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Found 5 results

  1. Looking to sell a moneysink item I've had in storage for quite some time. Was part of a prize from a contest. A Rod of Transmutation for 30s... That's a 20s bargain off of the usual trader price.
  2. Yogurt: Merchandising! Merchandising! Where the real money from the movie is made. Just a few ideas both serious and humorous for Wurm merchandising. Feel free to add your own. The Pillow Log ​Visiting the log thread only to find the logs are a lie? Or cant build a bed in time for some sleep bonus? Whip out the pillow log! It already exists, even with similar textures. Just slap the logo on and you're done. Character Plushies Recall those dark days when we all looked the same? Or later when we looked like green bananas? *shudders* Extra charge to have your custom face hand-sewn by third world children. Critter and Monster Plushies Get yourself a squishy soft cave bug... or a spider for your arachnophobic friends. So huggably soft you can almost smell the tears. Wurm-style Foam LARP weapons Wurm pvp in RL! Just when you thought it couldn't get weirder. ​Also can be used as a pillow... kindof Lava Fiend coffee mugs Keep it toasty
  3. For a price of a few coins, you can buy a small statuette of livestock. When used it offers a pop-up where you select species (chicken, bison, cattle, sheep) and gender. The appropriate basic, non-traited animal spawns in that tile after a delay (no insta-horses for pvp). Ideally it would be worked into the normal domestic spawn system to keep the server balanced. Priced specifically to be cheap enough for a player to buy several, but high enough that it is cheaper to buy from another player.
  4. Some mystical gem one can purchase from traders that allows for transferring knowledge to another char. Expensive, perhaps 50s Now the catch is the skill in question does not have a 100% chance of successfully being transferred. The original owner of said skill will have their particular skill reset to 1.0 and the other char has say a 30% chance of the new skill level replacing their current skill level. Course exact numbers may change depending on Devs' wishes. EDIT: Come to think of it, this may work as a potential use for one of the Vynora artifacts with a long cooldown.
  5. Refers not to using the rename option. Instead it literally renames the item. An iron frying pan can become the iron Doom Pan. Everything else from the original item is retained: type, material, ql, dmg, enchants, rarity, etc. Intended offhand for Heirloom items and/or really unique player crafts; though, personally if you want to spend the coin, go nuts. At least within moderated limits. Price: 50s?