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Found 6 results

  1. Wurm's biggest strength, in my opinion, is its realism. It makes the game very immersive. However, something has stood out in my mind since I started. I battle with a troll armed with a wooden club. I kill it and I'm able to loot said club. I go to a Rift and see these monstrosities wielding fearsome giant weapons. When they fall, there is... nothing. I get into an altercation with a guard equipped in standard issue Freedom Guard gear - long sword, shield, chainmail set, helmet, tabard. He/she falls dead and all that gear... where are they? I have the following suggestions with regards to loot: Rift mobs: Upon death, jackals drop their sickles etc. Ogres drop their giant swords etc. Freedom guards: drop their gear upon death. WYSIWYG loot drop will enhance the immersion level of Wurm. *** These items can be non-impable, like player starter gear. But at the very least they can be smelted down into metal lumps to give them some utility.
  2. Would love to see the insides of mines change a bit, to better blend between plain rock and specific ore types. Could be several ways to do it, so I'll leave the thought there. Also, would like to see gem mines, rather than ore and rock mining, just randomly dropping a gem. Gems have always seemed to be overly abundant to me, but maybe because I have a love for mining. Make a diamond vein, or ruby vein, etc. Make it take a random number of actions 1-100 to get a gem. Non gem producing actions don't give rock. Veins are the same sizes are regular ore veins, but based on actions, not how many gems are pulled out. This way, people can choose to prospect for gems or veins and not have to just pray and mine nonstop for gems. Just a thought.
  3. Now that I've seen the custom map generation tools and new skins on animals, I'll toss out an idea and see if anyone smarter than me wants to try making it happen. The reason for the idea is to add additional realism to an already beautiful (and impressive) set of custom maps. 1a. Blending of biomes in map generation. Today, we see too much of a hard line, when going from sand, to tundra, to forest. I'd like to see more blending happening between them. Call it a hybrid zone that looks part one type and part the other. For instance, if Steppe and Forest connect, have a buffer zone that is grassier than tundra & has smaller versions of trees and shrubs (force them to never mature and limit how many can spawn in that buffer zone? 1b. Making a special "wet look" tile of each landscape type, that helps add a touch of realism. 2. New rock & dirt skins, based on the dominant concentration of ore types below ground. If there is a higher percentage of iron in the area, make the dirt and rock more reddish. I'm not a geologist, so I'll let smarter people figure out what rock types and dirt colors go best with our other ores. 3. Elevation based snow. Is it possible to set the winter skin permanently for certain elevations? Better yet, it is possible to set it to move the snow line to higher and lower elevations, based on season changes, automatically? Finally, is it possible to add one more factor into the snow line: North vs south locations of the map? Winter is coming!!! 4. When generating a map, can different flora and fauna be auto generated as more likely at different elevations, near or far from water, etc? Not a huge deal, as we can just use our artistic ability to plant where we want. (?). Link to an idea for making some skinning changes to mines...
  4. Hello all, In wurm one must eat and drink ... but not poop and peepee. This is just unrealistic. There should be poop and peepee bars that increase with time that must be "relieved" otherwise your action time goes up until you eventually die from your bladder or intestines bursting causing toxic shock. Thank you, ~Chade~
  5. I was thinking that it might be interesting, more immersive and a tad more tedious if you were required to build a sawhorse to create certain items. Possibly either having to make makeshift planks at first in order to erect a sawhorse to allow you to make regular planks. Or perhaps incorporating a sawhorse into the making of planks and other items that require sawing would increase the quality of the end product. Perhaps instead of a tool it could be a sort of carpentry station or bench. Just an idea I thought of in passing today. I mean have you ever tried to saw a plank without some sort of elevated surface? Let me know what you all think. Also, i'm like 5 days new to this game so if something like that already exists please don't beat me too hard.
  6. I have a few animal-related suggestions. 1. Pigs, cows, etc. can swim IRL. Why can't they swim in-game? This should be fixed. Lots of transactions cannot occur because these animals can't cross large channels to island areas or secluded areas. 2. Predatory animals/monsters should be able to eat other animals. If a wild (un-tame) predatory animal becomes hungry, it should attack another animal (tame/un-tame, wild or bred, just whatever is closeby). The two animals would then fight. If the winner is the hungry animal, it will consume the weaker animal. The consumed animal should leave behind an empty, "butchered" corpse that uses its standard butchered-corpse model. The predatory animal would then no longer be hungry. If the winner is not the hungry animal, then the corpse would be left there as if a player killed it and left it there. Certain species (trolls, spiders, etc.) should be cannibalistic. 3. Predatory animals should feed on unbutchered corpses. This ties into the previous suggestion. If the winner of the fight scenario mentioned in the previous suggestion were a non-hungry carnivorous animal, it would leave the corpse laying there. If the corpse were in a 10-tile range when the animal became hungry again, it would walk over to the corpse and consume it, leaving behind the same butchered-corpse model. I understand that it would be rather difficult to make the game distinguish between carrion-feeders and regular predatory animals, or between starving animals and hungry animals, so I won't suggest that now. 4. Animals should be able to be led across servers. Enough said about that one. More suggestions soon.