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Found 59 results

  1. Guys below is a convo I had with Saroman about the possibility of doing this: [00:16:31] <Saroman> are you sure they were wearing the pmk tabards, not just JK and MR template ones? [00:16:47] <Saroman> never had a close look at the guards actually [00:16:54] <puertorro> yep 100% [00:17:05] <Saroman> aha interesting [00:17:16] <Saroman> which pmk was yours? [00:17:23] <puertorro> but is that possible to do though? [00:17:31] <puertorro> we are Ebonaura [00:17:44] <puertorro> the one you just processed about a week ago [00:17:55] <Saroman> are you online with the same name and near a guard right now? [00:18:18] <puertorro> not an MR or JK [00:18:23] <puertorro> just near ours [00:18:33] <puertorro> and they are wearing hots tabards [00:18:40] <Saroman> that's what I meant yeah [00:18:58] <puertorro> nah not them [00:19:33] <puertorro> but is that a possibility, that each kingdom has their guards wearing their tabards? [00:20:34] <Saroman> did you see pmk guards wearing pmk tabards from other pmks? [00:21:25] <puertorro> I saw the MR ones wearing it. granted it was a long time but im sure they had the MR PMK bird on em [00:21:34] <Saroman> ok [00:22:43] <Saroman> damn fog hehe [00:23:11] <puertorro> lol coming from u [00:26:38] <Saroman> nah you remembered wrong, the other pmks don't have it either [00:27:07] <Saroman> in theory it's possible to do though, I checked [00:28:13] <puertorro> sooo, can it be implemented, is it too much work? [00:29:28] <Saroman> I'll make a note and look at it when I get some spare time Hopefully it gets implemented sooner than later. Feel free to give your opinion below.
  2. Inspired by Puertorro's thread regarding his wife's hard work on their own wagon, which you can find here. I've decided to finally post our own graphics on the Wurm Forums for those who may not have seen them. (The earliest forms of our shield were in development long before our founding, I'm glad I got the opportunity to get them put into game) As you can extract the most of the images from Wurm's own .jar archives (please do not modify your .jar files, it is in violation of the EULA and will probably earn you a ban) I'll refrain from plastering my name on them, however as our main media logo has not been submitted to the Wurm Online team in it's current form, I retain any rights to such image and have no problem pursuing action to prevent that image being used in a way I deem unfit. As a side note, the Black Legion tartan used in any of our images was created and registered with the Scottish Government by myself and we retain all rights to the reproduction and weaving of said tartan. I'm probably not the best person to ask with any assistance with design at this time due to real life commitments, but feel free to drop me a line and ask if the fancy takes you, if it's interesting enough I might be tempted enough to say yes. Black Legion Shield Black Legion Banner Black Legion Flag Black Legion Wagon Black Legion Tabard (Torso and Low - Back to Front)
  3. Thrones

    All the discussion of late regarding custom village crests, pmks, and the like have gotten me to thinking about thrones. The last episode of Game of Thrones was also a significant factor; though, I doubt one could escape the copyright infringement there (granted a good bit of legal scandal could be good for pr). Atm we only have basic wooden chairs, no large obsidian monoliths, grand arrangement of bones, intricately-carved wood, or some other fantastical resting place for the royal posterior. In addition besides having one generic throne model, or even one for each default kingdom, each pmk could have their own designs. EDIT: Not sure what else could be custom for each kingdom, perhaps some sort of royal fanfare or trumpet call for when a king player enters local.
  4. A musical fanfare that erupts introducing the king player. Using the general themes (assuming those files from Gurubear are still around) for each default kingdom? Not sure offhand what would be best for a trigger: leave it for the player, entering local, or whatever. Perhaps as the special functionality for some herald NPC, or rather the associated herald kingdom office. Could even be custom for each PMK. Needs a cooldown or it could get really old really fast when spammed. > On a side note, this is almost exactly how Horton ruled!
  5. Hey everyone, Im currently on the planning phase to create a PMK. For this I need ppl willing to "Fortify" the future capital and also recruiting to be able to found the PMK once the time is right. At this time im trying to gather intel on the opinion of the other kingdoms and also how many ppl is willing to give it a try. Bear in mind that we will literally start from the ground and build up. I already have a great location and the logistics planned to make it happen but I need to know if theres actually ppl willing to give this a try. Please let me know if you are willing to join thru PM only and other kingdoms are welcome to give constructive criticism.
  6. Now with the implamentation of BL PMK's, Devs should look into the PMK creation system. As it is, the system requires 40 or more players to be ale to create a PMK. Lets be realistic, it is almost impossible to gather 25 ppl in wurm together at one time, let alone 40. I made this poll so we can let the Devs and Rolf know our thoughts and give them some suggestions on the amount of players that should be needed to create a PMK. If you think 40 is good, by all means post your constructive opinion without insulting or trolling. Please take this thread serious as it is a very important feature on Epic and Chaos.
  7. There seems to be an issue with kingdoms creating an allied PMK to get more kingdom bonuses from offices. The recent change by the devs that raises the player requirment to form a PMK to 40 is not really fixing this. I would love it if PMK's could ally with default kingdoms or other PMKs without this imbalance occuring. The first two ideas are my own, and I'll add more ideas to the poll if you post them bellow. 1. Remove the bonuses from Kingdom Offices 2. Make it so that there is only a certain amount of kingdom offices on the server (A constant number, or based on the player count or some other figure), and that the kingdoms fight for them. The king of a kingdom wont have bonuses unless the kingdom earns it somehow, and it is taken from the pool of titles. Allied kingdoms would end up spliting the titles, with the more involved kingdom getting more. 3. You could make kingdom progression like this simple example: 15 ppl Kingdom established : No Titles and bonus 25 ppl 3 kingdom titles (offices) 30 ppl 6 kingdom titles (offices) and so on..... (Vill, from 4. Leave it as it is. The second Poll is for the required amount of players to form a PMK. The third poll is for BL. I think the HOTS should be able to split into factions within HOTS that compete with each other and are basically a PMK. HOTS factions can ally with each other, but they can't ally with WL kingdoms. If the title system is changed, the titles should be split up among the factions.
  8. I made a new alt today, chose the freedom portal and teleported to "Chaos - Freedom - PVP home". After spawning near HOTA I suicided to Gold Coast to join Mol Rehan PMK. After a friend couldn't get the option to convert me I checked /converts, and noticed that I've changed kingdom one time and I have to wait 14 days to change again. I think this is not intended, even if it was, makes no sense.
  9. "The game also supports custom PMK models. So you can submit your own flags etc to the art team." Taken from How do I go about submitting a Flag graphic to the art team exactly? are there certain dimensions it should be or any rules in particular I should adhere to? Any more info would be great, thanks