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Found 5 results

  1. The basic gist of this is that you are able to make a map of your current server and use it to navigate that same server on a mini map (think live maps). The way the skill would work is, as you explore the actual server yourself( have to be there) you can add to a "map" as your skill progresses you are able to add more and more tiles to the "map" per "scan" of the area. the ability to add the tiles from the "scan" are effected by you "map" paper QL, Your current compass QL that you have activated to use the scan ability, and current skill level. it would look like this EX. Map QL= 50, Compass QL= 30, skill level=10 the max scan distance at 10 skill is 5 tiles x 5 tiles max tiles scanned at skill * ((map ql/100) *(compass ql))= percentage to be multiplied to max tiles, rounded up(above 5), 5 * (.5*.3)= .75 5 * .75 = 3.75 3.75 ^ 4 tiles (if 3.49 reduce to 3) or a square of 4 x 4 tiles that you can add to the map. (or reduced to 3 x 3 if below .5) skill progression for "Scan": 1= 1 x 1 tiles max 10 =5 x 5 tiles max 20 = 10 x 10 tiles max 30 = 15 x 15 tiles max 40 = 20 x 20 tiles max 50 = 25 x 25 tiles max 60 = 30 x 30 tiles max 70 = 35 x 35 tiles max 80 = 40 x 40 tiles max 90 = 50 x 50 tiles max 100(99.9) = 100 x 100 tiles max Skill progression of "Map Making": 1 = tiles are recorded 10 = roads may be applied to map 20 = roads are defined, some structures may appear on the map, mini map appears 30 = roads are well defined, structures appear more often, landmarks may appear on the map, mini map available 40 = roads will always recorded on map, all buildings will be recorded on map, landmarks will be recorded on map, mini map available 50 = map can now add points of interests, clay, tar, moss 70 = player can add 5 marks on the map/can navigate by cart or boat to points placed by player 90 = Player can add 10 marks on the map/can navigate by cart or boat to points placed by player 100(99.9) = player can travel to any deed, land mark, point of interest marked on their map(for server that the player is on) players can over write(clear/combine/overwrite) maps at 30 skill but maps ql will be damaged players can transfer/combine up to 50% randomly selected map to another map (same ql or higher) at 50 skill, 50% success rate, map will take damage on failure players can transfer 100% of the map to a new map (same ql or higher) at 70 skill, 50% success rate, map will take damage on failure player can transfer/combine 100% of the map to a new map (same ql or higher) at 90 skill, 75% success rate player can transfer/combine 100% of the map to a new map (any ql map) at 100(99.9) skill, 60% success rate, map will take damage on failure decay rate applies to map at normal rates in all containers as they currently are. can be sealed in a wax sealing kit to reduce decay up to 30% at 100(99.99) ql. ***New Spell: "Seal" can slow decay of maps by up to 90% dependent on skill cast. any cast over 100 will be capped at up to 5% additional decay prevention (i.e. 110 cast)*** maps can crumble(be destroyed) at 90 - 100 damage randomly. No map of mines can be made. No mini map of mines will be displayed, only a black screen will appear if mini map is active and player is in mine.
  2. Vynoras Grace - Killin U softly - Steam HI Everyone! So... the wait is finally over, and this week we announce what the new skill coming to Wurm Online is, and we do so with the factional fight brothers! We sat down with them this week and went through the ins and outs of the new skill, talked about its inception, and just what you can do with it. So go ahead, watch, I'll wait. I really hate listening to my own voice... Anyways, some of you sneaky Wurmians already guessed it, but in-case you didn't, the new skill coming to Wurm is Archaeology! As shown in the video, you'll be able to find fragments of items across the lands of Wurm. As you search you will find remnants of ancient, long forgotten deeds and also learn a little history about the deeds and those who occupied them. That's not all though, one secret we kept is that there's another skill coming, one tied to Archaeology, and that's Restoration. Investigating will only yield small fragments, and you'll need to work on them with a chisel and brush to identify what they might be. once you've worked out what the fragment is you'll have to piece together multiples of the same fragment in order to restore the item to its former glory. Some Wurmians have been bragging that they have uncovered seemingly insignificant relics, but closer examination of some of the restored items have has shown some very unique properties, as if they've been blessed by the deities of Valrei themselves... That's not all though. Preliminary explorations on long past deeds have included reports of as yet unknown items. Could these scattered fragments be relics of ancient Wurmians? What others could there be? Mysterious statue pieced together by exploratory Archaeology team on Celebration- Unknown date of origin Random Enkounters. Has there been something strange in your neighbourhood? Is your roof mysteriously shiny? Does that creaky door no longer make that telltale sound? Is your broken wagon shiny and mended? If you answered yes to one or more of these, you may have been a subject of a random Enkounter! In his desire to see more of the world, and strike fear into the hearts of more Wurmians, Enki has begun a series of trials, appearing in random places all over the Wurm world. Whoever finds him, and completes the tasks he sets out, receives whatever is in his pocket at the time (They're weird pockets, I once got a breath mint, two tickets to the 1992 Superbowl, and the second half of "Gone With the Wind" on Beta-max) Keep your eyes peeled for anything strange, and carry a broken engine part at all times in-case you need to distract him and run! WU Beta The Wurm Unlimited beta was launched this week, with the new rendering client like Wurm Online, and everything up to and including the last patch. We'll be working on a few issues raised over the weekend, with the live launch planned for Monday, 9th of October. So make sure to get everything ready! Community Content This week is the showcase of a new trailer for the Wurm Unlimited server of Wyvern Reborn! a great trailer showing off some features unique to the Wyvern server run by Sindusk, an awesome modder and host. I've poked my head in on the new server, and I have to say, horned ponies are OP! Check out the trailer here, and if you're looking for somewhere new to check out, definitely check out the server. That's it for this week, there's a lot to digest and I'm sure many of you are already planning adventures across the land with the next update. We're gearing up towards a massive end of the month, with loads more to still show, including a full overview of the new Valrei system and much much more. Until next time though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  3. I want a new skill called: mapmaking: a skill that would allow anyone to make maps of the local area's could add paper to wemp and a recipe for it. dye could be used for ink.
  4. As many higher level players are finding, life with a new toon and no magical high level support is quite brutal Thus I'd like to propose a change to an existing mechanic that would help solve a problem somewhat, namely the iron shortage. Currently rummaging tiles is quite popular for finding iron and I think it would be nice to extend this in the following ways :- 1. Give rummage its own skill (maybe create another skill named "geology" and place mining, prospecting and rummage under it) and keybind 2. Allow rummaging inside caves with a mining action next to a tile having a chance to restore the rummage chance on that tile. 3. Expand the kind of materials you can find using rummage, maybe unlocking different "rocks" at different levels (Iron L0 (0.2 yield), Copper L20 (0.2 yield), Lead L26 (0.2 yield), Tin L32 (0.1 yield), Zinc L38 (0.2 yield), Silver L50 (0.02 yield), Gold L70 (0.02 yield)) with targeted rummaging unlocking at level 30 and double find rummaging at level 60. 4. Optional extra - give gems a rare chance to be found while rummaging (levels akin to mining)
  5. New skill: Bilingualism - the ability to understand more than two languages. Useless for Freedom, but definitely useful on Epic. 50 skill (Bilingual) - player can understand and speak 1 additional kingdom of choice beyond native tongue. A pop-up allows player to select what kingdom to learn. 70 skill (Linguist) - player can understand and speak 2nd kingdom of choice. 90 skill (Polyglot) - player can understand and speak all known kingdom dialects. Interesting way to gain skill for this one.... You gain skill by spending time "eavesdropping" on the enemy. When an enemy is in local, type /eavesdrop to focus on the enemy. Player cannot walk, ride, or do anything while eavesdropping, else he fails to focus upon any other action. No casting is allowed. Eavesdropping rules would be the same as meditation, prayer, etc. - limited number of times per day, any movement cancels. Practical example. An enemy shows up in local. You decide to grind bilingualism, so you hide and /eavesdrop. Timer starts and ticks of skill gain until they leave local or you interrupt your concentration by doing something (moving, etc.). This skill would enable a player to taunt the enemy by being able to /say and speak in local only. The ability would also provide a means to hear the local chat of the enemy by allowing his local chat to be fed with the local chat of the enemy. Players cannot grind skill via enemy alt. Since you don't get to use another language until 50, it would be a premium feature. I think this would be a great way to taunt from side to side and provide some stealthy espionage to the game. Discuss.