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Found 157 results

  1. Supreme plate gauntlet [Close]

    [22:59:46] A glove made from small metal plates. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is glowing from the heat. It could be improved with a lump. [22:59:46] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, ''. Starting bid: 5s Minimum increase: 50 copper buyout: 20 silver
  2. I will be providing ALL armor sets AS-IS, I will not touch any of these as I simply want them gone. I may be willing to dispel enchants, as I do realize that Web Armor has little use on Freedom. I can do blank weapons and shields to go with these sets, up to 75QL, for an extra 50c. (For both pieces) Plate sets: #1 - Plate Set - 80QL AVERAGE - 80+ WEB ARMOR Asking Price: 5s SOLD #2 - Plate Set - 80QL AVERAGE - BLANK (No enchants) Asking Price: 4.5s #3 - Plate Set - 74QL AVERAGE - BLANK (No enchants) Asking Price: 4s #4 - Plate Set - 74QL AVERAGE - BLANK (No enchants) Asking Price: 4s #5 - Plate Set - 70QL AVERAGE - BLANK (No enchants) Asking Price: 3.5s Chain sets: #1 - Chain Set - 75QL AVERAGE - AOSP Asking Price: 2s #2 - Chain Set - 68QL AVERAGE - BLANK (No enchants) Asking Price: 1.5s Studded Leather sets: #1 - Studded Leather Set - 65QL AVERAGE - (Mag and Libila Shield, AOSP and WA mix) Asking Price: 1.5s SOLD #2 - Studded Leather Set - 65QL AVERAGE - PARTIAL WEB ARMOR Asking Price: 1s Other Items: (Boats, Seryll, Santa hats, and more! If no price, make an offer.) 2x Seryll Chain Glove, ~27QL SOLD 1x Seryll Chain Coif, ~28QL 1x Seryll Open Helm, 89QL 2x Snow Lantern 3x Fireworks, 80QL SOLD 4x Soft Cap (Santa Hat), 94-97QL SOLD 1x Cedarwood Corbita, 19QL 2x Cedarwood Knarr, 26 and 46 QL 10+x Small Sailboats of varying QL - 1.5s Each 3x Empire of Mol-Rehan Wagons - 5s Each 2x Glass Flask + Transmutation Liquid (.14KG) - 3.5s Each Pickup is from Deliverance west coast, Soleil at 8,L. Delivery to old-freedom is negotiable, PM me. I do not deliver past Xanadu. I may be willing to meet you on Xana's east coast, but no further.
  3. PM or reply here with prices and location. Thx.
  4. Sold close plz

    90 qlty Seryll Plate Set (Please note 1 gauntlet is 88 qlty) Asking 75s/e thanks.
  5. I decided to move it from WTS to auction. Maybe I will have better luck in here. It's a little unique, since all parts have my signature ("Ghab"). Starting Bid: 35s / 35 euro Reserve: NO Buyout: NO PM Bids - NO Sniper Protection: 1 hour Min. Incr. 1s / 1 euro Pickup on Xanadu S19 or CoD on buyer expense. Happy bidding and good luck! PS: Please check the ql of parts before you start bidding!
  6. Up for auction is a full seryll plate armour set. The whole set is enchanted with 80+ AoSP on every piece. Starting Bid: 50s Min. Increments: 5s Reserve: None Buyout: 80s Snipe protection: 1 hour Auction ends: Saturday, November 22nd, 12:00 noon Central US time Mailing possible at the buyers expense, otherwise pickup at Xanadu, Ondlangr, B16 on the ingame map.
  7. 90ql - Scale Set (CLOSED)

    90ql - Scale set (Ruger is the signature for anyone that cares) Starting Bid: 3g (only gold on this one..sorry) Increments: 5s Buyout: 3g 25s No reserve, 1h sniper I am giving a long timer on this so players can have time to get their money situated.
  8. WTS 80QL Open Helm, Steel

    Since the Hat mod in minecraft inspired wurmians to craft and own more hats. I have crafted a few uncommon Hats in wurm for the cosmetic microtransaction market. They r a bit uncommon in the world, since its not mainstream to wear Open Hem. WTS 80QL+ Open Helm, Steel Price: 30c Available: 4 left Mailing COD from Xanadu H10 [14:55:55] An open-faced round-top helm. It is glowing from the heat. It could be improved with a lump. The open helm is empty Happy Xmas wishes Tissotx
  9. WTB Seryll Plate

    WTB those reinbursments <30 QL: 1 x Seryll Plate Leggings 3s 1 x Seryll Plate Great Helmet 2s 1 x Seryll Plate Sabaton Boots 2s each 1 x Seryll Plate Gauntlets (gloves) 1s each 2 x Seryll Plate Vambrace (arm part) 2s each I could buy some Low QL Seryll Lumps for 1s each but not too many lumps, coz i wanna wait until i got a complete set before try improve =) The mid and high ql seryll lumps i wait to buy later. I pay COD, and got a mailbox on Xanadu H10. PM on forum or Tissotx ingame.
  10. WTS Basinet Helmet with Aura of shared pain has been cast on it, so it may hurt creatures hitting the wearer. Note: This is the same as a Great Helmet, the only different is the graphic model in the game. For those that wan't another look. Plate Steel and protects eyes. [11:16:05] A shining basinet helm with a lift up visor. A basinet helm protects the head and eyes. UPDATE Prices from 1 - 10: 1. 40c 2. 40c 3. 40c 4. 40c 5. 40c SOLD 6. 40c 7. 40c 8. 50c SOLD 9. 50c 10. 60c SOLD Mailing COD or Pickup at Xanadu H10
  11. close

    not sold
  12. [Celebration] Fringe's Workshop

    Welcome to Fringe's Workshop .: Welcome to my shop :. We are located at LunatiC Fringe on Celebration Map (x17, y16) / ingame map( H 13 ) Our status: Free & Take orders Some items can be mailed (courier 90)rare mailbox. Fee for each item: +10c for Celebration +20c for other servers For orders, you can pm: - Tclunatic (ingame or forum) updated: 1 november 2014 Chain Armour Smithing: ql50 ql60 ql70 ql75 ql80 Information Chain sets(iron) 55c 80c 1s10c 1s50c 2s Chain(single piece) 8c 10c 15c 20c 30c *Jackets & pants = +10c Chain Barding(iron) 50c 60c 70c 80c 1s Shield Smithing: ql50 ql60 ql70 ql75 ql80 Information Small metal shield 8c 15c 20c 30c 40c Medium metal shield 10c 20c 30c 40c 50c Large metal shield 15c 30c 40c 50c 60c Plate Armour Smithing: ql50 ql60 ql70 ql75 ql80 Information Plate set 1s 1s70c 2s50 3s75c 4s50c Low stock on ql80 steel Plate gauntlet 5c 10c 15c 18c 25c Plate legging 25c 40c 60c 80c 1s15c Plate breastplate 30c 50c 75c 1s 1s45c Plate sabaton 10c 15c 25c 30c 40c Plate vambrace 15c 25c 35c 40c 50c Plate Helm/basinet/great 10c 15c 20c 30c 40c Weapon Smithing: ql50 ql60 ql70 ql75 ql80 Information Iron weapons 25c 35c 50c
  13. Auction: 82 QL Plate Armour Set Enchanted with AOSP Aura of shared pain has been cast on it, so it may hurt creatures hitting the wearer. A brand new full set crafted by Tissotx that havn't seen PvP combat yet. Start Bid: 3 Silver Min Increase: 50c Buyout: 10 silver Snipe Protection: adds 1 hour Mailing COD or pickup from Xanadu H10 A full set contain 9 pieces, so it adds 10c per item on xanadu and 20c per item on other server. 2 day timer
  14. SOLD: 84+ QL Plate Set

    Auction 84QL+ Steel Plate Armour Set [22:54:16] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.is.otx'. Start Bid: 1 silver Increase: 50c Buyout: 8 silver Snipe protection adds 1 hour to last bid Mailing COD or pickup from Xanadu H10 The full Set contains 9 pieces so keep in mind the mailing fees also Timer about 23h
  15. SOLD: 80ql Plate armour set

    Auction a 80+ QL Steel Plate Armour Set Start Bid: 1s Min Increase: 50c Snipe protection 1 hour Note a full set contain 9 pieces. So Mailing COD adds 10c per item on Xanadu, and 20c per item to other server. Pickup can be at Xanadu H10 about 20h timer
  16. WTS new Great Helms 84 QL. No Enchants on them. The first 4 buyers get a 85ql Great Helmet. (only 1 left) Then im sorry but my steel lumps ran out, the other 6 is only 84ql. (3 left ) 2 left 1 left Price 40c Mailing COD from Xanadu H10. -Tissotx
  17. Buyout Please Close

    For all collectors of Seryll I have one 89ql Seryll Plate Vambrace left Starting Bid: 1s Increments: 20c Buyout: 4s No Reserve Buyer pays COD or pick up 17x 36y Guild of Calamitous Intent
  18. This is a matching set with all the same makers name and not some hodgepodge of collected parts to complete the set. (CoD at buyers expense or pickup at T11 Xanadu) 90ql - Rare plate set - 40s (SOLD) [17:15:38] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Losik'.
  19. Auction 81.54 QL Steel Plate Great Helmet ( 57 AOSP enchant ) Start Bid: 30c Increase: 10c Snipe protection adds 1 hour to last bid mailing COD from Xanadu H10 (+10c / +20c mailing fee)
  20. WTS Corbita [Pristine]

    Ql 29 Corbita, cedar (lock and anchor) 3s pick up, 3.5s delivery on Pristine Ql 88 source, 1.26kg ~2.5s delivery only on main island Ql 35+ meat, 1k 1.5s pick up, 2s deliver on main island Plate set,steel 5s, can deliver on pristine main island: Helm ql 70.55 Breastplate ql 70.14 Vambraces ql 70.40/70.31 Gauntlets ql 70.10/70.22 Leggings ql 70.00 Sabatons ql 69.78/70.02 4x Yellow potion, ql 16/16/32/32 ~25c each, can deliver on pristine main island
  21. Plucked from the corpses of the enemies of the Empire of Mol rehan to create this completed set of full rare plate armor. It has undergone some serious improvement to make it one of the best plate sets in existence. Forged and tempered into it's new premium quality in the legendary Skyforge high atop the Kratos mountain and worked upon by some of the greatest priests in all the land this is a set of armor that the serious warrior or collector should not pass up! Starting bid: 30s Min increment: 1s Buyout: Make an offer Reserve: None Note: Winner pays CoD
  22. PC on seryll Items and Lumps

    Looking for a price check on this lot of seryll items, Thanks!
  23. 84 QL Basinet Helm, Steel (aosp 90) A shining basinet helm with a lift up visor. It could be improved with a lump. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.is.otx'. Aura of shared pain has been cast on it, so it may hurt creatures hitting the wearer. [90] Just like a great helm, a basinet will protect your eyes. Wiki Start Bid: 50c Increase: 10c Snipe protection: adds 1 hour Mailing COD from Xanadu (H10)
  24. Hi fellow PAS! [01:51:36] <Tissotx> [01:48:47] You have just received the title 'Master Platesmith'! Im starting to reach my threshold for attempting to craft my own complete rare plate set. At this point I can feel I WTB: (ql doesnt matter) 1 x Rare Plate Glove for 3silver 2 x Rare Plate Vambrance for 3silver each Give me a few more weeks of pain, and i might be willing to pay more, or jump on the Seryll Plate happy train. Can PM me ingame or here in forum for a deal.
  25. WTS 80ql Plate Armour Set

    WTS 80ql Steel Plate Armour Set (no spells on them)