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Found 35 results

  1. Please note. Items are on Chaos and I can only mail to Inde, Deli, Exodus and MR + Freedom on Chaos. Anyone on Celebration wishing to bid will need to be able to travel to Exodus to pick up their mail. Chaos MR will recieve a 30% discount, please contact me in the MR forums to let me know your interest. Bid normally in this thread and your discount will be applied if you win the auction. All items will start at 1s and minimum bid increase is 20 copper. Please state the item number along with your bid. No buyouts or private bids. 20 min sniper protection. I'll pay the mailing fee. Auction ends: Midnightish GMT +2 Saturday 4th
  2. up for auction today is another quality cast by dredorra, a 40ql beautiful meditation rug with coc 100! (perfect for those tired of the slow skillgain of meditation or even the OCD people since its an even number ) starting bid will be 3s min increase will be 50c sniper protection will be 1 hr no buy-out enjoy
  3. As title says, I would like to buy a meditation rug (any kind) with high COC enchant and 50+ quality preferably. Will consider rares also. Thanks!
  4. Will be CoD to winner from Celebration (or can be picked up near TD on my deed). Leather knife, QL 63, COC 78 Starting bid: 1s Buyout: 10s Minimum increment: 0.5s Beautiful meditation rug, QL 37, COC 62 Starting bid: 2s Buyout: 10s Minimum increment: 0.5s wild cat pelt, QL 71.7, DMG 2.9, COC 58 Starting bid: 0.3s Buyout: 2s Minimum increment: 0.1s hammer, QL 63, COC 43 Starting bid: 0.5s Buyout: 5s Minimum increment: 0.5s carving knife, QL 43, COC 65 Starting bid: 0.5s Buyout: 5s Minimum increment: 0.5s whetstone, QL 73, DMG 1.0 COC 62 Starting bid: 0.3s Buyout: 2s Minimum increment: 0.1s No sniper protection or reserve. Auction will end 4 days from now.
  5. This is the 2nd rug I have up for auction. THIS IS NOT THE RARE MEDITATION RUG. 80.10 ql, 100 CoC Starting Bid: 1s Increments: 1s Auction ends 72 hours from this post.
  6. Title says it all, I have a rare exquisite meditation rug for auction, 80.10ql with 96 CoC. Starting Bid: 3s Increments: 1s Auction to end in 72 hours from this post.
  7. Want to sell 33.97ql Iron Shovel coc21woa64 70c SOLD 47.24ql Iron Pickaxe coc36woa35 50c SOLD 48.16ql Excuisite Meditation rug No Enchants 50c SOLD 3.88ql Garden Gnome 3.0s SOLD You can reply here or for a faster response message me on the freedom server under fourneofclubs Thanks! Please close
  8. paying 30c per rug. COD to nikkunikku, or I can pick up. PM me on forums or on nikkunikku in-game (deliverance server)
  9. WTB a meditation rug. I'm new at this so I don't need anything special, please pm me here or send me a tell in game to Tetun with your offer.
  10. 16.87ql Meditation rug Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [101] Rug can be imped as high as 85ql or mended down to whatever ql the winner desires. Starting bid: 2.5s Minimum increase: .5s Auction ends 48 hours from OP 2 hour sniper protection No buyout No reserve Happy bidding