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Found 14 results

  1. (I know I am new and probably make more suggestions than I should, probably about things discussed years ago - but here I go anyway. I have a "brainstorm" mentality, as in there are (almost) no bad ideas.) Freedom of movement is great, but when in a hurry it would be good to stay on the road without having to worry about a misstep sending you falling/sliding to your doom (such an event saw me almost ready to give up on Wurm in the first week or so). I am told that when driving a large cart it is impossible to fall of the side of the road in this way. That's terrific but it means that a) horses, bulls etc are cleverer than people and b) new players, who are more likely to be riding shank's pony, have to constantly watch their footing on top all of the other difficulties starting out. Realistically, who just steps off a precipice? I would like to propose two possible ways to mitigate this risk. Firstly - a "roads only" toggle (like the climb toggle), that functions like an invisible wall, whereby if you would step of the road you are instead deflected and slide along the tile boundary instead. A slight speed disadvantage would probably be in order, too. Secondly - this is more just about not falling down and is not specific to roads a pause at the boundary of a precipice before that next step, enough that if you are paying attention you can stop if you wish, but if you are happy to chance a tumble for whatever reason you can go right ahead. I did think of auto-enabling climb at the top only of steep slopes but realize that this would probably be a nerf too far.
  2. So this happened randomly and I was looking to see if someones knows how to fix this. Basically, the ground looks like its on top of tiles and changes texture while moving. I included a console log as well.
  3. Looking

    Graphically this game leaves a lot to be desired, but something easy to add that would improve the ambience of the game is the ability to move your characters head. When you mouse your screen, your view changes, but outwardly, your character is still staring dead ahead. I'm not talking about your toons body turning left or right depending on where you're facing, I'm specifically referring to your characters head. While this change doesn't add anything game changing, it'd be a nice little touch to see your friends looking up at your high castle towers, or down into your new cave-dwelling-dungeons. Thoughts?
  4. It's like the release_key_event get lost sometimes, so when i move with the WASD keys sometimes one of the movement keps going on also after i released the associated key. This is the second time it happens during the last 2 weeks, i never had this problem before. The first time was while using the unstable client 4.00 when i was riding my cart and turning right with the key D as soon as i released the D key the cart kept turning right, after a few seconds trying to understand what was happening i hit the D key again and when i released it for the second time finally i stopped turning right. Since that eposide i went back to the stable client 3.99z but this morning happened again while i was walking forward with the key W, as soon as i released the W key i kept walking forward and i had to press & release the W key again to stop it.
  5. Situation: Riding an aged bull (no visible traits at 36 Animal Husbandry) while carrying 263.116kg total weight, mostly dirt. Expected behavior: Bull moves slowly due to weight, or possibly not at all. Actual behavior: Sometimes bull doesn't move at all, but sometimes he seems to move with negative velocity. For example, pressing 'w' (move forward) causes it to walk backward at 0.71 km/h, and pressing 's' (move backward) causes it to move forward at 0.17 km/h. Steps to reproduce: Carry a lot of weight and ride an aged bull. Not sure what weight ranges exactly cause this, or which animals it may apply to.
  6. The simpler version of this mod: It'd be cool to see a mod that increases the speed of EVERYTHING in the server by X km/h (boats, players, horses, monsters). A more interesting version: Everything gets a speed boost of 5km/h except players, but players get a "Run/Sprint" which increases movement by 10km/h but drains stamina 2-3 times as fast. note: these would be before movement modifiers like weight
  7. Hello! I finally made my own thread about this bug I've had for about 2 years now, ever since I started to use new laptop with 64-bit java. Tiles have since then shifted randomly while I move. I've tried to google out several times how to fix this issue, but I haven't been able to find solution that works for me. I've tried different combinations with the Compability -settings without any result and also tried both 32-bit and 64-bit java. My graphics card is Nvidia GeForce GT 740M. Here are some examples of my view when I play the game. Any solution ideas are welcome!
  8. So riding down a slope to a fence, I did not intend to try riding through it, I wanted to turn and follow it a short distance to get around it. As soon as I got near the fence, this was on a 33 slope I bugged into the wall and could not move in any direction, as well as being dismounted from the horse. This seemed to be the same effect as described when the source salt spell is cast to create a wall. Photo is from after I relogged, but before I dragged the horse out of the fence. This occured tonight on the chaos server after the latest patch.
  9. So, most of us are familiar with a sight like this: Mounted on a cart, that is. For some of us, that's a pretty large portion of our playtime depending on what we are doing and whether or not it involves travel. For people who don't have use of both hands, that can be a bit trying at times. What I'd like to suggest is a 'snap-to' camera option where the camera would automatically follow the direction the cart is facing. It can't possibly be that hard to do, as a 'follow camera' option is pretty standard in most games. For myself personally, I have nerve damage in one hand that makes it trying on the best of days to travel by cart for any extended period. And even the days when my hand isn't acting up, I usually have an infant in the other hand, which makes my play time increasingly 'deed-bound' and unable to leave for other than very short periods of time. Which, being the explorer and adventurer type, makes it not so fun at times. So... that's it. Please consider helping people who don't have full use of both of their hands the ability to enjoy the game better by programming simple (and what should be standard) camera options. Even folks with arthritis would GREATLY appreciate something like this, I'm sure. Many thanks for your time and consideration.
  10. Here's a thought.... What if you could choose when to use lightning movement on a horse? By using this new item called a whip you could trigger your horse use its speed boost from lighting movement. The Cool Down would be a 1-10 mins timer where the horse would not use lightning movement at all. The Whip Quality could determine the duration of the Cool Down or the Duration on the Lightning Movement. Anyhow just a thought...might be fun during horses racing events or even be useful to get away!! Item - Horse Whip / Riding Crop Skills - Leather Working, Tailoring, Rope Making, Carpentry. Creation -.50kg of leather, .50 kg wood, .25 kg wemp fiber. Weight -1.25kg Possible Options - Add light wounds to Horse as a Trade off for using the Whip more often over time for increased speed Duration. Success of speed boost based on AH skill ( maybe Duration as well? )
  11. It would be nice if we could shift drag on liquids between containers and get a pop-up similar to the one for bulk movement. In this case it would limit the maximum amount of liquid which is being decanted between containers.
  12. Synergy lets you easily share your mouse and keyboard between multiple (up to 15) computers on your desk, and it's Free and Open Source. Just move your mouse off the edge of one computer's screen on to another. You can even share all of your clipboards. All you need is a network connection. Synergy is cross-platform (works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux). Everything works fine; the mouse moves from screen to screen, clipboard transfers and keyboard movement all work. Problem I am having is when using the mouse look, it is extreemly fast and direction is not up and down left to right, it's more up = up-left, down = down-right... Wurm is the only program that I have found this issue in.
  13. Issue: When moving around and adjusting the view with left mouse click and drag, occasionally the view will shoot straight up to the sky or straight down to the ground without the mouse being moved in that direction. Steps to reproduce: Look slightly above the ground so that your mouse does not highlight any tiles. Left click while moving the mouse from side to side. Duration of left mouse down should be <100ms I think. Clicks should be ~250ms apart or so. Within 10-20 clicks, the screen view will jump. This happens whether or not tiles are highlighted, but it is easier to reproduce for me if I do it while looking above the tiles. This is very distracting and disorienting when traveling. Please advise if I can provide any additional information that could help address this issue. Thanks, Loqi