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Found 10 results

  1. It's Wabbit Hunting Season for Harmony thanks to Oneeyedgod who was found by found him! You're better than Elmer Fudd! Bring your hunting gear and let's send Slow Forest Giant home. DATE: Saturday, 3rd December 2022 TIME: 12 PM EST / 5 PM GMT LOCATION: "Wascally Wabbit Eheheheh", Harmony L19,1987 On the Highway System! Set Route to "Wascally Wabbit Eheheheh" Forest Giant made into public slaying thanks to Oneeyedgod! (I was only asked to make drawing and post, give all the credit and thanks to him!) He thanks Sperchis and Mauled for their help.
  2. This sneaky guy was slinking around for hours. He looks just like a cow -- I mean a normal troll! More well-hidden than my treasure chest! Bring a mallet (or any favorite utensil of choice) to play the classic game of Whack-A-Troll. Let's meet the Sly Troll King and beat the high score! DATE: Sunday, 13th November 2022 TIME: 4 PM EST / 9 PM GMT LOCATION: "Meowmeowmeowmeowmeow", Harmony J17,1772 On the Highway System! Set Route to "Meowmeowmeowmeowmeow" Thank you: Frog Wizard Federation members Decaf and Rhydricia for helping me out with the penning and setup. Hope to see you there
  3. This guy was shotgunning drinks left and right and insisting he was usually better at beer pong, really, he swears. Then, suddenly, he ripped his shirt off and cried out, Let's Party Hard! Well, rules are rules. Party on, Hardened Kyklops! DATE: Saturday, 22nd October 2022 TIME: 12 PM CDT / 1 PM EDT / 5 PM GMT LOCATION: "Meowmeowmeowmeow", Harmony K20,1858 On the Highway System! Set Route to "Meowmeowmeowmeow" Butchered loot will be for finder. Thank yous: Frog Wizard Federation members who helped both with finding and with penning! FlintlockKatze for finding him (or maybe they found each other :D) and sharing with the public Decaf for being an awesome tag-team penning partner... oh yeah he's an awesome partner partner too It might be streamed here:
  4. Come one, come all to Kick A Puppy. A green, scaly puppy. Okay, okay, it's a Sly Green Dragon Hatchling. Last night, we heard another clarion call for help. We came rushing to assist, but all we found was an extra playful and extra bite-y puppy. Well, it bit someone to death, so it's kicking time. DATE: Sunday, 2nd October 2022 TIME: 6 PM CDT / 7 PM EDT / 11 PM GMT LOCATION: "Meowmeowmeow", Harmony K21,1867 On the Highway System! Set Route to "Meowmeowmeow" Butchered loot will be for finder. Everyone come get your Hide and Blood! Big thank yous: Flintlockkatze @Flintstar who found the scaly green puppy -- or, rather, was assaulted by it while passing by -- and made the decision for a public slay. Oneeyedgod for sacrificing his life (in glory!) for the cause Frog Wizard Federation members who came to help crate the pesky pup in a pen, and are helping organize: Aleck Decaf Syuffeael (and me!) IT WILL BE STREAMED:
  5. The Venerable Diseased Forest Giant has suffered long enough. Let's Put Grandpa Out Of His Misery. ' As you know, Grandpa is getting up there in years and he hasn't been doing too well lately either. It's about time he gets a rest... No, literally. Like, put him to rest. We're gonna kill Grandpa. We'll have Altars prepared for Priest Sermons and any prayers for his final moments. We also have a Mailbox to send and receive parting gifts. Invite your lovers, friends, and neighbors. DATE: Saturday, 9th July 2022 TIME: 4 PM EDT / 8 PM GMT LOCATION: "Meowmeow", Harmony G16,1063 Accessible by Boat from northern shore On the Highway System! Set Route to "Meowmeow" This is my very first time hosting a slaying -- I have never even been to one before! Please feel free to let me know if you have any advice or suggestions. Special thanks to those who graciously helped the clueless me trap him and to those helping me set it up. Seriously, thank you thank you.
  6. When? Saturday, May 28, 6 PM GMT Where? Harmony, P13 Deed is connected the highway system. Route to Big Boyyy Party Hut You will get Kyklops blood (Used to make Potion of leatherworking) The title "Giantslayer" (If you do not have one already) Rules Do not enter the slaying pen with wagons, carts and hell horses. Do not forget to collect all your belongings after the slaying. Have fun!
  7. First time doing this, so bear with me... During my casual hunt, slaughtering donkeys and other random animals, red flying beast appeared out of the thick forest and engaged me in combat. After few hours back and forth, beast was successfully trapped inside deep dungeon in preparation for public event. When? Saturday, February 19, 7 PM GMT Where? Harmony, directly east from Harmony Bay, around N21 Deed is also connected to the highway system, look for Mechanical Hidden Farms You will get Red Dragon blood (Used to make Potion of ropemaking) Small piece of Red Dragon scale The title "Dragonslayer" (If you do not have one already) Rules Do not enter the slaying pen with wagons, carts and hell horses. Do not forget to collect all your belongings after the slaying. Have fun! Any potential donations are welcome (but not required) - IGN: Mechanicalcepac
  8. A savage troll king attacked my alliance members. Now they are safe and waiting for revenge. You are welcome to come and help us! When? Saturday, January 29, 3 PM ET Where? Central Harmony. Use the highway system to Libiland. Please leave your tents on the peat hill. You will get Troll king blood (Ointment of stonecutting) The title "Trollslayer" (If you do not have one already) Rules Do not enter the slaying pen with wagons and hell horses. Do not forget to collect all your belongings after the slaying. Have fun!
  9. Let's Dance Please join us for another party. Everyone is Welcome! Where:,1139 Deed name: Reddragonparty (It is not on the highway) but not far from it. When: Credits: Special thanks to Aldurair, Syuffeael, Aleck, Votherheim, Rainbowtigress, Execution and Grumpylith for helping trap and set up the pen. Last but not least special thanks to Oriana for giving me a reason to get out of my workshop. Kind Regards, Master Weaponsmith Pantha
  10. So a few days ago, I had someone knock at my door on my Island. I was excited to have our first villager come and join us! The place is big enough, and we are all excited to have new people. Our only requirement is that new members of our village join our discord and be active. However, Joe (I named him Joe) has decided to be antisocial and he refuses to join our discord. What's more, he caused some damage and even attacked our members! How rude! So I am serving him an eviction notice. Joe... I am sorry, but although your intentions were noble, we just simply cannot live together and you have to go. Come help us remove Joe from the deed! Get drake hide and blood! Everyone welcome! (Loot is going to the team who helped pen it... if getting chased and hiding from a dragon can be considered penning it ... ) Location is Independence E-14. Event was a success! Thanks LumpyGravy for recording the event.