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Found 5 results

  1. Wandermere is a steam-server release village dedicated to crafting, trading, and adventure. We seek to become a home for mature new players and old players alike that are interested in developing a close mid-sized community. The town is 50x50, growing larger and will be located on the coast to facilitate shipbuilding and trade opportunities. Amenities will include public workshop, farms, animal pens, mine, and private housing space. More than anything, i want to create an active community that works together rather than one where everyone just hides in their corner. We are currently 15 strong and recruiting a few more dedicated individuals. We are the leader of the Eastern-West Coast Alliance located at H10 on Harmony. Our alliance has over 30 active members and encompasses the entire coast. - High Demand Professions: Miner, Blacksmiths - 18+ Preferred - Primarily US-based (EST,CST) but we have many EU members as well, welcoming both! - Looking for people who want to contribute to the town's development. Your input will matter! Discord Invite:
  2. Ruin Ridge Farmstead is looking for more people we are starting to grow! Can offer food for the new members until you get on your feet! we have a 3 more open spots open but have plans to extend deed after everyone gets settled! No requirements play when you can! we are chill folks just enjoying Wurm! we are located on Elysian bay across from the great Mad Hatter Fort! Come by for a visit or come by to stay! Reach me via Forums, Discord or in-game (Ruinier)
  3. Fresh clean new server, newcomers welcome, free deeds with no upkeep cost (just try and keep them a reasonable size and try not to get in other people's way) the server has 4 neighboring servers, one of which has PvP enabled in case you want an added aspect to surviving out there (players can be taken there if they want) This server is non dedicated and is run from my home computer in my spare time, it should be online quite a lot though. server IP: I look forward to seeing you on the server Edit: i'll probably start a discord server at some point if the server gets some regular players, that way if the server isn't online people can request it to be up, and for other general chats and the likes
  4. Ok I've not posted this in the idea section as it's not an idea for change or addition in mechanics but more a community event to ponder. now it could be laughed right out the door and we leave it there. yet I've been thinking an untapped aspect to wurm is it's social aspect. and in these meanderings of thought I had pondered the notion of a Xanadu Trail, harkening some US history of the new frontier being settled and what has come to be known as the Oregon Trail. Here is where itchy feet settlers in hopes to start their dreams and homesteading of government given land to settle the "wild west'. I was thinking of an overlay on map of informal route to be traced from one starter deed that wound through each of the starter deeds ending at the last one reached. players, preferably new players would set out on food with one guide (prem player that can command large cart) that has bull mounted large cart , they all build at the start, allowed to lead one cow for milk and cheese. and over a week and half period you traverse this trail setting up campfires, cooking, sharing stories, tenting and bedding down til next leg of the trip. perhaps larges chests are set out with keys given to participants at the onset which will have goodies stashed in it along they way. Upon successful completion a full sent of tools given to the voyagers to then set out with a basic lay of the land and the creatures within it. crafting and hunting can happen at each way point. This wold take a group to host/sponsor this endeavor and guides to take time out of their play to lead. I"m floating this out there as a social event to enhance game experience for new and skilled player alike , a way to explore the map, and to have yet another ongoing group social activity. I'd like to hear opinions and ideas about this in terms of interest create, feasibility, or if it's just a silly idea.
  5. Introducing the new server Lagenon. It's a brand new server and map hosted by myself. It features 1x skill rates keeping it close to the original WO experience. We're hoping to get people to specialize in one or two fields and share their craftsmanship with the other players. I spent quite a bit a time tweaking and finding the best generated map I could get from tools available. It provides lots of water access for more boating fun, as well as plenty of space for everyone's projects. Made sure trees and other biome features were distributed well, and did my best to prevent any strange non-natural feel from the land. Check out our map here: The spawn is a work in progress, we're building it ourselves from scratch. The bartender is currently present, and we will be adding a trader shortly.