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Found 158 results

  1. Wts a good - high QL plate set with good Aura of Shared Pain casts. This is a CoD only sale. You pay shipping costs. I am on the Deliverance server, and will mail the set in a backpack. Will sell for 5 silver, before the expense of mailing the stuff. (CoD costs for you will be 2s on any server besides Deli, where it will be 1s) Pretty good deal for 7s, imo. Also willing to trade the entire plate set for 2 full, unenchanted 70ql or better chain mail sets. Thanks! EDIT: Also note this will be sent in a 50 something cast mailbox.
  2. Item: 80 QL rare great helm Starting Bid: 3s Minimum Increments: 50c Reserve: None Delivery: Pick up in Eden (Chaos) or buyer pays COD Ends: 4 days from this post Snipe Protection: 4 hours
  3. I have been the user of 90ql Drakehide a long time and it has served me on many hunting trips. I am also formerly an owner of chain armor, and what I am about to claim I say with absolute certainty. Drakehide armor doesn't protect as well as you may believe, and my previous chain armor feels it had somewhat similar protection. Chain even protects the wearer against more types of weapons, and might have a higher glance rate IIRC. With that in mind, there is no reason plate armor also wouldn't be more protective than Drakehide. This could just be a situational thing, but my point remains. Now, this could still be a total misconception. Perhaps someone here has the exact numbers, or has conducted enough tests to prove me wrong (or correct). Either way, I'd like this to be settled once and for all how good Drakehide really is, and then perhaps some people will save their money by realizing they don't really want it. In my opinion, it is more of a luxury if anything. Sure it weighs less than cloth, but saving your life is much more important... and you can always remove your armor for extra speed.
  4. Forgot to mention! I pay shipping ! Will Deliver to places i cant ship to. Starting bid: 7s minimum increments: 1s --->Reserve: Free to withdraw at will. Don't be afraid to bid because of that. <--- Buy out: 1 Gold Just because. No PMing please, all offers must be public. Ends in/on: Cancelled Sniper protection: 1 hour
  5. I have a set of plate that i am wanting to sell it has AoSP on everything but the helm. I bought two sets and kept the best parts for myself and this is what is left. (It still has good AoSP and would make a fine set) Starting bid: 5s Bid increments: 50c Reserve: No Buyout: 15s (i will pay the shipping if buyout is offered) End time: 72 hours (1 hour sniper protection) The set can be picked up at Brookhaven 55M on Celebration or COD at buyers expense..
  6. Othob's Armor and tools: Plate, Chain, Shield and BS tool Operating out of Avalon (SW corner Deli, 6x 32y not marked on map) My in-game name is the exact same letters : OthobRithol. Accepting referrals as payment! Each referral is worth 8s of store credit. Excess credit can be saved for later. Referral must be given prior to order being sent. Do not send the referral without contacting me about it first. It may not be to my main account. Price List (all prices in copper) Shield/tools/weapon (Weapons only go to 60 qlty until further notice) 60ql - 30 70ql - 50 80ql - 100 90ql - 200 Chain armor Full suit 60ql - 270 70ql - 450 80ql - 900 90ql - 1800 --------------------------------------- Per piece 60ql - 30 70ql - 50 80ql - 100 90ql - 200 Leather (Per piece) 60ql - 30 70ql - 50 80ql - 100 Plate armor Full suit 60ql - 600 70ql - 850 80ql - 1750 90ql - You better PM me depends on my supply of 90ql steel --------------------------------------- Breastplate or leggings 60ql - 100 70ql - 150 80ql - 300 90ql - PM me --------------------------------------- Per piece 60ql - 60 70ql - 100 80ql - 200 90ql - PM me AoSP, WoA, FB & CoC Prices (any other casts just ask about): 70 - 79 1c/power + 10c 80 - 89 1.5c/power. 90 - 94 2c/power 95 - 99 3c/power 100+ 4c/power 70+ is the lowest and 80+ is the highest I will guarantee on any order You will pay for the cast you get or request a re try, this means if you order a 70+ CoC and it turns out 100+ you will have the option to pay the 100+ price or re try until I have your desired cast Current stock Weapons: 2 hand sword qlty 71 Nimb 63 Frostbrand 60 CoC 71 MS 74 Animals Demise ---> 4.5s 2 hand sword qlty 70 Nimb 67 Frostbrand 67 CoC 89 MS 71 Animals Demise ---> 5s Tools: Trowel qlty 80 WoA 82 ---> 2.2s Butchering knife qlty 61 WoA 90 CoC 71 ---> 2.8s
  7. I live on cele and im looking for a plate smith to bring my set from 50ql to 70ql no enchants on it and a weapon smith to bring my 50ql 4 enchant sword to 70-80ql. Im paying well so pm me and well discuss prices, or get a hold of me ingame. Willing to travel.
  8. Heya. Finally I can offer some fine leather items and armor. More items coming in future. Status: No custom orders at the moment, only items in stock. Leatherworking: Studded leather set* - 40ql 60copper - 50ql 100copper (5x instock) - 60ql 200copper Toolbelt - 40ql 30copper - 50ql 45copper (5x instock) - 60ql 55copper Saddle - 40ql 50copper - 50ql 80copper Backpacks at 10ql 5c each. Quiver at 10ql 2c each Water skin at 10ql 2c each. Plate Smithing: Great Helm: Great for protecting your face. - 40ql 30copper (2x instock) - 50ql 40copper (1x instock) Plate armor set: - 40ql Coming soon! (1x instock, price can be negotiated) - 50ql Coming soon! Delivery: By mail, 10c per piece in deliverance.(20c for other servers.) Pick up at Copper Forest, 21.5x, 18.5y in deliverance. I deliver to your location, 25c per trip in deliverance. Payment: Coins. Gems below 10ql at rate of 3c per ql. Referals at rate of 6s. * Includes: Cap,jacket,pants,2x sleeve,2x boot,2x glove. For individual pieces PM me. ** Currently not available. Coming soon.