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Found 1 result

  1. Artist rendition of Peaceful Harbour, Celebration Hello everyone, Retro is on break so I figured I'd deliver the news this week. So without further adieu... Wurm Online launching on Epic Game Store! That's right everyone, the idea of launching on Steam has been scrapped and instead we're moving ahead with launching on the Epic Game Store. We're not allowed to disclose the figure we were offered by our good partner in business Tim Sweeney, though we can confirm we're now able to buy back the services of Notch on the dev team and move ahead with the webshop, new UI and some brand new features that have been widely requested! Such as expansion packs, DLC, cosmetics purchasable to give you Chaos friends an extra edge in battles and a lot more! Keep watching this space for more information on the progress of this move. Show off your moves! Thanks to our brand new partnership, you'll soon be able to unbox exclusive dance moves from Fortnite! Strut your stuff with the Saturday Night Fever! Do a rain danec with the Funky Wurm! And we're very proud to announce we've acquired exclusive rights to the Carlton dance! We'll have more information to share about this in the coming years, along with the New Elevation map. We're gonna take you back to the past! Along with Wurm EGS (name is work in progress) we're happy to announce the launch of Wurm Classic! Go back to the time of standing in boats and on horses, green shirt models. Sadly the goblin model will have to be changed over due to a potential copyright issue with the Troll brand of toys. We can also confirm the first 69 people to log in after purchase of the game will receive 45kg of goulasch in a barrel and a free (one time) feast from the starter town Julebord Retro Promoted to CEO of parent company Game Chest , major shareholder of Code Club's game Wurm Online! While we say goodbye to Retro from his community position, we're happy to announce him as the brand new CEO of Game Chest, becoming one of the two most powerful staff members in the game (right behind overlord Bloody Drongo, all hail) PvP(vE!) That's right, for a very limited time we will finally be able to have our own Purge! For a short time, all PvE servers will have full PvP rules and abilities enabled. These quasi-PvP servers will finally allow you to nuke your neighbours deed and murder them in cold blood for farting on your horse that one time. And for those feeling really brave, casting a rite of death will deal a severe head wound to all white light followers and priests, regardless of current health. The future of the unique mob Due to the continued drama behind the current unique system, we've contacted resident expert Oblivionnreaver to work on a brand new overhaul for the current system that will benefit everyone server wide, rather than one small group of people. As a temp fix, all uniques will be hand spawned by the current GM team under his deed. That means the only barrier in the way of reaching a unique now is crossing to the same server and breaking through his 104 cast NoLo ring. That's all the news for this week, though we're hoping to see Bloodscythe provide his brand new weekly feature, drunk weather report, very shortly. Expect to see that thread in Town Square soon. Until then... Keep grinding!