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Found 7 results

  1. Puppeteering needs a stage or a booths that the puppeteer can stand behind. Need puppet animations and audio and sounds coming from the puppeteer. The bigger the audience the more skill gain you get. This will have puppeteers lining up like sermons. Some type of happy buff from attending a show. More puppets and scripts. Any other ideas?
  2. Make me reasonable offers on the following: Also have a rare rowboat and an MR wagon for sale, if anyone's interested. Sold: All drake Mining potions Stonecutting potion(s) Sleep powders Dredge Studded set MR wagon What's Left: Some potions* Puppets Anvil Carving Knife Scale Rare rowboat *Tomorrow I'll check specifics, I had all the bloods turned into (high ql thx archaed) potions; they are all weaponsmithing, armoursmithing, and fletching though. Will also update screenshot tomorrow.
  3. This suggestion aims to finally make yo-yos and puppets useful in the form of players being Jongleurs, who were travelling entertainers. They used different forms of "tools" to entertain, usually in taverns or castle courts. So, my suggestions is: Have two different functions for yo-yos and puppets: * "play with" to train your yo-yo or puppeteering skill. * "perform" to give everyone in a certain radius a buff, what that buff would be, I don't know. Performing success would take several factors into play, QL of the toy, skill level in the respective toys skill and the size of the audience. A small crowd could be disheartening, whilst too large a crowd could be daunting. Perhaps a new "entertaining" or "performing" skill could account for the ideal audience size. Also one last thing, jongleurs also commonly entertained with instruments, that would be cool. Mandolas, lutes, harps, drums, reed flutes etc. -Ronanvv
  4. :::: This Auction is a Package Deal Your Bidding on everything listed below ::::: Rare Glimmer Steel Huge Axe Quality : 90 + Sig: Vortexxx Casts: Blank 1 Supreme Glimmer Lump 82+ QL 0.39 kg. 1 Normal Glimmer Lump 92+ QL 0.36 kg. 1 Rare Glimmer Lump 88+ QL 0.40 kg. ============== x12 Rare Puppets ====== ====== x3 Rare Vy Puppets ==== ======== x3 Rare Fo Puppets ======= ======== x3 Rare Mag Puppets ======= ===== x3 Rare Lib Puppet s ===== ================================= New item Added to packaged Auction ===== (( 96+ QL Seryll Lump 1.00kg Max Weight )) ===== May add more goodies as auction gets closer to closing. Starting Bid: 35 Silver Reserve: 55 Silver Buy-Out: 100 Silver Mid Increments: 5s Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Notice: Paypal will not be accepted for this auction....
  5. closed

    ( Complete Set Of 4 Rare Puppets ) Starting Bid: = 1.00 Silver No Reserve = None Buy Out = None Minimum Increments = 50 Copper 1 Hour Snipe Protection *** NOTICE***any bids placed with 2 mins or left on auction timer will active 1 hour and will repeat until no more attempted snipes occur. a few pictures can be found here A hand puppet made from cloth and yarn. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Vynora A hand puppet made from cloth and yarn. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Magranon A hand puppet made from cloth and yarn. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Libila A hand puppet made from cloth and yarn. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Fo
  6. SOLD Set of four rare puppets -12s
  7. Set of two rare Libila puppets. Puppet one: 61ql, Libila puppet - 74 CoC Puppet two: 62ql, Libila puppet - 75 CoC Auction is for BOTH puppets together. Starting bid: 4s minimum bid increments 50c Hidden reserve. Auction ends 2nd Novemver 1am GMT Thanks