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Found 35 results

  1. Getting Bored of Your Settlement? Looking for new project's & ideas? Enjoy a challenge? Look no further! After Playing Wurm for a few years, owning and living on numerous deed's and residing on few different server's, I have experienced a lot of things in this wide and wonderful world. For the past few months, I have been playing mostly solo on a small deed, one that's development has finished long ago and this has left me searching for a new challenge. The Idea! An Idea I have been kicking around for sometime is to assemble a group of like minded players, And break off into the vast unknown to start a new project. One that is a challenge, requiring planning, commitment, dedication, and an Overall sense of community! A place to hone skills our skills, both in the creation aspect as well as a crafting haven providing most everything we shall need as we develop. Of Course, this is merely in the planning stages, So any opinion's and idea's from players interested will be compiled, until we can strike on something that everyone is thrilled to work towards. Idea's may include anything from a magnificent deed to a central market, our personal island or mountain retreat, and anything else one's mind can come up with! As for location, I would prefer to keep it located on the old freedom cluster, any server as long as we agree upon it, but If we can stay away from Exodus I would be thrilled. Nothing against that server except the fact in my experiences, there is no dirt layer which makes it more challenging to work with than it need's to be. Also Chao's if it is something we are comfortable with but that requires the trust of a tight knit group, and fair amount of planning and communication between an existing faction. The People! Anyone is welcome, New players or more seasoned veteran's! Premium is not an issue, bit I do request a little bit of in game time to be sure that this idea Is right for you. The ability to work with others is a must, and some sort of voice communication program would be ideal. So please, reply on this thread, send me a PM, or hunt me down in game if this idea appeals to you! What One Person Considers Impossible, a Group Can Accomplish Within a Shortened Time Frame. When One Mind is Stalled, The Power Of Collective Thought Can Prevail. As a Group, You Can Move Mountains, And Who Knows, We may Just Do That
  2. *** Let me start by saying that I love the idea of Wurm and that I'm happy that it exists. I also want to say that this is NOT a complaint thread. I'm not venting or rage-quitting or any of that, but I am (hopefully) pointing out a serious flaw in Wurm that keeps it from growing. I realize that people probably won't read or pay attention to this disclaimer, but sometimes you have to charge, even when it's all uphill. *** I am a perpetual Wurm noob. Like a moth, I flutter towards the bugzapper that is Wurm and then flee the terrifying blue light with my head on fire. Sooner or later, I forget the trauma and repeat the whole process. I can't remember when I first started *trying* to play Wurm, but I know have made maybe a dozen attempts. Once I actually bought a deed and built a little farm, but that was on the brand new server that came out a while back and land was pretty easy to find. Here is my typical experience as a noob in Wurm. I go through the tutorial, which is pretty reasonable and covers most of the things you need to know except for the Ph.d. in four-dimensional hyperspatial mathematics you need to level a piece of dirt. At the end you get a rather confusing non-explanation of the server types. Most recently I chose an Epic server (the JK spawn point), because double skill gain means fewer progress bars and more time noodling around having fun (HAH!). I then get teleported into what appears to be a prison exercise yard. Grey walls everywhere! Gates! Bars! There are a few signs advertising lost boats, which adds a charming, nautical air to the surroundings. Is this some kind of pirate prison? I can't tell, there's no one else around. I have consulted the forums for advice as I always do, and one thing I remember is to avoid the roads if you don't want your game-play experience to be a "guy walking along roads simulator", so I consult my noob compass and take a bearing, then I strike off into the unknown! This striking off lasts about a hundred feet, for outside the prison yard is... more walls! As far as I can tell, the first thing people do in Wurm is build walls around everything, and then build walls around those walls. If this was a 3D game I could clamber over them, but alas my feet are firmly nailed to the ground. So I zigzag around plaintively, taking increasingly useless bearings with my noob compass as my path becomes more convoluted. Eventually however, my search is rewarded! I find a tree! a majestic pine stands before me, unclaimed by all and not walled off! I clutch my noob hatchet and begin my epic adventure by chopping down the tree and making logs. Several progress bars later I have made some kindling! I have made a shaft! Encouraged, I set off to discover more walls and I continue my maze-like progress. I begin to wonder if Wurm is some kind of inhuman Scandinavian psychological experiment in operant conditioning. Will I turn a corner and find some cheese? At long last I reach a hill where there are fewer walls and I can occasionally see open space. I climb! I climb towards light and freedom! i climb towards the true sandbox experience of creativity and depth! I get killed by a mountain lion! I respawn! My trusty noob compass is gone forever. I get to keep my other things, but apparently knowing which way North lies is too much power for the likes of me. I try to remember where I died, but at this point my only memory is of walls and fences, locked gates and barred doors. Gamely I set forth in what (I hope) is a different direction, only to be devoured by a spider. I try again! I try again! Eventually however, I remember the old adage, "One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result". Sadly, I turn in my noob tools and disconnect, the scent of scorched wings in my nostrils. I think a few things could be done to make this whole experience less Kafka-esque: * Let me keep my %$@!*& compass! I doubt very seriously that it will hurt the strategic compass economy, since (I presume) better compasses show you North faster than the noob compass. * I think that giving the noob some bandages or healing covers might not cause the game's balance to suddenly implode. I realize that there are valuable lessons to be learned by bleeding to death, but foraging for healing covers that don't work and dying anyway teaches nothing but frustration and annoyance. I feel strongly that it's a mistake to assume that players don't mind dying several dozen times. I find it kind of breaks the immersion, since in all other ways I am a peasant who doesn't know how to make a stick from a branch. * some kind of *current* map, either in game or on the web so that people can at least have some vague notion of where the unwalled parts of Wurm are (if there are any). This should be maintained and kept up to date by the people who have all the information, which would be the company that makes Wurm. There are tons of off the shelf ways to do this without anyone having to write much (if any) code at all, and it's crazy that this isn't being done already. You can only walk aimlessly for so many hours before you start wondering why you're wasting all your free time on a walking simulator. * I realize that many will howl in outrage at this, but I think that noobs should have reduced aggro for at least the first hour or two of play time, so that they can get their bearings without being murdered by random wildlife every five minutes. Notice I say reduced, if you walk right up to a mountain lion you deserve what you get, but if you keep your distance they should leave you alone as you try to figure things out. I realize that many players will suggest that I should have joined a village, but this is not the point of my post. Wurm is not a village simulator, nor is it billed as one. I should, if I take reasonable precautions, be able to go forth and do things without having to spend a month of real time sitting behind a wall making nails for five hours a day. It's not a sandbox if there's only one viable way to play the game. Again, I feel sure that someone will tell me I should have joined a village, so enough said on this topic. In the end it comes down to this: if you feel that new players must *earn* the right to play your game by dint of endless walking, pointless deaths, and existential crises, then keep on keepin' on. If you'd like to attract new players, then you may want to consider making the new player experience more welcoming and less like escaping from a Siberian gulag. Sincerely, Matt
  3. I am looking to for people willing to become involved in a grassroots project to address some of the short comings in new player guides, how-to and areas related to 'what to expect when new to wurm". http://forum.wurmonl...levation/��This thread lays out in the last couple posts the scope, end goals and the basic means to do this. What I and others are looking for is help, nothing more or less then your time, to create these helpful docs. As many of us have different knowledge bases and different play styles it was felt just asking might be the way to go.. This is not an attempt to redo the wiki project, displace a team nor is this an attempt to rate anything currently out there. This is in it purest form an attempt by players to fill the void in areas that fall outside the wiki project and current documents. We are asking you to become involved because while there are a lot of nay-sayers quick to point out the flaws in the current documentation I am hoping most are willing to help but just needed to be asked. If you are interested please just drop a note in this thread and this weekend I will start looking on how best to lead this motley-crew to a success (which might include turning the control to someone more suitable ).
  4. Hello! I am recruiting for my current settlement Elwynn Forest, and am looking for players, new and old, to join me in having a good time. Goals: My primary goal in this village is to promote a fun and active community on celebration. I want to help new players learn the game, and give older players a place where they can spend time with others while playing. Details: We are a 25x32 sized settlement with room for expansion. Just a 3-5 minute walk from Amish Paradise Market & Port All the necessities a new player will need, including a large pine forest, An on-deed mine with Iron & lead, food & water, farms, animal space, and of course their own personal space. Looking for possibly 5 players at the moment. Album: Full album here
  5. The Wurm page isn't bad, but it could be updated to look better and be more flowing in terms of information. I know that I (and friends IRL) always check Wikipedia amongst other pages before trying out a game to get a sort of overview and some information about the game. I could add some myself but am a fairly new player and feel that someone with experience could do a much better job. I believe know that updating the Wikipedia page will contribute to more players coming to (and staying in) Wurm in the long run, so don't overlook this as just another random suggestion to be lost in the winds of time! Thanks if you actually took the time to read this, extra thanks if you consider it, and full-blown gratitude if you actually do something about it!
  6. Lille, a village on the Deliverance server is looking for new members! We're a small community with a little settlement, but we're planning to expand quite a lot. If you're interested and you need a settlement to join with mature, nice people, leave a message at my email;, or PM me in game; Dranay. See you soon!
  7. Welcome to Somalia! [media] thread music Somalia is a deed recently made on Affliction and is accepting new players to train for a world of PvP. We are in a strong alliance called the Republics of Dave. Our deed has empty houses ready for moving in, archery targets, mostly completed dirt walls, a mine with forges, several iron veins among which there are two utmost ql, and a copper vein. We have horse pens for breeding and public pens for other animals and it's own lake for your boats! Somalia is secure, we have a guardtower and the location is ideal. This is the perfect deed for any new player to learn the game and train his skills up in a friendly environment. At Somalia, we have experienced players who will help you along, you will be able to learn skills quickly, letting you move up in the world *other pictures of somalia go right about here* If you are interested in joining PM me here on the forums OR message one of the two ingame: TrulliLulli* Religiousnutjob P.S. I'll add more reasons for why you should join this amazing deed later. *TrulliLulli will be leaving for Elevation soon, leaving Religiousnutjob as the vice-mayor.
  8. Hi guys! i promised awhile ago on another account that i would be making a deed on affliction. I'm heading out into the wild unknown right now. If you want to join i will be happy to let you in if you will work hard and help out the town. The town will be called New Winter in memory of Old winterfel. PM alextw if you want to join. TY guys. LONG LIVE LIBILA
  9. Looking trough some old screenshots I remembered i had this old album of my time spen in wurm from the implementation of Golden Valley. Tought I'd share with you the most fun moments of my Wurm experience trough a series of images that go from the Scorpion Era to my departure to Wild.
  10. For any of you new players wanting to know about the kingdom Hoard of the Summoned (HOTS, HotS) there are a few things you should know about this chaotic server. 1) Affliction, HOTS's main island, has the most mobs then any other island on Wurm. It is best to start with some coin to purchase some decent weapons and armor or stick around DL (starting town) and fight wild cats and dogs. 2) There is a public iron mine you can use next to DL, you can use that to make your own armor if you don't want to buy any other players armor. 3) Just because other people from HOTS are in the same kingdom as you, they can still attack and kill you with no penalty. I suggest you drop the 5 most valuable things in your bank (does not include you starter kit, if you die you keep that) 4) There is a special HOTS only tile type called Mycelium, if you are wounded you can right click a tile or an infected tree and select absorb and it will heal you a bit. If you are diseased it will get rid of it upon absorbing a high amount (Note: You can only absorb it when wounded or diseased. you can absorb it every 30 seconds if wounded or diseased as many times as you want.) Also followers or priests of Libila can stand on Myc and slowly have their food and nutrition replenish. 5) If you want, there are some villages recruiting on the forums for HOTS towns. I will be making one soon and if interested PM Bengal. -Bengal