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Found 64 results

  1. As the title says, allow fillets of meat to be placed inside a food storage bin. This really should have been added ages ago, It is so very simple.
  2. We're selling lots of food at Brotopia, x9,y13 on Exodus. Currently not doing deliveries outside the NW area. Current Stocks 2500 Corn @1s/1k 1000 Green Grapes @3s/1k edit: Last stock update for the month -- sold almost everything.
  3. We're selling veggies, berries, wemp, and cotton at Brotopia, located at x10,y13 on Exodus. Currently we cannot deliver cross-server. 6000 cooked meat 2s/1k sold 9000 corn 1s/1k sold 6000 potatoes 1s/1k sold 3000 pumpkins 1s/1k 1000 barley 1s/1k 10000 strawberries 1s/1k sold 1000 strawberries 1s/1k 5000 olives 1s/1k 1000 garlic 1s/1k 2000 cotton 69.39 ql 1s/1k 4000 wemp 74.47 ql 1s/1k Edit: updated stocks
  4. White Pearl: x23 y43 PM Rockybalboa Sell: -Horses: -You can place order for: Enchanted grass 1s per tile, every next 50c only Pine logs 50+ql For tools, gems and rugs from 30ql up to 90ql you can visit merchants in WP. Gems sell for 2c per ql! Buy: -Rare items (dirt, logs, sand, planks, clay...) 10c buyout per item in Rocky office. U CAN PLACE YOUR MERCHANT 3 FREE MARKET STALLS u have INN in town Black Pearl: x23 y44 PM Brocules or Beka Sell: -Horses: For more info about horses PM Brocules! Buy: Woad and acorns 40+ql U CAN PLACE YOUR MERCHANT 5 FREE MARKET STALLS u have INN in town South Sea Pearl: x25 y48 PM ilosttaco Sell: Buy: Pinky Pearl: x20 y31 PM Jacksparrow Sell: Buy: Gold Pearl Market: x22 y38 near old ETP Sell: Buy: U CAN PLACE YOUR MERCHANT 16 FREE MARKET STALLS u have HOTEL in town Silver Pearl: no location Sell: Buy:
  5. 1x Exquisite meditation rug (60 QL - 80 QL) 60+ CoC Prefered Contact me trough pm or irc or in-game price and more info Im in Exodus Global Nick: Nonsoul
  6. WTS 500 61ql cooked meat, 1.5s
  7. Wts Meat

    Want to sell 1K meat for 2.2s. Located on Exodus at Smelly Island's y23 x46.
  8. Hey, bit if a random topic I know but I'm looking to buy the following items and have them delivered - 0 / 15 Barrels of Olive oil - 20c per barrel 7k / 10k Cooked Meat - 4s per 1000 0 / 5k Grains (Rye, oat, wheat etc) - 4s per 1000 2k / 10k Vegetables (Potatoes, pumpkins, onions) - 4s per 1000 I'm currently at Copper Fortress (33x49y) on Independence. Please send me a PM or contact me ingame (Tuvier) before attempting to make a delivery. If i'm not on, please leave the items at the Inn by the front gate and send me a PM with the details of the character you would like the payment sent to. Thanks
  9. Hello, I'm selling cooked, FSB'ed meat on Celebration. Going rate is 2S/1000 + delivery costs. Lowest amount that I will sell : 100 meat. Delivery costs are color coded in this pic: Green - 5c Yellow - 10c Red - 25c Purple - 40c Nothing - will not deliver there (i can consider delivering to south exo as well, just PM me for pricing on delivery) You can post here or PM me in-game (Thorakkanath) Thor
  10. Need to do some HFC grinding or need some SD? Have 2970 cooked meat and will sell them all for 5s, including delivery, anywhere on Deli. For smaller orders, its 1s per 500 meat and I won't bother delivering. Thanks!
  11. Hot off the grill oven! This week's offering: 100 choice spider cutlets of 15.9ql Key to the fsb is available anytime on the Isilinde trader (36AW on the map). The FSB is located on the shore. Delivery may be available, just send a pm.
  12. On Exodus - quality 25. Asking price 1-1.5s depending on delivery/pickup. (Trade possible for 4-5 speed horses or high ql tools) Can deliver in the surroundings of New Pineview, Esert and Black Market (by cart, don't have a large boat yet). Pickup is preferred. Need meat regularly? I'm a hunter so we might be able to get a deal about regular meat distribution.
  13. Hi, I am currently on celebration looking to buy meat and Fish. PM if interested in selling. Thanks, Edvin