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Found 6 results

  1. It would be nice if I had riding permissions on my horse (or other mount?) and he was branded, saddled, and bridled, to have the option to "Embark" without leading first, as I do on a cart.
  2. One of my horses, unhitched, standing on enchanted grass walked 3 tiles away to eat from a pet bowl I had placed for my pet (on a normal tile) instead of just grazing on the enchanted grass tile he is standing on. I think the solution would be to give any animal that CAN graze, and is standing on enchanted grass, priority to graze on the enchanted grass tile/check if he is standing on enchanted grass tile already before he attempts to look for food elsewhere.
  3. 4 Speed Champion Unicorn Foals, Young Adults and Adolescent Adults - 5s each Males and Females available Pm me here or in game
  4. Situation: Riding an aged bull (no visible traits at 36 Animal Husbandry) while carrying 263.116kg total weight, mostly dirt. Expected behavior: Bull moves slowly due to weight, or possibly not at all. Actual behavior: Sometimes bull doesn't move at all, but sometimes he seems to move with negative velocity. For example, pressing 'w' (move forward) causes it to walk backward at 0.71 km/h, and pressing 's' (move backward) causes it to move forward at 0.17 km/h. Steps to reproduce: Carry a lot of weight and ride an aged bull. Not sure what weight ranges exactly cause this, or which animals it may apply to.
  5. Once a year on Freedom and once a year on Epic, one player is chosen (say, based on Valrei). That player gets to ride the Wurm for one day or so. On Freedom, of course, it would be a massive event, because it only happens once a year, and on Epic, it could be a once-in-a-year chance to (finally) do some massive damage to enemy deeds, like their capital on Elevation. When things like events and interesting player-made occurrences happen, people make threads about them, look forward to them and talk about them for years. I propose that this happens!
  6. To make it possible for a horse with certain traits in Wurm to be capable of something like this: Or rather perhaps for mounts to gain experience in performing certain acts such as running down really steep hills. Perhaps also the rider to gain experience in some Horsemanship skill, in this case, allowing the horse to have free reign.