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Found 188 results

  1. Torbyn's Item Shop

    Rare 45ql lindenwood knapsack - 4s 37ql beautiful cotton meditation rug (coc44) - 4s 67ql iron pendulum - 4s 66ql rare large shield (coc66) - 2s 79ql leather barding (aosp 84) - 5s 50ql pinewood spindle (woa37) - 2s 8ql walnut spindle - 2s 32ql birchwood fine fishing rod (coc 58) - 2.5s mask of the returner - 4.5s 72ql supreme champagne 1kg - 2s 45ql rare champagne 1kg - 1.25s Armour Sets foods/related misc make offer
  2. Wares From Helm's Deep

    Welcome To the Merchant Ad for Helm's Deep Located just West of The Crystal Canal on Indipendence (on the line of R18 and R19 at the base of the mountian) (page still under construction but here is what ive got) Runed Mailbox A decorated model of a castle that works as a mailbox. It could be improved with a rock shards. Ql: 30.4232, Dam: 0.0. Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [97] A single zinc rune of Magranon has been attached to it, so it will increase size (5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%) Private message me on the forums or in game Jessemason If you don't see a price next to the item name then send me an offer Rift stuff & other things Weapons Armours Tools Horse Gear
  3. Welcome to the Shadowfly Alliance's First Midsummer Sale! All the money earned from this sale will go towards improving our alliance, building our capital and making sure that we continue to grow and flourish! We hope you enjoy our offers! Any Non-Mailable Items Will Be Delivered To You For Free Courtesy Of The Alliance Regardless of Their Value (To Coastal Locations on PvE Servers) Make an offer on anything you want via reply to this thread, PM here on the forums or PM ingame /tell Yldrania or /tell Mirabloodarc Supremes Rares Materials Miscellaneous Items Event Items Gems Tools HOTA Statues Horses (Xanadu Only) === Yldrania, ==Shadowfly Alliance Leader
  4. Some stuff for sale

    Rares: 2ql rare grindstone 2s 84ql rare two handed sword, iron (Animal's demise, Nimbleness-97, Life Transfer-82, Circle of Cunning-91, Mind Stealer-81) 10s 52ql rare lounge chair, cedarwood 2s (3s with delivery) Plate Armour Set, Steel 2s 83ql plate gauntlet 81ql plate gauntlet 81ql plate vambrace 79ql plate vambrace 80ql basinet helm 80ql plate sabaton 79ql plate sabaton 79ql plate leggings 76ql breast plate Enchanted Tools: 77ql shovel, iron (Wind of Ages-67) 50c 73ql small anvil, iron (Wind of Ages-92) 1,50s 72ql trowel, iron (Wind of Ages-75, Circle of Cunning-43) 60c 60ql spindle, oakenwood (Wind of Ages-90) 1,30s 90ql hammer, iron (Wind of Ages-81, Circle of Cunning-76, Weapon Smithing Imbue-19) 1,50s 100ql whetstone 4.10dmg (Blessing of the Dark-95, Weapon Smithing Imbue-4) 60c 82ql whetstone 0.21dmg (Circle of Cunning-80, Armour Smithing Imbue-7) 40c 100ql pelt, mountain lion 4.40dmg (Blessing of the Dark-90, Weapon Smithing Imbue-3) 50c 98ql pelt, large rat (Circle of Cunning-86) 40c 93ql pelt, wild cat 0.01dmg (Circle of Cunning-73, Armour Smithing Imbue-10) 30c 72ql hammer, iron (Circle of Cunning-83) 1s 70ql pickaxe, tin (Wind of Ages-96) 2,50s 70ql pickaxe, iron (Circle of Cunning-71) 1s 80ql stone chisel, iron (Wind of Ages-89, Circle of Cunning-71) 1,70s 69ql mallet, oakenwood (Circle of Cunning-88) 60c 65ql spatula, oakenwood (Circle of Cunning-85) 60c 68ql clay shaper, oakenwood (Circle of Cunning-72) 50c Miscellaneous Items: 60ql JK Wagon, pinewood 4s (5s with delivery) 49ql corbita, cedarwood 2,50s (3,50s with delivery) 70ql dioptra, bronze 1s 19ql ring, seryl 15c Prices are negotiable. I'm most of the time online, you can send me in-game message to "Pakawala" or "Nether" Thank you!
  5. WTS Rare & Star Sapphires

    2x star sapphires: 61q/ & 39ql --- 3s each 1x rare sapphire 63ql --- 4s PM in game @ Mrzodiac
  6. Low Priced Rares

    s=silver i=iron Why am I charging iron? I developed a new system and software to keep track of sales using character logs. This is private use for now. Items that are not marked are low QL and blank. 80ql Rare Stone Chisel, Iron 4s1i 80ql Rare Saw, Iron 4s2i Rare Carving Knife, Iron 4s3i Rare Butcher Knife, Iron 4s4i 80ql Rare Hammer, Iron 4s5i 80ql Rare Knife, Iron 4s6i Rare Huge Axe, Iron 4s7i Rare Crowbar, Steel (NEW ITEM!) 5s Rare Leather Adventurer Hat 10s (Shiny, glows on head - looks real nice!) Need something else? Hit me up in game, message on forums or Discord Niki#3649
  7. Rares

    -97QL pelt 90coc-1s -89QL chisel 79botd-80c -70QL compass 82woa-3s -90QL leather knife 81 botd-1s -98QL whetstone 97coc-2s -94QL whetstone 85coc-1s -94QL whetstone 84coc-1s -silver ring 6QL 89nolo-1s -oils of armoursmith x7 -86 average QL -oil od stonecutting x2 -potion of woodcutting 95QL =RARES= -rare chisel 96QL 41coc 93woa-9s -rare trowel 87QL 92coc 85woa-8s -rare needle 58QL-5s -rare ropetool maple 65QL 84coc 97woa-7s -rare ropetool pine 93 QL 84coc 88woa-6,5s -rare oak spindle 79QL-5s -valentines pottery-1s -fireworks x3-80c each -spyglass 70QL x2 -snowlantern x5-1s each -2 dragon skulls-9s each
  8. WTS Rares Rares Rares and More

    Supreme carving knife 20s 78ql no enchants Rare carving knife 5s 70ql no enchant Selling the following Send me pm's for quicker response. Rare Carving knife 4s no enchants Rare Plate Gauntlet (4) 58ql 2s, (2) 89ql 2.5s Blake Drake Hide .04kg 1.5s Rare Medium metal shield 58ql 85coc 4.5s Rare Sickle 85ql 5s Rare Clay sharper oakenwood 91ql 85coc 4s Rare Spatula cedarwood 94ql 84woa 73coc 4s Red Dragon Scale hide .31kg 18.5s Supreme Red Dragon Scale Glove 91.85ql web74 35s/obo Supreme Small Maul 91ql 96LT 99Nim 30s Red Scale Set 275s I will update with enchants. I will update more later.
  9. Interested in anything feel free to send me PM to work something out. Enchanted: Supreme Leather Knife - 25 silver Rare Carving Knives - 6s each - 88ql sold Rare File - 5s sold Rare Stone Chisels - 6s each Blanks: Supreme Leggat - 10s Rare Spindles - 4s each Rare Bee Smoker - 4s
  10. wts

    wts most prices are marked, or just make an offer..
  11. Mail all items to TheRedReaper Notice: I will pickup all items that are sent at the proper price and reserve the right to send them back if they are not. Items with 90+ Damage I pay 5c less than listed price Max Weight Items Only Ask about items that are not listed! Supreme Materials 35c each Stone Bricks Clay Shafts Planks (Will pickup from coastal areas/meet you at coastal area for pickup)(Can be mailed with runed mailbox, available at most starter towns) Nails (Large and Small) Pottery Jars 25c each String of Cloth Square Piece of Cloth Iron Ribbons Cordage Ropes Mooring Ropes Ropes Sand Sprouts Colossus Bricks Leather Belts Leather Strips Metal Bowls Lead Lumps/Ore Most Boat Parts Full Weight Logs (24 KG) (Will pickup if you have 3+ You can hold them till you have 3+ if you want)(Can be mailed with runed mailbox, available at most starter towns) Pegs 20c each Dirt Wooden Beams Tar Rare Materials 15c each Stone Bricks Clay Shafts Planks (Will pickup from coastal areas/meet you at coastal area for pickup)(Can be mailed with runed mailbox, available at most starter towns) Nails (Large and Small) Pottery Jars 12c each String of Cloth Square Piece of Cloth Iron Ribbons Cordage Ropes Mooring Ropes Ropes Sand Sprouts Colossus Bricks Leather Belts Leather Strips Metal Bowls Most Boat Parts Full Weight Logs (24 KG) (Will pickup if you have 3+ You can hold them till you have 3+ if you want)(Can be mailed with runed mailbox, available at most starter towns) Lead Lumps/Ore Pegs 10c each Dirt Wooden Beams Tar Mail all items to TheRedReaper Notice: I will pickup all items that are sent at the proper price and reserve the right to send them back if they are not. Items with 90+ Damage I pay 5c less than listed price Max Weight Items Only
  12. WTS: [19:47:37] A thick helm that only exposes a pair of slits where the eyes are. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The great helm needs to be sharpened with a whetstone. - 7s [19:48:08] A heavy and intricate set of metal plates, together covering the top of the body. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. - 8s
  13. New Rare System

    Right now the rare system is practical, but a bit dull. I propose an alternate rare system, where a rare item has a specific special effect chosen from a list larger than the maximum number of slots. Keeping the rare/supreme/fantastic system, the definitions would be changed to: Rare = 1 special effect Supreme = 2 special effects Fantastic = 3 special effects. The name would still say "Fantastic Huge Axe, iron" while the examination would give more descriptive names of the effects. ex. "This is a Durable, Swift, Defending version of the item." Special Effects Special effect lists would be specific to the item or class of items, a sword effect would not make much sense on a cheese drill, after all. Some effects can stack, while others are one only. Remember, these effects are a handful of suggestions, suggest your own if you have an idea! The intention is that every effect is useful, even if not all are equally useful to everyone. Hunting for that one item with a perfect combination could a very long term personal quest. Resources (lumps, logs, shards, etc.) Enhanced Potential (stackable): items made with this are significantly more likely to be rare. Universal Durable (stackable): The item is dramatically more resistant to decay and wear from use. Magic Resonance: Instead of shattering, the item takes 99.9 damage. Better hope it was in good repair. Self-Mending: Rare chance to repair 5 points of damage when used. Weapons Swift: The weapon has a faster swing timer. Spiked, Weighted, Bladed, Acidic, Frigid, Poisoned, Diseased, Searing, etc: The weapon has a chance to change its damage type when used, which could result in improved or reduced performance depending on the resistances of what’s being struck. Defending: Weapon has in improved parry ability, allowing weapons that can’t normally parry a small chance to do so. Sharp: Improved basic damage (similar to current rare effect). Serrated: Causes bleeding wounds. Tools (General) Artisans: Boosts QL of imping and creation using the tool. Inspired: Random chance of instantly completing the action. Restful: Random chance of refilling a portion of the users stamina. Spinning Wheel Rumpelstiltskin: Very rare chance for the created yarn to be made of gold instead of wool. Armor (Monster) Bane: Reflects a portion of all attacks from a specific type of monster (trolls, black bears, etc.) back on them. (Monster) Ward: Armor is very resistant to attacks from a specific type of monster. Silent: Increases chance to sneak. Light: Armor is 50% it’s normal weight. Campaigning: Reduced movement penalty. Ships Phantom Rower (stackable): Same effect as current rare effect. Ethereal Sails: Even in a dead calm acts as if there was a stiff breeze. Huge Hold: Cargo capacity is dramatically greater than normal. These are just a handful of possible examples. If you have some ideas of your own, don’t hold back. let your imagination run wild.
  14. WTS Rare Tools

    Sold Please Close
  15. Not a Merchant ( limited Time only sale ) WTS ad will close at the end of the timers ! EVENT IS NOW OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ CLOSE THIS POST ! All Sales Finalized .............. 'CLOSED NO MORE SALES SORRY... Will have to wait until im ready to do another sale ! or catch me n game WTS posts... Not much left ...... Rare Cheese Drill #2 Cedar wood 81 BOTD 93+ QL 6.00 Silver 1.25 Silver 1) Combat Scythe, Iron @ 83 QL with ( 60 Nimble ) ( 57 Life Transfer ) ( 57 Circle of Cunning ) 60c 2) 3) 4) 5) Short Sword, Iron @ 76 QL with ( 74 Nimble ) ( 75 Life Transfer ) ( 87 Circle Of Cunning ) ( 61 Mind Stealer ) 0.75 Silver 6) 7) Two Handed Sword, Iron @ 95 QL with ( 96 Life Transfer ) ( 101 Circle Of Cunning ) 1.00 Silver 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 12) 13 14) 15) Glimmer Steel, Carving Knife, @ 88.90 Quality ( it will increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (10%) 1.00s 16) 17) Tin Leather Knife @ 84+ QL ( Blank ) 100 Silver 18) 19) Lead, Axe @ 84 QL ( Blank ) 1.50 Silver 20) 21) 22) 90+ QL Star Emerald 100 Silver 23) 24) 25)
  16. WTS Rares and Potions

    Wanting to sell these items. 24QL Rare Small Barrel, 1s 42QL Rare Small Barre,l 1s 48QL Rare Kingdom Tabard, 3s 79QL Rare Frying Pan, 2s 84QL Rare Frying Pan, 2s 80QL Rare Frying Pan, 2s 86QL Rare Pickaxe, 5s Black Dragon Hatchling Skull, 8s 84QL, Potion of Woodcutting, 3s 90QL, Potion of Woodcutting, 3s 91QL, Potion of Woodcutting, 3s 80QL Potion of Mining, 3s 76QL Potion of Mining, 3s 90QL Ointment of Stonecutting, 2s 79QL Ointment of Stonecutting, 2s 85QL Ointment of Stonecutting, 2s Post here if interested, Thank You.
  17. Hello. Selling a few bits today. Potions. Rares. Rare rake 95ql c93 w93 8.5s Rare grooming brush, Oak 92ql c93 w96 8s Plate. 1x 70ql sets 2s each. 1x 80ql sets 3s each Choice of Basinet or Great helm for all sets.
  18. Time to clean out some junk: Items on the above pic that have been sold: Mask of the returner ...also have: a rare 90ql cedar bee hive for 5s 35 Sleep Powder for 35s/e Please post here or PM Arakiel. I won't be sitting at the pc 24/7 this week so please give me a little time to respond. Thanks! Pickup Location for everything that can't be mailed is T13 on Celebration's south coast. The deed name is Karma. If you are interested in working out a package deal for all the event stuff at a discount please toss me a pm.
  19. Mini Rare Sale

    Few rares for sale quick sale quick mail going fast make offers no prices listed ggwp offer in silvers Pickaxe - Sold Rope tool - Spindle - Trowel -
  20. SOLD please close

    I have to sell some rare things, pm me if you're interested. If pickup is needed (like with bed or boat) coords are C14 Xanadu (north coast) - deed Nowe Wszczniesz Malajane rare champagne 45.00ql 1s rare knapsack applewood 45.00ql SOLD 1s rare bed applewood 55.00ql SOLD 5s rare chain boot iron 48.03ql 2s rare chain boot iron 31.58ql 2s rare large chest pinewood 61.70ql SOLD 4s rare large crate walnut 25.07ql SOLD 1s rare large crate oakenwood 26.65ql SOLD 1s rare large crate birchwood 40.49ql SOLD 1s rare wagon oakenwood 71,00ql SOLD 10s rare frying pan iron 6.18ql SOLD 2.5s rare mallet oakenwood 88.44ql SOLD 3s rare pickaxe iron 88.00ql 5s rare saw iron 91.27ql SOLD 3s rare large maul iron 47.61ql 6s rare sailboat cedarwood 68.00ql SOLD 20s
  21. !!! Rare Butchering Knife 89ql, C71, Bronze Rune of Lib (+10% gather ql) - 10s Rare Carving Knife 90ql, C76, W95 - 6s Rare Fruit Press, oak, 34ql - 3s Rare Hatchet 92ql - 4s Rare Horseshoe 25ql - 1s Rare Lantern 88ql - 2s !!! Rare Pickaxe 90ql, W41, Bronze Rune of Lib (+10% gather ql), 100 imbue! - 40s Rare Ropetool oak 86ql, W59 - 3s Rare Shield, iron 69ql - 2s Rare Shovel, iron 92ql - 4s Rare Small Anvil, iron 89ql - 4s Rare Spindle, pinewood 79ql - 50c Rare Toolbelt, 90ql - 8s !!! Rare Huge Axe, steel 90ql, 88NB, 92FB, 93CoC - 18s RARE MATERIALS: 2 x copper lump - 10c each 3 x gold lump - 15c each 3 x iron lump - 10c each 2 x silver lump - 15c each 2 x zinc lump - 10c each 3 x stone brick - 20c each 1 x sprout, orangewood - 15c 1 x SUPREME bronze lump - 30c RIFT: Pair of Elaborate Shoulder Pads 75ql - 3s Left Basic Should Pad 50ql - 1s Chain Shoulder Pad 25ql - 1s Fist Bracelet, seryll 25ql - 1s Bracelet of inspiration 25ql - 1s Used Necklace of Focus, seryll 25ql - 1s Necklace of Protection, seryll 25ql, 83dmg(?) - 10c Artisan Ring, seryll 75ql (shield bashing skillgain) - 2.5s Lumps: Adamantine 8.78ql 0.17kg - 80c Adamantine 87.81ql 0.21kg - 2s Glimmersteel 85.37ql 0.4kg - 3.5s Glimmerstell 92.11ql 0.36kg - 3s Seryll 83.72ql 0.25kg - 1s Seryll 84.27ql 0.57kg - 2s !!! Seryll 95.6ql 1kg - 4s Other: 2x Yule goat, straw 99ql - 2s each 4x Fireworks 80ql - 1s each Rare Knapsack, applewood, 40.5ql - 3s !!! Supreme Knapsack, iron 62ql - 8s Pickaxe, tin 88ql - 3s 3x Picnic Basket, straw - 3s each Tools: Butchering Knife 24ql, 100CoC - 4s Carving Knife 26ql, 83CoC - 1s Carving Knife, steel 6ql, 68CoC - 30c File, iron 76ql, 95CoC - 2s Hammer, iron 78ql, 97BotD - 3s Mallet, oakenwood 87ql, 91CoC - 2s Meditation Rug 7ql, 85BotD - 1s Pickaxe, iron 22ql, 85CoC - 1s Rake, iron 76ql, 70CoC - 30c Saw, iron 90ql, 91WoA, 79CoC - 3s Scissors, iron 23ql, 77CoC - 30c Sickle, iron 20ql, 78CoC - 30c Sickle, iron 19ql, 78CoC - 30c Sickle, iron 91ql 71WoA - 70c Stone Chisel, iron 74ql, 91WoA - 2s Stone Chisel, iron 70ql, 95CoC - 2.5s Trowel, iron 79ql, 97WoA - 3.5s Items are located on Deli, buyer is paying CoD.
  22. Rift Loot and Rares

    I have some rares and rift items for sale.
  23. We offer blacksmithing, carpentry, fine carpentry and chainsmithing items Buyer pays C.O.D fees Pickup at H23 exodus Stock items will be sent as soon as im online and orders will be sent as soon as they are made Now also with a merchant on deed with lots of cheap tools and enchanted tools. Blacksmithing orders Taking orders on new tools or imping one of your tools. Prices 70ql 20c 75ql 25c 80ql 30c 85ql 50c 90ql 80c Price for imping is the difference between current ql price and requested ql price Full chain sets ql70 2s ql80 2,5s Carp/Fine carp: Prices 40ql 10c 50ql 15c 60ql 20c 70ql 30c 75ql 35c Price for imping is the difference between current ql price and requested ql price Enchants: coc/woa cast to 70+ 1c/power Merchant: Hatchet (c95) sold Wagon 1 wagon ql55 1s Rares and other goodies: Supreme Long Sword ql89 Nimb 86, LT 81, coc 90 33s Rare Long Sword ql90 Nimb 86, LT 85, coc 78 12s Rare Ropetool, oakwood ql79 2,5s Rare Ropetool, willow ql74 2,5s Oil of the weapon smith ql76 2s Fletching potion ql86 1,5s Supreme File ql88 23s Bulk Dirt 1s/1k (4 in stock) concrete 1s/100 (0 in stock) mortar 3s/1k (0 in stock) Bricks 2s/1k (0 in stock) If its not in stock contact me for details on when its ready. Sleep powder 1s each (10 in stock) (pickup only) Any questions or orders can be mailed to me here on forum or ingame (same name as here) No price is set in stone, if you like something contact me and we can talk about the price.
  24. Shydow's Pawn and Trade

    Hey everyone, and welcome to the grand opening of Shydow's Pawn and Trade. We have a ton of stuff in stock, and always looking to make a good trade. High QL Iron (prices per large crate) - Delivery included to any outer coastline. Extra charges may apply for central Xan and Indy 90+ QL (in stock) - 2s 95+ QL (in stock) - 3s 99+ QL (sold out - mined to order) - 4s 100.00 QL (sold out - mined to order) - 5s High end meals (90 QL Bangers and Mash, 190+ varieties available) 10c each 15 for 1s Other stuff (make an offer for any items) Rare Huge Axe iron, 90 QL, blank Rare Large Maul iron, 65 QL, AD N73 FB82 C88 M82 Rare Unfinished Forge Can be finished and improved to 60 before delivery Supreme Stone chisel, low QL, blank Supreme Open Fireplace Potion of Woodcutting - 54 QL Oil of Weaponsmithing - 80 QL 2h Sword iron, 90 QL, HD N94 C83 FA98 M81 Seryll Pendulums (Never shatter when casting) 12 in stock 2h Sword iron, 85 QL, FB90 x10