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Found 80 results

  1. It's been a quiet week as we gather ourselves after Rifts and the anniversary, some events unfortunately couldn't get their issues resolved, but others are ready to go, But first... Patch Notes The Grand Tour (of Independence) This months anniversary hunt is a tour of some of the old great works of Independence, some made by many, some by one or two, each has their own story, and you get to see some of the oldest! This event will be a little different to Spellcasts brain teasers, and Enkis murder fests. This will be utilising a new human NPC for giving out the missions, and follow a more quest chain style, as part of testing for the tutorial system, so if you haven't gone to any before, or are worried about corpse runs, come and check it out! The event starts on Sunday at 12pm UTC+1 at the Howl. There are some other events planned, but will have less warning, to ensure that they aren't taken advantage of too soon, but are planned for most servers (Xanadu may take more planning but we will work on it!) Starter deed upgrades The work on the starter deeds has begun, with some amazing changes coming through, we'll cover these once they're finished and a chat with the workers!. New client work continues We continue to update the unstable client as bug reports come in, if you experience a bug, please ensure to include the build number, found at the bottom left corner of the launcher: When we update the build number, test again to see if the bug is still present and let us know! Steam updates The Wurm Unlimited update will go live next week, we will update the #wurmunlimited topic on IRC with the date when decided. Community Content Factional fight returns! this week saw the return of Factional Fight videos, the well loved streams of wurm, with a podcast style discussion. This week had some interesting ideas, what do you think of their returning player suggestions? That's it for this week! Hope to see some of you at the events, and as always, keep on wurming! Retrograde and the Wurm team.
  2. Weekly News #20 The Rift Opens

    Hi Everyone, It's been another busy week, with testing and taking feedback. I'd like to thank you all for providing me with your thoughts, time and bugs, we've made huge steps this week, and it's on with the news! Patch Notes Wurm Unlimited Feedback and fun The test server as you all know has had the new client renderer as well as rifts on it this week, and there’s been a lot of enormous feedback, which we’d like to thank you all for, this unfortunately does mean that there’s several things we need to address PvP and rift loot With the introduction of the rift loot, some pvpers showed concern about how the loot and the bonuses it gives would affect balance. Most shoulders give bonuses to lighter armours, but we have made the decision to make them vanity only in PvP pending further discussion. We wish to ensure that any bonuses they do bring are balanced, and don’t set a new requirement to enter pvp. We’ll release the full bonus info on the 24th with the update. Unstable client So after a long period of dev and in-house testing, we unleashed the new client renderer on test this week, and have received valuable feedback. As a result we have decided to delay the renderers release, until we are sure that this client works for players and that major bugs are squashed, the expected release date for the new client will be on the 6th of June, Wurms Anniversary. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it on the 24th! It will be available as our unstable client from then, and we’ll continue to take feedback. Wurm turns ten! And we’re giving away the presents! We’ll have random anniversary loot boxes, which contain a random item, including some pretty rare items such as the Staff of the Land or the Pale Mask! Every premium player will receive one on our June 6th update, so simply login to collect yours! We’ll also be giving out some during events and such too, so your chance of getting something cool goes up and up! Community Content A thread on the Independence forum raised an old piece of writing done by Aeris a few years ago, named Independence anthem. It’s a song dedicated to the brave settlers of Independence, and is quite awesome! So just to reiterate, cave dwellings and Rifts will go live on the 24th, at 12:00PM Server time (UTC+1) The new client will be available on unstable and we’ll continue to work on that for a release on June 6th. Until then though, keep on wurming!
  3. Weekly News #18: Summer Fun

    Hi Everyone! Some big news this week, as I can finally reveal what’s being worked on, as well as when you’ll be seeing it! But first… Patch Notes Wurm Online Wurm Unlimited Live Beta PvP updates! We’re pleased to see that the updates have been well received. We’re not looking to rest on our heels though and along with continuing to work on other projects mentioned in this news we’ll be also drawing up plans to tackle some of the more tricky areas, as well as looking forward to a much larger overhaul down the line. Enkis Deliverance Derby of Death! (sorry Magykal!) The deliverance derby event sure turned out to be a little more bloody than anticipated! The sheer number of racers meant chaos at the checkpoints, as creatures spawned to harass the poor riders. The race was a lot of fun, and while Enki managed to collect a few more corpses, most people agreed that it was a good time (those who survived!) Summer of Fun This summer is gearing up to be a big one, and I can finally share some of it with you all! We will be releasing a huge update at the end of the month, including cave dwellings, rifts, the new client launcher, and the new rendering engine! We’ll have more information coming as we go into detail with each feature, but expect a public test in the near future! A New Moon is Rising. A prophecy long hinted at, many whispers about one of the moons orbiting the lands of Wurm and all the creatures that dwell on it have set their sights on the world of Wurm! Invasions of these unholy twisted creatures will be the background for our rift system, with these strange and twisted creatures looking to drain the world of Wurm of its essence/resources/lavender sprouts. We’ll have more information in next week’s news prior to the testing, so get your battle gear ready! New client renderer Long teased, long discussed, and often considered fictional. We’re nearing the end of our inhouse testing of the new client renderer, and look forward to including it within testing soon! This will have greatly improved performance with the game, as well as some much smoother looking views. Check out the amazing before and after view of shadows: Community content This week's showcase is a bit of nostalgia for me. Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals was the first RPG I ever played, and the first game I ever got fully absorbed by. Over the long years I’ve played many RPG’s, and many games, but Lufia has always had a special place. One of our talented community mapmakers has recreated the world of Lufia II in wurm unlimited! I’m absolutely thrilled and in love with it, and I may just have to rebuild Alunze Kingdom! Of course after all this, we also have the Anniversary (Can Wurmiversary be a thing?) We haven't forgotten about that, and will be working on some fun events and surprises for you all there too, but until next week, keep on Wurming! Retrograde and the Wurm team
  4. Weekly News #17: Gearing Up

    Hi Everyone, Another week down as we move towards summer (for all you northern hemispherians anyways) , and some awesome updates on their way! We're gearing up towards an awesome update with a lot of new content, as well as the anniversary of course! I can't give away too much yet, (maybe next week) but these updates will enter public testing soon! Patch Notes Wurm Unlimited Update I know that Wurm Unlimited has been rather quiet on the update front but don't worry! We have an upcoming update planned for wednesday 1pm CET (UTC+1). So if you are a server admin, plan accordingly! Our new code manager, Keenan has setup a little Q&A thread on Steam too, so if you have questions regarding the update cycle for Wurm Unlimited, ask away! Weekend testing This weekend the test server will cover a few of the long awaited PvP updates, most of the testing will be around simply ensuring that the functionality works, so if you have any questions or require any assistance, jump on IRC and poke myself or a GM! Archery penalty removed from helms, changed archery from a flat fail % to added difficulty depending on armour penalty Archery keybinds -SHOOT, QUICK_SHOT, SHOOT_FACE, SHOOT_TORSO, SHOOT_LEFTARM, SHOOT_RIGHTARM, SHOOT_LEGS, Combat tab now shows offensive, karma and healing spells (+ creature targeted dispel) Meditation messages are yet to come. Throw has been removed from valrei mobs, uniques will still throw. Shield of the Gone has been reduced to a 30% Damage reduction Not to leave out other testing though Cave dwellings will also now allow building against walls! This will be for on deed caves only, and mining will be possible through arched walls and doors. We'll have the original testing area setup for some planning and I'll be available to help out as well. Other PvP changes and updates are in the works, and will come after this lot. So jump on the test server this weekend and let us know how it goes! The Great Deliverance Derby The Great Deliverance Derby is on this weekend. We've run the course, checked the horses, all that's left is to jump on and go! We'll be providing a whole lot of horses for this event, with equal gear for all. This means it's an even race, as long as you have 21 body control, you're in with a chance to take out top prize! #Wurmpedia For a while now we've had an IRC room used by the small wurmpedia team to coordinate updates, projects and collaborate. Now, we're opening it up to all Wurmians! The room can be found by typing /join #wurmpedia on IRC, and will allow you to share information, discuss changes, and also help contribute to the Wurmpedia and ensure that it is as accurate as possible. Starter deeds After two weeks the votes have settled, with Esteron and Deliverance being very clear in wanting the new designs! The independence redesign had a few more options, but the winning entry is design 1. I'll be in touch with the submitters to organise where we go from here. I've had a few entries come in, for strongbox on Serenity and Linton on Xanadu, I'll be posting those over this weekend with the same two week voting period, so make sure to keep an eye out! Community content This week has a screenshot from the EPIC Art thread, Smejacks marching army of gnomes. Is this the largest collection of gnomes in Wurm? I wouldn't be surprised! That's it from us this week. I hope to see you all on the test server! Retrograde and the Wurm team.
  5. Weekly News #16: Day at the races

    A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace - Ovid Hi Everyone, This week will have a focus on community events and how we're going to be looking at them in the future, including setting up a system to allow us to promote your events! Patch Notes: Day at the races We’re mixing things up a little bit with no riddles this month, a horse race through some of the sights of Deliverance will be our April event! With Enki providing the horses and gear, everyone will have an even ground to race with. All you need to bring is yourself, and 21 body control! (and maybe some armour, a weapon, and a nominated next of kin). The race is on the 30th and I look forward to seeing you all there Social media We'll be looking at how we operate with the current social media (promoting both Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited with the same accounts) over the next week. Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited have very different audiences, and we want to engage with you all with content that appeals to you, so make sure to check out our twitter @Wurmonline and our Facebook Wurm Online Official! Events and community As we all know, community events are a huge part of Wurm, from Impalongs and GM run hunts to Wurm Unlimited events on each server. We’ve setup a new email address, allowing you to tell us about your event, and we’ll share it with everyone so it gets as big as you want it to be. Obviously this will mostly be a benefit for Wurm Unlimited, but we’re also looking for player centric events to share in from Wurm Online too, so don't be afraid to let us know about your next gathering. Design a starter deed I forgot to give an end date to the competition last week, so it will run until the 28th, and will be announced on the 29th in the news. Community content Over the course of several years, people on Independence may have noticed Hughmongus and Skyefox within their local, moving slowly and mumbling numbers. This is because theyve been working extremely hard on a properly scaled and accurate map of Indy.The community map for independence has been a hand drawn map since the days of Darkmalice, with Hughmongus picking up on an old project designed to accurately map the server. They’ve counted out roads, resources and every coastline, and have finally shared their complete (well, full, they intend to continue to update and map the changes of the land) map. Check it out here: Thats it for this week,I got a raspberry Pi for my birthday, so I'll be fiddling with that over the weekend, I hope you all have a great weekend, and carry on Wurming! Retrograde and the Wurm team
  6. Weekly News #6 Alche-Madness

    Hi Everyone, It's been a huge week for me, and for Wurm. I'd like to thank you all for your warm welcomes and congratulations, I know there's a lot to do but I look forward to accomplishing lots! But for now, on with the news: Patch notes: Wurm Online Wurm Unlimited So I threw it on the ground! Have a blood feud with that patch of clay? Secretly wish your deed was covered in peat? Wait no more! With the new transformation liquids, you'll be able to turn bare dirt (okay, sand, grass/mycelium and steppe) into resource tiles! The reverse is also possible, using these liquids to turn resource tiles into dirt. It's not all that easy though! Each liquid requires blessing, and is also required in vast amounts, so don't expect this to be an easy fix, a lot of work (and juice) will be necessary. These liquids are on test now, the recipies are as follows: Juice Solid Used on Makes 0.5 kg Apple 5kg Tin Sand Clay 0.5 kg Lemon 5kg Charcoal Grass/Mycelium Peat 0.5 kg Cherry 10kg Iron Steppe Tar 0.5 kg Lemon 10kg Zinc Clay Dirt 0.5 kg Cherry 3kg Moss Peat Dirt 0.5 kg Apple 10kg Lead Tar Dirt To make the potion follow these easy steps Activate Juice Right click small amphora filled with solid Mix to create the transformation liquid bless the liquid to make active Then simply pour activate the blessed liquid and right click the corresponding tile and select 'use'! (don't just pour it, you'll all hate me if that happens!) This does take A LOT of liquid (the amount is also dependant on quality), so expect to be at it for a bit, you can examine the tile for a rough idea (quarter of the way, halfway, almost there) As stated before, this is currently live on the test server with the intention of coming out next week, if you need any help, jump in IRC and ask for a GM! Hunting season From the field I must feed if you hunt by horse and bow. What am I? If you correctly guessed that (not giving the answer!) There's some good news, for the rest of you, there may be some... difficulies ahead. As you know, the Xanadu Labyrinth marked one year of hunts, players got lost, minds got lost, and we're told that some are still in there. After having completed this monumentous task, Vali dusted his hands and took a well earned break, but not all was quiet.... Enki has picked up the task, and has decided to put his own twist on things. He's been tinkering away in his laboratory, muttering about pirates, keyboards and various other things (to be fair, this is usual behaviour, we're completely sure that it's unrelated) and has confirmed with me that there will be a February treasure hunt! The full details will come in next weeks news, but until then, time to brush off your riddle solving hats and get that spyglass all polished up. We've got spirit, yes we do! There's been a few threads lately about the state of some starter deeds, so we've decided to give you all the opportunity to show off your server! We'll be opening a competition some time this week aimed at adoption of a starter deed for your server/area. Players will be able to form groups to tender their ideas via deedplanner. Ideas that pass our requirements (to be provided with the competition announcement) will go up for players to vote for their favourite. The existing starter deeds will also be able to be voted for, so if you like it as it is, you have the opportunity to say so too. Weekly question Weekly Artwork This weeks screenshot is grabbed from Wurm Unlimited, showing some amazing designs by Athrygg on the steam boards. That's it for this week! I hope you all have an awesome weekend, and don't let Valentines steal you from Wurm for too long! -Retrograde Its a rope tool
  7. Hi Everyone, This week has been a little chaotic, but with the dust settling we have announced our new contracted team. This allows us to continue to ensure stable production of the game, as well as improve in some key areas! Today was Eriks last day, so I'd like to take the time to thank him personally for his work on Wurm. He's always been a delight to talk with, and refrained from making players able to be hitched to carts, which is always a plus. Now, on with the news! Patch Notes New Positions As mentioned by Rolf yesterday, we've now hired several of the development team into contracted positions, to increase responsibility, recognise work and ensure that the taskload was spread out. Below is a brief rundown of each position and the responsibilities involved. Budda: Product Manager. Budda will be taking over key development and team duties, managing the volunteer devs and ensuring that adequate resources are available to make sure the job gets done. He will also be leading the design and planning for the game, making sure that Wurm continues to release new and exciting content. Keenan: Code Manager Keenan will take over managing updates for both Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited, working towards an improved update schedule with a focus on giving as much information prior to features going live. Taufiq : Payment systems Taufiq will work on maintaining and looking at improving our payment integration systems over time, allowing us greater account control and flexibility to connecting these systems with ingame features. As mentioned as well, Daryl will be contracted to working on webmaster features, aiming to improve security and functionality within our web services, Alectrys and Enki have also been contracted in their respective positions of testing and Head Game Master, allowing them to continue to dedicate the necessary time to the role and ensure that Wurm continues to improve!. Birthdays! My birthday is today, just saying (I like shiny things!). But more importantly, Wurm celebrates its 10th year since turning gold on the 6th of June 2006 (I saw The Omen that day!) We're already working on some projects to celebrate the occasion, and hope you're all as excited as we are! Starter deed competition. We've had a few entries into the starter deed competition, but many were left unattempted. I expected more for Xanadu but the small number just means we can run more later on! We'll continue to keep an eye out for design contests so you can all flex your creative muscles and show off just what is capable in wurm! The corresponding entries are here: Community Content This weeks community content is something I found when visiting a player. Enki will be very pleased! Thats all for this week, with the staff changes things may be a bit hectic and slow over the next week or two, but soon we'll be back in gear with more info on Rifts, PvP changes, and maybe even a fancy potato sack or two! Till then, keep on Wurming! Retrograde and the Wurm Team.
  8. Hi everyone, I hate to start off the weekly news on a sad note but as previously announced at the start of this week, both Alex (Haradur) and Erik (ErikN) are moving on from Code Club, with Alex's final day being today and Erik leaving later on in the month. They've both been instrumental in shaping Wurm, with their contributions and vision having a massive impact on how the game is today. To learn more about both Alex and Erik, feel free to check out their interviews here: This does mean that things have been rather quiet this week, with them both working on tidying up some loose ends on their respective projects, but there has been some tinkering regarding how our team works! But first... Patch notes Contracting Crew We are in the process of contracting several existing developers to take over vital parts of the production and development of Wurm as well as other non developer positions for other important tasks in keeping Wurm running. This means that the workload will continue to be shared with our awesome dev team getting some recognition for the tireless work they do. There's been some big changes suggested with taking over these roles, and I can't wait to see what comes of them. Once the positions are finalised we will let you all know! PvP changes I know I know, each restart has you all on the edge of your seats, but worry not! While there's plenty of changes still in discussion, some have been decided upon and should start rolling in next week (cough Information Minister cough). Some of these changes may take time as we go through the process, but they will start rolling in with the updates soon! Pristines Treasure Despite a tiny hiccup at the start, the Pristine hunt was a whole lot of fun, watching players strain their necks trying to look at upside down map pieces, and travel across the entire server. It's always great watching the players come together for events like these, and we're always looking at new ways to kill entertain you all. Moderating the forum is fun, I swear! Firestarter is working tirelessly in improving the way we moderate on the forums and he needs your help! We're still looking for volunteers to join the forum team. If you spend a lot of time flicking through the forums, want to help out and join the Wurm team, this is the position for you, apply here: Community Content! This weeks community content is a shot I nabbed of Odynn's mountain deed, Midgard. Truly one of the most awesome looking castle builds I've seen, I know Odynn is eagerly awaiting cave dwellings like the rest of you, and I can't wait to see what all of you come up with! That's it from me for this week, I hope you all have an awesome weekend and I'll see you all next time! Retrograde and the Wurm team.
  9. Hi Everyone! Another week goes by in the world of Wurm, and once again the weekend is here, but before that, lots of juicy news! This week saw an update that didn't quite go as planned, an improvement on some systems was introduced but caused too much server lag, we reverted the change and will work in refining the system for a future update Wurm Unlimited also saw an update, with two beta patches going live this week. We're aware of the issue with double text and will have that resolved in a hotfix soon. Wurm Online Patch Notes Wurm Unlimited Patch Notes You live WHERE?! Now normally I don't showcase features unless they're coming in soon, but with Wurm Unlimited update, there was a slight surprise in the code, so I'm giving you all a sneak peek of a feature that Tich is working tirelessly on... Underground homes! That's right, all you dwarven types and cave dwellers will be able to get cosy underground. This feature is a major work in progress, so there is currently NO ETA on when it will go live, but it looks like it will bring a bunch of other awesome things our way too. So stay tuned for further updates as time goes on, but until then here's a sneak peek at them. A kingdoms passing This week we all received the news that the HOTS pmk Black Legion, on Chaos has been disbanded and removed. Black Legion was founded in early 2014, and was of course the kingdom with the widely recognised black banners and wagons. We congratulate The Empire of Mol Rehan for their vidtory in draining the final deed as well as the other kingdoms for clashes in the past, and wish those from the Black Legion good luck in their revenge! We're also aware that there are issues with the banners/wagons reverting and losing the Black Legion design, we're looking at how this can be avoided, but currently do not have an answer as to whether it is possible, or will be done. New CR Assistant! I'd like to introduce my new Community Relations Assistant, Aniceset! She will be helping me keep an eye on important topics and also seen around performing various tasks and muttering about me under her breath, be sure to make her feel welcome! Weekly question This weeks screenshot is from the Black Legion recruitment thread, a small holiday greeting from the now faded kingdom That's it for this week, I look forward to dropping in this weekend and spending some time with you all Until then, keep on wurming! -Retrograde Community Relations Coordinator
  10. Weekly News #12 State of War

    Hi Everyone! It's the Easter long weekend here, and I hope everyone is having a good time! We've got a lot in this weeks news, and I'm sure you're all itching to hear about it, from the PvP changes to cave dwellings, so let's get stuck in! But first... JAVA SECURITY WARNING This week it was announced that there was a security issue in the current version of java, we highly recommend you update as soon as you can, for more info, check here: Patch Notes: Wurm Online Wurm Unlimited PvP changes After a week of discussion with the dev team, we have compiled a list of changes that we feel help improve the current mechanics on PvP servers, as well as paving the way for a larger update later on in the year. These changes are now open for discussion and feedback, and we will work with you over the following week to ensure that they are positive changes! The full list of proposed changes can be found in our feature feedback thread here: Easter! Easter is upon us, and that means several things, namely, the Easter bunny! The bunny will now spawn automatically on easter, rather than requiring being summoned. They will spawn around the starter deed, so keep your eyes peeled! Easter Impalong. There's an impalong at the amazing Hill of Swedes deed on Deliverance this weekend, with Daash and co. putting on a tremendous setup, one of my favourite impalong locations so far (Okay, I'll admit, they've all been my favourite). Already some strange mobs have been sighted, as well as the sound of GM's chuckling as they assault the poor Wurmians. I'll be popping in from time to time over the weekend and hope to see you all there! Cave dwellings public testing! This weekend is the launch of our public testing for cave dwellings! I've been working hard this week on setting up a huge cavern for you all to jump in and build your very own home underground, but thats not all... We'll be hosting a special giveaway for those who have jumped on and tested it out, upon testing, you'll be able to fill in a quick survey about your experience and ensuring that it all went smoothly. Five lucky testers will be selected to win a prize of five sleep powders, with 1 winner receiving a grand prize of a beautiful rare 90quality silver pickaxe, with a cast of 100 Blessings of the Dark! Perfect for getting your cave ready for the mansion you'll be building! The thread with all the info will go live early tomorrow in the public testing board, so make sure you check it out! I spy with my little eye, something beginning with T, it's a treasure hunt! Enki has put together a wonderfully fun hunt for next weekend on Pristine, I tested it myself and it proved to be quite entertaining. If you're a professional Treasure hunter, or a master at I spy, or just awesome at jigsaw puzzles, this hunt is bound to be your kind of thing! The hunt starts on March 33... You'll have to ask Enki about that one. Weekly question Weekly user content This week we look at the first of a long range of tutorial videos made by Moot Red, a streamer who has spent his time teaching new players to both Wurm Unlimited and Wurm Online how to survive in the complicated in-depth world that is Wurm. I thoroughly advise checking out his entire series! That's it from me for this week, I'll be around on the forums and at the impalong, as well as spending Easter with family, I hope you all have an awesome Easter weekend, and may you spend your days grinding in the sweet spot! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  11. Weekly News #11 Fly me to the moon

    Hi everyone, and a belated Top o' the morning to you all! Another week has passed in the world of Wurm, and that means it's news time again! This week we look at a new moon in the sky, upcoming changes to the tutorial server, and announce the winners of our social media comp. But enough of that, the news! Patch Notes: That's no moon... Oh wait, it totally is Several keen astronomers have sighted a new moon in the night sky! After a long period of time in the blind spot Haven is now visible, and with it some exciting changes! We plan on introducing more information behind the mystery of Haven as time goes on, but the first change is slightly obvious given the examine text... Golden Valley 2.0 We have started working on the foundation of a new tutorial and will be replacing the Golden Valley map that is currently live. Currently the project is still in its early stages, with planning and preperation being done before introducing the new map. As Golden Valley is also the login server, migrating databases is a little tricky, so due to this we will simply be changing the map with all items and buildings remaining. We will then have the current tutorial operating while we build the new tutorial behind the scenes. Current "Golden Valley" accounts will be teleported to the tutorial while we work on the new tutorial, and any deeds on the server will be disbanded. decay will also be raised in order to clear remaining items and buildings out. From there we will begin work on building the new tutorial. Once the new tutorial is finished, Golden Valley accounts will once again be able to roam. This will be occuring in the next few months, depending on how quickly planning progresses, and will include a week or two warning prior to the actual change. Once we retire the current map it will be available to download for Wurm Unlimited servers, it will have all roads and terraforming/mines in it, but no buildings. Stepping up. As mentioned last week, Solmark has stepped down as Lead Forum Moderator, to enjoy a peaceful retirement as a CA. I'm pleased to announce that Firestarter has filled the shoes of LFM, with Pandalet taking over as Assistant LFM. We will continue to work closely to ensure that practices remain as transparent and smoothly operating as possible. State of war! After a month of jumping in and out of PvP chats, I have finished my PvP review and forwarded it on to the development team, who almost took my hand with it! We will discuss this most likely on Monday or Tuesday, and have something ready to put forward next week in regards to changes and outlines, so stay tuned! The sky is falling! This week saw a fix for caves that had large spaces with floors that weren't reinforced. This affected a few players negatively, and was quickly removed. We apologise for the inconvenience caused, and I have arranged with the GM team that any heratige sites that have had veins appear from this issue can have them removed via support ticket. Please note this is for heratige sites only. Wurm Unlimited giveaway! Over the past two weeks we've had a giveaway for Wurm Unlimited keys to celebrate offline mode. The number of applications has been amazing, and I'm pleased to announce the five winners are: Don S. Mirka T. Bruce H. Erik B. Sylvia F. If you didn't win (which according to the maths is well over 99% of you) Wurm Unlimited is currently 40% off, it ends soon so get in quick! Weekly question Weekly screenshot This weeks screenshot is from our CA Seedlings St Patricks Day sale. Seedlings sold Green forester hats with a competition requiring players to submit screenshots of themselves wearing said hats (damn commercialisation!) The entire thread can be found here! That's it from me this week, I hope you all have an awesome weekend, and may the rare rolls be ever in your favour! Retrograde and the Wurm team.
  12. Weekly News #9 Catching up

    Hi Everyone! It's been a busy week here, with march finally upon us. There's a lot still going on but it's all a little while away, so this we'll be looking at some of the changes this week and also some of the events and competitions! Patch notes Wurm Unlimited Single player mode comes to Wurm Unlimited! This week saw Offline, or single player mode come to Wurm Unlimited. Players are now able to play Wurm Unlimited without any connection to the internet, you can also direct connect via IP, so you'll be able to play on a local network! To celebrate this, I'm also hosting a giveaway of five Steam keys, if you want the chance to win one for you, or a friend, enter your details here! Kingdom titles minimum requirement Due to popular feedback we have adjusted the minimum requirement of premium accounts in a pmk, the new minimum requirement for titles to work will be adjusted to 10 premium players. This may change as the game progresses, depending on the populations of the PvP servers. This update will go live early next week. Changes to the starter deed contest! We've made some adjustments to the starter deed competition, with the following alterations: Removed all restrictions on wall types, all walls are able to be used. Maximum of 300 house walls All building resources will be provided by GM's, players can still craft everything and have their signature and some items may require players to provide the materials. Players may either tender just a design, or enter to build as well. Design winners will be marked by commemorative signs, if the winners also build the design they will receive a rare trowel or mallet made of a unique material. We hope these changes open up the entry field, and allow those without as much time to enter, as well as making it easier to build, we'd love to see you all building, rather than pumping out the bricks! So if you'd like to get in on the action, check out our starter thread here: Unstable client This week saw a new unstable client release with some major changes; the development team has worked hard on optimising the .WOM model format, as well as changing the way models are loaded and unloaded. This has led to remarkable improvements on heavy load areas, as well as that dastardly travel lag, while it hasnt removed it altogether, please do try out the new client and tell us how you go. Pending feedback, it will come to the stable client next week. Treasure hunt review! The treasure hunt last weekend was a lot of fun for all involved as players uncovered the mysteries behind the first explorers of Celebration. The hunt is still open this weekend but will close this monday, so get in quick, and you receive a unique copper flask for finishing! Weekly question This week has two questions, as I'm quite curious about them! This screenshot is from Wurm Unlimited of a champion Lava spider casting a glow on the sea as it eyes the sailor passing in the night, another piece I wouldn't mind on my wall!
  13. Weekly News #5 Good Neigh-bours

    Another busy week in the world of Wurm, with most of the focus being on the movement fixes. We made the decision to avoid adding in updates that could compound the issue, allowing us to spend as much time as possible on the tweaking of the system. The majority of issues have been resolved server side, but if you continue to experience these issues, please post on the forums and share all information you can. We also decided that the graphics update would delayed slightly to avoid issues with the multiple restarts. With the majority of the movement issues resolved the new graphics pack with .wom models has now gone live, so expect your next update to be a little longer, and plan accordingly. Patch notes: Wurm Unlimited Everybody needs good Neigh-bours! That's right! Long discussed, long anticipated, and slightly leaked, the beautiful new horse types designed by our very own Wurmian Malena are live! You will see Blood bays, Jet blacks, and Piebald pintos as foals and spawning in the wild on super rare chances. I personally cannot wait for my next mount, I think ill go Jet black... or maybe blood bay.... or maybe piebald pinto.... Lead the way! And other things. Despite the majority of updates and features being placed on hold this week, one or two did sneak in. A big change is removing the loss of leading when embarking on a mount, or on a vehicle as the captain. No longer will embarking cause those bison to scatter, or sailing around trying to line up those horses in the sea! There was also an update that went live with the client that allows you to deselect something in a window by double clicking on empty space within the same window, this removes the blue highlight bar, but keeps any activated items. The plan! I know things have been quiet since our plan for a plan post and the following Q&A, but rest assured, work continues! A lot of the items in the list are very delicate, or expansive changes and additions, so it's important that we discuss as much of it as possible between us, before presenting the fleshed out information to you all. Work progresses steadily, and I know that while not much has come out as of now, there is plenty to come in the next month or two. Weekly Question Weekly artwork! This weeks screenshot is a a throwback to the old "Good Idea/Bad Idea" from Animaniacs (I loved that show), again by NESgamepro (Does he play the game or just make weird art for it?) We'd love to see your "Good Idea Bad Idea"s for Wurm too! That's it for this week folks, I hope you all enjoy the beautiful weather, find your favourite new horse colour, and as always, keep on Wurming! - Retrograde and the Wurm team
  14. Weekly News #2 Short 'n' Sweet

    Hi everyone! Welcome to the second edition of weekly news for 2016! This week has been fairly quiet in regards to upcoming updates, a lot is being worked on, but unfortunately little is near enough to completion to show. After all, teasers are fun, but no one likes waiting too long! Patch notes First Person Wurming The unstable client now has a special First Person Mode, currently consisting of allowing you to look around with the mouse without left clicking, that turns off when opening windows such as your inventory or containers. We're looking at adding default context sensitive actions to this feature too, meaning chopping a tree is as simple as left clicking a tree tile with a hatchet activated! While we're looking at actions we can add, we do not have a deadline as to when they will be ingame, so watch this space! Wurm bridges are falling down!... Sorta. After a few threads questioning the height requirements for bridges, I inquired into these limits and potential changes. The reason for these limits are mostly to do with making sure that the support models look right, so, naturally, we've tried removing them. The test server has bridge requirement heights on arches removed, so please jump on and make sure they work properly, if all goes well, we can get the limit removed ingame! Danger Will Robinson! Sick of missing messages in the event log? Soon you won't have to! Erik is working on displaying important messages in the center of your screen, meaning easier notifications for you, and better results, check the image for an example. If you have any ideas for messages you'd like to see displayed here, let us know! Your ranch is HOW big? Often We all wonder just how many animals of one type there are on a server. In order to sate my curiosity, I snuck into the server rooms with my trusty abacus, and I found out some crazy facts! Xanadu has almost 16000 named horses. There is only one bred pig on desertion Only one percent of the bison on affliction are bred Independence has over three and a half thousand tower guards Someone on Release is breeding mountain lions Xanadu has over 500 merchants Elevation has more hens than any other server bar Xanadu Deliverence has more bred dogs than any other server bar Xanadu There is only ONE seal cub on Xanadu Definitely interesting, definitely odd, that's for sure! Weekly Artworks This weeks screenshot(s) come courtesy of the Wurm Unlimited artwork page, where NESGamepro has decided to put his talent to use. The first screenshot is a slight alteration of Edvard Munch's "The Scream". You can see a Wurm bridge, as well as a knarr in the background. The second artwork, is, well, odd. We choose not to ask too many questions, but all hope that NESGamepro is okay. That's it for this week folks! I'll be popping ingame from time to time to check up on you all, and as usual, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to get in touch! Until then though, keep on Wurming! -Retrograde Community Relations Coordinator
  15. Greetings! I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season, and I hope you're all back in the mood to get some heavy duty Wurming done! This week we're easing back into the news with the in-house dev team not fully returned from the Christmas/New year break, but that doesnt mean we dont have things to show you! Patch notes Clarification: It's been raised that one PVP related patch note caused some confusion - Made removing reinforcements to be never for enemies and unlawful players as was too easy.. To clarify, this is referring to mining actions only, reinforcements can still be removed via disintegrate after draining the token. New years events! We had some awesome events over the New year, with fireworks, a lot of wine (And many *BURP*s) and some trivia, players won unique little knick knacks and items made of unusual materials (oak toolbelt? steel meditation rug? crazy!) Treasure hunt The long anticipated treasure hunt of Xanadu is back on! Vali has eliminated the pesky bugs that caused issues the first time around, and while there may be some lag, we expect the hunt to operate properly now. The hunt starts at 4PM UTC (not server time!) on the 9th, with the same details as before, all starter towns will have a portal to the main hunt, so get ready to get lost! Riding shotgun You'll now be able to take your BFF for a ride on the wagon with you in style, the passenger will have a unique view, from the back! The passenger will be perched upon the tail of the wagon, and get to watch the Wurm world go by, and also tell you about the trolls, spiders, bears and hellhounds chasing you.... Weekly question We have our planned PVP kingdom interviews coming up, but we'd like to know what YOU want to ask the kings of the various factions fighting for dominance, so leave your suggestion here and you might see the kings asked! Weekly media This weeks screenshot is a picture of the celebration at Esteron, each player was given some fireworks to let off, I think I got most of them! That's all for this week. 2016 is shaping up to be a massive year for Wurm, and I can't wait to show you what we have in store! Keep on Wurming! Retrograde and the Wurm team.
  16. News #90 It's Waiting...

    Christmas is coming! And with that is end of year celebrations with my favourite people, Wurmians! This weeks updates have seen better newbie weapons (Reports are that pheasants are contacting their union) as well as priest spell keybinds, which have been a much desired addition. But something is stirring in the depths of Xanadu.... Xanadu Treasure Hunt As the year draws to a close, Vali and Enki have reported uncovering something in the depths of Xanadu. Little exploring has been possible as those who enter rarely return sane, though what we have gathered so far is this is by far the largest and most expansive labyrinth seen. We need your help unearthing the mysterys of this place and solving the ancient puzzle. To help with this, portals will be placed at ALL Xanadu spawn locations, as well as the impalong. The prize pool has been increased, with participation prizes as well as a unique achievement to mark a year of these hunts. So get your maps, your food and water, and prepare yourself! Impalongs! The xanadu impalong is already underway this weekend, with an amazing monument to Oracle, check out the impalong info here As well as milosanx's video if it here! The independence Christmas impalong is also kicking off this weekend, with games (including the famed Deal or no Deal hosted by none other than Gumbo!) I'll be showing up, and trying my hand at a few games too, so be sure to check that out and take a picture with your favourite Community Relations Coordinator! Social Media Comp! Our Facebook and Twitter giveaway finishes today, with the winners being sent a Steam key for Wurm Unlimited. The winners were notified via direct message, so make sure you check your messages to see if you won! News Hiatus As the next two fridays are Christmas Day and New Years Day, we will most likely be not doing our regular news posts. We look forward to coming back in 2016 after the holiday period. Weekly screenshot I happened to stumble across this when visiting the Xanadu Impalong, a beautiful monument for Oracle, who played with the owners of this deed, it's amazing what players can make, and we cannot wait to see what the new year brings! That's it for this week and indeed for 2015, it's been a crazy year, and I for one am looking forward to what 2016 brings for Wurm Online. Until then, keep on Wurming! Retrograde and the Wurm Online team.
  17. News #89 Watch out for the foggz!

    It's been a long week full of feedback, updates and fun here with the wurm team. We've been working hard on collecting your feedback and putting together our plans for the next few months. This weeks headline comes from a saying our former Head Game Master was fond of, as explained by a GM. Huge update this week, with plotting courses, spiral staircases and halter ropes! Developer Q&A, plans Our dev Q&A was an awesome hit, I know I didn't get to everyones questions but I thank you all for turning up. We continue to take feedback on our developer plans, working out what you all feel about certain possibilities, and identifying where more informatiion could help. We'll continue to monitor this over the weekend and work on a finalised plan by next week hopefully. The developer notes are here: The Q&A log is available here: Wurm Unlimited giveaway! Want to win a free steam key for Wurm Unlimited? I'll be giving away FIVE keys via social media over the weekend. For Twitter users, tweet @wurmonline with the hashtag #WhyIWurm and tell us what inspires you in the game. For Facebook users, reply to the post and tell us who in Wurm inspires you! I have two keys to give away Via Twitter, and three via Facebook. There's something in the fog... During the Q&A we spoke about our hopeful plans for remembering our Head Game Master, Oracle. Saroman has been tinkering on a model, and it's now time to announce it! As is well known amongst our older players, Oracle was someone who loved fog, sending it billowing across the servers, warning players to watch out for the fearsome fog spiders. I, on behalf of the entire Wurm team am now pleased to present the fog spider! (spoiler for phobias) The fog spider will spawn during fog, and will be included in phobia mode, so if you suffer from that, you'll still be able to turn it into a cute little blob. Expect to see it ingame within the next few weeks. Treasure hunt. Something has been found on Xanadu, we sent our best explorers, Spellcast and Enki in to find out what was inside, they came out unable to speak and refuse to talk of what they saw in there. Luckily, on the 19th, portals will open from all starting towns (as well as the impalong) for all Wurmians to explore it! It'll be a minimal combat maze, so don't be afraid to show up! Suggested equipment includes water, some armour, a trail of breadcrumbs and a sturdy resolve. Ingame I've popped in and chatted with a few Wurmians in freedom this week, if you want to give me a tour of your deed, or just want to chat, keep your eyes peeled for me in GL-Freedom (In a lovely lavender.) Weekly question There's been some pretty spectacular vistas in wurm, what view makes you feel at home? This weeks screenshot is a lovely shot of Sol rising through the fog. Thats all for this week, See you ingame! Retrograde
  18. News #87 Take a load off

    It's been a bumpy week with an unexpected forum update, we're still ironing out a few bugs (one unfortunately delayed this news, it got what was coming to it).We hope stability improves and the issues are resolved. This weeks updates: Wox leaves the Wurm team. It is with sadness today that we announce the departure of Emil "Wox" Norman from the Wurm Online team. Emil has been with us since 2010 and has had an extremely strong influence on the look and feel of the game since then. He is responsible for the current player and new unique models as well as countless additions and updates between. He has been an invaluable member of the in-house team and will be missed. We would like to thank Emil for his contributions to the game, and wish him the best in his future endeavours. (Fingers crossed on a new metal album). Rest assured this does not mean there will be less models or content, Saroman will be replacing Emil as lead art director and will continue to produce and source quality artwork. Forum update as you know the forum software was upgraded last friday, this caused a few bumps in the look and feel of the forums, but we now have our custom theme back. We'll be continuing to make slight alterations to it as time goes on, but the major parts have been implemented. Take a load off! Our tireless development team has been tinkering with many things under the hood, but I'm pleased to leave this little teaser of an upcoming feature: At the moment the focus is on simply adding the ability to sit, but there has been discussion about possible mechanics down the line, so stay tuned! Treasure hunt! Once again Spellcast will be hosting a treasure hunt on Pristine. the time has been set for 10pm UTC+1, so be there! Weekly screenshot and question With the departure of Wox we have taken a stroll down memory lane to look at some older screenshots of Wurm, which leads us to this weeks screenshot and question. Screenshot This screenshot has been provided by Yaga, and shows a freedom player standing infront of a fountain, with some wooden houses in the background That's all for this week, happy Wurming! Retrograde and the Wurm team.
  19. Hey Everyone! You join us this week under the premise of a new title and a little bit of a theme. Firstly, we've decided to change the format of the title to just be News, the number of the post and some information about what's inside. That way, you know what's in every news post and they'll also be easier to keep track of, especially now that the Weekly Update titles have gone on for over a year and some have the same number. Secondly, as we discussed last week, dev focus for the next few months will be on bugs and small updates. We came up with a theory that if a news header is worth doing, then it's probably worth over-doing... The B Word Hmm... Boats? Bridges?! Bugs! Starting from this week, we'll also be including all of the week's patch notes in the weekly news, which ought to help you keep on top of them. In un-noted news, devs have also began work on a server management tool to generally help with maintenance. Fixes that apply to all servers will be in black, to purely PvP servers in blue and to purely PvE servers in green, which will make it easier to work out what applies to you. 1/6/15: Changed display of received mail items, so can look in containers Fix so cannot charm animals when you are not allowed to tame them Merchants no longer may be threatened from another floor level Attempted fix for mycelium spreading to lawns Relaxed the checks for structures blocking tunnelling Allow fungus spell to work on lawn Fix for deity loss due to alignment changes A bug with faithful setting on spells was fixed 2/6/15: Fix so ballista darts do damage Creatures may now be blocked by doors when entering from bridges War machines now work a bit better against bridges but still needs tweaking 4/6/15: Removed enchant decay on weapons due to extreme rarity but overwhelming impopularity. Humid drizzle should now properly save the disease state when used so that it doesn’t reset on server restarts. Added marble planters as craftables. Should function in the same way as flowerpots. Possible fix for minedoors not opening for enemies trying to enter shortly after passing. Skillgain for battle camp guards were brought in line with kingdom guards. Fixed so water doesn’t get the rarity when tempering and improving. Fixed so you now can select a player when hovering over their face mask or ring. Fixed bug in skill tracker where the “show progress to next skill†button is always unchecked by default. Fixed for client crashing with out of bounds. Permissions We have a few news updates on the permissions changes that Tich is currently working on. In the long term, Tich will be working on new permissions options for *deep breath*: settlement roles, buildings, ships, wagons, carts, gates, mine doors, house doors (likely to be last due to complexity) and (potentially) animals. It's a comprehensive set of updates that will give far greater control over your possessions. This week, Tich has a preview of the new settlement roles window to share. Existing options are combined with an easier to use UI and a number of useful new permissions, such as "harvest fields," "modify buildings" and "mine iron veins." As with the old system, permissions are configurable for every role, allowing a huge number of possibilities - ranging from only allowing skilled farmers to harvest fields while letting newer players tend them for skill, to allowing the modification of buildings without allowing a citizen to build new buildings. We expect the new permissions features to come out over the next few months, either steadily or in groups. There are still a number of problems to solve, including more difficult tasks like how to get boat permissions to co-operate with changing servers - but it looks like it'll all be well worth the wait! New Clothing Items We also have some new clothing items to share this week. Wox has been hard at work on some new shirts for the fashionable Wurmian! They may be liable to changes before release and will be a part of a wider range of new clothing items. Serendipity Bridge, Deliverance Building new bridges around previously bridge-less servers seems to be making for a few big community projects, and so we're going to get into a habit of featuring a bridge every week for a little while. Serendipity bridge on Deliverance connects the Serendipity Peninsula with the Deliverance mainland. The main segment is a staggering 36 tiles long, just two off of the maximum. Has anyone built a single bridge that's longer yet, and who has the longest of each material type? Credits go to the Deli community and Yaga for the organisation. You can find out more here. Screenshot of the Week Lastly, it's time for our favourite weekly screenshot and is bridge-related too, and this week's is courtesy of Journeya. We really liked their creative use of bridges as roofs and archways, which isn't a way that we expected to see them used! More pictures of the building are here, including its roof made from bridge which is also worth a look. That concludes the 67th Weekly News of Wurm Online. 67, 'ey? How time flies when you're having fun. Happy Wurming!
  20. News #86 The little things

    It's been a long hot week down here, so I've been dreaming of the white snowy forests of wurm, but some pesky heat won't stop the news! Weekly Patch Notes This week has seen updates to both Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited, the complete patch notes are available here: Wurm Online: Wurm Unlimited: Restructuring of CA team As hinted previously, we can now announce some changes within the staff team! From now on, the Community Assistant team will come under Community Relations. Chat Moderators and Game Masters will still come under their respective leads. There's still some reshuffling under the hood to do but we look forward to showing you just what these changes will bring! We will be looking at taking on applications soon. Xsolla now taking amazon payments We are pleased to announce that Xsolla now accepts Pay with Amazon, meaning you can easily pay with information already stored in your Amazon account. November community event! Once again, Spellcast has been hard at work tinkering on a new hunt on Pristine for suckers Wurmians to get lost on! The time and date have not yet been formalised, but we'll be there taking part in the fun with you all! Weekly feedback question: Starting this week we'll be asking a question in each news mostly as a way for you to share feedback about specific subjects. This week has seen some amazing quality of life updates including the smelter, harvestable trees now being displayed, and slabs now being able to fit in bulk containers. With this in mind we'd like to ask, what would be your biggest Quality of Life improvement in Wurm? Weekly Screenshot Artwork This weeks artwork is one from an entire thread of hilarious watercolours by Namekat, this one in particular named "Devildog drops his wand of the sea to make a reverse island on land and poor Namekat is trapped in a pit of horrific brown bear demons. Good King Gary lowers his mighty old man beard to save his favourite son while Smeagain and Devildog blast the bears with their op spells. " The entire series of artworks can be seen here. That's it for this week, see you all same time next week! Retrograde and your Friendly Neighbourhood Community Relations team
  21. I think would be great if you could make the update and patch notes topic a clickable subtopic in the Unlimited Discussion forum. Showing the same as the mods and such in the other WU topics.
  22. News #85 Linux and community events

    Ah, Friday the 13th, a day of good luck! It's been a busy week here under the hood with the newly formed Community Relations team. We're looking at how to incorporate both Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited in the news with some ideas but nothing concrete yet, so expect the news to cover both sides of the Wurm coin for now! Patch notes November 11, 2015 Fix so enemies on PvP servers don’t get unlock option on building doors.Fix so practice doll has to be on ground to be used.Fix so mycelium spreads on pvp servers. November 10, 2015 Fix for citizen group not working correctly for structure permissions. It was only working on deed, now should also work off deed.Removed bulk containers 5% decay when its on a deed with over a months upkeep.Removed option to “add to crafting window†for kiln, gnomes and lairs.Fix so a non-villager can grow hedges using wild growth if have correct permissions.Fix for unlocked attached boatlocks and padlocks. E.g. they are also locked when attached to something, this is to help with some going unlocked on crossing servers.Changed so summoning a worg, removes any current pets. This should stop people have multiple pets after casting summon worg.Fix so planted items are always moveable and turnable by the person who planted it.Added more items to the list of items that shouldn’t appear in sacrifice missions.Removed menu option to blow up a building.Cobra King and Lady of the Lake no longer should show up as mission targets.Added sanity checks for Hell Strength.Fix for branded creatures taking on kingdom from brand (PvP).Partial fix for chaos permissions. Feedback on what else needs doing required.Fix so small chests can be unlocked/locked whilst in inventory.Added gentle push/pull actions.Fix so cant trade merchant contract on that merchant.Fix so necklace, ring, bracelet, ball and chain will now form piles.Added destroy options for bell towers and snowmen.Fix so anyone who can manage a building can attach a lock.Fix to allow most enemy actions in buildings.Removed hunted status on non-home servers and non-pvp servers.Added a right-click option on tabs called ‘clear tab’. This will empty the content of the tab.Added gravel and floorboards to road type, so diagonal gravel and floorboards are now displayed correctly.Allow tile transitions to render when tile decorations/detail is on a lower value. E.g. Very Sparse is only setting that will not show tile transitions. Linux build! ErikN has proudly informed us that a beta Linux build is available for Wurm Unlimited! While Linux support has not been flagged on the store page, the beta build for linux is available on steam, simply select the beta branch before downloading. White drake hatchling slaying The white drake hatchling has been sighted in north east xanadu, with a community slaying planned for tomorrow. I'll be there to take screenshots of one of our many community slayings, so feel free to drop by, say hi and take part in poking a dragon with sharp objects Sign up here! Independence Christmas Impalong In the spirit of christmas coming way too early, we're excited to see plans being made for an end of year impalong, we'll certainly be keeping an eye on this event, and may even arrange a few surprises ourselves... Check it out here! Our screenshot of the week is a throwback to the halloween models, in this case a poor Polojordan learning just how it feels to have a zombie eat your brains. That's it for this weeks news, we still have a lot of changes in the Community Relations team coming and we're looking forward to announcing them all. If you have any suggestions for things you'd like to see in the weekly news please feel free to let me know! ###LATE BREAKING NEWS### I have just been informed that as part of the changes to fountain container functionality, an update coming shortly will include a smelting forge, with around twice the capacity of a regular forge. Keep your eyes peeled for it in game!. Regards, Retrograde
  23. News #84 Ch-ch-ch-changes

    Hello Everybody, Retrograde here with this weeks news. It's been a crazy week here in the Public Relations Community Relations room, with several big changes coming, but more on those shortly, first, the patch notes! November 5, 2015The legacy fountains inside smaller containers have been changed a bit. Their function is exactly the same as before in most respects but are named “unstable source riftâ€. These rifts will disappear in a bit more than a year from now. When they disappear any items inside will either end up in the container they are in at that time or outside on the ground if they don’t fit.Rifts are made from magic and not from stone, so they can not be improved.We will add features that compensate for the loss of most or all of the functionality that these provide up until then.November 2, 2015‘/tinvite <player>’ command has been added. This command lets you invite a player to your team. The player who is being invited must have /invitations turned on.Using archery target will no longer give double event messages.The ‘Shield of the Gone’ status icon will now appear properly, like the other meditation passive status icons.The /stuck command can no longer be used in combatThrowing hot liquids was balancedZombie milk was balanced Changes in staff The week ends with the departure of our PRO Docterchese, as well as our PRA and former PRO Wossoo, they will be both sadly missed. On a brighter note, Keenan, our Assistant Wurmpedia Manager has joined on as a developer, we look forward to his input in the game! Changing of PR team With the changes this week to the PR team we find ourselves able to make an important change in name as well as focus, from public relations and typical PR work to Community Relations, with a focus on improving communication with you all as well as engaging on social media and ingame too, so keep your eyes peeled for us in chats! For more information and to ask any questions check out the main thread here.We will most likely be changing how we present the news, but until we work out the format and how that will work we will be continuing this format as normal.(*May or may not include more Bowie references) Wurm Unlimited Work continues on Wurm Unlimited with the focus currently being releasing it in Linux, In the meantime players are already hard at work making their own mods, including one with a zebra! We peaked with nearly 2,000 simultaneous players this week, so It's amazing to see just how big this can get, be sure to leave your review too! Changes to BSB and FSB functionality on deed In line with our discussion last week about The removal of fountain containers, we're pleased to announce that from the next update, there will no longer be a 5% volume reduction on bulk storage bins, crates or food storage bins that are on deed with more than 30 days upkeep, as long as the upkeep is there, the items are there to stay. The containers themselves will decay as normal, so make sure you keep an eye on that! We cap off a big week of changes with the inclusion of an amazing Wurm Unlimited deed by Illuminatus on IRC, he's working hard to create a whole city filled with NPC's. We have an irc channel dedicated to Wurm Unlimited and just what is capable in it, be sure to check out #wurmunlimited if you're looking for inspiration.
  24. News #82: Wurm Unlimited Release!

    Hey everybody, Woah! What a busy week! But Wurm Unlimited is now out on Steam, and the Wurm franchise now has two games to its name. We haven't got much new stuff to talk about this week, so I'll use it as an opportunity to talk about our PR plans from here on out and make sure you know about all the things we want to do and keep doing with WU and WO. Starting from next week, we'll be posting the weekly news to Steam as well, and it'll be a slot shared by both WO and WU for talking about dev work on both games. It's because almost everything we develop for one game can and will be added to the other (things like graphics updates or new features,) and so it seems logical to share the news between the two. We'd also like to thank everyone, as players, for playing and contributing to Wurm thus far. There are many new journeys to be had with many new players - game on! The Week In Patch Notes There were a few small fixes over the past week, and amphorae and kilns were added too! 19/10:Fix for dragging unlocked small carts when you do not have an item active. Also applies to catapults. Fix for clay containers. Fix for rotating various items, e.g. large anvil. Fix for config twitter for villages. 20/10:Allow settlement may pass gates work even if some permissions exists for gate. Fix for feeling bad about bashing floors when you have modify permissions. Removed possibility to attack your own mount on PvE servers. You should now be able to invite offline players to your village using /recruit . The player should use the command /join. Check /help for reference. 22/10:Added Large and Small Amphora and Kiln. Possible fix for uneven creature distribution on large maps. Seeing the result of this will probably take a week or two and note that creatures usually don’t spawn in the vicinity of online players. Screenshot of the Week This week's screenshot was by Devily of his Temple of the Forgotten Gods. It looks really nice, especially in its soft shade of green light! That concludes this week's news. Come and join us aboard the Wurm train: we don't know where the next stop is, but we'll make it a good one
  25. News #83: The Week After

    Hey all! It's the week after! Wurm Unlimited happened and we're really happy with the feedback we've had. You, the players, have played, built and enjoyed the latest chapter in Wurm as a game. For those of you new around here, this is the Weekly News. Every week, we talk about what the devs have been working on, round up patch notes and talk about some community things too. Since both Unlimited and Online are very similar and will share the same updates, we're going to cover both ga,es in the weekly news from now on. There's not much to talk about this week as dev effort went towards bugfixing (which isn't entertaining or pretty.) A little birdy told me that birdcages went live in WO though (see what I did there?!*) *I don't always try to be funny. I should avoid it really.. The Week in Patch Notes Some things were added to WO including birdcages along with some fixes, while WU received a number of fixes (not all are listed here.) Wurm Online 29/1015 Fixed a minor issue with using tomes (for the first time), where it would check if you’re outside a mine, instead of inside. Kings now have two titles: their normal king title followed by their normal title. This normal title can be changed. Fix so kiln can be made indoors as not restricted them being used only outside. Added display of signature for ‘fire’ items, and added creator for kiln. Added sig for crates (as they were already on bsbs). Increased depth that tiles can be paved. Fixes for pvp (epic) permissions. Fix for some minedoors not being able to be remotely managed. Added birdcage. (PvE) Auto-add some permissions when an animal is branded. Added 1st tile of perimeter to Deed Planner map export. Fixed bug in Deed Planner related to deeds being shifted one tile horizontally while exporting. Wurm Unlimited 23/1015: Game Client Settings should now be saved correctly. The "Cancel Refresh" button will now be enabled on start. The Quit keybind will now unbind itself if bound to the F12 key. The Quit keybind will no longer default to the F12 key, uses F11 instead. Screenshot binding now defaults to F12. Server Missions should no longer be generated with the objective of slaying 0 creatures. Logs will now be created in the current server folder, for instance in Creative/Logs. Removed some logging that is no longer used. You can now change which steam query port to use, enabling multiple server instances on the same machine. NPCs should no longer stay in local chat when they die or are too far away. You should no longer start with the hatchet and carving knife equipped. Kilns should now be movable. Amphorae are now turn-able. Screenshot of the Week This week's cave dwelling was built by Caellon and pictured by Cayce. It's dark and evil, especially with the HotS flag! That concludes this week's news. Welcome to our weekly posts for anyone who's new!