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Found 53 results

  1. Hello Fellow Wurmians! Yes, I know. I did not make the news update last week but there was some special circumstances. Let me just quickly shed some light on the situation. Mini Baron Me and my dear fiance have been expecting a child and last week things started to happen so I needed to stay home to take care of her. And so finally on June 9th 21:05 our baby arrived. A healthy little boy at 51cm tall and 3,5 kg weight. And knowing the Wurmians I will get the “Picture or it did not happen!†comment to this post so I will beat you to it. With this information I think you understand I will not be available for some time as I will be on parental leave and some vacation. The same is true for many of the others on dev team who will be leaving for summer vacations primarily from week 25. We will still have plenty of staff who will oversee that things are running smoothly and as always, Rolfs eyes are watching from Valrei. Rolf will be working on “something†for Wurm full time the next two weeks but I will leave that for him to reveal as he see fit! Work will continue in the background but as team will not be full it will mostly be about fixes and maintenance work to increase stability and overall performance. We are also going to do some much needed updates to the webpage so you might see some changes in the near future. There will not be much to update on for a couple of weeks and we will pick up more frequently with the weekly news once dev team is fully assembled again. There are several updates that should all be close to implementation by the time we are all back. To name a few there is: The new boat modelsThe new furnitureThe sea creaturesNew Dragon modelsI have a teaser for one more lovely creature that is going in with the others previously revealed in the "Sea theme" so have a look at this little guy! Your Password and Security Before I finish up this post I would also want to draw your attention to this post by the GM team about your passwords and security. Every Wurmian should read this so please tell your friends about it as well. Just follow this link please. Psw & Security So for now I want to wish you a great summer! But remember, however tempting that lovely weather is outside there is still time to Keep on Wurming!
  2. Hello fellow Wurmians! Always a good feeling when Thursday arrives and I get to be the bearer of good news. Probably many of you are already quite exited about the Xanadu test later but why stop there? There is plenty to talk about and as I can see no one stopping me I will just go right ahead! Interior Decoration Work In Progress Canopy Bed Click image for a larger version Show all your friends who is the master of the master bedroom with this bold piece of furniture. Wooden Bench Click image for a larger version There will be no more broken backs pushing heavy stone benches up the stairs. A new, neat and more space efficient alternative is soon in your hands. Boats Our devs has taken up work on the boats again. The main focus right now is getting synchronization and collision right. What you will perceive as the main difference is that you will be following the movement of the boat as it is swaying in the water. Also being seated with the difference in view that entitles. Whilst you will be able able to look around, your character will remain bound to its placement in the view of others and vice versa. The Tutorial Zone Work is progressing and mainly we now have to make some final adjustments to the tutorial triggers which will automatically pop up at designated areas. Further is setting the exceptions and doing some work arounds so that animals will not starve and nothing will decay in the zone. The Chain link fence Is now being implemented as a craftable item. It will be dependant upon the Masonry skill. Requires you to craft a new component called large chain links. Last component is bricks. Walls Started work on to be made available for building at tutorial launch. ErikNs successful Ninja update. Managed to shut down the server by mistake by adding great stable code. This resulted in a highly successful shutdown. Whilst the server was down he updated it further with some even greater code which solved the issue with the tool belt not being shown on reconnect. The server was then back in working order better then ever. Nice save ErikN! Xanadu Click image to go to related thread. Obviously it is the big and hot news item of the day and we hope you will all participate to really put this new server to the stress test. I have seen many of you wondering how final this map you will be testing is from what is going to be implemented later. This is indeed the Xanadu map, as it is currently intended geographically. The test will be quite important for the last decisions we need to make as performance will be something to take into account. Anything you will see and perceive with rules, creature representation and permissions is for the purpose of this test only. So is the starter zones which some has been debating. Okay, I feel satisfied and have vented enough for one sitting I would say. I feel confident you Wurmians will keep me talking though with all your questions. As you might know I am a bit sneaky with my answers sometimes but it is out of necessity, not spite. So I will be here sneaking around, as long as you Keep on Wurming!
  3. Hello Fellow Wurmians! Yes, I am a day early again but once more we have one of those lovely red days coming up here in Sweden. Maybe you do to? In any case, we will be disclosing some further information about the release today. For those who were wondering what I meant in last weeks post with “there will be some information related to Xanaduâ€. I was referring to the Pristine and Release vote about connecting to Xanadu and further hints at how the older Islands was going to be connected. Not to worry, there will be plenty more information this week and I will also be revealing the results of the P & R vote. Pristine and release vote, Connect to Xanadu? First of, only the premium accounts on Pristine and Release were allowed to vote in this specific poll and the turnout was great. Out of just over 1000 premium accounts on these servers 801 cast their votes on the topic. That is around 80% attentiveness which dwarfs the Swedish elections for the European parliament were we only had 50% casting their votes. Way to show us up Wurmians! So the results are in and they are quite clear: At a whopping 85% saying Yes to the question, P & R are looking positively at this chance to connect to Xanadu and through that, the old cluster. So I will delay the response from the Devs no further. -â€With this clear majority of votes cast in favor of the suggestion, we are going ahead and connecting P & R to Xanadu at the same time as all other Freedom Islands.†It is a big day indeed as this subject has been through many debates over a long period of time. But we are finally at the point where the big majority is ready to experience one awesomely huge unified Freedom Cluster! More information will follow on locations under the topic of Xanadu. Xanadu Less than one week remains until the release of Xanadu is finally upon us! For any who has missed this, the date is set for June 3rd. With the last preparations being done there are some things we would like to share with you. Concerning spawning the uniques, which if that was not already clear, is going to be across all of the current Islands, including epic as well as Xanadu. I was hinting before that loot will be handled in a different way from now and whilst we still want to keep this as a surprise. Let us at least burst the bubble on the dragons. As many are preparing for a big hunting party to kill the dragons for their huge drops of crafting materials for the highly sought after and prized dragon armor. Currently the market as we see it is in balance and we do not want to further push towards the armor becoming to standardized. For that matter making the other armors increasingly redundant. So, the dragons will drop a lot less of the materials needed to craft the armor. Only one hide/scale will be produced and the weight will depend on success of another butchering check. Aim being that we want to keep the market around the same quantity of dragon armor. Therefore supplying only enough material so that the armors that naturally disappear due to decay and such will be replaced. In lines with this I would further want to hint that instead, the uniques will start dropping materials that can be used to improve items. This is to better be able to compete with the dragon armor. Making them all more valuable and viable once more. That however, and how it will further expand, will be the part you can explore for yourself and we are quite certain many will enjoy! How we will handle teleporting to Xanadu and Tutorial? We are expecting plenty of new players and traffic to Golden Valley once we kick off the campaign and open the gates. So as a precaution, we are preparing in several ways. First of all we are building multiple locations on GV which will be selected at random to spread out spawns. They will be used as the initial landing zone for all new accounts. They are very basic with one unified portal for choosing whichever server you want to spawn on and one portal that takes you to the new tutorial area. If someone, (there is always someone), has already created a new account and finished the current tutorial area. Standing there at the end merely awaiting the release in front of the current portals. We will provide a new portal for this area as well. While you are at it, why not give a wave goodbye to this old place because after this, it will be but a memory. And finally, given its size, Xanadu is going to be prepared with several spawn points which you can choose from. Locations will not be revealed ahead of release. When will other Islands get connected? Our estimate is at the very least one week after the initial release pending traffic and unforeseen circumstances needed to be taken into account. Players on the Epic cluster are not going to be able to use portals to get there before the general connect. Positioning of the other Islands in relation to Xanadu? Click Image for a Larger Version As you can see from this picture, all islands will keep their current positioning in relation to each other. With Xanadu popping up between them and P & R on the world map it will be pushing everything further to the sides. This is how you will be able to reach Xanadu once it is connected. It is but a temporary map when it comes to the traveling routes being displayed as upon release nothing will be connected to Xanadu. We still keep reservations for unforeseen needs arising during the LandRush event however. Traders on Xanadu? As we have said previously the traders are going to change on Xanadu. Most probably they will have a type of trading ratio that will log how much they are being used. For example how many unique premium accounts that sold and bought to them. This will be the basis for the measure of how much currency they will receive from the crown to be able to buy more items. We are still coding the feature so more information will follow later. It is uncertain whether existing trader contracts will be possible to use on Xanadu so don’t stock up on them. I know, I know, you still have many questions on the specifics of so many things. But finally, so much more information right! At least there is no big conspiracies, maybe just these rumored to be highly fluffy and absorbent sheep. But putting that aside, lets all get hyped and Keep on Wurming!
  4. Hello Fellow Wurmians! Another week has passed and so much is going on. Preparations and excitement at the office as the release of Xanadu is drawing near. But even though there is some further information related to that topic, this week has a strong marine theme. So keep reading and I will take on a tour to show what is currently live on the test server! Boats Click any of the images for a larger version! All of the new boats are now live on the test server for the final stage of testing and tweaking. They are all looking great but there is still some additions and changes needed to make them work as intended. We are all very exited about them and are staying hopeful we will be able to finish them soon. Tents After receiving feedback from you about some unforeseen ways the tents functioned, and not, we have continued tweaking them. As we are updating in the days to come we should see it getting resolved and also more information for the new player on how to use them. There will be a new notification and section about the tents which will be added both in the tutorial, as a pop up and in the book of Wisdom. Bridges Tich is testing and pushing what can be done with bridges to find potential bugs but still makes it look impressive. There is not much news since last week about the progress of bridges other then the pure fact that it keeps getting developed. We are finding new things to address and fix along the way as we progress. Notice that arched bridge in the background? I can only imagine what creative minds can build with these fluid and organic shapes. Pristine and Release Vote & Ingame Voting System Finally we have the tools at our disposal and the right occasion to bring this up again. We are currently using our new ingame voting system to ask the premium players on Pristine and Release if they want to connect to Xanadu. As all the other Freedom Islands will be connected to Xanadu they would all be able to travel to each other. The way it would be set up is you have all the older freedom Islands on one side, lets say west of Xanadu. Pristine and Release would then be placed on the far east side of Xanadu with no short cuts to either north or south. You could say Xanadu would act as a large buffer zone but still make it possible to travel between all Islands on freedom. If you are wondering how the Ingame Voting System works here you go! First of, there is two ways the game makes you aware there is a current poll for you to take part in. 1, If you are in game whilst the poll is started you will receive the message: "Poll for xxxxx is open, use /poll to participate." 2, If a poll has been started whilst you are offline you will upon logging in receive the message: "There is a Poll available that you can vote on, use /poll to access it." By entering /poll command and hitting enter you trigger an interface which shows the current polls available & viewable for you. You then select any of these alternatives and press Send. This takes you to your choice which is either a: Summary of a completed poll which simply shows you the result of it. Current poll and question which you can answer and press Send to cast your vote. Current poll and your already cast vote (which can not be changed) Seal Cuteness overload anyone? This lovely creature will as its appearance suggests not be aggressive. It will wobble and swim its way around the coast lines and look at you with its puppy like eyes which is its foremost defense. In other words, your conscience. So I foresee a dense population of these as the Wurmians are such peace loving and caring individuals. Right? Visitors Wurmian invasion at the office! Some of our dedicated local fans from Motala visited us at the office and got the grand tour of where the magic happens. They got some sneak peaks at work in progress and a private Q & A with Rolf and myself. It did not take long before the feature requests and feedback started to flow, I truly believe that is how you know you are dealing with a true Wurmian. And is it not part of the whole experience? To be an organic part of changing this world and through that form opinions and expertise about this big crazy thing that is Wurm Online? I think it is important to realize that we are more then a game, we are also a community were both choices and voices affect one and all. So thank you Swedish JKE-Squad for the visit! Well, looking back at this post I realize it was still a pretty mixed one. Marine theme or not, it is all good in the hood non the less. Hopefully we can get into some more details soon about the uniques and loot system I mentioned last week. But we still have some ways to go before inviting you in on the topic. So whilst you are waiting, why not Keep on Wurming!
  5. Thursday 10/4 at 22.00 hrs CEST we will test Xanadu, our new Mega Sized PvE Server. We want you to join in and help us out! The time for testing the new server is already here! So in preparation for this there are some things you probably should know. At the designated time we will post the link to launch the test directly in the current game launcher so it will be easy to find. After you have chosen a random nickname and password for yourself you will be teleported to one of several starting locations. The character you create will only exist during the extent of the test and has no affect on any earlier character with the same name. Please tell as many people you know as possible to try this out as we really want to put it to the test! The size we are testing is 16 times the size of our current largest servers. Our current largest servers are 16×16 kilometers, and this new map is 64×64 kilometers, or 4096 square kilometers, non-instanced, single zone fully modifiable, living terrain! We want to test how many players can be on the server simultaneously and how bad the lag gets on the client and server under this heavy load. There will also be 50 000 creatures roaming the wilderness (which is a fairly low population in Wurm terms). NO REGISTRATION WILL BE REQUIRED FOR JOINING THE TEST! You will just have to type your desired nickname and a random password and click play once we provide the link to the client used for the test. Apart from the fact that no other MMO has ever launched a modifyable map of this size, running this many players in one game zone is pretty unusual in itself and will be an interesting experience. We strongly suggest you join in. We will livestream the event on In case all goes well we’ll consider releasing the server within a few weeks after some more testing and tweaking. We will post a link to the game client used for these tests on our launcher and in the news section of the web site approximately half an hour before the test goes live. Note that this test will last approximately one hour and the server will be made unavailable afterwards and the database will probably be wiped. Hope you can make it! /The Wurm Online Team Test starts in :
  6. Hello Fellow Wurmians! Welcome everyone to this weeks news. Last week the post was a bit early which I know must have made you very confused. But Thursday was another on of those lovely "red days" we have here in Sweden so probably you know how it goes. Fact: 1st of may and Valborg in Sweden, which was the occasion for the last red days, is when Swedes go out and scream their opinions about politics then gather to burn huge piles of wood. You could say we rage, rant and flame. I have never felt closer to the Wurm community Sorry Wurmians, I am only kidding obviously. But enough of my ranting, it is time to share some news! Enclosures The enclosures outside deeded tiles are no longer protected and the changes that has been announced and discussed for so long is now finally in full effect. With this new change we are also bringing in the new player tent which will provide the player with a basic protection needed to start experiencing the game. This will be in sometime soon after this weekend. Tents Kingdom neutral New Player Tent. The tent works like this. All new players receive a tent which decays after a few weeks in the wild. The tent is a personal container which protects your items on the non-PvP servers where nobody is allowed to access it. It is lockable, so you can use it on PvP servers as well. You can hitch a creature to it, which prevents it from moving and anyone else from taking it (on non-PvP servers). A feature which will have some very interesting impacts is that you can spawn at tents if they are located inside your own kingdom. You can pick the tent up to move it to a more desirable location if you so choose. This will make it interesting in a number of ways mainly for explorers but also on the PvP servers. At least one other type of tent will come soon which will be available for everyone. What we are thinking about is a sort of "War Tent" for use in PvP situations as a temporary spawn point for which allowed placement is being discussed. But as this is only a sneaky reveal it is far from a finished concept. How about some opinions on this? For now, I will leave you with these screens of such tents, intended for our dear freedom and Hots players. The Freedom tent, experience the ultimate freedom.. In a tent. The Hots tent, enjoy the dark.. In a tent. Xanadu So we are now ready to announce the release date of our Mega Server Xanadu! Get ready for one truly epic land rush event on june 3rd 18.00 CEST. You Wurmians are the first to know of this but we will later advertise this on with a pretty major campaign. Ships Work is progressing and most of the code is done. What we need to do now is to get all of the new ship models in the game engine to start the final tests and setting placement markers for seating arrangements. Exciting times! Tutorial Area Just wanted to give you a quick update on the progress of the tutorial with this screenshot. Click Image for a Larger Version On the top right corner of the image is where new players start. From there they can chose to go straight for the portal and into the game, portals is in top left corner. The other option is taking a clearly marked side entrance to the tutorial village. As you can see there is several buildings and they all have different themes and tutorials which are triggered around the map. So that is all for this week and no I do not know no eta on the fluffy sheep's! Neither do I know if they are going to be milkable or a craftable item made from cotton, sticks, dreams and marmalade. What I do know is the developers keep on developing and the Wurmians they Keep on Wurming!
  7. Hello Fellow Wurmians! Today we are keeping mostly to the two very hot topics of price change and deed expansions. So I will not keep you any longer, lets just share the news! Price Change & 1 Way Deed Expansions Today a price change is due to take effect and it will be halved from 2 copper coins per tile to 1 for deeded tiles! The reason is that in one week we remove the controversial enclosure rule. We urge you to make preparations for that in good time. To that end, we have arranged so that you will be able to expand deeds in one direction to better cater to your needs for covering rectangular pieces of land. You may also found deeds where the token does not have to be centered. There is still a ratio involved which kicks in after expanding far enough in one direction only. This is to stop attempts at hogging entire coastlines and such. You will find you have much more freedom in how you can shape your deeds to fit your needs. So now the tools are in your hands, let the deeding begin! Creature Movement Our developers are still looking into the AI of creatures. We have managed to isolate a few reasons why creatures on deeds did not move and you should now finally see some movement again. Hopefully we will see further feedback dropping in now and of course we will not give up until those creatures are working as intended. Lawn The lawn which I showed you last week will be going live with this update. It is still the same look and specifications as I described in the last post other than the fact that we are looking at tweaking the speed of which it is affected by wind. As I said Wurmians, a bit shorter but sweet non the less. Just like Swedish summer. So until next time, Keep on Wurming!
  8. Hello fellow Wurmians! Welcome to that part of the week when we do indeed try our darndest to become a more transparent company. This week we have a mix where I would like to first talk a bit about what we are doing about player interactions. Later I will also have the pleasure of announcing some new things which I think many of you will enjoy. But first, let me just follow up on something from last week! The Crafting Interface Last week I asked for your feedback concerning further changes to the interface. I brought this to my fellow devs and to begin with, they are going to work one of these suggestions into the interface. Kegan "If we could drag tools from our toolbelt onto the crafting window that would be helpful too." Thank you Kegan for this suggestion. It is being worked on right now and will be in one of our updates soon. And thanks to all other Wurmians who left their feedback. There where many great ideas which we will keep in mind though some of them would have been a bit to time consuming for the dev team right now. Player interactions This is an area we have been falling a bit short on and I know that many of you have opinions on how this should be done. But let me just start of by saying that processing the amount of information that thousands of voices create is no easy task, especially when it comes to long debates around topics. For that matter, grading the sense of urgency different topics have from your perspective. And we want to be has fair as possible and give everyone equal attention and chance of being heard. So in the interest of this, we are enlisting help to process the suggestions thread. And yes, a group has already gathered for this though it is still in the process of formally starting. This will help us to get more summarized suggestions with pros and cons from a player perspective, cross kingdoms and pvp, pve standpoint. Those enlisted will only help propagate suggestions from the forum and will not make new suggestions themselves in the group. As suggestions will be summarized with points from everyones perspective any bias will find its balance from other parties. The next step in this is also that we are now working on the ingame voting system, which will help us quickly get your feedback on straightforward questions and changes. We do not have and estimated time of arrival right now. The goal is combining these two initiatives. We will get presented with your suggestions and can make a fair and quick judgment from the extra information on the complexity, benefit and time the suggestion would take to implement. After reviewing a few we will know which are doable within our current time frame and we then use the ingame voting system to let you decide which among them you deem most important. We will then keep this going and as soon as we have time to do another one we will poll you again for your next priority. This process will of course be refined as we get into it and it will all be adapted in the interest of making your involvement as big as possible. We will not force it on anyone though. We will no longer be taking any suggestions through IRC. Everything will need to go through the proper channels. Together we can do what we all have as a common wish, and that is to make Wurm better! Tutorial zone and new assets As you all probably know by now, we are working on a new tutorial area. This is not something that will only benefit the new players. I have been hinting and showing some new assets already which has been created during the process. These will all be available for you to create in the game with the launch of the new zone. So let us look into what Wox and Saroman has been up to! Click the image for a larger version. So in this image alone there are several new assets. You will of course first notice the new wall type which goes under the name Timber Frame. To the left you will also see the new mixed grass pile, which I think explains itself. Lastly, in the middle, there is the vine growing on a stand against the wall which some of you might remember. Yes, it will also be craftable and most likely implemented as a movable item you can place as you wish. The new chain link fence, when you want the view but feel the need for that robust secure separator from a drop off only iron can provide. Two new types of cobble stone for more variation in the palette of road, deed and village architects alike! So with that I would like to thank you for your time and let you Keep on Wurming!
  9. Hello Fellow Wurmians! Oh yes, I am back to invite you to the backstage area of Wurm where you are the VIP. And me? Your utterly humble host. So please be seated and let me indulge you in this weeks surprises and "insider" information. Wurm gets reinforcements Consultant Mattias Jansson (No, he is not related to Rolf) has been helping out with our graphics engine. He is now going to start working full time from 7th of April beginning with client performance. Mattias is highly talented and his latest endeavor was working on developing the frostbite engine for Battlefield 4. So we can expect some pretty great additions to performance and graphics coming up. For all you medieval interior decorators out there We are putting resources into expanding your housing options and now have a huge list of varied interior items which is being worked on. These will be added as they are finished and will give you plenty new choices in decorating and sculpting your environment to your liking. No progress shots yet but things like: Wooden coffer Cosy fireplace Canopy bedBed tableWardrobeWooden bench All are in medieval style and this is just what is on top of the list and currently worked on. Looking forward to showing you all the goodies coming your way! What is Xanadu? There is something big in the making. In reality it is pretty huge. Well actually it might just be the most humongous thing ever added to Wurm! Ok, I will calm down and take some breaths.. It is called Xanadu! A new PvE island. I will be making more announcements as we get closer to the release date which I can say is not that distant. Tests and development are both already quite far in progress. Notice of Changes and Requesting Feedback Enclosures FeedbackWe are also getting around to what I mentioned last week about undeeded enclosures that was being used in an unintended way. This is something you might need to look into and adapt for to make sure your deed is safe for later when the change happens. So make sure to tell your friends as well. You will find an explanation of the issue and can help out with finding a solution in this thread. Enclosures thread Creature Ai being tweaked We are making further adjustments to the ai. Mainly the supposed troll overdrive on bashing in on deeded houses, enclosures and agro on hitched animals. We have yet to confirm the cases but we are currently looking at the mechanics to see what could cause this. To begin with we are removing agro from predators on animals that are on deeded territory. The aim is to create a more living environment where you will find more natural interaction between mobs. This is supposed to be a wild game experience, but we are not out to make it unnecessarily punishing on you deeded territory. Just enough to keep you on your toes and make for an exciting challenge. Titles has been updated Earlier I asked you Wurmians for feedback concerning the titles for filling in some gaps and also updating some outdated ones. These have now been processed and suitable ones has been picked and added to the game. I have been asked to keep which was picked a secret so you can explore this yourself and be surprised. Many of you will most likely find you have some new titles available after the next update! Stag The stag is not a new creature but it is the new model for the male deer that is ingame and currently sharing the female deer model. Finally there is more hope for the future and propriation of this species in the lands of Wurm. Certainly a good thing with the predators now looking at them with hungrier eyes. Ok, the time for hanging backstage is now over. But please do leave a comment if you enjoyed your stay. And until next time, Keep on Wurming!
  10. Hello Fellow Wurmians! Welcome to another weekly update from your friendly neighborhood Baron and team of fantastically fabulous devs. It is about time we get back to some feature and content updates I think some of you agree. So I am exited to say I got some new material to show you. But first, why not try our new Gamer Quiz to see how you measure up against your friends? Are you a Gamer, or a Lamer? Just click the image to accept the challenge! Boats New model for the Knarr, click image for a larger version. The Knarr is looking more Viking then ever! A great alternative for both traders, explorers and raiders to arrive in style. The models for the new boats are pretty much done at this point. We are now making adjustments to get new functionality for sitting and still being able to command without having an obstructed view. New Tutorial Area We are working hard to create a new and improved tutorial area. For experienced or eager players you will have the option of simply going straight for the portal and getting into the game. All of the information we are making for the tutorial area will also be added to the Book of Wisdom and available for later reference. Also, the ingame notification will still trigger and help those who chose to skip the tutorial. Those who wants to learn more about the game and its features will be welcomed to a much more modern tutorial zone. For this area we are adding new signs which all have separate textures to be directly readable and understood in their context. By walking up to them you trigger different notifications which will give you further information. Welcome to Wurm, do the tutorial or... The art team is trimming their Bushes Lavender bush Saroman made a well needed update to the lavender bush which is now looking great. Oleander bush Wox is still working on the Oleander bush and you might see further changes to it. Hell Hound Icon Added The hell hound which at 1.2 launch had a deceptively cute icon representation of a harmless dog will no longer fool anyone. Wagon fix The new Wagon was so large that it needed two tiles of space to be able to fit through passages. This made for allot of unhappy Wurmians who had built them inside of their fence perimeter and could not get out. We sympathized with this situation and fixed it so you now can squeeze it through a one tile space. Enjoy your freedom! That was all for this week, the Wurm team is going to Stockholm, capital of Sweden to attend a game developer event over the weekend. Guess who will be stuck in our booth? Yes that would be me. The greatest thing about attending the event will definitely be to proudly tell everyone that our players Keep on Wurming!
  11. Hello Fellow Wurmians! So this week I wanted to give you further information on what is currently being prioritized. We do have further factors which will be crucial for the next steps in the progress of Wurm we are looking into. But for now, I will let you in on the current situation. But first, an update on the Shark! Shark First I want to make clear that the Shark is not a big priority for implementation competing with the other topics, not necessarily time consuming either and will be added as we find the time. I brought the feedback about the Shark to a meeting and we came up with a solution that will probably enrich the game experience for everyone. Keep in mind this can still be subject to some minor changes. As there is no creatures currently visually populating the more open sea, we wanted to make the shark an iconic part of the environment and more common. So first of, they will be cruising the surface showing their dorsal fin. Secondly, as the game is being played in many cases without the focus on fighting, we do not want to force battling the sharks on anyone as they would potentially be hard to avoid. We want to implement them more as a priced and challenging prey for hunters/fisherman and they will be non aggressive until attacked. We have yet to discuss how dangerous they will be and if there might be some big and nasty variations of it which has more powerful attacks. Current Priorities The Tutorial Area This is as most of you know something that is currently being worked on and we are progressing rapidly with realizing. Right now the area, which will look like a village, is being populated with assets and themed zones which upon exploration will trigger notifications. We will cower all of the basics from the current tutorial and some further areas. A new place to explore for aspiring smiths! Adding to the crafting interface functionality Two of our developers ErikN and Haradur are currently working on expanding the interfaces functionality to include fences, hedges, flowerbeds and house building. According to our calculations this will drastically decrease the amounts of clicks needed to finalize especially buildings. You will be able to right click tile borders and building plans to add them to the crafting window. After starting the build they automatically change to unfinished items in the interface and you will be able to continue them from there as long as you have materials in your inventory. If you would have some further tweaks to the interface you can suggest them in the comments bellow and we might be able to get them in whilst the work is in progress. Optimization This is as always a work in progress and we constantly have developers devoted to this area both in terms of graphics engine and fixing bugs. We are in the process of hiring a full time graphics engine developer which will be starting work in April. That will greatly speed up the process and we are hopeful this will take us leaps further with both running smoother and looking better then ever. Connectivity There are still players having problems with their connectivity to the new servers due to bottlenecks between their regions and to the server location in Germany. Companies like Blizzard are also having these issues right now which shows that this is a bigger problem over all. This will hopefully mean the problem is getting more attention due to more pressure then we can put on the network companies. And that we will benefit from a more major and general solution to it. We have gotten quite a bit of information from our players and we have used it to give the different network companies like Level3 and Internode more insight. The problem with a company like Level3 is that we are not conducting busyness with them directly and our traffic does not amount to much in their eyes. Which in turn makes it very hard to pressure them into addressing our concerns. But MaxC is collecting more data to further the case and also he is getting his Propper British rage on and is threatening their PR department to take their neglect to the press. Anyone who is having these issues can help MaxC stick it to the man by following the link bellow and help collect more data. Max Instructions Areas still being worked on but with secondary priority Bridges The work on bridges is progressing though finalizing it is proving quite complex with all variables involved. Currently, getting 3d collisions done which is a major and time consuming project all in itself. Also artificial intelligence for creatures path finding on and around bridges is what is taking time. The project will be ongoing and I will announce further information as we progress. Boats Boats are very near completion but we need a final push and full attention of our developers as soon as they get time. This is because there are some new aspects to their functionality and positioning. Synchronization This is something that will be very important for the game going forward for better interaction both with players and the environment. The core here is getting quicker and more correct updates of where all players and creatures are located in relation to each other in the world. Also making actions and reactions more direct in the process. We have several more areas we are looking into and awaiting further information about which are to early to announce. But as you might realize we are keeping quite busy. In the plan is also a new developer diary video where we will announce the next focus more formally and personally to you all. Anyways, we will do our best to finish this as soon as we can as long as you, Keep on Wurming!
  12. Hello fellow Wurmians! First off I would once more like to reiterate our biggest and warmest thanks from all of the staff at Wurm Online. Your support during the difficult situation surrounding the release and server change was invaluable and we worked all the harder and merrier for it. In this weeks news I issue the official wall of text warning as there is plenty to talk about. But seeing how you Wurmians go at it at the forums this should pose as no great discouragement. There is also plenty of topics needing your input so hopefully we can have some great dev and player interactions. Follow up on Server change and DDoS attack In all, the situation resolved itself in a very good way and most people have experienced a more responsive gaming experience. Some people however, have experienced connectivity and reliability issues with the new server change. Everything is currently pointing at bottlenecks from certain areas of the world, somewhere on the way to the server rather than a server issue in itself. If you have experienced these issues. We humbly ask you to visit the thread linked beneath this post and provide us with feedback and data. This is so we can further evaluate the situation and use this to put pressure on the hosts to look into resolving it. In short, we will of course try to do whatever possible to help. We also got plenty of press coverage from our bold move to put a reward on the attackers. To name a few, we were headlining tech news on BBC and got articles on both Gamasutra and Rock Paper Shotgun. We have still not received any tip that could lead to a conviction, though we know there are interested parties out there still looking into it. However, we have had some pretty hilarious attempts to claim the reward. One being just plainly name dropping random twitter accounts thinking this would be enough. Another was a duo. First one person went openly to the forum claiming to be the hacker and sent us fake resources which contained nothing. Then another person sending random pieces of code and Photo Shopped images claiming to be the proof that the other guy was indeed the culprit. Lastly finishing the deal smoothly with sending an unrelated article of someone being arrested. -Give me your money please? Topics needing your input Champion Points Rolf has started a thread about champion points and is currently looking into how to balance and change this to the better. He would greatly appreciate constructive feedback on the topic. Epic Abilities and Buffs One of our players started a topic and voiced a concern which server developer EricN was already interested in looking into. So he simply hijacked the thread. So for those who are interested in discussing Epic Abilities and Buffs, go and read up on this thread and leave your input. Titles for skill levels achieved There is now also a push for filling in the gaps and changing some outdated titles for skill levels achieved. So we wanted to involve our creative players in the process. We only ask that if you want to change something that is already in place, that you leave a reason for it. Also, if you see suggestions that you agree with, like them, this will make it easier for us to find the popular suggestions from your standpoint. You will find skills and titles listed in this thread. Bear in mind some titles are still hidden as a surprise to those who achieve them. And yes, we do have sneaky developers. Staff Changes Max, also known around the forums as MaxC, will now be helping out with server downtime support. He has connected the heart of Wurm directly into his home, and if it stops beating, a bat signal goes off leaving no margin for misinterpretation or continued sleep. Welcome to the team Max. Wurm has risen once more, and we shall indeed Keep on Wurming!
  13. Update 1.2 is Here! Today, Tuesday 18th of February we release the anticipated update 1.2 to you, our valued players. If you are wondering what was in this update you can read all about it here. We will work hard to keep downtime at a minimum and make this launch a successful one. But will we stop working on the update after this launch date? No. There are still several features that are just around the corner which has been awaiting the compatibility now achieved. In the coming weeks we will also launch a new tutorial zone which will be more intuitive and inviting. It can also be skipped so you can jump straight into the game. New more robust and powerful servers in Germany is currently being tested for running Wurm. This would result in higher performance, stability and support for more simultaneous players. So even in the joy of delivering this update to you, we do not break our stride. We just kick in the next gear and Keep on Developing!
  14. Hello everyone. Unfortunately, a smooth launch was too much to ask for. As you all probably know by now, we were hit with a DDoS attack some hours after the launch of Update 1.2. As annoying as this may be, we are taking steps to turn this to everyones advantage. I announced earlier that we were already looking at migrating the hosting of Wurm. When the attack forced us offline, we went straight ahead and pushed for this to happen as soon as possible. And as we were already close to finishing the tests and deal, we are confident that Wurm shall be running on the new servers within a day. The upside of this is that the new servers would mean better overall performance, capacity and stability for Wurm. We will also be getting better downtime response. No premium time will be lost and the game whilst down is frozen in time so your deeds are safe. Though still unclear regarding status of a rollback, we have backups on the data from just after the attack and from earlier in the day. So a rollback, if any, should not present anything but a minor change in progression. **Updated Information 20:00 CET February 19th** As for knowing more around 20:00 CET as previously mentioned. We can only say that everything is progressing as well as can be expected. If anyone saw servers seemingly online it is only for a controlled shut down of the old ones. Going online with the new servers will take some more time. As we where just pulled, not shut down, the servers were going over night. When we now started to do a controlled shut down, some players got twitter messages concerning deeds and titles. But it is now frozen and no further time will be added. **Updated Information 23:20 CET February 19th** I can now confirm the servers will not be online until earliest some time tomorrow. It is in the hands of the new Host now. ************************************************************* **Updated Information 10:35 CET February 20th** Server devs are currently configuring the new servers. Things are looking good, but we do not have a new ETA at this time. ***************************************************************Updated Information 18:20 CET February 20th***************************************************************On a more personal note, I would like to thank our great community for showing your support! Makes us gladly go that extra mile to get things up and running even better then before. Wurm shall rise again!
  15. Let the Countdown Begin! Hello Wurmians and welcome to this weeks news. I can finally tell you that the day of our next big update is close. We have formally set the release date to February 18th. This is the update that is going to be making most of the anticipated features and goodies announced in my previous news posts available. There is still much to do, but we feel confident and will not keep this from you a second longer than we have to. But there is always time to Share Some News! Wagons Click any of the images for a larger version. As you can see, the different variations are done and looking great. So after the update you will be able to ride in style like never before. So Giddy up Wurmians! Ship Carrier As the name suggests this ingenious contraption will allow you to transport your ship on land. This will prove especially helpful if you want to build from the safety of your deed before launching it at sea. You can hitch two creatures to it for added speed, though this heavy carrier will not have a high top velocity. It can transport any of the ships currently in the game. I want to finish of by thanking you all for your patience, well most of you at least. And remind you that it is all thanks to the fact that you Keep on Wurming!
  16. Hello Fellow Wurmians! Welcome to yet another week of frantic activity. Both among us and the player base. But to sum up what has been done it might well be called The Week of Tweak. As we both had plenty of activity and feedback from the test server on fighting tweaks. And as the next big update is drawing near, plenty of checking to ensure all the pieces will fit together. I have made a very special video feature for you today where you get to see some of the activity when testing the fight tweaks. Also how I "troll" some of the players and cause some real testing situations. So let us get to it and Share some News! Trolling Players on the Test Server! Press the youtube icon in the window to go to our channel and view it in 1080p > Some of the more noticeable Tweaks and Fixes New lighting changes There has been an update to our graphics engine so it handles lighting in a more natural way. The foremost change would be in the way light reacts with material shaders. Though before the full affect is achieved there are some materials that will need to be updated. If you look for it, you can probably spot some differences in how the graphics look if you view the video earlier in this News Post Added the friends login/out message It is now shared both in friends and events tab. It also includes which server a friend is logging on to. Tornado Spell There was a fix to a strange bug where the Tornado spell, which has the power of felling trees, was leaving miniature fallen trees in its wake. Tweaks to the particle system To get better looking fog. Tweaks to the crafting window interface. For example: Bigger recipe button and a hand icon in crafting window. Bridges We now have an extra dev working part time on the bridges and helping with things such as collision detection. New Icons Added "button" background to character wound/3d button Updates to Launcher We have updated the loading splash screen and several other elements of the launcher. You need to empty your local cache on your computer to see the changes. To do this on PC, you need to do the following: Go to control panel. Find Java icon and double click it to gain access to its settings. In the window appearing you need to go to the General tab. When on this tab, find header Temporary Internet files and click settings. After doing this you should find remove files at the lover left bottom of the window. This will empty your cache and the next time you launch Wurm, it will download the new graphics. I hope you all enjoyed this update and that you leave some feedback on the video. Also understand that usually I am usually not of the sadistic nature, I promise. And lastly my uttermost respect for the players in the video, they fought with great valor and vigor! But now I think it is about time to, Keep on Wurming!
  17. Hello Fellow Wurmians! It feels great to be back for a new year of Wurm. We are all well rested at the office, have a new spring in our step and a clear goal to work for. You got some of the news yesterday which I hope you all saw in Rolfs post, so I will not iterate that information. But there is more so I am still going to Share some News! Bridge Planning Interface The interface pops up after you perform the two-person-survey with a range pole and dioptra tools. This is so that you can configure your bridge to your specification by choosing: Length by defining the two flat end areas. Bridge type and if it is supposed to be a flat or an arched bridge. How steep you want your arched bridge to be, it is checked with terrain to see what is possible. How the different parts are laid out and where the supports go. Indoor(on floor) fences and 3D collisions We are currently working to get all of the fences to be compatible to build indoors as well as in the picture. What this brought about was a matter of implementing a 3D collisions feature to handle the potential of landing on the fences. It is the same feature which would be able to solve things like jumping and several other interesting things in the game. Art A new model for the Statue of Vynora, which is still a work in progress, is certainly looking impressive. Especially taking scale into account where the box at the foot of the model represents the hight of a player. Redbarons "Pic of the Week"From The Creative Commons This week featuring Cribben, with the effectual, lively and colorful painting of a Red Dragon. Just click the image to go to the related thread. I guess that is all for now friends, so why not Keep on Wurming!
  18. Hello Fellow Wurmians! Getting closer to Christmas every day now and we finally have snow here in Motala, which is a beautiful sight indeed. It makes everything seam brighter once more, so let me in turn spread some light on other things and Share some News! This week there is not much on the art side we want to reveal just yet but we have some other interesting developments to look into. Crafting Interface New feature of the interface where you get an option for “Search Materialâ€. This means that if you have lots of a specific resource and do not quite know what to do with it, you can search for it in the crafting recipes interface and get a total list of what craft-able items contains this resource. It is a great way for getting some new creative ideas on what you might start doing next. The recent rollback This is nothing to worry about as it is just a matter of an update done some hours ago where the servers were already taken offline for this reason. After starting again there was an unforeseen bug which demanded we rollback to the state which was before the update. So in effect we did not take away any character progress at all, only the update itself. New Payment system and Loyalty program We are adding new payment services to give you even more options and convenience in how to make your game related transactions. There are going to be some difference in cost for the different options as some are more expensive to process then others. Along with this we are also introducing a new loyalty program which will be accumulative and give you different rewards depending on how long you have been a premium member. There will be one part that starts from the point this is implemented and is dependant on continuous uninterrupted membership and one is applied retroactively on your premium characters. So if you have been racking up that premium time already, which I know many of you have. You can expect to get some nice tokens of our appreciation. You claim your rewards at your token. Some rewards are a one time only thing, like rod of transmutation. You will soon receive an email with all the new details to this as well as email reminders when your premium time is about to run out so you do not miss any reward you are aiming for. Youtube and Sharing As youtube has become stricter with how user generated material is viewed in relation to games and copyright, threatening the "Lets Play" trend and sharing game related material in general. We have altered our Terms and Conditions and made a specific point at the end of it to allow you to continue sharing. Just link to our terms and conditions, be clear in you description on youtube when uploading and you should be fine. Carts and Wagon We have now addressed the issue of too many animals on the same tile getting diseases. As long as you are moving, it will not affect them. So, hitched animals now no longer counts as being on the same tile as the cart but rather on the tile they are physically inhabiting. This will also be applied to the older carts. We also increased the maximum speed for the wagon a little. Questions and Answers Here you can see Rolf in his natural habitat at the Motala office. Reminding you that we are holding a December Q&A session where you get to post questions to us and chat. For this to go smoothly we ask that you click the image above to get to a forum post, where everything is explained in further detail. Christmas present? Have you been nice this year? Not hating too much on the forums? Trolling your neighbors? Better be honest now because I have both admin and moderator privileges you know! Please respond in this thread to: Santa Rolf and Team. And tell us of the nicest thing you have done this year in Wurm, so we know if you are eligible for a Christmas present! Redbarons "Pic of the Week"From The Creative Commons RoseDragon has once more created a real nice digital painting. This time a tribute to the impressive Rockcliff Cathedral building north west of Freedom market. So you can actually visit this place in game. Click the image to get to the forum thread and discuss it! So that was all for this weeks update. So if you want to check out your rewards now, get to the token and Keep on Wurming!
  19. Hello Fellow Wurmians! Another week closer to Christmas and thank you for sharing all of your great stories last week, seems we have some very nice Wurmians indeed. And some naughty ones! I would expect nothing less, so I guess a present is in order. You will find it on starter deeds some time on Monday afternoon and it will be announced, so keep your eyes open! Other then that it is certainly time to Share some News! December Q&A Earlier this week we had our December Q&A which had live participants of more then 300 players which I think is great. The session went on for a full 2 hours which was the set limit and we had more questions then we managed to answer. At the end Rolf had certainly been squeezed for all the information he was able to disclose so good work wurmians. There was allot of questions sent in beforehand as well so if you missed the session then click this image. Art director Roman, usually working from Germany. Currently visiting our Motala office. In the Mix New emotes added for male and female (follow, lead, goodbye, this way, not that way).New female combat soundsNew model for the knarr is being worked on. It still has the same great properties as the old one but comes in this great new viking ship inspired look. Art New Sailing Boat Model! > A brand new look for the Sailing Boats. Common for all of our modes of transport is that we are working on a seating system and arrangement that we want to have implemented before updating the models in the game. New Guard Towers: Mol Rehan All of the Guard Towers are getting reworked. RedBarons "Pic of the Week" from The Creative Commons boombza shares a great illustration "Avatars have Fun", showing that the Avatars actually can get along sometimes. Just click the image to view the original work and comment! So as the year is nearing its end me and the team are looking forward to two weeks of vacation, so if you do not get answers so quickly you know why. We will still be looking over things to see that Wurm is running smoothly and you can expect the ever watchful eye of the Rolf looking down from Valrei. I would like to take the time to deeply thank our devoted team of Ca´s Gm´s, Fm´s and everyone involved, you know who you are;), for the continued great effort and additions to the game. And most of all, You who make Wurm the unique world and community that it is. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of the Wurm Team! And until next time Keep on Wurming!
  20. Hello Fellow Wurmians! You see me rolling, but you are not hating. But in Wurm it is not easy to be caught doing anything else then riding dirty.. Okay I am sorry for getting "of track", it is time to Share some News! Wagon So this weeks surprise is this fancy wagon, which is already quite far in development and testing. It will have some real advantages in the game so after the images there is some further information. Any animals that were previously "hitch able" is being tested for compatibility and willingness to cooperate. You can hitch up to 4 bison, horses, cows or bulls at the same time but no less then 2, or it will be to heavy. The color of the cloth is determined by the kingdom you are from. The skill level needed to create these wagons is set to 40 fine carpentry. With 4 creatures hitched it is the fastest of all the carts currently in the game. Has the highest maximum load capacity of the current carts Server Selection The maps which has been in development for some time now are getting further functionality. We are currently making a "Master" map with all of the server islands available. The reason for this is that when selecting server from the tutorial zone, you can select where by clicking the corresponding map. We also want to add some further information to make that choice easier. Reminders We have gotten new music in the game and the soundtrack is now a bit more frequent. Mr Tom E Morrison once more graces the game with more mood setting music for our soundtrack. To read more about it just click this LINK. The crates are being updated. Click the image to go to the forum post about them Questions and Answers Here you can see some of us at the Motala office. We are holding a December Q&A session where you get to post questions to us and chat. For this to go smoothly we ask that you click the image above to get to a forum post, where everything is explained in further detail. RedBarons "Pick of the Week" from Creative Commons So this week I want to feature creative player NESGamepro, who also encourages you to make your own version and post in his thread! Click the image to go to his thread and join the fun! So that is all for now as I am on my way to a Christmas dinner with the Wurm Team. Thanks to the fact that you, Keep on Wurming!
  21. Hello Fellow Wurmians! Welcome to yet another update where it is time to share some news! This week we have been looking into further developing previously announced features. While doing this we also found time to address some other fixes needed, you will get examples of the more gameplay related ones in this update. But first I cant help myself from teasing you a bit further with how nice the bridges are looking! Bridges Click any of the images for a larger version. The bridges has gotten allot of work and testing done on them, for example starting on things like collision lines. But as this is all pretty technical to describe and however important it may be for the final implementation, it does not make for light reading. I will update you with more on the bridges functionality as we progress. The Crafting Interface A tab has been added in Crafting Recipes that shows what skill is used to create an item. It is pretty self explanatory but it makes it easier to identify which skill is affecting quality and success rate. But on rare instances when you have under 5% chance of crafting an item showing up in the crafting window (Will be shown as 0% and red). It is helpful to know which skill you need to increase to be able to craft it later. To further build on functionality and complement this, a right click option on any item in the crafting window was added. This directly gives you a shortcut for searching and finding that item and information in the recipes window. Drag and drop The expanded drag and drop functionality will soon be on the test server for evaluation. To remind you of what this means it is dragging items straight from piles to cart, cart to piles or pile to pile without the need for it going to inventory first. Fixes Wearing chain coif under tabards should now render and look correctly. Pickaxe is now correctly rotated when held in hand. It is now easier to bash curbs as these are purely decorative, limiting their impact on terraforming and with that gameplay. Stealing by using equip now fails if you are noticed. Redesigned the catapults functionality so it gives a better skill gain on lower levels and prevents some previous skill exploits. Art Who could that vixen of a women be other then Libila of HOTS! I can say from our personal encounter that she has a pretty radical personality. Dangerous and powerful as she is, she still has no animations so I was pretty safe. Work in progress. And RedBarons "pick of the week" from The Creative Commons! This week starring skilled illustrator boombza with "Climbing Dragon's Fang". Amazing work! That is all for now, so this would be the time to Keep on Wurming!
  22. Hello fellow Wurmians! Idle hands is the devils playground as they say. So with Halloween getting so close the best choice was to share some news! There will be a separate update on any special Halloween surprises. This time around I would like to give a part of this news post to draw attention to Tich, who is an appreciated and highly talented member of the team who always puts in a lot of work. Tich´s most recent additions to the game: Added a way to make lawns by using scissors on short grass within your deed. Fix so lawn does not get a 'gather' option, and trim grass only is available on short grass tiles. Fix so the lawn is flat! Added a message for when a village has under a months upkeep left, it is shown in village chat when a citizen logs in. Thank you Tich for this and all of your other great work! Crafting Interface, functionality explained. I had another look at the progress and now most of the functionality is done. As it is looking right now, there is one window where you can find craft recipes either by browsing through a structured hierarchy or searching by keyword for items and even categories. So if you are a carpenter, a search for carpentry gives you a list of items dependent on that skill. It also works the other way around, you can put any two items in the crafting interface and the recipes will update to show what items can be started/crafted by using them. You then right click the item you want to craft, choosing the option for activating it in the creation interface. The creation window in turn will tell you what materials are needed to start/create and finish the item. For example when creating planks, you would only need to once set up what to craft given you have the right items in the window/inventory, then each press queues up actions to continue making planks. Lastly, when leaving a crafting job like a boat unfinished, you only need to right click it when coming back to activate it in the creation window. This will tell you exactly what is still needed and let you continue the job. The Load Function is still getting attention and I wanted to give some examples of details being addressed. Passengers can now load items. More items added as transportable: Large barrel, Stone Bench, Coffin, Statues, Large Chest, Oven, Archery Target, Small Cart, Big Storage Bin, Fountains, Wells, Tables. And lastly beds are now loadable, where a check was added so that beds with someone sleeping in them, can't be loaded. Even though this could be an epic prank to pull, Wurm style! Art There has been work going into making Halloween extra special for you guys but as I said, thats for a soon to come update. Some other things being updated and added are: Palisades which you can no longer see through, giving it a more robust look. Floor board, tarred tile texture. Updating Kindling and Wood Scrap piles, replacing the old ones. After reading all of this you are probably getting a bit impatient, so the best option as I see it is to Keep on Wurming!
  23. Hello Fellow Wurmians! This week there are some really cool things I have the pleasure of revealing to you all, so I am super excited to Share some News! We also have a major Poll at the end of the post this week where you can take part in making a major decision for the game. It will be time limited, so make sure to tell your friends not to miss it. There is no need for any further ado, so let us go right into this! Bridges! One of the most requested and anticipated features in Wurm is being worked on and tested. And as I have been holding back on this one for a while, it has come quite far from a technical perspective already. It is being tested with placeholder graphics only at the moment, but our creative art director Saroman is working on getting it looking really good. You can thank Tich for the coding and time going into this and the progression so far is nothing short of impressive. As this is only a sneaky reveal you can expect updates on the bridges functionality, look and variations as we progress! Crafting Interface We are finally at the stage where we can show you the Work in Progress of the Crafting Window. I will thereby let it speak for itself, so enjoy! The Crafting Interface will be hierarchically, alphabetically structured by release. Further, the old way of crafting will still be available just as it is. Drag and Drop functionality is being updated. You will soon be able to move stacks of items straight from piles to target containers. For example a pile of logs onto a cart, without having to move them to inventory first. Amount moved per action is in relation to how much you are already carrying vs maximum carrying capacity. There is also a big Graphical Engine Update coming soon, which will be the trigger for a major server update. This will make allot of the other updates available along with it, as they are dependent on new functionality and an updated server version. To keep it short, the engine is going to be able to handle a whole new level of lighting, both direct (casts shadows, directional) and ambient(general, non directional). To be precise it is now set to handle 6 light sources affecting the environment and objects at the same time. But like in nature, light affects how we perceive many things, so for example fog, shadows and water with reflections will also be updated. Art Adding Rugs. Just click the image for a larger version. You can read more and discuss in THIS THREAD Also being updated is the Raft and Unfinished Raft models. Poll! Is it time to connect Pristine and Release to the Freedom Cluster? This will be time limited so tell your friends to get involved. Click this text to go to the thread. Vote and Voice your Opinion now! With these major updates in mind, you are hopefully still looking forward to Keep on Wurming!
  24. Hello Fellow Wurmians! We have not been taking it easy this last week so hold on to your hats, it is time to share some news! Understandably there has been allot of questions and speculations concerning the bridges functionality and limitations. So I have taken some time to interview Saroman and Tich about what can be said at this moment. Disclaimer: Much of this may be subject to change as it is still early development, both technical and gameplay reasons may force adaptation. Bridges, bridges and bridges! Surprise! You will be able to make arching bridges as an alternative. Concerning functionality and limitations. Currently to start planning a bridge you need to be two people standing on each respective side of the gap. Continuing the work of building the bridge can be done individually. There will be a minimum skill requirement and the skill will also determine how long the bridge can be. In the total length equation the quality of tools used for surveying will also be considered. You could circumvent length limitations either by making small islands or buildings as connectors, which could make for some interesting looks and shapes. You will not be able to terraform next to a bridge. Neither can you plan/ build across a village that you do not have permissions for. Bridges can be built from one building to another and from a building to ground, both as straight and sloped. Rope Bridge can only be 1 tile wide, and carts will not be able to traverse it. Riding is unclear at this moment. Wood can be 1 or 2 tiles wide. Stone can be 1,2 or 3 tiles wide, and no, we can not show you the work in progress of this one yet. Next update maybe! They all come with preset, attached fences. And finally, functionality for making bridges that go over/ under other bridges is being tested, which I think sounds pretty awesome! Fixes Added title to players within range of altar being destroyed. Creation Window As the work going into the interface has been mostly technical lately we have not had much to update you on. But I wanted to share one important new development and that is its depth. Our developers have been structuring and sorting items into logical categories for creations, adding deeper information all the way to root. What I am saying is creation will be easier to browse and you have information about them and all their components available right in the interface. In other words you will be able to know exactly what it takes to make any given component all the way to its most basic element, lets say rock shard, where it is explained and how it generally is to be obtained. Art Kingdom of sol tabards, banners and flags has been added. So watch out on the catwalk, because these guys are now looking fabulous! Rooster and Chicken models has been updated. My dear friend the Kyklops, Work in Progress! And so that you do not forget to submit your Art to The Creative Commons section of the forum! Here is Redbarons “pic of the week†starring our very talented rosedragon with some witty Wurm comedy! Enjoy! Alright so that is all for now. So now you can finally just stop everything else and Keep on Wurming!
  25. Hello Fellow Wurmians! So after a week with allot of things going on, it is about time to Share some News! The poll had an amazing participation and after the initial fog of war settled, some truly insightful and interesting debate ensued. As the topic was mostly concerning and affecting Pristine and Release servers, we are obviously inclined to weigh their arguments a bit heavier in this case. So seeing there are still very valid and well voiced concerns about this merge, we see reason enough to hold of once more. The real verdict on this will have to wait until an in game voting system is in place and we are able to better address the concerns. One thing is for sure though, there where some really great ideas brought up in this debate and we are going to be looking into some new things thanks to this. This will be brought up later when we have given it some more thought. I sincerely thank all of you who have participated for you time and effort! Bridges Update. Wooden Bridge WIP. Click Images for larger Versions. And for anyone who missed Saromans earlier Update. Rope Bridges! You can discuss the rope bridges in THIS THREAD. Disclaimer, these models are being worked on and tested. They might be changed before implementation. Functionality for bridges where the ends are not level is being developed. In other words, bridges that are sloping. Art Firstly I would like to note that we have started work optimizing some of the older models for a better overall performance. New snow, snow marsh and snow mycelium textures. Sound We are getting some new and updated sound effects, so here are some examples: Updated crocodile combat sound Updated troll combat sound Added troll death sound Updated male combat sound Added male death sound A New and Creative part of the forum is born! This is something that has been requested in the past and pushed for by me personally and DocterChese. Thanks to Jberg we now have it. So I am very happy to announce The creative commons! A place where you will be able to share and discuss arts, crafts, music, stories, poetry, video and anything creative you can come up with. There might be more categories added later, but just start sharing, we are exited to see what you are up to! The chat rules are being updated To better fit with the recently updated code of conduct and to be easier to interpret for everyone involved. You will soon be updated in more detail. That is all for now, so what was that thing you where supposed to do? Oh yeah, Keep on Wurming!