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Found 7 results

  1. This suggestion starts with a disclaimer: I made this suggestion today in Freedom chat as a light hearted joke, but it has generated some interest and someone asked me if it was true. I just want to say none of this is currently implemented in game. Ore Sniffing Horses The basic idea is that horses with keen senses should be able to 'sniff' ores and veins when in a mine or on the surface. Different horse colours are able to 'sniff' different veins: Gold horses can sniff out gold veins Grey horses can sniff out flint Brown horses can sniff out iron Black horses can sniff out lead White horses - zinc Chestnuts - copper Black Silver - silver veins Ebony Blacks - slate Gold Buckskins - sandstone Piebalds - marble Skewbalds - rocksalt and so on.. When standing next to (or on a matching ore tile), the following message would appear: [09:06:41] The aged fat SilverHunting neighs loudly. If the Ore is 2 tiles away: [09:06:41] The old fat IronMan whinnies softly. If the Ore is 3 tiles away: [09:06:41] The adolescent fat FastGold sniffs inquisitively. This idea might also serve to regenerate horse sales - including finding a use for the older, or less popular colours I hope this has brought you all some amusement, I just want to clear up any confusion and reiterate: This is not implemented in game currently! xD
  2. 24s for all 2781 wood 5370 cotton 1747 wemp plants 1702 wool 2236 dirt 3536 marble shards 6830 mix ore 1696 hide + MORE
  3. PC following lumps: 1k ql99 iron 1k ql99 zink 1k ql99 silver Or does it get prices per 300 in a crate?
  4. sold, close please
  5. ________________________ Welcome to Fujiwara's Smithing Shop Mayor: Fujiwara Deed: Norika Location: Xanadu G24 Summerholt region Delivery COD prices Payment: sleep powder = 1.5s 1000 dirt = 1s 1000 peat = 1s 1000 bricks = 2s 1000 mortar = 3s Gold Products Statuette QL20=10c Sheets QL20=40c Altar QL20=1s Mine door 5s Chain barding QL20=1.5s QL50=3s QL70=5s Smithing Products Blacksmith tools are : File, Hammer, Hatchet, Leather knife, Metal brush, Needle, Rake, Pickaxe, Saw, Scissors, Shovel, Stone chisel, Trowel Blacksmith tools QL70=30c QL80=65c QL90=1.5 silver Needle QL50=40c QL60=50c QL70=70s QL80=1.3s QL90=2s Large & small Anvil QL50=60c QL60=80c QL70=1.3s QL80=2s QL90=3.5s Huge Bell QL30=90c Dredge QL25=60c Mooring Anchor QL30=25c Jewelery Pendulum QL20=20c Statuette QL20=25c Armour Chain Mail Set QL50: iron=1.0s, bronze=2.5s, gold=3.5s QL60: iron=2.0s, bronze=4.0s, gold=4.5s QL70: iron=3.0s, bronze=6.5s, gold=6.5s QL80: iron=4.6s, bronze=8.5s, gold=8.5s Animals / Equipment Bisons Bisons get a speed bonus on wagons, wiki If well fed, average speed is their max speed Speed on cart = 17.3 Speed on wagon = 18 Male 5-speed Bison=1s Female 5-speed Bison=5s Horses 5-speed=1.5s Horse Shoe (Full Set) QL52=80c (20c/shoe) QL72=1.4s (35c/shoe) QL82=2.8s (70c/shoe) QL90=6.0 s (1.5s/shoe) Chain Barding QL51=1s QL72=1.8s QL90=3.0s Priest / Enchanted Grass Magranon Casts Travel fee = 50 copper 1 mole sense = 1s 1 strongwall cast = 1s Supply 100ql gem or 40 doorlock = 50 copper Enchanted Grass 1 cast = 1s Lights Lantern QL50=60c QL60=80c QL70=1s QL80=1.5s QL90=2.2s QL92=3.2s Brass Oil Lamp QL60=80c QL70=1.5s QL80=2s Q90=Not available Iron Lamps and Torches QL30=10c QL40=20c QL50=35c QL60=55c QL70=70c QL80=1s QL90=2.0s Hanging Lamps QL20: bronze=15c, brass=15c QL30: copper=10c, bronze=25c, brass=25c, silver=20c, gold=45c QL40: copper=20c, bronze=50c, brass=50c, silver=40c, gold=60c QL50: copper=35c, bronze=70c, brass=70c, silver=60c, gold=80c QL60: copper=55c, bronze=90c, brass=90c, silver=80c, gold=1s QL70: copper=70c, bronze=1.3s, brass=1.3s, silver=1.1s, gold=1.5s QL80: copper=1s, bronze=1.9s, brass=1.9s, silver=1.7s, gold=2.4s Ore Iron QL50=1.0s per 100 kg lumps QL60=1.2s per 100 kg lumps QL70=1.8s per 100 kg lumps QL80=4.0s per 100 kg lumps QL90=8.0s per 100 kg lumps Copper QL60=1.5s per 100 kg lumps QL70=2.0s per 100 kg lumps QL80=4.0s per 100 kg lumps QL90=6.0s per 100 kg lumps Bronze QL30=1.5s per 10kg QL40=2.5s per 10kg QL50=4.0s per 10kg QL60=5.5s per 10kg QL70=7.5s per 10kg QL80=9.9s per 10kg Silver QL30=1.0s per 10kg QL40=1.5s per 10kg QL50=2.1s per 10kg QL60=2.8s per 10kg QL70=4.0s per 10kg QL80=6.0s per 10kg Gold QL30=1.2s per 10kg QL40=2.5s per 10kg QL50=4.0s per 10kg QL60=5.5s per 10kg QL70=7.0s per 10kg QL80=9.0s per 10kg
  6. As many higher level players are finding, life with a new toon and no magical high level support is quite brutal Thus I'd like to propose a change to an existing mechanic that would help solve a problem somewhat, namely the iron shortage. Currently rummaging tiles is quite popular for finding iron and I think it would be nice to extend this in the following ways :- 1. Give rummage its own skill (maybe create another skill named "geology" and place mining, prospecting and rummage under it) and keybind 2. Allow rummaging inside caves with a mining action next to a tile having a chance to restore the rummage chance on that tile. 3. Expand the kind of materials you can find using rummage, maybe unlocking different "rocks" at different levels (Iron L0 (0.2 yield), Copper L20 (0.2 yield), Lead L26 (0.2 yield), Tin L32 (0.1 yield), Zinc L38 (0.2 yield), Silver L50 (0.02 yield), Gold L70 (0.02 yield)) with targeted rummaging unlocking at level 30 and double find rummaging at level 60. 4. Optional extra - give gems a rare chance to be found while rummaging (levels akin to mining)
  7. The deed of Ghosly Willow is selling tons of items to help pay for deed upkeep. ALL PRICES CAN BE NEGOTIATED! (not sure how much things are worth) More items will be added all the time. Animals: (you may come and check them out before buying) 3 Aged Horses (one black, one grey, one tan) - 20 Iron Each 3 Venerable Horses (one dark brown, two grey) - 30 Iron Each 1 Adolescent Horse (black) - 40 Iron Copper 2 Aged Bulls - 20 Iron 1 Adolescent Bull - 25i 1 Cow - 25i 1 Aged Female Dog - 1i Crops - None Yet Ores: Iron Ore (QL 14 - 30) (30) 10i (200) 2c Marble (QL ?) (20) 10 Iron (100) 2c Goods: (NOT MADE YET, THESE ARE MADE TO ORDER! PLEASE WAIT A FEW DAYS TO A WEEK FOR COMPLETION DEPENDING ON SIZE OF ORDER) Planks (Pinewood or Maple) - (100) 30c (1k) 1s Planks (Willow or Oak) - (50) 30c (500) 1s Stone Bricks - (100) 30c (1k) 1s Mortar - (100) 30c (1k) 1s (CURRENTLY OUT OF CLAY AND SAND TO MAKE THESE SORRY, PLEASE WAIT) (you can order other things so tell me) (IF I DONT HAVE CHARACTERS WORKING YOU MAY ORDER WORK) SnowKinge: WORKING GhostlyKaylaMae: WORKING Misc: (items can be sold in bulk) (the items in bulk are only one item available and cannot be pre-made) Source Crystal (QL14.95) (3i) ( + Pottery Flask (QL 2.20) (4i) + Clay Shaper, Cherrywood (QL 14.82) (10i) -all for 10 Iron or seperate for their prices. Large Sheild - Iron (QL 30.73) - (3c) Small Chest - (40i), Small Anvil - (40i) - all for 3c or seperate for their prices. Raft (QL 12.64) - 1c GEMS: (once they are gone you have to wait until i find new ones) Ruby (QL 12.55) (x1) 6c