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Found 79 results

  1. Only Mayor can use Catapult

    So I have several deeds I want to work on, some I have been using non-prem alts as mayors, some have been prem once before. My latest deed I need to remove fences and want to use a catapult as it takes too long otherwise. With a non-prem alt you can not invite someone to the deed to do this work. I prem'd the alt up and joined the deed with my main, even with full permissions I still could not damage the fence with the catapult. I finally changed the writ over to my main and he can now do this. This is a bothersome problem with the permissions, as my other deeds the mayors are no longer prem and so I can not trade the deed writ back and forth to get the work done on these projects.
  2. Chiqa , Sold

    I have sold the toon Chiqa to a private buyer. I will be sticking around on Chiqqa. Please change permissions accordingly if you have given her perms in the past. Thank you.
  3. Hey Recently I ran into unexpected house permission related isses in our village. We've got an inactive villager. Before he disappeared (now 3 weeks ago) he had planned a 1x1 house on perimeter (don't ask why, I don't know). One house wall is on deed border and it has one wooden beam attached. Other three walls are just planned, not built. This wannabe house effectively blocks deed expansion in any direction because I don't have permission to modify. Problem one! Foreign house on west perimeter blocks deed expansion in east, south and north. I cannot bash that wall because, once again, I don't have permission to modify. Problem two! House is on deed and off deed at the same time. Won't decay, but cannot bash either. As per game logic, deed cannot expand over house if the mayor doesn't have permissions to modify this house. Ok, this is clear and I don't complain, that's how it should be. The house is there first, deed cannot move over (under) it. In our case, deed was there first and house was built partially on deed. This can only happen if the house owner is citizen at the time of planning and building. Thus the house should have same permission logic as any other house fully built on deed. Part of it is on deed, mayor should have permission to bash the walls OR expand deed fully over it (and then can bash). Only option I'm given right now (other than hoping the owner to come back) is to shrink the deed by two tiles, wait for this one damn wall to decay, and then expand back. This takes time and money and makes me very unhappy. Not to mention there are other citizen houses on the same border which would then also take decay damage (luckily we have permissions on them). However this doesn't sound right. What I would like to see changed regarding these two problems? 1. Allow deed expansion in certain direction if there is no direct blockage. In our case, I should be allowed to expand east, when that darn house is in west. 2. House built partially on deed and partially on perimeter should be considered as fully on deed. Thank you for reading. PS. posting it in server bugs and not suggestions section because it feels like a " Game Mechanics Problem"
  4. permissions bugs

    I have a deed where I set permissions for allies to do things, like pick up, but they can't. I set a cart for allies to access inventory and they can't. Do deeds sometimes get bugged and permissions don't do what they are supposed to? I've logged out alts and back in and still no go. Does this fix on a server reset?
  5. Planted Items on Deed

    Regardless of permissions or even if it is the mayor, objects planted by another player cannot be pushed, pulled, or turned on deed. They can be taken and replanted but then it just rotates the ownership and the other people cannot manage them.
  6. Permission bug for take/pick up

    I have built a multiple level building, since the new permission update i am able to grant access right to specific rooms, where a villager wanted to live in a room. acess is working through multiple doors, all of those controlled independant. But if said vilager wants to pick up stuff inside the house it says "steal". All permissions for the house are set, he has right to pick up things inside the house, but not allowed to manage or modify the house, as i am the house owner. I tried to add the name manualy, but it didn't change anything. Logging in, relogging didn't work either. Please tell me if it is a bug, or it is simply not possible to create some kind of "hotel building" with flats for rent. Thanks
  7. Hey Everyone! You join us this week under the premise of a new title and a little bit of a theme. Firstly, we've decided to change the format of the title to just be News, the number of the post and some information about what's inside. That way, you know what's in every news post and they'll also be easier to keep track of, especially now that the Weekly Update titles have gone on for over a year and some have the same number. Secondly, as we discussed last week, dev focus for the next few months will be on bugs and small updates. We came up with a theory that if a news header is worth doing, then it's probably worth over-doing... The B Word Hmm... Boats? Bridges?! Bugs! Starting from this week, we'll also be including all of the week's patch notes in the weekly news, which ought to help you keep on top of them. In un-noted news, devs have also began work on a server management tool to generally help with maintenance. Fixes that apply to all servers will be in black, to purely PvP servers in blue and to purely PvE servers in green, which will make it easier to work out what applies to you. 1/6/15: Changed display of received mail items, so can look in containers Fix so cannot charm animals when you are not allowed to tame them Merchants no longer may be threatened from another floor level Attempted fix for mycelium spreading to lawns Relaxed the checks for structures blocking tunnelling Allow fungus spell to work on lawn Fix for deity loss due to alignment changes A bug with faithful setting on spells was fixed 2/6/15: Fix so ballista darts do damage Creatures may now be blocked by doors when entering from bridges War machines now work a bit better against bridges but still needs tweaking 4/6/15: Removed enchant decay on weapons due to extreme rarity but overwhelming impopularity. Humid drizzle should now properly save the disease state when used so that it doesn’t reset on server restarts. Added marble planters as craftables. Should function in the same way as flowerpots. Possible fix for minedoors not opening for enemies trying to enter shortly after passing. Skillgain for battle camp guards were brought in line with kingdom guards. Fixed so water doesn’t get the rarity when tempering and improving. Fixed so you now can select a player when hovering over their face mask or ring. Fixed bug in skill tracker where the “show progress to next skill†button is always unchecked by default. Fixed for client crashing with out of bounds. Permissions We have a few news updates on the permissions changes that Tich is currently working on. In the long term, Tich will be working on new permissions options for *deep breath*: settlement roles, buildings, ships, wagons, carts, gates, mine doors, house doors (likely to be last due to complexity) and (potentially) animals. It's a comprehensive set of updates that will give far greater control over your possessions. This week, Tich has a preview of the new settlement roles window to share. Existing options are combined with an easier to use UI and a number of useful new permissions, such as "harvest fields," "modify buildings" and "mine iron veins." As with the old system, permissions are configurable for every role, allowing a huge number of possibilities - ranging from only allowing skilled farmers to harvest fields while letting newer players tend them for skill, to allowing the modification of buildings without allowing a citizen to build new buildings. We expect the new permissions features to come out over the next few months, either steadily or in groups. There are still a number of problems to solve, including more difficult tasks like how to get boat permissions to co-operate with changing servers - but it looks like it'll all be well worth the wait! New Clothing Items We also have some new clothing items to share this week. Wox has been hard at work on some new shirts for the fashionable Wurmian! They may be liable to changes before release and will be a part of a wider range of new clothing items. Serendipity Bridge, Deliverance Building new bridges around previously bridge-less servers seems to be making for a few big community projects, and so we're going to get into a habit of featuring a bridge every week for a little while. Serendipity bridge on Deliverance connects the Serendipity Peninsula with the Deliverance mainland. The main segment is a staggering 36 tiles long, just two off of the maximum. Has anyone built a single bridge that's longer yet, and who has the longest of each material type? Credits go to the Deli community and Yaga for the organisation. You can find out more here. Screenshot of the Week Lastly, it's time for our favourite weekly screenshot and is bridge-related too, and this week's is courtesy of Journeya. We really liked their creative use of bridges as roofs and archways, which isn't a way that we expected to see them used! More pictures of the building are here, including its roof made from bridge which is also worth a look. That concludes the 67th Weekly News of Wurm Online. 67, 'ey? How time flies when you're having fun. Happy Wurming!
  8. Permission Chairs in Buildings

    So I finished my public pub and invited my friend over to check things out. He tried sitting in one of the chairs but could not interact with it. I do not want to change permissions on the building so someone could come into the building and haul everything out, perhaps we need a separate interaction permission for buildings concerning chairs, or perhaps permissions for chairs themselves such as beds have?
  9. So I have an "External Village" role set for my friends deed on my settlement "Manage Roles" section. However I still have to manually add her village citizens/alts to the permissions menu on every single building, horse, cart, wagon, ship, etc etc etc. This is INFURIATING and a super time waster. Can you please make all "External Village" villages show up on the "Manage" under "Active Permissions" menu of everything else please? Alliances show up, so why don't added External Villages? Ideally her village would show up on the list for EVERY manage menu in the game. I click a few checkboxes next to the village name for whatever permissions I want her settlement to have access to my stuff, and I'm done! No fuss no muss. I know the permission system is new and will evolve. But I really think this was an oversight and I hope it gets added. ty
  10. House Permissions and Beds

    So if you use a bed in a house, or log out and are not added to the building writ, even if the building writ is set for alliance you will wake up outside of the house. Most case's this is not a big deal, but if the house you log out in is located on the side of a mountain the consequences could be fairly traumatic such as instant death from the falling damage bug, or simply finding yourself plunging off a cliff.
  11. People with permission to fully manage a mine door should also have the option to remove the door from the cave entrance. It makes no sense to have to bash a mine door off. It should be able to be unhinged and lifted off. Give it a long timer or something but bashing an 8200 hitpoint steel door is not a fun way to spend the day.
  12. unlocked, locked boats [Fixed]

    after the permissions system update, I checked all my stuff, found one of my knarrs unlocked. [03:18:05] It has a clinker-built hull assembled with iron rivets and one mast with a square yard sail. At insufficient wind it is rowed with oars. The side rudder is on the starboard side. It has a lock of poor quality, which is unlocked. It is made from applewood. You notice some notches you must carve away in order to improve the "South View Monastery". Ql: 43.46951, Dam: 5.367853. It is moored here. The name of the owner, Stonesolid, has been etched in the stern. clearly it still has a lock attached, but it's not locked. no idea why. I was able to 'fix' it by activating an item right clicking the boat, was a new submenu with the ships name, and an option to remove lock. I did that and then reattached the lock and all seems well.​
  13. Hmmmmm.. I have one settlement, and one house inside it's walls. I have planned the house and built all of the external walls no problem. When I try to plan the floor, I'm getting a message that the 'Guards kindly inform you that you are not allowed to do that here.' Also, carving knives aren't giving me the option to modify walls? Any ideas?
  14. On the off chance while meditating before bed, i checked the permissions on my house by clicking on the wall. As a result, I raised the following support ticket: "Please advise how the player "Unknown" managed to have full permissions on my Ranch House, when he is not even a friend of mine?" The following was the CM response: [10:15:05] <Marni> Hello, CM responding to your support call 154559. [10:15:25] <Marni> Unknown is probably a free to play character that you added once and is now deleted. [10:16:52] <Baloo> nope - if you look on the members list /she joined before i did [10:18:12] <Baloo> Unknown joined 17 Dec 2013 [10:18:17] <Marni> Could be a re-used ID for the building where a deleted player used to own it. [10:18:32] <Marni> Unknown will not be able to log in for sure. [10:18:37] <Marni> You can just remove them from the permissions. [10:18:49] <Baloo> no i created the building [10:19:34] <Baloo> yes, ofc i have removed him on permissions list - what i want to know is how he got full permissions in the first place [10:21:08] <Marni> Would you mind posting this in the server bug section and I'll get Tich to have a look at it asap. [10:21:53] <Baloo> ok will post this convo there [10:22:09] <Baloo> please give me the right link where to post [10:22:23] <Marni> [10:22:36] <Baloo> thx, Marni - have a good day [10:22:46] <Marni> You too!
  15. BSBs permissions

    I have a castle lodge where sermons are held with many different priests, both allies and others, coming and going. The only way a guest can put items into a planted BSB is to give that player permission to pick up planted items - all planted items ! This is not acceptable and strongly suggest that this permission be corrected to allow guests on the writ to put things into planted containers, without having the permission to pick up planted items (like my hota statue for example !) Thanks, in hope
  16. Can anyone help me with this issue. I am on a dedicated server. I am in my settlement. I am the mayor. I can set the plans, finalize the building. When i "green" the mallet and attempt to add a wall it tells me, "You need permission in order to make modifications to this structure." The wiki says I can not modify the structure's permissions until it is completed (first floor at least). In the settlement deed I have all permissions for settlement. In the mayor tap under permissions on the "c" window I have all permissions to build. I don't understand what is going on here. Please help! Thank you!
  17. In light of the trouble a citizen had with some horses ( I think the way branded animals currently works might need a tweak. Currently, branding transfers ownership to mayor so, if a citizen brands their horse, they lose access to it until someone with "manage allowed objects" permission manually grants them permissions. It would be much better if someone with an appropriate deed permission is able to set/edit a deed's Default Animal Permissions which would be applied to all animals when they are branded. This way, if citizens are granted ride permission, they can still ride the horse they just branded. The permissions could then be fine tuned by someone with management permissions at a later date if needed.
  18. With all these new permissions, it would be great to make it so that you can check a box allowing all alliance members to lock building on deeds which are allied, save having to log into a mayor account all the time to lock someones house etc etc.
  19. As things currently stand, you go to each gate and set it so trusted friends or friends (whichever one you choose to set) may pass. This adds the individual names to the currently managed gate. It is an easy way to get groups of people to pass gates as current gates do not work even with a deed role set for "may pass gates" (i.e. you create a deed role for a deed and tick may pass gates, yet your gates will not open for a member of this deed unless you actually added them by name to the gate individually). What is problematic is that when you add someone to trusted friends or friends later on, you have to open and manage each individual gate again, and tick the friends/trusted friend list again, to get this name you added after you allowed the list originally, to be added by name to the gates you have. The opposite of this is also true: Previously added people who were added to pass gates because they were part of your then list of friends or trusted friends, have to be manually removed from all of your gates if you are no longer friends with them. You can remove them from your friends lists but they remain on your gates. Suggestion: It would be extremely helpful and time saving tool that can eliminate a big portion of human error, if people who are added or removed from your friends or trusted friends lists, automatically updated on all the gates. The rest of this suggestion is just more clarification on the suggestion above, possibly TL:DR Add Trusted Friends or Friends as a GROUP not as individual names, to gate pass permissions (same extends to carts, ships, wherever you add these people to have access or pass or command), to allow management of groups of people to pass (or command or access), and if you remove or add someone to these groups, the permission is replicated everywhere you ticked this group to either have access or pass or command, or not. This means that this group of people will be the same as people belonging to a specific deed, where you tick a box to allow a deed to do certain thing, and people who belong to that deed can do things you allow. If you move someone to your group of people you want to allow gate pass, they should automatically have gate pass as long as they are in that group, and automatically lose it the moment they are no longer part of that group. Second suggestion: Make one tick box for all the gates on your deed, on top of the original box that pops up when you choose to manage gates, where you can choose to "clear all settings for gates on your deed" . Add to this an option to also open an individual gate and in one click clear all settings, save it for that gate, and then go back and add new permissions for that gate (say your friends or trusted friends or deeds etc.) Currently you have to go into each individual gate and manually tick deny all for each added person, then save. If you have ten people added, you have to tick ten times deny all for each gate, then click save, then find the gate again, open, add the group(s) again, save. The reason this should only be an option for gates on your deed, is that you get all the gates you have manage permissions for, on your list of gates, not just the gates actually located on your deed, so you could inadvertently clear permissions for gates on someone else's deed if you just blanket clear all the gates you have manage permissions for. Adding these suggestions will greatly enhance the enjoyment I get out of Wurm.
  20. Hi i try to attach a lock on deed (owned by my alt), inside a building that i build myself and both...myself or my alt are not able to attach it . I made an role for my main (whit the owner of the deed) but it seems that "Attach locks" box remain unchecked even if i check it and save. So i gave all permissions for building to my alt that own the deed but same result not able to attach the lock.
  21. Hey all! It's just under 2 weeks now until Wurm Unlimited releases! Excited? You can pre-order the game from DLGamer and get 20% off the initial Steam price if you want. The first batch of updates to the permissions system went live this week. Tich told me to tell you that she's sorry that there were some teething issues - like settings not always transferring to the new system properly - but we hope it'll be well worth it in the long run with just how much better the new system makes things. I'd strongly recommend looking at the Wurmpedia article on Permissions if you're unsure about anything - the Wurmpedia team (in particular Keenan) have put a huge amount of work into making it as accurate and complete as possible. As for devs, they mainly continued with general polish and bugfixing work on Unlimited this week. But we do have a few other things to show off that might interest you, like visible adamantine and glimmersteel armour... catch it all below! The Week In Patch Notes The big story this week is the new permissions system, though there were quite a few other things that went live this week; like the awesome new deed plan viewer & exporter. I've seen some crazily complicated deed plans that people have effortlessly been able to export from directly in-game! There were also some general fixes. 06/10/15:New Permissions System! Notes about security kindling will use the default weight when making a fire (forge, oven, campfire).Can now have a deed role for an Individual (non-citizen) role.Deed plan now available for mayors.Writs will vanish when examined / managed. Building can be managed by r-click or from manage menu.You can now attach locks without having the key on you on PvE (was already like this on PvP).You can now sacrifice keys when the lock still exists on same server.Repair keybind should now work correctly on fences and walls.Fences are now paintable.Added missing text for deed settings.Max number of branded animals is number of tiles / 11 (PvE).Fixed face masks overriding the face protection that some helmets give.Fixed leading animals who have a bridle equipped. You will always use the bridle to lead if it has one, even if you have a rope activated.Fixed an issue where you wouldn’t stop dragging items when you died.Fix for player gods, so they allow flatten and level in caves if they can mine.07/10/15: Fix for Nahjo flattening / leveling in caves.Fix for allies in buildings, now checks the correct village (e.g. the owners village).Fix so planted items can be turned by the person who planted it.Beds with no permissions set, will allow anyone who has ‘may Enter’ on building to use it for free.Doors and Beds may now be managed by anyone who has manage permissions on the building.08/10/15: Fix for branding vanishing…(although some may have vanished this time).Fix so can lead branded animals if you have the brand village lead permission.Added ‘pass gates’ as deed permission, which (should) allow the players with that role permission to pass any gates that dont have their owner permissions (if they are managed by that deed).Disallowed getting hunted status on PvE.Fix for unhitching animals from a locked cart (PvE).Fix for picking locks. Adamantine & Glimmersteel Armour Textures This week, Saroman worked on textures for addy & glimmer armour so that it can be made to display correctly. Yet another thing for you Wurmians to wear! Oh how we spoil you. DeedPlanner Updates Warlander sent us a few pictures of his latest coding successes with the village planning tool DeedPlanner. He's getting ever-closer to being able to go live with bridges, which we'll also add to the in-game deed exporter so you can export on-deed bridge designs to the planner too. Screenshot of the Week This week's eaglespirit-themed screenshot was taken by Borgir, and happened to coincide with an eclipse too. It's quite mystical! What does the Eaglespirit want?! Why is it here?! Is this a message from the gods!?! That concludes this week's news! Fed up of hearing about Wurm Unlimited? Here, have an animated webseries about a cat. Cats solve everything.
  22. Hey all! Work has continued on a number of things this week, including the almost-ready first batch of updates to the Permissions system, and more work on Unlimited. Once again dependent on final bugfixing, we'd like to release said permissions update next week. We also have a new map API for Wurm Unlimited to announce this week, that ought to be released early next week in its first version. Once complete, it will help WU players to create their own maps. More below! Also, if you're still unsure about anything to do with Unlimited and how it will (but mostly won't) affect Online, then we released an FAQ last week that includes some helpful information. The Week in Patch Notes There were a few minor fixes this week. With any luck, this segment will be full of permissions news by next week! 23/09/15:Reinforced cave floors will no longer result in dying to suffocation.Fixed dispelling imbuements. Imbuements will now be properly removed when they are dispelled.Fixed applying masonry ointments. The ointment should now work like other imbuements. Wurm Unlimited Mapmaker Warlander has been working on an API for maps (Application Program Interface - aka it lets you make and edit maps) for Wurm Unlimited. He's planning an initial release next week, and in time he hopes to include things like a full feature suite for creating maps and the ability to make mapdumps. Long-term, this will mean that you'll be able to make, edit and dump your own maps to use with Unlimited. Screenshot of the Week This week's foggy deed was snapped by Kristof of the deed Peaceful Harbour on Celebration. Fog is good at looking rather mystical! Thanks to PandyLynn for sharing this on the forums. That concludes this week's news. It's still a little quiet while work continues on Unlimited - we'll have more to show over the coming weeks though!
  23. Can we get a List of what the new permissions do, so i won't have to guess and let bad things happen to my deed and i know meditation lets people cast enchant grass on my deed, but what do all the other things do ? any help much Official list maybe
  24. Beds, really?!?

    Beds now have permissions - yea! Permissions on beds need to be set in person unlike boats, carts, buildings, fences etc - YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME if it's got a permission on it make it so that that permission can be managed remotely PLEESE
  25. Beds

    just used the permissions>Manage Bed to set a bed to 'Everyne' +May Use +Free Sleep and saved, then used Bed>Rent 10 silver. I then went back to permissions and it shows it is still free for everyone. Something ain't right here