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Found 32 results

  1. Hello! I am recruiting for my current settlement Elwynn Forest, and am looking for players, new and old, to join me in having a good time. Goals: My primary goal in this village is to promote a fun and active community on celebration. I want to help new players learn the game, and give older players a place where they can spend time with others while playing. Details: We are a 25x32 sized settlement with room for expansion. Just a 3-5 minute walk from Amish Paradise Market & Port All the necessities a new player will need, including a large pine forest, An on-deed mine with Iron & lead, food & water, farms, animal space, and of course their own personal space. Looking for possibly 5 players at the moment. Album: Full album here
  2. The Wurm page isn't bad, but it could be updated to look better and be more flowing in terms of information. I know that I (and friends IRL) always check Wikipedia amongst other pages before trying out a game to get a sort of overview and some information about the game. I could add some myself but am a fairly new player and feel that someone with experience could do a much better job. I believe know that updating the Wikipedia page will contribute to more players coming to (and staying in) Wurm in the long run, so don't overlook this as just another random suggestion to be lost in the winds of time! Thanks if you actually took the time to read this, extra thanks if you consider it, and full-blown gratitude if you actually do something about it!
  3. Lille, a village on the Deliverance server is looking for new members! We're a small community with a little settlement, but we're planning to expand quite a lot. If you're interested and you need a settlement to join with mature, nice people, leave a message at my email;, or PM me in game; Dranay. See you soon!
  4. Welcome to Somalia! [media] thread music Somalia is a deed recently made on Affliction and is accepting new players to train for a world of PvP. We are in a strong alliance called the Republics of Dave. Our deed has empty houses ready for moving in, archery targets, mostly completed dirt walls, a mine with forges, several iron veins among which there are two utmost ql, and a copper vein. We have horse pens for breeding and public pens for other animals and it's own lake for your boats! Somalia is secure, we have a guardtower and the location is ideal. This is the perfect deed for any new player to learn the game and train his skills up in a friendly environment. At Somalia, we have experienced players who will help you along, you will be able to learn skills quickly, letting you move up in the world *other pictures of somalia go right about here* If you are interested in joining PM me here on the forums OR message one of the two ingame: TrulliLulli* Religiousnutjob P.S. I'll add more reasons for why you should join this amazing deed later. *TrulliLulli will be leaving for Elevation soon, leaving Religiousnutjob as the vice-mayor.
  5. Hi guys! i promised awhile ago on another account that i would be making a deed on affliction. I'm heading out into the wild unknown right now. If you want to join i will be happy to let you in if you will work hard and help out the town. The town will be called New Winter in memory of Old winterfel. PM alextw if you want to join. TY guys. LONG LIVE LIBILA
  6. Looking trough some old screenshots I remembered i had this old album of my time spen in wurm from the implementation of Golden Valley. Tought I'd share with you the most fun moments of my Wurm experience trough a series of images that go from the Scorpion Era to my departure to Wild.
  7. For any of you new players wanting to know about the kingdom Hoard of the Summoned (HOTS, HotS) there are a few things you should know about this chaotic server. 1) Affliction, HOTS's main island, has the most mobs then any other island on Wurm. It is best to start with some coin to purchase some decent weapons and armor or stick around DL (starting town) and fight wild cats and dogs. 2) There is a public iron mine you can use next to DL, you can use that to make your own armor if you don't want to buy any other players armor. 3) Just because other people from HOTS are in the same kingdom as you, they can still attack and kill you with no penalty. I suggest you drop the 5 most valuable things in your bank (does not include you starter kit, if you die you keep that) 4) There is a special HOTS only tile type called Mycelium, if you are wounded you can right click a tile or an infected tree and select absorb and it will heal you a bit. If you are diseased it will get rid of it upon absorbing a high amount (Note: You can only absorb it when wounded or diseased. you can absorb it every 30 seconds if wounded or diseased as many times as you want.) Also followers or priests of Libila can stand on Myc and slowly have their food and nutrition replenish. 5) If you want, there are some villages recruiting on the forums for HOTS towns. I will be making one soon and if interested PM Bengal. -Bengal