Assistant Woodcutter, Priests. Personal Merchant for Deed use, Massive mine with everything but Slate, 10+ people all specialized and love to help those in the deed, free food and affinity pizzas specialized for you, and gear. If you are interested in joining just leave a message on this thread, with an "about me", optional, and please answer the question "what are you looking for in a village?", for a response. Good luck out there, if you have any questions you can feel free to contact me in-game "Paralite".
  6. Welcome to Elysium, A determined and inspiring crusade. A Kingdom of those who wish to achieve all that Wurm has to offer. Come be a part of a serious and sophisticated community striving for excellence. We pride ourselves in being an inviting down to earth people, who are united and stand as one! Our Mission is a simple one : Achieve Greatness Whether that means conquering all the land and bringing peace to the players, or building grand cities with impressive and intimidating structures that tower over our enemies. Key features of our group include: Structured systems and building placement strategy that allows PvPers to have more of a PvP setting and PvEers to have more of a safe haven for crafting and skilling. Council of 5 Members to take all of our members opinions and inputs into account when making decisions that affect the entire Kingdom Ranking System Forums (For all questions, Trading and Event Info) Diverse group accepting of all regions and play styles What we are looking for Dedicated/Committed players Players who can be respectful and accept opinions of others Players who want to have a great time and enjoy all that Wurm has to offer Code of Conduct: Respect others. Treat all other players with dignity and respect. Be respectful of other members of Elysium, their abilities, their contributions, and any extra duties they perform to keep the kingdom running. We all play to have fun. Don't ruin it for other people. It is you, and not the kingdom Leader, who is primarily responsible for whether you are having fun or not. Be mature. Immature and infantile behavior is not tolerated. This is a kingdom of adults, so make sure you act like it. You are part of Elysium. We succeed as a group, not as individuals. Self-centered and self-absorbed attitudes are not helpful. Not everyone will get along with everyone else. That's life. Not everyone will agree with everyone else. In time we hope this to be a large community and conflict will inevitably arise. As adults, members are expected to either try to resolve disagreements with other players civilly, privately and independently. Failing that, try to work around it. Approach a council member for assistance if you have exhausted all other options. Drama will not be tolerated. Disagreements or other behaviors which become disruptive are unacceptable. Elysium rules will inevitably change over time. Members are expected to accept and adhere to new rules regardless of their personal opinions. Be mindful that the kingdom Leadership tries to make decisions that are best for the kingdom as a whole and for the long term, which may not necessarily correspond to the best decision for you personally right now. Constructive feedback and discussion on all aspects of the guild and raiding is always welcome. Complaints should not be made unless accompanied by alternative proposals. All feedback and discussion should respect this Code of Conduct. Read the forums. The forums are the main way of communicating important information (as well as a lot of trivial kingdom information). Most importantly, changes to strategies and announcements are made there. It is your responsibility to check the forums regularly and stay apprised of any important information. Do not engage in any activity that will bring the Elysium name into disrepute. Behaviors such as spamming, trolling, ninjaing, begging, flaming, or other anti-social actions are not acceptable. Do not use excessive, gratuitous or explicit language. Justifiable mature language and conversation is to be accepted in a kingdom of adults. Politics, religion, and similarly divisive topics are embargoed. Abusive, threatening, discriminatory, or prejudicial behavior of any form is expressly forbidden and will be met with immediate expulsion from the guild. Intentionally vexatious, obstructive, malicious, hostile, aggressive, or insulting behavior is not acceptable. Follow the Elysium Rules and Code of Conduct at all times. This creates the infinite recursive loop of order. Rules of Engagement: Every Player is expected to do their best. We are not a hardcore kingdom, but we intend to make the most of our experience and so have high expectations of our players. Everyone should strive to give their best when doing most content. The Council are the ultimate decision makers. Follow their directions/intent. The council will discuss all concerns and use best judgement to render decisions that will best benefit the kingdom at all times. Be punctual. When attending a prior scheduled event, we ask that you are on time or send a message to the group lead if you will be late. Common courtesy rules apply here. Positive criticism is a good thing. Members should feel free to give advice and suggestions to other players to improve their play. Equally, Members should view any positive criticism as an opportunity to improve. If you are interested in joining up with us visit our web page here -------> And come chat in Discord!! ----->
  7. TLDR: Looking for between 5-10 people, no more (initially), to help establish a Port on the ocean coast. Through assigned specializations and coordinated work, establish ourselves and have fun. Little About Me: 29, been playing Wurm off and on for about a decade. Been fooling around a lot lately in WU ever since I heard Steam was having a WO release. I was a decently skilled Chainsmith on WO, and played as a Villager on Freedom. Eventually moving to Xanadu to create my own deed. I had a lot of fun with it but eventually moved to WU to setup my own server for some friends/villagers who wanted to move off WO. Server Start Plan (roughdraft): Push through the inevitable server issues on release day, find the nearest coast, drop a deed in a good spot, terraform/setup mine, build a 2 story headquarters for crafting/beds, scout area for resources/terraform makeshift dock, push to Corbita. Once we get to the final stage of the plan, im not too concerned what everyone ends up doing but until then I would like people to help push. Specializations: Looking for people to specialize in specific crafting to help push, more details to follow. Let me know what type of crafting you're interested in doing. Or what you wanna work on. End Goal: getting sail boats and a corbita built so we can all take full advantage of the early game market. Plenty of money to be made for all, if we work together. If you are interested: feel free to message me here, I'll get back to you. just leave a little about me similar to mine. Add'l Notes: Nothing in my plan is concrete, I have a vision and a plan how to get there. If you feel you could contribute in a way I'm missing please let me know. We can work out all the details in my discord channel if you are interested.
  8. ----------PLEASE NOTE AND UNDERSTAND---------- THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT FOR RUNESCAPE WHETHER IT BE OLD SCHOOL OR RS3. THIS IS STRICTLY A RECRUITMENT AD FOR A SETTLEMENT IN WURM ONLINE!!!!!! Are you a Runescape fan? Well come join the lands of Gielinor today and help build the kingdoms of Asgarnia , Mithalin , Kandarin, and more! Kings will be appointed to the different lands of Gielinor once built. We reside in the north western part of deliverance. Message Guthansthewretched or Akkarinn ingame to find out more or leave a reply here (to message us in game type in chat /tell guthansthewretched ---message here--- or /tell akkarinn---message here---). Food , Water , Shelter and Beds will be provided for FREE! (to villagers and workmen/women) Free pickup and transportation to the settlement will be provided if required. CURRENT POPULATION : 12 and growing NEW PLAYERS MORE THAN WELCOME! One on one training and help will be provided ---people of professions needed --- Diplomats Miners Masons Tailors Hunters Farmers Armed Guards (weapons and armour provided) -2 positions left- Animal Husbands (to milk shear and overall care for our animals) -1 position left- Butchers Leather workers Explorers ----All SKILL LEVELS APPLICABLE----
  9. THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT FOR RUNESCAPE WHETHER IT BE OLD SCHOOL OR RS3. THIS IS STRICTLY A RECRUITMENT AD FOR A SETTLEMENT IN WURM ONLINE!!!!!! Hello! Im looking for villagers to help assist me in rebuilding the Lands of Gielinor! (RuneScape) Are you a runescape fan? well come join the lands of Gielinor today and help build the kingdoms of asgarnia , mithalin , kandarin, and more! kings will be appointed to the different lands of Gielinor once built. we reside in the north western part of deliverance. Message Guthansthewretched ingame to find out more or message me here. ( better chance of reaching me ingame type command /tell guthansthewretched ---message here--- ) Food , Water , and Shelter, and Beds will be provided for FREE! (to villagers and workmen/women) Free pickup and transportation to the settlement will be provided if required. NEW PLAYERS MORE THAN WELCOME! one on one training and help will be provided for new players CURRENT POPULATION : 8 ---people of professions needed --- Carpenters Diplomats Miners Masons Tailors Hunters Blacksmiths Farmers Armed Guards (weapons and armour provided) Explorers Animal Husbands (to milk shear and overall care for our animals) Butchers Chefs Traders ----All SKILL LEVELS APPLICABLE----
  10. ----------PLEASE NOTE AND UNDERSTAND---------- THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT FOR RUNESCAPE WHETHER IT BE OLD SCHOOL OR RS3. THIS IS STRICTLY A RECRUITMENT AD FOR A SETTLEMENT IN WURM ONLINE!!!!!! Are you a runescape fan? well come join the lands of Gielinor today and help build the kingdoms of asgarnia , mithalin , kandarin, and more! kings will be appointed to the different lands of gielinor once built. we reside in the north western part of deliverance. Message Guthansthewretched ingame to find out more or message me here. ( better chance of reaching me ingame type command /tell guthansthewretched ---message here--- ) Food , Water , and Shelter, and Beds will be provided for FREE! (to villiagers and workmen/women) Free pickup and transportation to the settlement will be provided if required. CURRENT POPULATION : 6 NEW PLAYERS MORE THAN WELCOME! one on one training and help will be provided ---people of professions needed --- Diplomats Miners Masons Tailors Hunters Farmers -1 position left- Armed Guards (weapons and armour provided) -2 positions left- Animal Husbands (to milk shear and overall care for our animals) -1 position left- Butchers Leather workers Explorers ----All SKILL LEVELS APPLICABLE----
  11. Vale is an active, friendly community on the southern side of Newspring island on Xanadu. We welcome all who want to join us! Contact Thely here or in game or Thely#7137 or Bipolarbear#3723 on Discord for more information, or come visit us at Xanadu T9. We have a good number of very experienced, helpful players. This is a settled, committed community that you can count on to be here for a long time in the future. If you are moving from somewhere else or a returning player, you will find plenty to do here and people willing to work with you on larger projects. If you are a new player, we have a long history of helping newbies learn the game and gain skills. We make playing fun! You will feel like you have come home. Vale is next to the villages of Eden and Dune, and you can choose to build a house in any of the three deeds. Vale is nestled in a lush valley walled on two sides by mountains, just north of Fir Market and on the highway system. Idyllic wooded Eden, snuggled between the mountains and the ocean, has beautiful sea views and a castle. The port village of Dune, perfect for seafarers and shipbuilders, features our seaside village pub the Royal Oak. The island of Newspring has an active alliance and there is always someone around to talk to. We have lots to offer: 5x6 tile plots in any of the three villages. A shared commons with materials for all to use. If you would rather live in a 'condo', we have those too, fully furnished. If deed ownership is your interest, our extensive highway system means you can live close enough to be part of the community while having your own private space. We provide free, high CCFP meals in our HOTAs. There are plenty of areas for farming, pens for animals and an extensive mine system. A variety of different priests for all your casting needs, and the lovely Newspring Cathedral for preaching parties. Some images of our lovely villages:
  12. Hello, First off, we here on Indy do have far less Lag than Xanadu ? I'm located on Independence Q 20, just a bit south-west of the new central spawn hub "Haven Landing", you can follow the big 2 wide roads to find the place. The village is located on the newly created Canal, that connects the inner central Lake Crystal Bay and the small lake South Haven Lake and leads to the south sea, through a ship-tunnel. Means, you can sail to the village from south-east server boarder, and you can walk here from land. You can go shopping at the C.L.U.B. market, managed by Champagnedragon, just a minute north of my village, and i can also offer help on entchanting tools or weapons with my priest, and possibly help from alliance-priests, which will make your newbie life incredibly easier, and your veteran life bit more comfortable. I offer a village workshop, which has all kind of raw and bulk materials inside, which you can use to make your items out of. (For example Wooden Logs, Rockshards, Sand, Clay, Iron, Silver, Zinc, Tin, etc.) I offer a clay tile in the area, which you can dig all you like, the next closest claytile is at Haven Landing and further away at the eastern Lakes. The idea is, useing these materials you can create and improve your items and skills very efficiently. I can provide some free skiller tools as a starting gift, after short playtime. The workshop provides beds, forges, ovens, BSB, FSB, and of course shelter from the outside world ? You are allowed to use the free, public usable rockshards to make your bricks for your first stone house later, or use free Logs for a wooden house, and sand/clay for mortar and keep all materials you create for yourself of course. I see no need to focus on a house for a new player, but if you stay around for longer time, login regulary, i will help you to make a house plot for yourself. Screenshots i will add later. My character ingame name is Daryan, leave a forum message, try me ingame or try discord: @OsteGames/Steam/Twitch#6175 Twitch streamers, please notify me and keep the chat windows covered. Here is the topic about the Process of makeing the Canal:
  13. Welcome to Tridents Edge! Join Our Discord Location - Q25 Auctions Welcome to Tridents Edge! We are a group of 10+ players currently building an incredibly large starter deed! We want to help new players get situated to the game and create an organized deed specializing in nightly sermons, bulk item orders, and large community events. We are looking for players who are newer to the game and have a dedicated task that would like to accomplish. Our players are on nightly starting at 5:30 PM PST (UTC -8). We are really needing a dedicated blacksmith to join our ranks! Why Choose Tridents Edge? Active player base and consistently growing Plenty of land and roles for constant expansion Organized roles, permissions, and deed "to-do" lists Management online nightly to assist in tasks and answer questions Where Are We Located? We are located on Xanadu at Q25. The island very large and we are in the progress of making even more expansion and planning! What does your deed look like? We are currently growing our collection of photos! Included below are the current ones available.
  14. Hello Wurmians, Betsey Magranon Priestess Betsey can summon soul (teleportation to my deed) Amore by night. Looking for citizens for my deed Amore (Xanadu P15 Coords : 3310,-5977). There is a Cook(me) and a Priest(me), A mine ( rock iron tin zinc silver rock-salt sandstone ), a farm ( 400 tiles), animal's( cows bull sheep ( and my hell-horses ), a harbor( 150 tiles away ) and great help! and tools, PM me or MSG Aroma on forum. In Local are sometimes 3 more people around , and 4 people live on my deed. Some picture : I have nice tools to use and lots of resources. You can stay in an temporary appartement 2 x 2 and then you can start building your own house. Plots are around 6 x 7 Small cart or large cart for use by citizens. There is a larder with different kind of food. We try to go to rifts or hunting to get fighting skill up. The important rules : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you don't login for ~60 days you can be removed from my deed. You can request time out time. I need to be owner of all buildings. You may not Bash or destroy. Be nice, don't steal?. (ask before you take) Hope to hear from you soon!? Thanks for reading my post. Greets . Aroma Betsey. ( Take a look in Aroma's shop: )
  15. I'm a proud mayor of crater village in northern newspring. I have to apologise for my english, i feel fine while talking, but writing posts was never my good side. I can't offer much, but i will help everyone as much as i can. Most free space is to be mined underground, above level is mostly used as farmlands and forests, tho i can give some land to someone. Currently i am living here as a hermit, without anyone to help. I don't require anything from villagers, just help with something from time to time. When it comes to questions, you can contact me here, or ingame. My ingame nickname is "Xenonpl", i should be online pretty often. My village is a part of alliance "Newspring Isle". Here are some screenshots.
  16. "Sharp land" a small, old Deed with a lot of work to do on the Island at i11 The island have a Mountain and two guard towers. Not many angry creatures live here. It is far away from the starting points. Glasshollow, Linton and Vrock Landing are the next. You can reach the middle of west Xanadu from here with a boat. We are member of "The western Union" alliance Newbies are welcome, also etablished people or they who coming back to wurm. I will provide Food, Water and a free Bed. You can also have some tools. Some screenshots that explain why it is named it Sharp Land: Any other questions? contact me ingame "/t Udonne" Thank you for reading.
  17. ¨*~Come join NEXA, the north-east Xanadu alliance!~*¨ ¨*~We are a few dozen deeds collected in and about Summerholt, gathered around two core purposes:~*¨ ¨*~Help others have fun playing Wurm Online~*¨ ¨*~Commiserate about grinding various Wurm Online skills~*¨ ¨*~Location~*¨ ¨*~Alliance has settled around the starter town Summerholt and made several highways leading different directions from Summerholt.~*¨ ¨*~Most of our alliance members live close Summerholt, but many deeds have joined around NE parts because of the great community.~*¨ ¨*~The north-east area is accessible by a public Eden tunnel, which is located H23, where the blue square stands on the map. ~*¨ ¨*~Another tunnel is at G22, called Doom Tunnel, where the red globe stands on the map.~*¨ ¨*~We help newcomers and we are home to Amish Estates, one of the biggest and most successful communal deeds around.~*¨ ¨*~Amish deed complex (Amish Estates, Paradise, Sanctuary) lies in the heart of our alliance.~*¨ ¨*~Community~*¨ ¨*~Our number one benefit is a highly active and sometimes hilarious Alliance chat window.~*¨ ¨*~Many of our players participate in Xanadu and/or Wurm-wide events, such as rift fights, unique hunts and communal adventures.~*¨ ¨*~We have countless crafters: weaponsmiths, armorsmiths, carpenters, masons, chefs, enchanters, etc.; you name it, we've got it!~*¨ ¨*~Best of all, we have experience and we are always ready to help each other out without a question.~*¨ Moonlight Bay, southern shore of Summerholt lake. Tenshi's Hill, east from Summerholt. ¨*~Services~*¨ ¨*~We have an active market settled in Amish Sanctuary, with plenty of merchants and merchant spots to place one. ~*¨ ¨*~As a market's heart stands our large church with every god's altar provided. Ask for sermons running!~*¨ ¨*~Other amenities~*¨ ¨*~Website ~*¨ ¨*~Recipe list (thanks to Olafhairybreeks)~*¨ ¨*~NEXA Guide to Life in Wurm, sharing knowledge about Wurm~*¨ ¨*~Discord space~*¨ ¨*~How to apply and why is NEXA a good choice for the alliance?~*¨ ¨*~You can ask anyone around local area or via forum message, like @Kadmintor @DaletheGood for an alliance invitation. ~*¨ ¨*~Any deed owner within the alliance is able to invite you to join (just have to meet face to face )~*¨ ¨*~We highly encourage the local deed owners to join!~*¨ ¨*~NEXA is active community and is located on a largely established area but yet a lot of untouched ground to work with ~*¨ ¨*~→ large highway connection gives you a chance to connect with the community if you desire!~*¨ ¨*~And of course, as we live up north... We have perfect hunting grounds as well, a lot of mobs to hunt~*¨ ¨*~... but if you want a safe spot to enjoy your game, that is completely possible as well~*¨ ¨*~We do a lot of business via Discord and alliance chat with each other, so you have a local market as a support!~*¨ ¨*~Even templars are so happy in our community that they will participate on crafting!~*¨ List of the current alliance deed members: A Hobbit's Haven, Amish Creek, Amish Estates, Amish Paradise, Aquas Retreat, Banana Ville, Belonga Mar, Birdland, Blackberry Hill, Blissful Folly, Bos Harbor, Bos Mountain View Place, Bottled In Bond, Bottled-in-bond, Bottled-in-bond Docks, Cuaisin, Dinglederry, Doompurr, Dragonwyck, Dragonwyck Smiths, Dusky Bay, Emerald Bay, Fedria, Gaul, Gestalt, Glaemweard Cottage, Gnipahellir, Heathenville, Hell Hound Hill, Hindleap, Home Sweet Home, Homesteadin, Icarium's Refuge, Jellyfish Outpost, Jenkins' Unremarkable Residence, Just Another Settlement, Kamakazee Keep, Kangaroo Pouch, Korriban, Kronies Kingdom, Ladau, Lake Woebegone, Lakeview, Lakewood, Lindenview, Lorewood Gardens, Luxor, Meadowdale, Mirror's Reach, Moonshine Ridge, Mrzodiac's, Mt Olympus, Nexa Market And Sanctuary, Niflheimr, Oceanview Harbor, Oceanview Southern Outpost, Pengkalan Raja Dolphin, Peri's Haven, Pluckyduckyville, Quiet Cove, Rapidron's Memorial, Raven Bay, Rough And Ready, Sanctorium, Sapphire Bay, Shimmergrove, Silden, Sindria, Skyforge, Svartskard, Tenshi's Hill, The Hideaway, The Oasis, The Wraith, Tiger Bay, Tylel Alora, Village Of The Gods, Votherheim, Waterside Ridge, Whisperfell, Whitewood Grove, Windrip Canal, Windrip Estate, Wismar, Wurkin Here Boss, Xylandia and Your Mother's Down In Memphis. Whisperfell's road to heaven. There are no strangers here, just friends who haven't met yet. - Jackjones
  18. Hey all o/ Ridge Hollow is a new deed looking for villagers! It's pretty brand spankin' new, so it's not as "cushy" as some of the more established villages. If that's not your cup of tea no worries! However, if you would like to try and be a part of something from the beginning, with fresh land and broad horizons then I encourage you to consider Ridge Hollow! Ridge Hollow is nestled on a shelf on the southern side of the mountain in the north-eastern quadrant of K22. I would like to utilize the verticality of the area as much as possible using teirs and bridges where plausible. It will require a good bit of terraforming, too. With that being said, when I say it's a fresh deed I mean fresh. I have just managed to clear space to start terraforming and getting some buildings up as well as a space for a small farm. As far as potential larger projects the area south of the deed is a valley that would be a prime area to eventually link a n east-west highway around the south-western side of the mountain and up to Whitefay. There is already a road being built that I believe heads south-west of the lake area, and so being a hub between those two roads could be beneficial at some point I'm sure. One major project I would love to see happen is a mine entrance on-deed that goes down and east to link up with the lake, so after a canal is built, trading by boat could be a possibility. Other than that I have a few other ideas floating around in my head but I really would like to have others input. As far as provisions I already have quite a bit of meat and food, some common materials and a few extra tools, there is a mine with an iron vein just off deed, as well as out there so it's not a fully fresh start but really darn close. I think the location is beautiful, too! And I think it's in an area that, if established, could be a good hub settlement. Looking for new and not-new players. Pretty much anyone who is friendly and really want to make something cool and contribute to the larger whole. Plenty of opportunities to be had in these here parts. If anyone is interested feel free to message me. My name is Oddpot in game. Or you can reply here if I'm not online.
  19. Hello! My Friend Twizzler and I are relativly new to wurm and want to make a settlement. We will be welcoming any players to the area! Whether you are new to Wurm or if your experienced in the game and just want to move to a new settlement We would love to help new players level up there skills in some of the different crafting, smithing, building, masonry, mining, digging, and cooking skills at our settlement. Port Twizzle will be located at M26 as shown in the picture v v v v v v v v v Settlement will be founded soon! If you would like to join. Feel free to PM Jeffery on the forums or in game if I'm on. You can also PM Twizzler in game when he's on.
  20. Hello, I am myself a returning player to Wurm after a year break. I had been looking for a village to join for the past week (I got some invites to small villages, though), however, it was not exactly what I was looking for. I was trying to find a village with active players (est. 5-10), not a village with 2-3 people or a huge city. Unfortunately, I was unable to find such village, thus, I decided to at least give it a try and make one myself. As for now, I have found a nice place (yet to be discovered fully) with iron, clay, beautiful lake and nice landscape. It seems like there was a village a very long time ago, as there were no bins or forges left. I have just built my house, just a small one for now. Yesterday I managed to find some animals like bulls, a cow, spiders, wolves, bears, lava spider. What I found out about the area is that, nearby villages do not exist anylonger, though, I need to re-check it to confirm this. The village itself is, as for now, 22x21 with 3s unkeep. There is lots of space and the village has not been shaped, yet. There are no spirit guards hired, since I can defend myself against anything without any problems, however, if a new player needs a guard there is a tower nearby, or I may hire a spirit guard. The village is located at N21 (upper bay), just like on the screenshot below. If you are willing to join me, I will be glad to accept you, no matter if you are new to Wurm or you have already some experience. Everyone is welcome! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or if you would like to join the village. My nick name in game is also Ading. Cheers!
  21. Greetings from the sole member of the thriving kingdom of Necrosis! Are you a [insert attribute here] looking for a village that has [insert quality here]? Well lucky for you Necrosis has that! In all seriousness, I am a hermit living near greymead and I am looking for any semi-active player, new or old, to join in my village. The village itself is developed but is always being improved. As far as community, I am willing to host a symbiotic environment for my villagers by encouraging open trade. To elaborate, I consider myself a talented wurmian holding dozens of titles so I can provide good quality tools, iron, wood, crops, and so on. Henceforth, if you wanted to blacksmith I can trade you high quality iron for your goods, or if your a tailor I can imp your needle or trade other items for your wares. Symbiotic and fair. Some of the amenities on deed include a mine with several iron veins, a large farm, and stables. As far as housing goes I can provide plots of land for you to build on or your choice of several pre-built homes. (will post pictures soon) or if you wanted to build larger then what I can provide on deed you are welcome to build off deed. If you are interested PM MirrorMatch for further guidance or questions. I look forward to getting some new faces around here! Pictures will be posted soon!
  22. My Pants Harbour is currently accepting new citizens! What is it? My Pants Harbour is currently a workplace for traders who produce and export goods. Once finished, it will also be a public market, with our own inn, trading square, temple and auction house, where events that we'll promote will take place. Who we are? Traders! Anyone who join can either make and sell his own goods or join the Morgan Hill Trading Company, where we concentrate our productions in one big stock in order to maintain a steady supply. Where we are? Our harbour is strategically located at Xan B17, pretty close to the map's edge, where people can easily travel to and from. What we offer? Tools, security, knowledge and an opportunity to make money. We will need people who extract raw material, produce goods, negotiate, deliver or can do it all like I do! The goal is to cooperate and trade under the same flag, creating a stable, reliable and well known market. Who are our partners? My Pants Harbour is part of a HUGE alliance consisting of 27 settlements. We're also part of the Morgan Hill Trading Company. What are our rules? - Respect everyone. - Respect everyone's property. - Be nice and friendly with our citizens, allies and customers. - Always welcome and offer help to newcomers and travelers. - Keep the place nice and clean. - Don't leave carts, containers, tools or whatever laying around. I'll throw it away or push it offdeed. - Moor your ships/boats in an orderly fashion. - Wherever you mine, reinforce it. - Whenever you cut trees, remove the stumps. - Don't dig for dirt or sand anywhere near any settlement, don't be a jerk.
  23. Pirates Booty is still looking for newbie or vet players to join. currently building the tree farm but soon will have small island plots for homesteads M21 - Release
  24. Dagon Fel is looking for a few good players. 4/15/17 - Still looking for a few good villagers ! We have all basic amenities, can make starter sets for tools, You can even climb in Rank with us. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Water Food Shelter Beds Horses Caves for mining Mountains Loads of wildlife ! Very close to water and close to the open ocean Unexplored lands (sp00ky) Grass (the kind you can't smoke) (or at least, you wouldn't want to) We have it ! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You can even make many friends ! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ever wanted a Harvest Moon type experience ? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Even the Gods make stars align for us ! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This picture may be dated compared to what we have on deed, but we still have plenty of room for you with us. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pet wild horses ! (*Not all horses may actually be wild. **Your experience may vary.) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Experience the views ! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Current projects ! Infrastructure (making it easier to travel by land) Surface Mining (not a priority and most is done) Improvements ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ***If you answered YES to ANY of the above, Inquire within ! We may be able to help you find that experience which you seek.*** We only ask that you be Mature, Respectful, have a mind to learn the game you are playing, and realize that Real Life comes first. We are mostly active but not all the time. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for your time, and apply within !