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Found 57 results

  1. Hello fellow Wurmians! Idle hands is the devils playground as they say. So with Halloween getting so close the best choice was to share some news! There will be a separate update on any special Halloween surprises. This time around I would like to give a part of this news post to draw attention to Tich, who is an appreciated and highly talented member of the team who always puts in a lot of work. Tich´s most recent additions to the game: Added a way to make lawns by using scissors on short grass within your deed. Fix so lawn does not get a 'gather' option, and trim grass only is available on short grass tiles. Fix so the lawn is flat! Added a message for when a village has under a months upkeep left, it is shown in village chat when a citizen logs in. Thank you Tich for this and all of your other great work! Crafting Interface, functionality explained. I had another look at the progress and now most of the functionality is done. As it is looking right now, there is one window where you can find craft recipes either by browsing through a structured hierarchy or searching by keyword for items and even categories. So if you are a carpenter, a search for carpentry gives you a list of items dependent on that skill. It also works the other way around, you can put any two items in the crafting interface and the recipes will update to show what items can be started/crafted by using them. You then right click the item you want to craft, choosing the option for activating it in the creation interface. The creation window in turn will tell you what materials are needed to start/create and finish the item. For example when creating planks, you would only need to once set up what to craft given you have the right items in the window/inventory, then each press queues up actions to continue making planks. Lastly, when leaving a crafting job like a boat unfinished, you only need to right click it when coming back to activate it in the creation window. This will tell you exactly what is still needed and let you continue the job. The Load Function is still getting attention and I wanted to give some examples of details being addressed. Passengers can now load items. More items added as transportable: Large barrel, Stone Bench, Coffin, Statues, Large Chest, Oven, Archery Target, Small Cart, Big Storage Bin, Fountains, Wells, Tables. And lastly beds are now loadable, where a check was added so that beds with someone sleeping in them, can't be loaded. Even though this could be an epic prank to pull, Wurm style! Art There has been work going into making Halloween extra special for you guys but as I said, thats for a soon to come update. Some other things being updated and added are: Palisades which you can no longer see through, giving it a more robust look. Floor board, tarred tile texture. Updating Kindling and Wood Scrap piles, replacing the old ones. After reading all of this you are probably getting a bit impatient, so the best option as I see it is to Keep on Wurming!
  2. Hello Fellow Wurmians! This week there are some really cool things I have the pleasure of revealing to you all, so I am super excited to Share some News! We also have a major Poll at the end of the post this week where you can take part in making a major decision for the game. It will be time limited, so make sure to tell your friends not to miss it. There is no need for any further ado, so let us go right into this! Bridges! One of the most requested and anticipated features in Wurm is being worked on and tested. And as I have been holding back on this one for a while, it has come quite far from a technical perspective already. It is being tested with placeholder graphics only at the moment, but our creative art director Saroman is working on getting it looking really good. You can thank Tich for the coding and time going into this and the progression so far is nothing short of impressive. As this is only a sneaky reveal you can expect updates on the bridges functionality, look and variations as we progress! Crafting Interface We are finally at the stage where we can show you the Work in Progress of the Crafting Window. I will thereby let it speak for itself, so enjoy! The Crafting Interface will be hierarchically, alphabetically structured by release. Further, the old way of crafting will still be available just as it is. Drag and Drop functionality is being updated. You will soon be able to move stacks of items straight from piles to target containers. For example a pile of logs onto a cart, without having to move them to inventory first. Amount moved per action is in relation to how much you are already carrying vs maximum carrying capacity. There is also a big Graphical Engine Update coming soon, which will be the trigger for a major server update. This will make allot of the other updates available along with it, as they are dependent on new functionality and an updated server version. To keep it short, the engine is going to be able to handle a whole new level of lighting, both direct (casts shadows, directional) and ambient(general, non directional). To be precise it is now set to handle 6 light sources affecting the environment and objects at the same time. But like in nature, light affects how we perceive many things, so for example fog, shadows and water with reflections will also be updated. Art Adding Rugs. Just click the image for a larger version. You can read more and discuss in THIS THREAD Also being updated is the Raft and Unfinished Raft models. Poll! Is it time to connect Pristine and Release to the Freedom Cluster? This will be time limited so tell your friends to get involved. Click this text to go to the thread. Vote and Voice your Opinion now! With these major updates in mind, you are hopefully still looking forward to Keep on Wurming!
  3. Hello Fellow Wurmians! We have not been taking it easy this last week so hold on to your hats, it is time to share some news! Understandably there has been allot of questions and speculations concerning the bridges functionality and limitations. So I have taken some time to interview Saroman and Tich about what can be said at this moment. Disclaimer: Much of this may be subject to change as it is still early development, both technical and gameplay reasons may force adaptation. Bridges, bridges and bridges! Surprise! You will be able to make arching bridges as an alternative. Concerning functionality and limitations. Currently to start planning a bridge you need to be two people standing on each respective side of the gap. Continuing the work of building the bridge can be done individually. There will be a minimum skill requirement and the skill will also determine how long the bridge can be. In the total length equation the quality of tools used for surveying will also be considered. You could circumvent length limitations either by making small islands or buildings as connectors, which could make for some interesting looks and shapes. You will not be able to terraform next to a bridge. Neither can you plan/ build across a village that you do not have permissions for. Bridges can be built from one building to another and from a building to ground, both as straight and sloped. Rope Bridge can only be 1 tile wide, and carts will not be able to traverse it. Riding is unclear at this moment. Wood can be 1 or 2 tiles wide. Stone can be 1,2 or 3 tiles wide, and no, we can not show you the work in progress of this one yet. Next update maybe! They all come with preset, attached fences. And finally, functionality for making bridges that go over/ under other bridges is being tested, which I think sounds pretty awesome! Fixes Added title to players within range of altar being destroyed. Creation Window As the work going into the interface has been mostly technical lately we have not had much to update you on. But I wanted to share one important new development and that is its depth. Our developers have been structuring and sorting items into logical categories for creations, adding deeper information all the way to root. What I am saying is creation will be easier to browse and you have information about them and all their components available right in the interface. In other words you will be able to know exactly what it takes to make any given component all the way to its most basic element, lets say rock shard, where it is explained and how it generally is to be obtained. Art Kingdom of sol tabards, banners and flags has been added. So watch out on the catwalk, because these guys are now looking fabulous! Rooster and Chicken models has been updated. My dear friend the Kyklops, Work in Progress! And so that you do not forget to submit your Art to The Creative Commons section of the forum! Here is Redbarons “pic of the week†starring our very talented rosedragon with some witty Wurm comedy! Enjoy! Alright so that is all for now. So now you can finally just stop everything else and Keep on Wurming!
  4. Hello Fellow Wurmians! So after a week with allot of things going on, it is about time to Share some News! The poll had an amazing participation and after the initial fog of war settled, some truly insightful and interesting debate ensued. As the topic was mostly concerning and affecting Pristine and Release servers, we are obviously inclined to weigh their arguments a bit heavier in this case. So seeing there are still very valid and well voiced concerns about this merge, we see reason enough to hold of once more. The real verdict on this will have to wait until an in game voting system is in place and we are able to better address the concerns. One thing is for sure though, there where some really great ideas brought up in this debate and we are going to be looking into some new things thanks to this. This will be brought up later when we have given it some more thought. I sincerely thank all of you who have participated for you time and effort! Bridges Update. Wooden Bridge WIP. Click Images for larger Versions. And for anyone who missed Saromans earlier Update. Rope Bridges! You can discuss the rope bridges in THIS THREAD. Disclaimer, these models are being worked on and tested. They might be changed before implementation. Functionality for bridges where the ends are not level is being developed. In other words, bridges that are sloping. Art Firstly I would like to note that we have started work optimizing some of the older models for a better overall performance. New snow, snow marsh and snow mycelium textures. Sound We are getting some new and updated sound effects, so here are some examples: Updated crocodile combat sound Updated troll combat sound Added troll death sound Updated male combat sound Added male death sound A New and Creative part of the forum is born! This is something that has been requested in the past and pushed for by me personally and DocterChese. Thanks to Jberg we now have it. So I am very happy to announce The creative commons! A place where you will be able to share and discuss arts, crafts, music, stories, poetry, video and anything creative you can come up with. There might be more categories added later, but just start sharing, we are exited to see what you are up to! The chat rules are being updated To better fit with the recently updated code of conduct and to be easier to interpret for everyone involved. You will soon be updated in more detail. That is all for now, so what was that thing you where supposed to do? Oh yeah, Keep on Wurming!
  5. Hello again Fellow Wurmians! It is that time of the week, so let us share some news shall we? This week I want to indulge you in looking into some of the fixes and changes constantly going on in the background of Wurm development. These things might not always be very visual but for those specific instances, they are quite crucial. Fixes & Changes *An update to the way crushing and picking seeds works, so now it should not exceed the 100 limit. *Fix for selling rare items and occupied containers, where previously a container would dump its contents in your inventory. *King aspirations was changed to be made possible more often. *A fix for replying to whosonline. *And lastly a fix so that the message you get when a friend logs in, says what server. Update on last weeks news. The Load Action is now active on the test server and we are testing and adding functionality as we are going along. It is mostly about finding the potential bugs with implementing it at this point but items and permissions for these are constantly being added for compatibility. Creation window is also similarly being developed and tested. Our art director has also gotten involved at this point to look over the process so that the code will fit the type of graphical and hierarchical implementation intended. The name change poll, which had a great participation and lively debate ended up stopping the implementation of player name change. At least without a revisit to address the issue many people voting against had. Transparency of name history. So when we have some more news on the matter I will certainly let you know. Forum Moderation Lastly I would like to add on a personal note that my tasks with looking over Forum Moderation, setting in motion new guidelines and code of conduct is formally done. I will now be acting more as the FM teams support from staff and looking into their best of interests. So I will be leaving the role of Lead Forum Moderator into Jbergs capable hands. You shall see him proudly wearing the tag shortly! I will now be able to focus my full attention on PR, video/graphics production and development once more. That is all for now, so you know what to do? Keep on Wurming!
  6. Hello Fellow Wurmians! I am happy to once more be able to share some news and work in progress with you. As always there is plenty of things going on and the development team have been hard at work indeed. Crafting Interface We have now started working on a crafting interface and it, if I might say so myself, is going to make a major difference on how fun and intuitive it is to craft. So far it is not very graphical, but the functionality is coming along nicely. The idea is that you will be able to get a better overview of what you can craft, by activating and experimenting with different components in the interface. Combining it with some new interface design and the new icons will definitely make it a beautiful and important part of the game experience. Load Action We also have a highly sought after feature being tested and implemented as you are reading this, and that is the “Load†action. This means that when you are, for example, embarked as commander on a large cart. Gain the option to issue the “Load†command when right clicking items. That gives you the ability to transport items which previously has been to big and heavy to move. The item in turn will be loaded directly onto the cart, given there is enough capacity and space. This action will also be available for all the ships but not for the small cart. Art On the art front there are some new decorative craftable objects being implemented. We present to you the braziers! An essential for creating that fabulous good old medieval look on your deed. Player Name Change We have started a poll to see the general interest in offering in game character name changes for a fee. Just follow this link to leave your vote and opinion. That is all for now. So I strongly recommend you just Keep on Wurming!
  7. Hello fellow Wurmians! Time to once more share some news and work, as you seem to appreciate it. We have many things going on right now both in terms of graphics and development. Graphical updates. Soon to be added to the live servers are a new version of the coffin and model for butchered hens, roosters and pheasants. A model for the Wraith Summon is being tested for implementation as well. The library of new icons is growing. But as the list of items in Wurm is long, we still have much left to do. A recruitment board has been created and we will start to try it out with functionality soon. Features. Work with both notifications system and maps with notations are progressing. The tests so far has been promising with no major issues in getting the basic functionality to work out. We have also begun to write the texts for the in game notifications system and trying hard to come up with good situations where new players could need a helpful hint. Selected Bug and Game fixes. Fixes for friends list so it shows the correct server, and does not show lost link and left world message from a server when you transfer from it. Fix for altar question for hots. Fix so you can discard even when you have done your quota of selling. Fixes for adding/removing tiles from structures. That is all for now, so just Keep on Wurming! /RedBaron