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Found 58 results

  1. PMK-based Architecture

    Good morning! We would want to see more cultural variety to PMK besides flags, banners and tabards, this is to step up a notch. After all it's all about the presentation of each PMK. Anyone who are skilled enough to create something like this? An architecture style limited only to one PMK while all the others has their own? Kind regards Nirnan
  2. Auction is for all: 2 Banners and 4 Flags Starting bid : 1s Increments : 1s Reserve : No Buyout : probably not, offer sniper: 1hr Pickup from Xan Q25, i might arrange a delivery for an extra price(1s min), pm for info in that case.
  3. I really do think that PMKs should be able to design what their Guard Tower should look like. Right now i think we have 2 MR base, 3 BL base, and maybe 2 JK based kingdoms. I could be wrong on the numbers. But now depending on what kind of kingdom base PMK you want, that is the tower design you get. The guards are wearing the tabard of the kingdom base you choose, not the design you make. I think it will make your PMK more unique if you can run around the map and be able to tell what kingdom area you are running into based on what the tower looks like. Either with the design and look of the tower or just have the banner, or tall banner design hanging from the side and the guards wearing your kingdom design. Just a thought
  4. Wurm Online Conflict Reports is a new PvP recap series that ANYONE can submit their PvP footage to, to get their very own episode! WOCR is also orchestrated by the same person that brought you Blacklight Epic News back in Epic's prime. The first episode: The Crusaders vs Jenn Kellon at HotA on Chaos. HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR OWN CLIPS - Your videos MUST be 16:9 resolution and AT LEAST 1280x720. - Videos MUST have game AND chat audio. (After much trial and error, videos without chatter are just far less interesting.) - Be at least 5 minutes long. (To avoid editing constraints.) - PvP only. - Host the clips somewhere in either .zip or .rar and email them to Thanks everyone. Hope you enjoy. - Storm
  5. Ebonaura - Chaos

    Ebonaura is a small Black Light kingdom in northwest Chaos. It was founded in May 2014 and its capital is Umbra. The kingdom is a democracy and the current elected Chief is Maurizio. Ebonaura is a friendly community, which values its members. Whether you want to fight our enemies or help the kingdom in other ways, there will be a place for you. If you would like to join, go to and click Apply to join Ebonaura. Initially you will join a Freedom village near Umbra before being accepted into Ebonaura. You must be willing to use voice communications (such as Mumble) on occasion, especially during combat. For more information, PM Maurizio in game or MaurizioAM on the forums.
  6. From the Patch Notes linked above: As far as I know, it only works if you're converting followers of player gods. If a Smeagain follower tries to to convert a Libila follower, it says: [03:12:46] Libila will not accept that you leave the Horde of the Summoned for Smeagain. No, I'm not trying to leave HoTS, I'm in a HoTS PMK and being converted by a player in the same kingdom...
  7. The Emperor's Chest Armor

    The king player needs a model for the king office chest armor, so here's one suggestion.
  8. Hello! I was sent here by Altor, the GM from Ereb Altor. We have regions, independent deeds, villages, towns and now very soon PMK. To avoid direct collision between them all... We need something like "Free participation PvP" where non-hostile players are treated and seen as neutral players (yellow outline) by both PMK-players and guards until they actively choose to attack someone (red outline), able to have neighbouring partners (pure blue outline) which helps other players to localize between whose neutral, hostile or neighbour. Perhaps even further expanding it adding alliances with other kingdoms (pink outline) or heroic players who achieved something ultra-rare wear (turqouise outline) which all can be seen from a distant. That means that some local players may be trading partners (pure blue outline) but players from same kingdom far away will see us as neutral (yellow outline). The very same goes for other PMK, they'll see us as neutral at first until some actual fight begins. It also means players who have begun a conflict between each other should eventually be able to turn into neutral stanced, either over time or to declare peace (somehow) It's a neaty and tricky request but it will be probably the greatest tool for those who are into hardcore PvP and PMK. Is this too hard or can it be done?? Kind regards Nirnan
  9. Macedon

    Macedon is a Black Light template Player Made Kingdom on the Chaos server. The only aim of this group is to PvP and get riches. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What you will get You will be part of an active PvP oriented community full of people that are always up to something. Plenty of chances to leave your deed and participate in said PvP. Should you not be an experienced player, our players will gladly help you get up to speed. Help with gear from some of the highest crafters of the game Access to multiple deeds across different servers What we expect from you Willingness to fight for the kingdom or otherwise provide services that further the cause. Willingness to be part of the community and help other players. 70Fightskill, 50shieldskill, 50weaponskill Access to Teamspeak 3 I want to join, who can I contact? Macedon forums ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rival PMKs Empire of Mol Rehan Ebonaura Jenn Kellon ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kingdom pictures
  10. WTA supreme lamp and JK banner

    Auctioning some supreme rare decoration items: #1 item: supreme lamp, iron 70ql start bid: 5s min increment: 1s buyout: 15s #2 item: supreme JK kingdom banner start bid: 5s min increment: 1s buyout: 15s #3 item: rare JK kingdom banner start bid: 2s min increment: 0.5s buyout: 5s Reserve: No reserve Sniper protection: 1h Note: seemed obvious to me, but it looks i have to clear this out, banners are player made kingdom and not template kingdom. Happy bidding
  11. So Black Legion did not survive the attacks and its last town was drained disbanding the PMK today at around 6p.m. GMT. After PMK disbanded all Black Legion wagons, banners, tall banners became freedom ones, and all the flags became white. I bet some of us are worried whether it will all come back to black legion template, even without an existing PMK, or will stay as it is after disbanding. The kingdom was not 2 days or two months old. It would be nice to keep some history alive and keep items alive after the PMK disbands. Your thought please.
  12. Here are some screenshots of what we do: Here is our respected fighter, Xallo, fighting a Champion Uttacha. Look at that awesome garden hat! Two of our fighters teaching a drake spirit a lesson. We have many, many group events. The events are usually end up being a kill-fest. Need faith? Come on over! (One of our massive sermon sessions held in Kyara) We play around too! Here is Jayz, Champion Emeritus, riding a champion crocodile. We are known for our great projects. Here is a picture of a massive dirt wall that keeps our citizens safe. Recruiter via the Wurm forums, or Banzai on the forums, or use the contacts below for more information Furious Gulf: CirayTyre: FomarGuardian of the Light: DavyAvarga: AlphawolfenLeague of Gentlemen: Mechanic So, what are you waiting for? Join our family!
  13. (Mods Please remove old topic, Sorry). Laputa Kingdom Welcome, Traveler! Laputa Kingdom is open to all. While catering for PVP, we're also heavy in other areas, creating PVE 'Safe-Zones' for you to relax without fear of death or having your settlement destroyed. Settlement owners my choose to have a safe-zone created for their settlement, however this means they will not be able to go to war with others unless they first have the zone removed. We are based in the UK though we welcome anyone! x6 Skill x5 Action Community Events Free Deeds! No Upkeep! RP Lore! (We are actively expanding lore. Would you like to be a part of it!?) Map Size: 4096 Default Religion Custom Map - Dark Island by Jerico 200 Players Friendly, Active GMs Starter Town fully equipped with everything you need! (Forge, Ovens, Mine, Clay and Tar pits, Altars, Meditation Rugs, Training Dolls, Archery Targets and more!) Character We build with character in order to bring our settlements to life! From decorations to careful molding of nature. - (If you think you're a pretty good interior designer, maybe you could lend your hand? ^^) We do encourage other settlements to follow our lead as it not only brings life and character to settlements, but it's also a fantastic way to level those much needed skills! Friendly, Fun, Creative! We have a small yet dedicated team working on the server. Fun and Friendly GMs promote creativity within our community to help make it flourish. We have implemented fair systems to ensure a caring and understanding community for all to enjoy. Newcommer Friendly! We've all been 'The New Guy' at some point or other. We happily help new and old players alike to get settled into our community. You'll never be slandered for your lack of knowledge in our world or the Wurm world. Bonus Experience While we love how the system lets you build up your skills, using a wide-variety of items to craft with, we also understand it's sometimes daunting having to start all over again when starting a new server. This is why we've gone for a x6 x5 approach, allowing you to catch up with where you left off and get into the spirit of creativity! A Helping Hand Our 'Spawn Town' Sora, is equipped with plenty of resources to help you get started on your adventure. We have public mines, Clay and Tar pits, A Cooking and Forge area, Altars and Meditation rugs, all set up and fully equipped should you wish to use them. PMKs While we have started everything off with just one kingdom (Laputa) We're also very happy for others to form their own kingdoms too! Go out and create your own alliances and enemies as you see fit! Free Deeds! We allow totally free deeds without upkeep. The only condition? Keep it active! If we notice the deed is unused for a long period of time and the space could be better used we may remove it from our server. Events and Quests We love community! And we love to get everyone involved. We'll be hosting events and quest nights where you get the chance to take part in some awesome adventures with us! From pilgrimage to settlement founding. Wild hunts and dragon slaying! All sorts of fun is waiting to happen in Laputa Kingdom. Come on over and check us out!
  14. I'd really like to see a mod that changes the # of players required for PMK's, or removes that requirement completely. I found templates for PMK's at Is it possible to add these custom files to the server somehow? Or does every player need to put them into their client?
  15. Currently 2 servers with 1 more in development/testing. Interactive maps, cluster info and a tutorial on how to install the maps for our servers in to your client can be found with this link. We've been running VWT Home since 23rd of October 2015. VWT Home - 2048x2048, landing server, 8000 creatures (30% hostile), altars VWT South - 4096x4096, 16000 creatures - will be increased once population rises (25% hostile), has a couple of no-PvP zones, altars All new players have the option of 3 kingdoms to join: Freedom Isles (Freedom), Dragonsteel Militia (Mol Rehan based PMK) or Tenebrous Exiles (HotS based PMK) all with their associated newbie villages which have most newbie resources close by. We're currently looking for more active players to join Tenebrous Exiles and Dragonsteel Militia so as to balance the three kingdoms. There is even a spot for an active player to become the King/Queen of Dragonsteel Militia as we already have a King for Tenebrous Exiles. Game mechanic settings: PvP - yes Skillgain - 1x Characteristics start at 20 Fighting starts at 5 All other skills start at 1 Combat rating - 1x Action timers - 1.4x (subject to change) Upkeep is enabled Free deeds are disabled Minimum mining actions - 40 Breeding modifier - 1x Field growth - 8 hours Tree spread - 1x More active players are also needed to become priests and meditation leaders. We're hosting events every month (with prizes or loot) which are decided by polls so the players get to choose what we do that month. Silver (and gold) coins can be made available along with skill dumps from your Wurm Online character should people find playing on our servers enjoyable and wish to donate to the running costs of the servers. If you didn't check out the cluster info link above: to connect to the servers search for "VWT Home" in the server list. The Violent Isles waits for you...
  16. I am currently court magus and royal priest in a PMK on Elevation. The royal priest title ( halves the cost of favor for spells) has been working at all times even prior to having over 2% land. Now that we have over over 2% land I was assigned the court magus title and it doesn't do anything. My favor tick size and frequency are exactly the same as before. - Yes, I use show all ticks in skills. - I have relogged since being assigned the titles (its been two days). - There has been a server restart since we acquired 2% land. - Yes we have exactly 2.04% land so theres no room for Wurm rounding issues (19.9996 =20) - I've tried setting my Kingdom Title as my personal title with no resolve. Now, the court magus title isn't really all that effective anyway, but it raises some concerns as to if our other 2% titles are working or not. No way of personally testing those either from what I know. For what its worth I am also royal avenger. Would having multiple of these titles nullify the effects of another? Specifically the avenger and magus as they require the 2% land for them to be active. If theres anything I'm doing wrong here feel free to let me know.
  17. Player made kingdom flags

    Hello, have any of you tested PMK? what must be done to add flags banners...?
  18. Blood Imperium Strength. Loyalty. Courage. In the beginning of June, an unknown adventure shall begin for myself and a group of people who have agreed to join the Epic, Elevation server with the sponsorship and support of AceRifle. We have planned and recruited among our friends, and are now ready to take recruitment to the next level and to start recruiting people we have not yet been in touch with. Upon the creation of our PMK, we shall update this post with the new information. Our Principles. Warriors are not born and they are not made... Warriors create themselves through trial and error, pain and suffering, and their ability to conquer their own faults. We believe in courage, above all things, as the first quality of a warrior. We believe that justice is more important than peace. We believe that without hope, there can be no true despair. We believe in freedom from fear, denying fear the power to influence our decisions. We believe that a strong will is irreplaceable. We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another. We believe that you sometimes must be cruel to be kind. We believe in acknowleging fear and the extent to which it rules us. We believe in shouting for those who can only whisper, in defending those who cannot defend themselves. We believe that experience is the best teacher, as it gives a test before offering a lesson. We believe that pain and death are better than cowardice and inaction. Founding Members: 22/25 Possible FM: 40 Requirements and Details of Joining 1. You do not have to provide coin in any way. 2. You do not have to take on any special responsibilities or position. 3. Being a founding member entitles you to a position of your choice from a list provided upon elections. 4. You may not be part of another Epic PMK at the same time. 5. The use of our forums and TS3 server are required. 6. You must be active regularly, preferably at least 5/7 days a week. 7. You must be willing to level up your fighting skill as soon as possible after joining if you are new. 8. You are to attend as many community events as possible for you. F.A.Q. Q: When will you leave? A: As said, in the beginning of June. Q: Will you have custom designs? A: Yes, they are already in progress and we will request for them to be implemented as soon as possible. Q: Do you have experienced players? A: Some are experienced, some are new. We are currently in the process of introducing the new ones prior to the launch of our kingdom. Q: Can I join as a newbie? A: Yes, we welcome PvP First-Timers. Q: Can I get a roster? A: The roster is available exclusively to members and those who have agreed to be part of the project. If you wish to join as a Founding Member, please pass me a PM here to receive links to forums and further information. NEW: You can now also visit our forums by clicking on the button below! Thank you everyone!
  19. PMK: Banner Insp. Vol 1

    Inspiration source (thread) for future PMK's and their artwork and concept. Will continue post my own makings and if people want to submit their own creations they're free to do so!
  21. Just found out that our kingdom champ slots and Black Legion's are shared slots. Apparently Enki is aware of this problem and it is part of game mechanics but it is completely unfair for Ebonaura as well as Black Legion and any other PMK that might emerge. Every other PMK on Chaos is allowed to have 3 per kingdom template so why are Black Lighters being held to another standard. If it is a bug please fix and if it is not please make it the same as the White Light kingdoms. Edit: corrected kingdom - template. Reasoning is still there; Black Lighters only have one template while White Lighters have three. Do the math, BL = 3 champs/WL = 9 champs.
  22. Player Made Barony

    Kingdom is too huge on Freedom, and we can't have PMKs. Alliance does some of this, but would not want to do all of it. As for a PMK, one character would be the head of the group, with a purchasable estate form to found their Barony. Stand on the (main) character's deed with all other mayors (alt mayors or player mayors) present, minimum number possibly 2 other mayors. Found your barony. Only mayors of settlements on the same server count. Allows baron to see and add to upkeep of any barony-deed from any barony-deed token at the same time.Allows baron to manage permissions of all barony-deeds via the estate form.Allows baron to access and change writ permissions of all writs in the barony via the estate form, including destroy structure.Allows baron to manage vehicle settings of all vehicles owned by players citizen to the barony.Allows only the baron by default, to form alliances.Allows barony chat-tab, in addition to village and alliance chat-tabs.Allows citizens of a barony-settlement to be optionally upgraded to vassal of the barony (mayors are classed as vassals by default). Vassal permissions are barony-wide.Allows vassal role on writs and vehicles.Allows all vassals of the barony to see remaining upkeep of a barony deed at the deed token for that settlement.Allows all vassals of the barony to set the MOTD.Allows vassals to pick-up any planted item on barony lands including perimeter of barony-settlements.Allows perimeter of all barony-settlements to be protected from fence-building by non-citizens.Allows for barony livery; tabards, flags, banners, wagons (and ship sails when Kingdom sails are implimented). Pick an RGB value for your barony when founding. Option to add a superimposed symbol as for shopsigns would be nice. Barony livery would update so that wagons owned by players and barony-tabards worn by the player would show their current barony, and barony-flags and barony-banners would only show barony colours when planted on barony lands. Otherwise livery reflects Kingdom of crafter's origin.Spawn-towns would be automatic baronies, and take the title of Barony of <servername>. Therefore no fences or unremovable planted items in spawn-town perimeters. I'm aware some of this may sound overpowered to long-time players, but it is designed to make managing several deeds easier for one player, whilst not excluding the possibility of multiple player vassals, though you'd have to have a lot of faith in your baron's good intentions. I've listed as many things as I think might be relevent, as IF this was ever implemented it would not be exactly as described here anyway, and I want to illustrate the possible scope. Edit: Added topic tags
  23. The time is here for the first auction of an Ebonaura kingdom wagon and flags set. This is a rare item and will only be auctioned on a very limited quantity. The items will be delivered to Deliverance for no extra fee. The auction will go for only 3 days so make sure you bid on it. Good luck and happy bidding! Bidding starts at 10s Increments of 1S No Buyout Pickup on the west coast of deli
  24. This is an idea I have been tossing around in my head ever since PMKs were being discussed. I had a very fine draft, but misplaced it. As a result this is a very loose framework with many missing pieces. I'm posting this as is, with the intention of adding more over time as an evolving process with input from other players. I'd like to request that pure 100% pvp players stay out of this unless you plan to constructively add input. Player made republics (PMRs) would be the non-pvp equivalent of PMKs for the rest of the freedom cluster and would serve roughly same function but tailored to the forms and needs of non-pvp game play. Essentially their purpose would be to facilitate larger, more robust social groups and to encourage the creation of a group that has more longevity than a single large deed or cadre of individual players could provide. Most non-pvp large social groups revolve around one of two models. The original was the 'big deed' which required one or a few big spenders to own everything. Non-owners had very limited rights and influence as owners protected their investment from thieves and griefers. Many newcomers are unwilling to join a deed because of the lack of freedom and for fear of oppression. Eventually, the best move off to their own deeds or the owners become inactive and the community collapses. The alliance system allowed a new model where people that left the main deed to form their own deeds could still stay linked with a central chat and had some limited extra permissions. It also allowed coalitions of independent deeds to join up for social interaction. Unfortunately, the permission controls were less than ideal and perimeters were a problem. The desire to maintain an area of open country kept many perimeters large and thus tightly held alliances were very spread out. Some groups formed their own alliance (of their many satellite deeds) to allow access for themselves but would not join others for security reasons. My idea for a PMR would be centered around combining the best and avoiding the worst of the above. It would try to be more than durable any single deed or player, try to maximize the liberty of as many as possible all while encouraging players to settle in close proximity to maximize interaction. It would also open up a potentially exciting new social gaming experience with internal politics, factions and intrigues as Republics grow and age. And just like PMKs, Republics would get their own artwork. Founding the Republic: Just like a PMK it starts with a declaration in front of a minimum crowd in local. Each person nearby gets a pop-up asking them if they wish to pledge to the Republic and how much. If the total pledged is over 1G, the monies are removed from the player's accounts, the "Object is placed (see below) and the Player that initiated the action is made "Doge" (see below). Anyone that contributed more than 5s can opt to automatically be a member of the republic. Any deed held by a member joins the Republic. Citizens of those deeds automatically become members of the Republic. The Republic "Object": needs a name: PMRs would be founded around a central non-deed structure. Can not be placed on a deed or be deeded over. It would serve as a respawn point for members of the Republic. It would create a "Republic" channel that all members or the republic (those granted or deeds that joined) would have access. It would also project a 'republic perimeter'. At the object any player that is not a member of another republic can add their name to a list of potential candidates for joining. The Republic Perimeter: This functions somewhat differently from normal deed perimeter. The idea here is to encourage players to cluster their deeds inside one shared perimeter and to allow larger groups of players blanket control over a block of land around them, rather than a patchwork of perimeters from deeds. It overlaps all Republic deeds and perimeters. It continues to prevent deed placement (see below) and block non-member perimeters. Its expansion is blocked by non-member deeds and their perimeters. It is configurable in size on each cardinal direction from the Object. Paid for out of the Republic Coffers. Ideally tiles paid for by member deeds would not be charged to the Republic. What you lose by joining: Under default settings, if part of your deed or perimeter overlaps with the republic perimeter you would not be able to expand your deed or perimeter beyond its current size without consent of the republic. Reducing its size is allowed, but you forfeit the right to expand back to the original size later without consent. The idea here is to avoid perimeter wars within the republic. The Republic Government: Similar to historical republics, PMRs would be ruled by a minority. The primary mechanism is 'by decree' where a member proposes a change in settings, there is a voting period, and the result is automatic. One of two systems to distribute votes could be adopted: Democracy : Each deed owner and (anyone granted the right to vote) each has one vote. Plutocracy (default) : Any member of the Republic can donate to the Republic Upkeep and has a vote proportionate to their contribution to their current coffers. Both minimums and maximums per account can be set by decree. Upkeep from the republic is taken from all contributors equally, so share decreases over time without additional input. Vote sizes would be available information in some way, perhaps as a list in the voting interface. Any member (even those that can't vote) can submit a motion for deliberation. Voters can cast their vote at any republic deed token or at the republic token. Votes last a week during which players can change their vote. Simple majority of cast votes wins. Possible Decrees: It is the intention that every setting and option for Republics can be set by decree. Each member can have as single submission for vote at a time but can withdraw or change it at will. Officers can have two. Those marked with R can be revoked by decree as well. Those marked F can be set for fast resolution by the Doge. Some would create blanket rules for the entire Republic. Grant Universal Suffrage R: All citizens of all deeds in the republic automatically get to vote. Change form to a Democracy/Plutocracy: This swaps the system of vote distribution between the two options. Set Village Tax to %: A default of zero, this increases all member deed's upkeeps by the %, with the extra going to the Republic's coffers. Deedholder's get credit for all monies taxed as contributions if the republic is a Plutocracy. Possible values between 0 and 5? Disallow Village Perimeters in the Republic R : An option for the more dominant republics, this suppresses all deed perimeters to their default 5 tiles within the Republic. Member deeds outside the Republic's borders are not affected. Set vote cap to %: For Plutocracies, this caps the influence any given player can have regardless of their contributions. Possible values 1% to 20%, with 20% being the default? Change the name of the Republic to ______: Generates a server wide event message. Set <non-member> to KOS across the Republic: R F ? Some would create or assign special officer roles and titles to allow specific players to perform special duties. Grant <member> Surveyor: R F This player would be allowed to start the deed placement dialog inside the Republic's Borders. and set all the necessary features, but hand off or designate the actual deed to another member of the republic. This officer position would allow the Republic greater control and flexibility in allowing its members to place deeds without voting. Grant <member> Doge: R This sets the 'leader' of the PMR. the leader's primary mechanical function is to allow bursts of activity in the government. Many proposals (marked (F) ) the Doge can set to take a single day instead of the normal week. Some important proposals can not be set for rapid voting. ? Some would allow members specific permissions, often a one-time event. Allow <member> to place a deed. F Normally the republic perimeter would prevent deed placement. This gives the named member the right to place a single deed. Expires after one week. Allow <deed> to resize. F One time. Expires after one week. Essentially it allows the deed tool to ignore the republic perimeter during a single resize session. Grant <member> a boon of a silver coin. Used as reward system for good citizens, by vote a small amount can be given from the coffers to a member. ?
  25. Guys below is a convo I had with Saroman about the possibility of doing this: [00:16:31] <Saroman> are you sure they were wearing the pmk tabards, not just JK and MR template ones? [00:16:47] <Saroman> never had a close look at the guards actually [00:16:54] <puertorro> yep 100% [00:17:05] <Saroman> aha interesting [00:17:16] <Saroman> which pmk was yours? [00:17:23] <puertorro> but is that possible to do though? [00:17:31] <puertorro> we are Ebonaura [00:17:44] <puertorro> the one you just processed about a week ago [00:17:55] <Saroman> are you online with the same name and near a guard right now? [00:18:18] <puertorro> not an MR or JK [00:18:23] <puertorro> just near ours [00:18:33] <puertorro> and they are wearing hots tabards [00:18:40] <Saroman> that's what I meant yeah [00:18:58] <puertorro> nah not them [00:19:33] <puertorro> but is that a possibility, that each kingdom has their guards wearing their tabards? [00:20:34] <Saroman> did you see pmk guards wearing pmk tabards from other pmks? [00:21:25] <puertorro> I saw the MR ones wearing it. granted it was a long time but im sure they had the MR PMK bird on em [00:21:34] <Saroman> ok [00:22:43] <Saroman> damn fog hehe [00:23:11] <puertorro> lol coming from u [00:26:38] <Saroman> nah you remembered wrong, the other pmks don't have it either [00:27:07] <Saroman> in theory it's possible to do though, I checked [00:28:13] <puertorro> sooo, can it be implemented, is it too much work? [00:29:28] <Saroman> I'll make a note and look at it when I get some spare time Hopefully it gets implemented sooner than later. Feel free to give your opinion below.