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Found 53 results

  1. Hello Wurmians, lets share some progress! So far this week, the notification system is being tested and iterated. Our notifications are meant to be subtle and to the point, hints triggered in the game when you are performing/ trying to perform actions for the first time. Also when certain requirements are met like you become hungry or wounded. They will all be available from a notifications library in game for later reference. Decisions for the maps functionality. To begin with, we are setting the limitation of the number of different map annotations you can have to 50 of each type. And lastly some changes to skills and game fixes. The weaponless fighting/ unarmed skill will now be set to 20 by default for all new characters. A new fix for friends and support tabs so there is only one. It moves to/from event chat to its own window. This means that less memory is used. As there was a rush of new players, we found some previously unknown limitations on the server side which we could then address. Thats all for now!
  2. Hello Fellow Wurmians! I am happy to once more be able to share some news and work in progress with you. As always there is plenty of things going on and the development team have been hard at work indeed. Crafting Interface We have now started working on a crafting interface and it, if I might say so myself, is going to make a major difference on how fun and intuitive it is to craft. So far it is not very graphical, but the functionality is coming along nicely. The idea is that you will be able to get a better overview of what you can craft, by activating and experimenting with different components in the interface. Combining it with some new interface design and the new icons will definitely make it a beautiful and important part of the game experience. Load Action We also have a highly sought after feature being tested and implemented as you are reading this, and that is the “Load†action. This means that when you are, for example, embarked as commander on a large cart. Gain the option to issue the “Load†command when right clicking items. That gives you the ability to transport items which previously has been to big and heavy to move. The item in turn will be loaded directly onto the cart, given there is enough capacity and space. This action will also be available for all the ships but not for the small cart. Art On the art front there are some new decorative craftable objects being implemented. We present to you the braziers! An essential for creating that fabulous good old medieval look on your deed. Player Name Change We have started a poll to see the general interest in offering in game character name changes for a fee. Just follow this link to leave your vote and opinion. That is all for now. So I strongly recommend you just Keep on Wurming!
  3. Hello fellow Wurmians! Time to once more share some news and work, as you seem to appreciate it. We have many things going on right now both in terms of graphics and development. Graphical updates. Soon to be added to the live servers are a new version of the coffin and model for butchered hens, roosters and pheasants. A model for the Wraith Summon is being tested for implementation as well. The library of new icons is growing. But as the list of items in Wurm is long, we still have much left to do. A recruitment board has been created and we will start to try it out with functionality soon. Features. Work with both notifications system and maps with notations are progressing. The tests so far has been promising with no major issues in getting the basic functionality to work out. We have also begun to write the texts for the in game notifications system and trying hard to come up with good situations where new players could need a helpful hint. Selected Bug and Game fixes. Fixes for friends list so it shows the correct server, and does not show lost link and left world message from a server when you transfer from it. Fix for altar question for hots. Fix so you can discard even when you have done your quota of selling. Fixes for adding/removing tiles from structures. That is all for now, so just Keep on Wurming! /RedBaron