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Found 13 results

  1. I made a trowel, imped it to ql 23.70. Started using it to build pottery iron fences and gates, it was taking no damage. Using archaeology on a grass tile caused damage to the trowel. Are pottery iron fences magical?
  2. After taking a deeper look into the wagoneer system, I think that the courier system in this game has created little reason for people to leave their deeds for goods. I believe that a good way to get wurmians traveling the continents again is to make it where trade will have to be done either via a courier like the wagoneer or physically deliver or have a pickup for items. I feel as if this would give people a reason to see each other's deeds again. While it may be driven by a sale, people would be able to explore and admire each other's deeds. This would also get people exploring areas that they may not have seen if not needing to make a trade. I believe that some things could still be sent through the mailbox. Small items mostly, such as a gem or as heavy as a clay shaper. So some tools can still be sent but certain things like weapons and such would have to have an actual interaction. I also believe the size rune should not work on the mailbox as well so the size could not be increased even in this small of a setting. I would love to discuss this idea to see what others think about it.
  3. I think most veterans and newbies alike get annoyed with the RNG, the "50% chance" is not 50%. Combat mechanics are basically Progress Quest, which affects both PVP and PVE enjoyment of the game. My two friends have joined Wurm and they both enjoy PVP in other games, we play Counter Strike, EVE and such together but when they realised what the combat is like in Wurm, they immediately went, "Meh, re-rolling to a PVE server." P.S. After that - please make it so that Rare flash only happens if you succeed. Edit: To add to the RNG thing. It is really annoying to keep getting really low enchantments when you have 90+ channelling or keep making QL1 items. If you have 90 skill that should at least let you start off with 50-60 QL items. (Imagine a great artist has to draw a kids drawing of a house before they can keep on painting over it until they achieve their house on the prairies enchanting piece. It is absurd to have a 1%-25% roll when you have put so much into grinding a skill.) Edit 2: While we are fundamental changes; how about parcelling land? That way you can give permission to a village for an area of tiles and then there would be less drama and probably more people sharing a village. Larger deeds with more people on them. Edit3: This old thread has some stuff that might make combat a little deeper at least.
  4. Sometimes, while sitting there waiting for my favour bar to fill, I often wonder how the devs would implement rivers and lakes into wurm. Looking at wurm mechanics the basic components for fluid flow seem to be there (elevations etc), but any solution would be very server heavy. There have been a few suggestions over the years: But these have all been either limited or underthought in a mechanics sense. What are people's thoughts on how fluids could be introduced to wurm in a more dynamic way? Has it been done really well elsewhere at all in a similar 2d environment? Is it possible without completely reformatting the way maps work?
  5. Something I've always meant to do was to grow a tree from planted to overaged using wild growth. Thanks to the donated cordage from Hedgeknight and the helping hands of Muhyul I finally managed this ambition. The tree I chose was oak since everyone needs oak logs. Here are the results (and some observations). Each growth stage resets grass length. Picking a sprout takes a tree back one stage. Prune takes it back 2. Tree (Oak) Growth Stages 1st stage, planted (young) +1 (young) +1 (young) +1 (young) 5th stage (Mature) +1 (Mature) +1 (Mature) +1 (Mature, Sprout) 9th stage (Old) +1 (Old, Sprout) +1 (Old) +1 (Old, Sprout) 13th stage (Very Old) +1 (Very Old, Sprout) 15th stage (Overaged) 16th stage (Withered) Would anyone be willing to attempt this with pine to see if there is a different in the number of growth stages? I don't suspect there will be (oaks will likely have rarer ticks) but it is good to check. Also a similar test for bushes would be welcome.
  6. It's been well over a year since the implementation and successful adoption of bl template kingdoms on chaos and it would seem to me to be high time to neuter hots as a kingdom on chaos as currently it is largely used to hand out titles (farmed and kingdom type) by whichever kingdom (pmk) that controls hots at any given time. I propose that the current chieftain be removed and the cobra be deactivated on Chaos and if someone really wants a caster alt kingdom they can pay for it. Current mechanics don't suffiently prevent this form of alt usage otherwise
  7. Kinda missed the bus on this for an idea but here goes. Any new pvp server either from a reset or otherwise should have a hard cap on deed numbers per kingdom and a hard cap for pmk player numbers. This would go someway to removing the attritional aspect of the game as it would mean that the s11 wardeed/ blocker would not be able to be used willy nilly and village activity alone (read no twitter or local (to block local reader alts)) would be sufficient to fight raiders on more interesting terms. Discuss and bear in mind that while this does not effect current servers some useful ideas may come from a debate about it
  8. Greetings! After a short conversation with Etherdrifter who brought my attention to how priests are designed and what in common opinion should be changed, I thought of a different system that may or may not be better than the current "You may not (...)" commandments for each Deity. [Please note that I'm yet-to-be-experienced as both priest and Wurmian in general so correct me if I make any mistakes in the text below. Also please first read the whole post before commenting, because there are some things in the middle of the post that seem wrong but I explain them at the end. Thank you kindly.] Since my playstyle isn't very common as I have no deed of my own and no alts and can count on my Allies, I don't experience most of immersion struggles of priests who have to run two or more clients just to do very basic stuff for themselves. But the others do and I can imagine how unpleasant must it be, so I thought simply - "Why "Do not" instead of "Do"?". What I mean by this is: Wouldn't it be good and more immersive if part (or most, but not all) of priests' restrictions would change into the orders from their Deity to DO specific thing? I mean we have it already in form of Epic Missions and a part of this system would be just a smaller version of those, designed for one person (with situational help of priest's community). My idea is to trade some of restirictions for chores and missions, priests would have to do in order to keep their Deity happy with their service and so letting them keep their divine powers. Chores: Idea for chores is rather simple. This system would require priests to do many small deeds in their Deity'sfavour. They'd be given another tracker for it or just messages "<Deity> is happy with your service." after you've done enough little deeds for it at given period.*Also the chores system shouldn't require a priest to do one specific thing many times but rather be made as a form of a "scoreboard" with different score gain for different chores. For example: - All priests would fill their chore-bar with listening to confessions, converting people to their own faith, holding sermons etc. - Fo priest would gain chore points for planting sprouts, flowers and crop, tailoring square pieces of cloth, healing (others, not self!) with both spells and bandages/covers, breeding animal. - Vynora would gain it for fishing, crafting tools, building roads, cooking and sharing meal with someone (trading it to them for nothing in return), building wells/fountains on water-providing tiles etc. - Magranon would gain chore for killing creatures (non-passive ones) and enemies (PvP), mining, prospecting, some selected masonry/jewelry crafts, building stone constructions. Chore points gain should be similar to skillgain - the more of one thing you do, the less points you get - so it would encourage priests to do several things for their Deity, instead of grindind the living hell out of one of those. The chores themselves wouldn't provide priests with any benefit since it's a chore. It's something you HAVE to do for your Deity to even be considered a worthy priest, so you don't get a cookie for that. I mean - if the system was implemented as suggested, chores would be a tradeoff for some of your restrictions! You could do stuff you can't now and in exchange you'd have to do stuff you don't do now. Simple. The part where you actually could get a cookie (many chore points and/or some long-ish lasting buff from Deity-specific list) would be Personal Missions. Those would be like Epic Missions, but just for you to do and separate from chores. Three examples, similar to each other, for three Deities (sorry Libila): - The Growth of Fo: Plant (X of) a <type> tree sapling(s) in <what place>. (Requires priest to take specific saplings with him and travel to more or less distant region [as it shouldn't be very specific situation - more like "a forest in northern parts [of your server]" to spread the creations of Fo). - The Influence of Magranon: Build an altar in <what place>. It must be made of <material> and stand <on rock/in cave/on dirt/in the forest>. (etc. etc.) - The Thirst of Vynora: Build a well in <what place>. (Requires priest to find a watersource tile, so the well would actually provide water). Missions may (well - should!) vary. Vynora could ask for fishing, Fo for taming specific type of animal and Magranon for mining something from specific (or not?) vein, killing something etc. And for those missions you could get some temporary blessing (to stats, skills, anything) and a handful of chore points. Also - missions should be given to a priest at random, out of the blue and should have timer (once you run out of time - it's lost) BUT the timer should only take ONLINE time into account. None of us would like to get a pop-up with mission right before we logout and know that once we log in the mission would be gone or we'd have very little time for it. I know what you'd say - "Why did you put "build X" so many times in there? Priests can't build!" and you're right, I know it. But it should be a part of those traded restrictions. To be perfectly clear: ALL priests SHOULD STILL HAVE NO-IMPROVE RESTRICTION, but many others may change. For example continuing buildings or more complicated items - it should be available for priests in some cases. It could always be done like for example "Magranon CAN continue constructions BUT only masonry/smithing/jewel related". It's a good improvement for priest live, but still (s)he can't do everything like non-priests can. Another part of my idea about "dos" and "don'ts" is so priest could sometimes skip some restrictions and do something agains their Deity's law (like Fo priest cutting down a tree) without an automatic depriest BUT it would cost a hell ton of chore points or even a mandatory Deity Mission (rewardless [no buff], since it's a punishment for you and you have to repay for your sins) for a priest to accomplish. Just give them at least SOME option to disobey once in a while. They're all humans after all and humans do mistakes. I think that this kind of approach to priests would make their gameplay less of a chore for those who hate keeping alts for menial tasks priests can't do, while it keeps core (no improve) restrictions so it would still be a hard choice whetner or not to become a priest. I'd appreciate any suggestions regarding what "new restrictions" should be like. What should specific priests be able to do? My general idea is restrict only the thing REALLY opposing the domain of given god (like Fo and cutting trees, but this particular option should get a bit of freedom like that the youngest trees could be digged up and replanted so Fo priests wouldn't have to have an alt just to remove unwanted, wild growing trees from their deed etc.).
  9. 100% stam actions done individually and then checked for skillgain: [14:29:21] Ropemaking increased by 0.0110 to 12.006 [14:29:37] Ropemaking increased by 0.0109 to 12.017 [14:30:42] You have now converted to Fo! [14:30:42] Faith decreased by 28.2 to 1.544 [14:30:53] Ropemaking increased by 0.00995 to 12.0273 [14:31:10] Ropemaking increased by 0.00993 to 12.0372 [14:31:58] Ropemaking increased by 0.00995 to 12.0472 It seems to ignore terrain type, altar power and whether or not you're on a deed (I figured that out in a previous test). The reason why people couldn't find it is simply because it's constant when your faith is high enough. Altar power is only required for priests. The number I got for the bonus was 9.5% ish, but assuming rounding I think it's safe to say it's a flat 10%. Just felt it was time to put the rumours to rest. Edit: The long held belief was that "you needed to be in vyn domain to get the bonus". But the needing domain part was dis-proven, which lead to people wondering if the bonus existed at all. What no one seems to have bothered trying was de-vynning to see. So I just gave up 10% skillgain for a couple weeks to figure it out once and for all
  10. Back with some more small sample sizes. This is as always not meant to be an exhaustive study, as much as it is a guideline on how/where you can do testing yourself if you're so inclined. Otherwise feel free to take this with a grain of salt. I do this for myself, but I publish my thoughts in case anyone else wants to read. Mining: It's a relatively known fact (so I'm told) that mining skillgain only happens when the ore produced is above 1ql, and below 40ql. It seems quite likely that mining produces results closer to the surface, and as such I believe that's actually the skill roll you achieve (it takes into account your skill, your characteristics, your tool and is hard limited to your skill or the ore vein's quality). I did some testing to verify, and indeed can confirm that 39.99ql ore gives skill, 40.03ql does not and constantly. Interestingly, this does not apply in any way to digging, which clearly indicates not all skills are working off this as a base model. Hats off to the devs for the obscurity this system manages. I've also noted that using skiller picks below lvl 50 mining is a waste. I'm getting *very* good gains at 52 mining off rock tiles with a q1 pickaxe. Higher than I've ever had off rock in the past using my q1 pick, and far better than iron or lead. Since rock is the easiest minable substance, it's pretty clear I shouldn't have been using a skiller pick up to this point. Final point to note: Skill tick sizes are purely based off action time (excluding CoC) in mining. Doesn't matter what you mine, gain value is the same size per second for your skill level. Success range for tick values is unaffected by CoC (40.01 still does not give skill with a 50coc pick) Farming: So the first thing I noticed about farming was the tendency of the messages to have an increasing order of... complimentariness(?) The field is tendedThe field is now tendedThe field looks better after your tendingThe field is now groomedThe field is now nicely groomedSo I thought to myself, what if these aren't random? Sure enough, the pattern across crops is different. Hard crops I'm far too underskilled for (garlic) always gave "is tended" while easier crops like cotton gave me a mixture. And so I revised the descriptions with success ranges that made sense. The field is tended - 1, failureThe field is now tended - 1.01->25, weak successThe field looks better after your tending - 25.01->50, mediocre successThe field is now groomed - 50.01->75, good successThe field is now nicely groomed - 75.01->100, excellent successAnd interestingly enough, it shows the same pattern as mining does (albeit rounded because the success is harder to read directly in the 25->50 range). The field is tended - never skill gainThe field is now tended - always skill gainThe field looks better after your tending - usually skill gainThe field is now groomed - never skill gainThe field is now nicely groomed - never skill gainBefore you ask, no the value of success doesn't seem to influence crop output volume. I get the same volume of cotton as I do corn even though I succeed a lot on cotton and not nearly as much with corn. And to sum all of this up, yes rake quality does seem to have an impact. It also works like mining with regards to that. This is my data for raking corn with 54 farming skill. Where would optimal skillgain be? I'm estimating that 1 "is tended" per 3 "looks better" since ~1/3 looks better will be overkill on the skill and fail. But the skillcurve might not be that easy to guess. Certainly this requires tinkering with rake quality in order to optimize your gains. Characteristics: These seem to work quite differently than skills do. Namely, it seems that the success check for them to gain skill appears to ignore tool quality/skill level entirely, and instead only goes off the relative difficulty of the task compared to your current Characteristic level. This is predominantly seen in priest Soul Depth gain. Stew holds as a steady source of Sdep, and outperforms meals, until much higher Sdep value ( According to mamadarkness, by 50 Soul depth meals had edged out stews). I've also noticed further support for this when doing my raking: Farming corn gives much worse Soul Depth to my 27 soul depth priest than farming cotton seems to. And doing high level tasks like raking garlic almost never gives gain of any characteristic. My Conclusions: Farming does have skill success feedback Rake quality matters and adjusts crop difficulty Characteristics will likely be benefited most by doing tasks that are well below high end skill values Skiller tools shouldn't be used for mining (possibly other tasks) until 50 skill roughly.
  11. Although not logged, I've spent 3ish hours grinding channeling, and the 7 minute per cast in the logs feels average. Second half I step into an altar radius and you can see what happens for yourself. Yes the sample size is small, feel free to test it yourself if you'd like better data. The altar in question is a q40 Stone Altar at 10 tiles distance. No way to know from this if it influences power. But with a good quality altar it means you can start vessel grinding much earlier than 50 channeling provided SB and gems. Casting Vessel on Low Q gems. 40chan, 26 Soul Depth, Sleeping bonus Average noticed before these logs: ~7minutes per success Channeling continuously in an area with no bonus 47 casts, 6 successes (7.8mins per success) [20:45:45] Religion increased by 0.0125 to 27.496 [20:45:45] Channeling increased by 0.0358 to 39.789 [20:46:43] Religion increased by 0.0124 to 27.509 [20:47:12] Channeling increased by 0.0357 to 39.825 [20:48:39] Channeling increased by 0.0357 to 39.860 [20:50:37] Channeling increased by 0.0356 to 39.896 [20:51:06] Channeling increased by 0.0356 to 39.931 [20:52:33] Soul strength increased by 0.00172 to 21.5526 [20:56:51] Soul increased by 0.00105 to 23.0733 [20:57:20] Channeling increased by 0.0355 to 39.967 [21:02:23] Soul depth increased by 0.00133 to 26.2013 [21:04:28] Soul strength increased by 0.00172 to 21.5544 [21:06:25] Soul depth increased by 0.00133 to 26.2026 [21:07:23] Religion increased by 0.0124 to 27.521 [21:08:30] Soul depth increased by 0.00133 to 26.2039 Step into altar area of 35 faith power: 28 casts, 13 successes (1.07 mins per success) [21:09:28] Soul depth increased by 0.00133 to 26.2052 [21:09:28] Channeling increased by 0.0355 to 40.002 [21:10:46] Channeling increased by 0.0354 to 40.038 [21:11:15] Soul increased by 0.00105 to 23.0744 [21:11:15] Channeling increased by 0.0353 to 40.073 [21:12:00] Channeling increased by 0.0353 to 40.108 [21:12:29] Channeling increased by 0.0352 to 40.144 [21:12:58] Channeling increased by 0.0352 to 40.179 [21:16:21] Soul depth increased by 0.00133 to 26.2066 [21:16:21] Channeling increased by 0.0351 to 40.214 [21:17:24] Channeling increased by 0.0351 to 40.249 [21:17:53] Channeling increased by 0.0350 to 40.284 [21:19:31] Channeling increased by 0.0350 to 40.319 [21:20:30] Channeling increased by 0.0349 to 40.354 [21:21:46] Channeling increased by 0.0349 to 40.389 [21:23:37] Channeling increased by 0.0348 to 40.424
  12. In days of past, when I played my main I got to roughly 45 weaponsmithing. At the time, comparing gains with a lvl 90 blacksmith we noticed we were both getting roughly the same values. Simplistic model to simulate (and amusingly close) was to take the base gain, and every 10 levels cut it in half. Although this doesn't perfectly model wurm, it's close enough to give us a comparison point. I then took the value for 90BS I got (used 0.2 gains as a base), pushed the value to 50 WS and used it in both directions to fill out the gain charts for WS. After this, take the actions per level, calculate earning 10 levels, add it to the previous ten levels total action. That gives us an estimate of actions/skill value every 10 levels. Take the total for 90BS and find it on the WS charts, and badabinga we are gold. Interesting note: Leveling WS to 90 under this model is the equivalent of getting lvl 90 in 16 other skills with similar gain rates to BS. Kinda useless knowledge, but Xor doubted my estimate and he got lovingly mathed in the face =D
  13. Edit: Seeing as some more interesting anecdotes are popping up on the different wood types, I'm changing this into a charcoaling research thread! Please, feel free to contribute I'll continue to add any data I find as I go regardless if others participate though. Currently testing birchwood. Tested Oak/Cedarwood piles outside. First damage tick shown: [21:21:51] A large kiln-like structure. It is made from cedarwood. Ql: 9.718626, Dam: 10.28952. [21:25:47] A large kiln-like structure. It is made from cedarwood. Ql: 14.347615, Dam: 6.9698. [21:23:48] A large kiln-like structure. It is made from oakenwood. Ql: 9.601322, Dam: 8.332187. [21:25:56] A large kiln-like structure. It is made from oakenwood. Ql: 13.958223, Dam: 5.731388. On a hunch, 100/9.718626 does = 10.28952. Damage is therefore 100 per tick, with the usual (dmg/effective quality) damage reduction. Second pile confirmed. Confirming oak effects, 100/9.601322*0.8 = 8.332186. Close enough in my books, not sure where that rounding comes from. Second pile confirmed On a side note, expected production from outdoors lines up with my experience from charcoaling in a mine. For any rumours out there left about charcoaling in mines, I do believe this should confirm that bug defunct (I'm sure someone will consider this obvious, but that's fine with me =D ) For the less number oriented here's the summary: To address the concerns below in a condensed place for people reading this in the future: -Why Cedar? I thought Cedar ticks at the same time length oak does for charcoal piles (After waiting for multiple ticks, oak ticked 5 times ceder 3, so this data was wrong), so it was for convenience on my part. I'm ~37 charcoaling skill right now and my experiences in the mine showed ~Q11 piles producing ~7 charcoal whether it was ceder or not, just took longer. -This was never an experiment, this was simple confirmation of mechanics for personal use that I decided to share (Aight, we'll do some research *lesigh*). The decay mechanics have long been known, so really the only thing I was testing here was the amount of flat damage applied per damage tick. The rest was extrapolation with long known mechanics and some graphing work. No need for a sample size larger than 4. It also confirms my experience with the roughly 20-30 piles I've made in the past, but feel free to make a spreadsheet with my formula and confirm the numbers for total output if you'd like. - Why did I do this? I love spreadsheets honestly. But more realistically I wanted to compare the cost of oak logs in, compared to the value of the charcoal out to see at what point it's worth switching to oak from walnut. Oak logs are often sold for 5c a piece. For a good quality pile lets just say 1c for each high Q log is what we could sell the log for instead. Bulk charcoal commonly goes for 1s/250 on new cluster anyway. By that math, you need 10 bonus charcoal to make break even. This doesn't happen until 80+ quality. Assuming that charcoal prices budge up to 2s / 250 for quality 40, with new cluster pricing we see the break even of Oak vs Walnut at roughly 45ql pile. Feel free to adjust it to your local prices. ~~~ If you want to go further, the formula used for any damage past the first tick is show in the box. First tick is 100/quality for normal, and 100/quality*0.8 for oak. The formula goes gibberish after 100 damage, so just ignore it. But the destruction tick does provide a charcoal, so it's still relevant. Ceder numbers Oak