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Found 40 results

  1. RanasServer

    RanasServer is a new, barely touched wurm unlimited server with friendly GMs, and an online map that is updated daily. We have the following Mods: Better Digging: Dug dirt clay, peat, etc. go to a pile on the ground instead of your inventory. If you are dragging or driving a cart, dirt will go to the cart. Crop Mod: Crops do not turn to weeds over time. Spell Mod: Priests can cast all spells for their light, no priest restrictions. Bounties Mod: Players will earn coins for killing creatures HoTS Fixes: Mycellium Spread, ore cap removed, allow casting of Fungus and Rite of Death. Currently, there are no deed costs or upkeep for deeds. These are the current settings: PVP: PVP is currently not enabled Kingdom: Freedom Isles Spawn Point: There is no current spawn point. everyone starts at a random location. Multipliers: 10x skillgain, 10x action timers Characteristic Start: 20 Mind Logic Start: 25 Body Control Start: 25 Fight Skill start: 20 Overall Skill Start: 5 (primarily so digging is not so hard to start leveling) Max Creatures: 20,000 Aggressive Creatures: 20% Settlement Upkeep: Off Deeding Costs: Off Trader Max Money: 500 silver Trader Start Money: 100 silver Breeding Time: around 5 Days Field Growth: 8hrs These settings are subject to change, given consensus of a majority of current players on the server. To request a change, post in the Suggestions forum.It's currently a fresh, uncut server with few active settlements and few players. certain skills are set high to keep players from getting killed off too quickly and make it easier to establish settlements while the server is still new. check our forums!
  2. Wurm Haven - Server name: Western Union. Hello everybody! Redbearing here on behalf of Wurm Haven, In regards to our server Western Union!. I'm here to welcome you the reader to come join us on wurm unlimited to enjoy the company of other players. We are a small group of experienced wurm online players hosting a server in hopes of fun times and building a good community Western union is a 24/7 dedicated server with 200 player slots, we have regular maintenance's, and a GM/CA support group- To help you with any technical issues. details regarding our server can be found at I will answer any questions regarding this topic below in the comments section. As always thank you and have a nice day. Notable game modifications Faster carts, Priest restrictions= False, rare minerals from mining, creatures drop coins, No crop decay.
  3. [old thread]

    Valoria - A modded WU Server Valoria is a pve server created by Mizova and helped along by a few of her friends. We all enjoy playing Wurm Unlimited and some of the team are even WO veterans. We all know how the game works as well as our likes and dislikes so have tried to tailor this server accordingly to make it as fun and friendly as possible for both old and new players to Wurm Unlimited! So please come check us out and maybe join our community <3 Steam Group: Website/Forums: Teamspeak: Live Map: The Staff Team Mizova - Dev & Owner Anders - Trainee Dev Melketh - Head GM Pufflesprout - GM Rathsarian - GM Furaites - GM Remington - CA/CM Ralof - CA/CM Mrsbeasley - CA/CM Nutty - CA/CM CA Applications are currently closed but we are looking for players who can run public events and games for us! Server Specifications PVE (But with a PVP Zone). Adventure Server. MR Kingdom. WL deities only. 4096x4096 Custom map. 50k Creatures. 3x Skill & 5x Action. Skills start at 1 (except for char stats which start at 20, ML & BC at 25, FS at 10). CR 3x. 200 Players slots. Server is located in the UK. Deeds are free with upkeep (20i per tile per month). Modded Madness No priest resrictions and all WL spells available to all deities. Crop rotting is disabled and cycles are every 45 minutes. Surface mining has 100% sucess rate. Dirt drops to the floor not into your inventory when digging. Dredging does the same. Harvest helper lets you do /seasons to see what is in season and how long until the next. Capacity of forges and ovens has been increased. Bounties for killing creatures. Inbreed warnings appear when trying to breed creatures that are related. No mail charges for sending items to another player for free. Meditating fixed so you can meditate every 30 minutes without having to move or mess around. Can pray as many times as you want in a day, 20 minutes apart. Chance of getting moon metals when mining. Chance of getting a rare bone when sacrificing a rare at an altar. Prospecting the mine floor works like surface prospecting. Healing covers show the strength in the name. 10kg (5 clay) per dig action on clay tiles. Action timers for praying, meditating, alchemy, destroying & sowing are faster. Meat, fish & filets can be bulk stored or put into fsb. Crates have double capacity & bsb and fsb's are huge. Loading can be done immediately with only 20 body strength. Some skills have been tweaked to make them slightly more easy; weapon smithing, hot food cooking, meditating, channeling & fighting. Digging, foraging, botinizing, harvesting and levelling can all be done from your cart! Levelling will even fill up and take from crates in your cart! Pick 5 sprouts per action. Hitching restrictions lifted for hostile creatures. More dragon scale and hide is dropped then normal at slaying events. Easily move items to centre or corner of tiles. Fires give the time left to burn when examined. No holyground limits. Vehicles & mounts are faster! (zoom zoom) Improved combat log. No skill loss on death. No drowning. CA help opens automatically for new players. No wait time when moving your bank. Info and event tabs with useful information. Joust against other players!
  4. Redneck Solutions is hosting an heavily modified server, expanding and improving on the core mechanics of Wurm and turning it into what it should've been in the first place. We aim to improve Wurm at the core to make an enjoyable and relaxed experience. Current Server Specifics 2048x2048 Map with a high dirt layer for all of your terraforming dreams. 1 Servers: PVE(Paradise) 200 Man Server Activity System Rewards for playtime which gives you silver required for deeds/etc Wurm Online Like Economy 30ql Starter Kits 9 Silver Given to all new players Completely free-to-play with optional donations 30K Creature Cap with 25% aggro amount Weekly to Monthly Events PVE with PVP Events Skill Specifics & Other details Base Skills: 10.0 Base Stats: 19.0 Skillgain Progression: 0-50 skill = 5.0, 60-70 skill = 3.5, 70-80 skill = 2.0, 80-90 skill = 1.5, 90+ skill = 1.2 Action Timers: 5x Deed Upkeep: Enabled Free Deeds: Disabled (Activity System will give you silver needed) Traders: Enabled Breed Timers: 4 RL days (will be tweaked) Crop Timers: 1 RL days (will be tweaked) You can find a full list of mods on our wiki! Future Plans and Goals Improved max boat speeds Automation machines More building types More aesthetic model types NPC villages NPC followers and task helpers More agressive mob types More neutral mob types Goblin villages More detailed development notes on patches More detailed information on new and old mechanics Improved and refined combat mechanics Map Paradise (Main Server) We also suggest that our players follow our server guidelines, while we are a more relaxed server, we still expect players to be respectable to one another. You can check out those guidelines here. You can also view the current team of Developers and Gamemasters on the server here. Our team will guarantee that each case/player will be treated with fairness, no bias decisions, and proper investigations in the event that any issues occur. You can view our staff policy on our forums, here Redneck Solutions Redneck Solutions Forums Blog Twitter Steam Group Steam Wurm Unlimited Community Post Wurm-Unlimted Server Listing Facebook Page
  5. BIENVENIDO A HISPANOLISTO IP: PORT:3734 DISCORD LINK CUSTOM MAP 4k x 4k Therra (by Miretta) Full Cleaned! Muy buenas porfin un servidor 100% para la comunidad hispana, se intentara ir traduciendo todo poco a poco y añadiendo mas mods dia a dia! Caracteristicas del servidor -High EXP x1000SKILL -x100ACTION -FAST-MINING/FLATTERN -Muchisimos mods! -Aldeas gratis para quien empieza -Costes de arriendo para evitar AFK! -EVENTS DIARIOS -Staff activa y preparada para antenderte No hay ciudades principales aun construidas, tras un mes de juego las mejores aldeas seran premiadas y se estableceran como ciudades principales de los distintos reinos. El alcalde de dicha aldea sera premiado también! Eso si, empiezas desde casi 0, creemos que por un pequeño esfuerzo que hagas te lo pasaras incluso mejor! Maquina dedicada en Francia, si el proyecto sigue adelante pondremos una en España y otra en Sud-America! Una de las cosas que caracterizará el servidor es que este hecho por y para vosotros. Que quiere decir? Vosotros sereis quienes sugirais nuevas modificaciones y nuevos eventos o circunstancias. Actualmente disponemos de canal DISCORD ( Cualquier cosa que necesitas entra y habla con los que estén ahí! Welcome to HispaSmart!This wanna be a full spanish server but we allow other lenguages, we trust in the compatibility of a lot of lenguajes in the same server! Full dedicated server!! Dedicated machine located in FRANCE (Full EU cover) FAST SERVER! x1000 SKILL x100 ACTION FAST MINING/FLATTERN/DIG/ A LOT OF MODS! UPKEEP COST BUT FREE STARTER DEEDS!!! FULL MAP CUSTOM! Therra (by Miretta) Active staff and ready to help you DAILY EVENTS! We wanna characterice this server as a player-formed server, what do i mean? No starter cities built yet, best starter deeds would be set as MAIN CITY and the villagers gonna be premiated! If you need some help or you want to report any issue until the forum is ready come to our Discord channel
  6. Grimmhaven is a UK based server that is geared towards role-play. It is ok if you are new to wurm or new to role-play, all are welcome. OPENING VERY SOON!! 1x1x skill and action Custom map - 2048x2048 (smaller size for better role-play) Skills begin at 1 30k mobs / 60% aggressive Starter town for safety Characteristics 20.50 (bc) 19.50 (ml) 12 hour crop timer We also have the ability to deed over aggressive animals on this server! Priest restrictions are lifted and Libila follwers are enabled (friendly to everyone)
  7. Faerun is a new heavy role-play server. We welcome all levels to the server. Those that are new to Wurm or new to role-play. The setting is West vs East. Brand new server so plenty of room to grow. Player made events held to encourage role-play. The server is modded but skills start out at 1 and 19.50 for characteristics. Timers are set to x1 for both skill gain and action. This is a custom map inspired by the Forgotten series, DnD novels.
  8. Welcome to Katavia, a new PVE server just launched. There are two reasons I have decided to start my own server rather than join any of the great servers already out there. First, I am really excited about running events for a playerbase such as spawned dungeons and GM ran missions. I think this is a great way to keep the server involved and keep things fun for the GM(s). I will also be working on my own mods for the server (software developer back on earth) and I hope to be able to bring new and exciting mods of my own to the server, mainly concentrated around content development. Starter deed is up and functional. We have an inn, public mine, and docks to help the new players out. This is run on a dedicated Windows Azure server running 24/7. On to the good stuff: Settings Map Size 2048x2048 Skill multipler x 5 Action timer x 8 Starting Body Control - 25 Starting Mind Logic - 25 All other body/mind stats - 23 Player Combat multiplier - 3.0 Creatures - 10000 Aggressive - 30% - UPDATED!!! Adamant & Glimmer are set to 0.05% veins Mods BetterDig BoatMod BountyMod BulkMod CropMod HarvestHelper InbreedWarning LibilaFixes MeditateMod MoveMod MoveToCenterMod ProspectMod SacrificeMod SpellMod SalveMod TimerFix Disclaimer: I didn't write any of these mods but they are easily found here on the forums, so look them up and give their authors a thumbs up. They are all great! Server Events GM ran missions GM spawned dungeons Awards and prizes, and mush more Online Map The map dump: FYI: The spawn point is in the center of the map on the peninsula sticking out into the lake. Come on in and give it a try! Or come tell me how bad it sucks! Either way is good, lol. I may or may not be giving out door prizes to the first settlers
  9. Welcome to The Grand Rebellion The Grand Rebellion is a dedicated linux hosted server for your enjoyment. We have a great community and looking for more like minded people. Mods No Priest Restrictions, No Crop Wilting, Improved Bulk Storage moving, Better Digging, Custom In-Game Map, Stablemaster, Hitching Post, Better Prospecting, and a few others. Server Stats Skill Gain: 7x; Action: 10x 15,000 Creatures; 12.5% Aggressive Minimum Mining Hits: 38 Breeding: 7 Field Growth Rate: 1 hour Online Map @ HTTP:// Vote:
  10. Welcome to Woodstock Commons! Our server is a personally owned dedicated server located in a data center in Atlanta. It is highly secured and established for a max reliability, low ping service. The server is set to allow ease of play. The mindset of this era in time is the aftermath of an on-going exodus, forcing hardy adventurers to make their way and re-establish themselves in far away lands. Features of the server include: Server Map - Dedicated Server ran inside Intermap ( ) - 8192 x 8192 squares in size - Modest resources scattered throughout the islands - Web based map to server updated every 24hrs ( ) - Minimal down/maintenance time (24 hour restart, generally 9.30 EST) - PvP only island (in progress) - 75,000 animals on map - New predators and prey (mod) - Skill multiplier is 5x - Max server population 200 - Body control start is 22.00 (enable immediate mounting of horse due to size of map) Starter Town (Woodstock Commons) - Accessible mine - Usable forge and ovens - Numerous traders - Public mine - Docks - PvP Arena (in progress) - Open stalls for establishment of Personal Traders Alternate Starter Town (In Progress) - Located on different end of map - Public Mine - Public Forge and Oven - Traders - Docks - Open market stalls Settlements - Settlement size is 6400 tiles (You can build smaller and should, as while there is no cost to found a settlement, upkeep is enabled and your settlement will decay if the fee is not paid for the upkeep) - Two settlement deeds per player - Free to establish - Monthly maintenance (upkeep) costs - Crops do not wither Used Mods - Live Map - In game map - Stablemaster - Deed Mod - Creature Mod - Crop Mod (No rot, 8 hour crop cycles) - Harvest Helper (Announce Season) - Stable Master - Hitching Host - Inbreed Warning - Bounty Mod NOTE: As the numbers of the server increase, an option of a Teamspeak channel dedicated to server may be established. This will ease in the correction of server issues and fixes GMs can assist with as well as allow players to interact with each other.
  11. Tebari PVE is a new (April 11, 2016) WU server. Features - Custom 4k map 5x action timer 3x skill gain There are some mods, such as removal of priest restrictions, crop mod, digging like mining and a few others to make life a little easier. Deeds are free to found. Upkeep is enabled for larger deeds, but a small deed should not have any upkeep. There is no clay or tar on the map - a GM will place some near new deeds once they have been founded. Future plans include monthly events once there is a large enough player base. A map can be found at
  12. eWars Studios Server

    search for ewars studios server. with a dedicated host and gms we plan on expanding as people start to join. we have epic settings and are currently pvp. once we expand we will setup pve servers to sail to. come check it out. almost nothing built yet. but come and join a kingdom and help us build an empire. we will be spawning in uniques every so often on a set schedule regardless if the previous on has been killed. 4k map skill gain is 10 ( i think) starting skills at 10 chars at 25 and 23 fight at 15 any questions or comments let me know. any requests and i'll see what i can make happen map below The map for dl
  13. Hello Wurmians! I figured it was time to post on here to invite those who may be interested to join my now public server. Started mainly with alliance members from WO we aim to be a smaller sized community server - though obviously the more people the better, we want to make sure everyone gets along and we avoid some of the less appealing 'community' things that go on in WO. We currently have 5-10 players on the server and online at one time changes from none to 5-6 throughout the day. So if you are looking for a high population server we are for sure not that - though there are several great high pop servers out that that might be better suited for you. We aim to be a community based server, meaning that while not everyone will be best friends we can all get along enough that there is no drama in the game - after all we are all here to enjoy. Whether we eventually become public with a strict ruleset still has yet to be decided but for now we are content to slowly grow in a healthy way. Whether you are brand new to wurm or a vet you can find a place here. All new players are given 10s to start a basic deed. Outside of that deed costs are normal like WO and require silver that you can attain either in-game through forage or traders, or through our donation shop. There will also be jobs at some point, referral bonuses etc that will allow players to further pay for deeds without needing real money. It's a hot topic whether servers should monetize and while I am not out to make the big bucks obviously it would be nice to cover the server costs as well as stockpile some to secure the servers long life. All donations are visible to the public and monthly statements are posted to show everyone exactly what comes in and what goes out for things like the gameserver, website, teamspeak etc. We are hosted on a beefy 64gb server that I also use to host other game servers sometimes - there is room to expand as the community does or if we go public. Maybe one day add a PvP map. As we grow there will be staff positions available, though you shouldn't join just expecting those. 3x Actions Timers and 4x Skillgain; with some custom skill tweaks *Currently testing 5x action timers to see how it is Increased Weaponsmithing to match other skills Deeds are normal, guards cost 1s to hire instead of 2s 4096x4096 map Newfoundland by Xeon Priest Restrictions removed - Anyone can priest 20 minute prayer timer - no cap per day Prospecting Mod, Meditation mod, Crop Mod, Priest Mod etc 24 hour non rotting crops 75k creatures with 45% aggressive Drama free Digging like Mining Surface Mining tweaks Boat Tweaks 25% less time between meditation levels and MORE... For full information and how to apply please visit The server is now OPEN to the public and anyone is welcome to join!
  14. Legacy Unlimited (Pro QL Map, Slower paced, Some Mod's) Our Home Page Our Forum Our Custom Map (White light has been moved, will update) Our Offer to New Players Player Highlights & Explanation: The server has been tested over the last 2 weeks and opened at the time of this post. Settlers wishing for coastal, valley or mountain deeds will be delighted with a professional quality custom map. Explorers and hunter will find a significantly diverse map. . To help players with their initial adventures, starter items have been tweaked along with 21.5 body control and 21.5 mind logic to encourage exploration and Independence. Project lovers have plenty of canals and bridges to plan and build. Those approve will be GM sponsored! The skill gains are 2.5x fast with a 2x action timer and epic curve. We want to encouraging long term player interest, trade and economics. The map will be impressive to smiths and miners with a realistic but high ore count and plenty of exposed rock while still maintaining a variety of terrain. Weaponsmithing has been adjusted to 5x skill. LU has a 35,000 animal count ensuring plenty of hunting with an agro count of 30% while homestead style players will enjoy the plentiful wild life stock to help start their farms. Bounties are in place for creatures to reward brave hunters and explorers alike. From planting to harvest, farms will take approximately 36 hours real world time, 1/3 of the Wurm Online rate. We want to encourage those who wish to specialize by not devaluing their products. Armor penalties are removed. Individual and Group Events for those who want them. Experienced Staff An OPTIONAL coin shop is available but rest assured selling to token, bounties, foraging, botanizing and trade are still viable options and have been tested. Estimated server cost is $60 USD per month. Priority will be to the server cost. Occasional charity donations will be made if shop use is high, charties will be voted on by players. Some coin to help out would be nice but we’re not looking to turn this into a business. ======================================================= Other Adjustments Include: Dig as you mine – Dirt will drop as a pile automatically. Seasons – Will tell you what is in season when you login. Prayer is unlimited with a 20 minute cooldown. Horse Rename – For easier tracking of breeding stock (Naming tag required) Max favor required for any cast is 90 eliminating the need for 2 priests. Mediation has no cooldown and you’re not required to change tiles while skilling. Leads do not drop on disembark Can now lead towable creatures threw water. Eg: cow, hen, bull, unicorn, etc. Moon Metal Mining - The chance to mine Adamantine, Glimmersteel and Seryll while mining. ======================================================= Coming Soon Player referal reward system (Within Days) Adjusted Salesman Pricing (ASAP) A second small land limited PVE server linked for greater hunting, trading and exploration (player count dependant)