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Found 40 results

  1. Epic Mission Fishing

    Can a epic mission quest of catching 500 fishes be added to the rotation of missions please? 500
  2. Locate Mission

    I looked around for other threads before posting this but couldn't find anything about anyone suggesting a spell to locate missions, however I am sure it has been mentioned before. Since Epic was based around the whole Valrei, gods, missions and scenario's theme it seems to me that most kingdoms only do their own server missions and do not OFTEN travel to enemy servers to complete them. My suggestion is to have a spell for ALL Priests that works similar to Locate Artifact, when cast it will give you a general direction to where the mission item/object/animal etc is. For example: Location: Affliction Mission: 4 of you must perform ritual of healing on tower Touchmee 334 located in the south regions. Players of WL would travel to Affliction and sail to the south of the server and cast Locate Mission facing North (for example), the Spell could be 60favor possibly? I don't know what other people would class as balanced/fair. After casting the spell you would receive a message the same to Locate Artifact. I believe this would work for the following Missions: Towers, Pillars/monuments etc, traitor animals and gifting items to avatars (to locate the Avatar). What you guys think?
  3. First, this is a suggestion only for freedom servers. Wen you finish a mission on Freedom server, make the god spawn a bunch of his/her own favored creature, and make this creatures aggressive towards anyone not being a follower of that religion. To make it more interesting the spawned packs should be of one champion and some normal minions. Edit: title
  4. delete pls

    seems i was missinformed by my friends, delete pls and sry
  5. After hours of confusion and the 101 questions in the help channel, I have found that better use of in-game missions or tutorials would benefit all new players and also increase activity / revenue for Wurm Online. I am on my 3rd day and without having took the initiative to seek a helper - I would have not gotten very far with Wurm and possibly uninstalled it after the first few hours. The tutorial is alright but I'd advise possible links to video tutorials of the mini-missions within the tutorial... after seeing many people doing the tutorial with me and not getting through doors as they have not fulfilled the pre-requisites. (I'm guessing you lose 90% of newcomers just through not being clear enough on the first tutorial section) This game has way more potential than Minecraft / Second Life & other sandbox MMO's yet it lags horribly behind them all in terms of users and premium players. I've never seen a game so great with only a few thousand online, it's really astonishing! So with all that criticism said, I would like to see more done in the tutorial, i.e. Ghost tutorials (whereby a ghost shows you the action to perform before you do it), video tutorials, flashing icons on where to click and what to do. After having come into the real world (deliverance server) - without the help of a Blacksmith named AbsolutelyNobody I would not have really progressed... The use of help channels and asking questions helped somewhat, and the wiki also provided a huge help... but If one has played almost every MMO out there, they can quickly distinguish the problem with Wurm Online and other games. The problem is that the game should be guiding new users, not other users (Who have no incentive to) and certainly not wiki sites. These should be secondary guidance... but they have been pulling the weight for Wurm Online and the community has kept this great game going (on first impressions) One thing that is also very bizarre, is the fact that in Wurm Online, it is more difficult for the user than it is for a user that has been around for many years. A game should develop difficulty as you progress - it is almost backwards... (another factor pushing new players away) Overall my requests are: Beginner tutorial to be more clear and make use of video tutorials as well as shadow guides. Mentor system which incentivizes experienced players in helping new players, i.e. new 'Mentor' skill which increases skill gain. Missions to start off much more simpler - asking the user to kill 100 of a certain creature, before they even know how to fight (as this was not covered in tutorial) is very bizarre, also, the basics of equipping items, ranges for attack, which targets are safe to attack etc need to be understood before even fighting (This information is only found on the wiki, rather than helpful tips within the game - or so I've seen..) Regards! Kammerz - The RP Fanatic.
  6. so we had this mission for the last few days on independance: Name: Everyone: Journey of Vynora Creator: System Started: 28/06/13 7:51 Failed: 1/01/70 1:00 Restartable: No Description: Vynora wants you to construct an obelisk. This must be constructed on a 3x3 slabbed area, not inside a settlement, and on a flat surface. This must be built in the north west. i was building it, then suddenly the mission failed even though its expire date was 4th of july (so i had 4 days left) i've seen it happen on quite a few missions already so it's not a 1 time bug :/
  7. Did a little test today, just now, on Inde there was a quest to create 10 headboards (Libila). Now, I (vyn follower) had a bunch laying around only needing 2 planks each to finish so I thought I'd give it a try to complete the mission on my own. It worked (made all 10 head boards for the mission), but funny thing, only 100 karma was received. Altho the wiki states that 1000 karma gets divided among those who helped with the mission. Not sure if this is: * Normal for freedom missions * Normal for "creating" missions * Normal for 1 person completing an entire mission oneself * Normal when completing missions from Libila when being a whitelight follower * Normal because I already have a high amount of karma (8k+) * Any combinations of the above I did a "give something to an avatar" mission once with 4 of my chars (since the avatar spawned on one of my deeds) and they each got the 250 karma like the wiki would suggest (that was 1-2 weeks ago), so no probs there. (details: mag avatar, needed 4 sleeves of cloth, gave them with a mix of vyn and mag followers/priests) I didnt post this in bugs, because maybe freedom has different rules on some types of missions that the wiki is lacking the info on. If a dev should come across this thread and recognize it as a bug, then please feel free to move the topic to server bugs. If a dev should come across this thread and recognize it as something intented, then feel free to reply so maybe someone can give the wiki a poke Many thanks in advance
  8. Mission Past Expiry Date

    last week we had a libila mission asking to sac 500 lingonberry i sacced some, and got the personnal mission showing how much i helped (so far no bug) then suddenly the libila mission disappeared and only the personnal part stayed saccing more berries doesn't change anything to that mission i was hoping it would expire in due time, but we're now 2 days after it's expiry date, and it's still up in the list i know others who helped sac berries have the same bug :/ here is the personnal mission that's stuck in the list: Name: Jest of Libila Creator: System Started: 15/07/13 18:41 Progress: 14.0% Expires: 21/07/13 18:41 Restartable: No Description: Libila asks you to sacrifice 500 decent lingonberries. i've made other missions for lib since then, it didn't remove it from the list neither
  9. Mission Not Expiring

    Name: Everyone: Libila's light joke Creator: System Started: 3/07/13 14:19 Progress: 26.0% Expires: 6/07/13 14:19 Restartable: No Description: Libila requires you to sacrifice 4 of the hidden Shiny Shards. we're now the 8/07 01:15 (CEST) so this mission should have expired long ago and no, it's not due to timezone difference because by now it would have failed in every timezone
  10. gonna start listing the items that don't work for missions, because they don't exist or other reasons feel free to post those you noticed so far i've seen: steel gloves: steel gauntlets can be made but it didn't work with those boats: can't pick them up edit: ok we can actually make iron sheets
  11. mission description was: Name: Everyone: Vynora's lesson Creator: System Started: 30/06/13 15:03 Completed: 30/06/13 16:41 Restartable: No Description: Vynora wants 19 of you to bring and give bracelets to Venerable avatar of vynora.Venerable avatar of vynora was last seen near Cyclone in the northwest regions. from the description, i assumed it would require 19 different people to give bracelets, but i tried and i could give all 19 bracelets myself and complete the mission alone, which is a bug i guess that didn't work on the mission about doing ritual of fog on the symbol of strenght (only the first one i did counted, so that one wasn't bugged)
  12. today we got the mission: Name: Everyone: Fantastic incitament to Vynora Creator: System Started: 8/06/13 9:46 Progress: 1.0% Expires: 11/06/13 9:46 Restartable: No Description: Vynora asks you to construct a foundation pillar. This should be built in the darkness of a cave with sufficient ceiling height, not inside a settlement, and on a flat surface. This must be built in the south east. I completed it in a mine in the SE part of Indy, attached all 210 parts and upon completion got this message: [19:59:14] The Symbol Of Strength is complete! However, it failed to fulfil the requirements to become an Epic focus point. it's in a cave in the SE of Indy, with sufficient ceiling, flat surface, not in a settlement.... so not sure why it failed also the plaque attached to it lists everyone on Indy (edit: i found some friends that my friends list show as being on chaos, so it's not just Indy that's on there) at the time of creation, both online and offline (i found friends in there, i know for a fact that they are offline) for them it shows: name: 0 (0.0%) for me who completed it alone, it shows: Cerber: 210 (1.0%) not sure why it says 1% when i did 100% ... and since the mission didn't complete, i got no karma or SB
  13. I have made an overhaul of the Pylon page to smarten it up in line with other Wiki pages which describe decorations and items. I do, however, require a bit more info as I wasn't involved in the creation of them. I've also added in a new category, Epic Missions. Skill and Improvement - does it use masonry and can it be improved/repaired. If so, with what? Item type - is it a decoration or does it have its own group (what's the right click option when creating? Heading 1 and Heading 2 in the table needs updating. What do these represent? % helped? Skill gained? Feel free to point me in the direction of any more which have been created so I can add them to the list - an image and helper list would be super too. Any other notes you'd like to bring to the table, please do so in here so I can add them. Cheers!
  14. Fool's Obelisk

    one of my neighbors made a obelisk but finished it after the mission set ended. Upon Completion it came out named Fool's Obelisk. has anyone experienced this happening due to failure to complete mission correctly? [04:34:48] You create a Fool Obelisk in front of you on the ground. [04:34:48] The Fool Obelisk is complete! However, it failed to fulfil the requirements to become an Epic focus point. [04:34:48] This must be constructed on a 3x3 slabbed area, not inside a settlement, and on a flat surface. [21:06:06] You cannot found the settlement here, since the Fool Obelisk makes it holy ground. Different messages relating to the obelisk.
  15. Artifacts

    im a little confused on artifacts. what artifacts are there what do they do how do they work etc?