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Found 1 result

  1. Wurm doesn't want new players... I could make a list of all the things that prove make It so newbs aren't welcome in Wurm. I have just finished playing the new player experience.. I was running for my life with no clothes on screaming at the gods who had forsaken me.. every road I travelled to obtain the equipment from my staggering amount of corpses was an unending amount of trolls who btw can hit your from 20 feet away)_ and hellhounds (who are impossible at 30 fighting to hit and move like lighting) I was travelling at 17.30 m/s on flat ground 12.4 up hills and upwards of 25 m/s down hill and I couldn't outrun them.don't even think about getting away on grass where most of my salvage operation is held... whats a new naked player to do .. naked of course for the speed advantage this grants alone.. so I try it with leather armour now at 16.30 m/s and am having to fight everything that comes my way.. my corpse is long gone and my expensive RL money equipment has been rotting on the ground for a week.. I had given up on finding it yet after 15 deaths on my useless alt I found my cart and stuff.. stuck precariously on a hil and of course not everything is in the item pile soI have to get there get my item pile and pick each item up dealing with al the mobs that I can't outrun.. ,man.. will anybody help me?? Obviously the devs can't do anything.. but this is a game breaker. I have seriously considered leaving this game than continue knowing my livelihood is on the ground somewhere decaying at an alarming rate.. so tell me how does this promote our game to newbs when permadeath is on every roadway.. and I have 30 fighting not 10 or 5 or 20 from a dummy.. I could go on and biatch.. but I think you get my point.. if anybody can help I am at vrock landing about to spawn I just need a tank so I can retrieve my stuff .. its easily found and just a little tricky driving in there.. man to think I was gonna prem b4 I lost progress on 72 skills dying so much..