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Found 64 results

  1. I have a few things for sale that I no longer need. Tools will be COD from Xanadu from an 96 cast mailbox. Pickup for other items will be P14 Xanadu. Rare spindle cedarwood 63ql - 2s Chain coif Gold 89.9ql - 60c OBO Greathelm Steel 71ql - 25c 5kg source - Taking offers 3000 cooked meat - 1.5s/k 2700 wemp plants 53.97ql - taking offers 7k Dirt 90c/k if picked up. (PM for delivery costs) OBO - or best offer
  2. A pack of 500 cooked meats, 0.90kg ea, QL38.38 Delivered with free containers... Min bid 1s Increments 5c by 5c Winner PM to Orlin ingame or orlin in forum to accord delivering.
  3. Ql 29 Corbita, cedar (lock and anchor) 3s pick up, 3.5s delivery on Pristine Ql 88 source, 1.26kg ~2.5s delivery only on main island Ql 35+ meat, 1k 1.5s pick up, 2s deliver on main island Plate set,steel 5s, can deliver on pristine main island: Helm ql 70.55 Breastplate ql 70.14 Vambraces ql 70.40/70.31 Gauntlets ql 70.10/70.22 Leggings ql 70.00 Sabatons ql 69.78/70.02 4x Yellow potion, ql 16/16/32/32 ~25c each, can deliver on pristine main island
  4. Hi everyone I want to sell 1k cooked meat. Pick up on Release X43Y26, delivery possible only via small rowing boat on Release. Price is 1,5s for 1k 75c for 500 50c for 250 20c for 100 PM Vlada ingame or leave reservation here to make a deal. Cheers!
  5. Item can be picked up from Green Mountain(X7 Y30) on Pristine. If the item is mailable I can mail it, buyer pays mail cost. PM RobZ ingame or boilingfort on forum to order. I have a merchant in Blossom which has pelts, hides and some other things. Panfilling Check the thread here: Butchering QL 90-99 pelt - 2c/QL for every QL over 90 QL 100 pelt - 40c QL 70 hide - 1c/hide QL 90 hide - 2c/hide QL 95+ hide - 3c/hide QL 100 hide - 5c/hide High QL Turtle shells - PM me Current shell stock QL 90+ Crab meat(high nutrition) - PM me 500 cooked meat - 75c Other butchered products - PM me
  6. Hi all, I am selling: 1k Cotton 50ql 1s1k Tar 22ql 1s1k Wemp 53ql 1s Pickup from either P16 or O19. Delivery can be organised within Pristine Also have other bits and pieces from animals such as hides, furs, paw, ect in small amounts.
  7. Hello folks! Im selling load of meat this time. Cooked meat 3k for 6s Deliver only to Exodus, pick up from Memoria (x32, y47), Exodus. CLOSED
  8. WTB Cooked Meat

    Hello, Im currently in need to a lot of cooked meat of ql 50+. I would be willing to buy if delivered to me on Xanadu at U-18 Pm me in game or here. Zahl
  9. Hello all! - Garlic 2/2s - Rye 500/50c - Barley 500/50c - Wemp 1k/1s (Ql 70+) Delivery only to Exodus, pickup from Memoria (y47, x32), Exodus.
  10. Selling 1,500 cooked meat, 0.9kg units @ 38.84ql. 3s. Optional veggies also available. Free delivery on Indy to any port/coastal deed. Other servers, pm me (ingame: Trooperau) and we'll work something out.
  11. Greetings fellow Wurmians! The goods can be picked-up at Wildstone (50x, 20y) or delivered for a fee (fee is negotiable and depends on location and number of trips). Ovens and Forges can be optionally improved on deliveries. 50ql -- free / 60ql -- 10c each. Limit of two per customer. I am selling the following packages: 75 Copper Deals [The Carnivore] (500 Cooked Meat, 39.70 QL) x8 Sold! 40 Copper Deals (Guaranteed to be at least 50 QL) [Corn Feast] (500 corn) x1 left [Pumpkin Feast] (500 pumpkin) x2 left [Potato Feast] (500 potatoes) x2 left [Vampire Repellent] (500 garlic) x2 left [The Grain Train] (125 Wheat, 125 Oat, 125 Barley, 125 Rye) x5 left [The Veggie Express] (125 Corn, 125 Pumpkin, 125 Potatoes, 125 Onions) x2 left [Everything, Even the Kitchen Sink] (50 Corn, 50 Pumpkins, 50 Potatoes, 50 Onions, 50 Garlic, 50 Wheat, 50 Oat, 50 Barley, 50 Rye) x2 left Contact me in the forums or in game (player name is Tridek).
  12. Hello! Today i want to sell all these stuff becouse i don't have monehh so only pick up and c.o.d available Pick up ONLY on everything! AND MAIL (C.O.D) [buyer pay the C.O.D price](rare rope tool, pickaxe, rare spindle) Deliverance Localization:(37x, 6y) Zbuczyn ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PRICE Rare rope tool, oakenwood Can be COD sold ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rare spindle, cedarwood Can be COD sold __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ pickaxe, iron Can be COD sold ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ mortar sold ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ fence bar sold ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ meat sold ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ large nail sold __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ small nail sold ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ planks, birchwood sold ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Deliverance Localization:(37x, 6y) Zbuczyn
  13. Currently fish cannot currently be stored long term, meat however can if you cook it and put it in an FSB. Smoking fish was one of the earliest ways of preserving meat aside from salt curing. Therefore, I suggest a structure, much like a coalpile, that would allow you to create a store-able fish product. The structure would take 12 logs, 4 peat, and 1 kindling to create (of course another kindling to light just like coal piles). Creating these structures would increase your "meat smoking" skill, the QL of these structures would be dependent on the meat smoking skill. After creation you would be able to open the structure and put X number of "fillet of fishtype" inside and after about 24 hours real time a percentage of the fillets would all become a generic "smoked fish". The rest of the fillets would become some generally worthless item such as "pig food" or "charred meat" and the structure would burn out leaving behind tar and ash. The percentage chance of becoming smoked fish versus charred fish would be dependent on pile QL or fillet QL, whichever is lower. The only difference between smoked fish and non-smoked fish fillets is smoked fish could be stored in FSB's (possibly smoked fish take 1/2 damage in inventory as well). This would allow storing of fish, but the increase in stored meat on the market should be limited by the difficulty to create large quantities. Not to mention it would take 3k "smoked fish" to equal 1k "cooked meat" as fish fillet (and thus the smoked fish) weighs 0.3 kg and cooked meat from an FSB weighs 0.9 kg and fillets in to 3 meat fillet. This could be expanded in the future to smoke meat and allow meat fillets to be put in an FSB, or instead maybe smoke meat fillets into "jerky" which is not storeable, but has an 1/10 decay rate (in inventory only) and a low nutritional value. Upon further thought this part is not all that useful, and merely makes the idea more cumbersome.
  14. Hello fellow wurmians! I have offer of 1k cooked meat for 2s + free delivery to Exodus (1s fee to other freedom servers exept Chaos). My location is in Opulence, Exodus. We have land and water access. Buyer found, close please.
  15. Have cooked meat i want to get rid off. 4k - 7 Silver. That's 1.75s per 1k. Can deliver anywhere at Deliverance only or you pick it up. And also some stuff: Carving knife 23.65ql coc82 = 1s Carving knife16.45ql coc38 = 30c Meditation rug 30.37ql 23botd = 20c Exquisite meditation rug 19.50ql coc60 = 60c Butchering knife 36.49ql woa56 coc46 = 80c Hatchet, steel 48.40ql woa46 coc22 = 60c Hatchet iron 1ql coc77 = 1.2s Longsword 66.83ql fa85 coc87 = 2s Pickaxe 28.61ql coc83 = 1.7 Pickaxe 63.51ql woa59 coc36 = 80c Hammer 39.22ql coc44 = 40c Stone chisel 41.20ql woa49 coc 33 = 40c Large Shield 24.95ql coc44 = 40c Rake 26.25ql coc50 = 50c Pick it up or i can cod them. You can also make an offer. in game name: Torvalar
  16. Please Close

    1k for 1.5 silver NE Exo. slightly fresh and ready to go. All sold
  17. Bulk sales available for collection from Animal Sanctuary (Exodus) Potatoes 4k @ 1s per 1k QL 60-72 Garlic 3k @ 1s per 1k QL54-71 sold 4k @ 1s per 1k Ql69 sold Meat 1.5k @ 1s per 500 Ql 29-38 6k @ 1s per 500 ql 42 Pumpkin 5k @1s per 1k ql90 Wemp 2k @ 1s per 1k ql 58 Wemp Fibre 2.5k @ 1s per 1k ql 55
  18. Selling a bit of random stuff on Deliverence. I can deliver anywhere on Deli, and to ports on Indy, Cele, and Exodus. The meat has to be picked up at Bridport as I cannot haul that much in one go. PM me on the forums with offers or contact Dougan in-game. Quantities are correct provided they don't take a storage bin decay hit between now & time of purchase. BEAST PARTS (all or none, BSB quantities, make offer) PART QTY Q eyes 100 41.96 bladders 124 26.60 glands 121 23.54 hooves 196 28.31 paws 205 27.36 tails 189 29.68 teeth 254 28.91 horns 58 34.82 hearts 2 9.14 ----- 1,249 DYE INGREDIENTS (all or none, BSB quantities, make offer) INGREDIENT QTY Q woad 67 19.50 cochineals 171 23.43 acorns 33 20.00 --- 271 FOOD (all or none of a type, FSB quantities) FOOD QTY Q PRICE oat 1,500 54.68 1s50c potatoes 1,000 48.57 1s cooked meat 4,000 27.64 6s SPROUTS (all or none of a type, BSB quantities, make offer) SPROUT QTY Q grape 50 32.80 cherry 50 32.64 pine 90 32.16 MISC (all or none of a type, BSB quantities) ITEM QTY Q PRICE soft cap 1 * 2s (it is wrapped, will have to check QL) thatch 700 17.70 make offer hides 200 25.15 make offer
  19. I want to sell 1.2k meat for 2s. Location is New Freeport (x: 24 y:26) on Exodus. Reply, PM or /tell Diddiz in game for further information.
  20. 1000 Cooked meat for sale on Exo. . Delivery to Southern Indy may be possible. Pm here or in game(Exo to same name)
  21. 10k any meat 15k any veggie Delivered to Exodus Post offers here or PM please EDIT: Also need 5000 Oat, Barley or Rye. Or any mix of the three CLOSE PLEASE!
  22. Hey all! New Pineview is selling bulk products of: - Potatoe --- 1k for 1s - Corn --- 1500 for 1,5s - Garlic --- 1500 for 1,5s - Barley --- 500 for 50c - Rye --- 1k for 1s - Olive --- 1k for 1s - Leather (Ql 15) --- 300 for 4s More will come including other bulk products. We are located at almost central of Exodus server(x 27, y 33). We can deliver goods to all Freedom servers (not to Chaos). Own containers to carry stuff would be usefull too if client want to pick them up themselves. CLOSED
  23. Hey, I live in South Exodus at South Sea Pearl (x25 y48). Leave message here or PM me ingame at TheRedReaper. Thanks. I will be adding more horses and meat as I get them. And soon crops! 1k meat, 2s 4 speed horses, 40c Warlightning: It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. Black, Male Hopbrisk: It has fleeter movement than normal. It is a tough bugger. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It has very strong leg muscles. Brown, Male Chaserwild: It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It has very strong leg muscles. White, Female Bellahappy:It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. Brown, Female Bashirastark: It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It has very strong leg muscles. Brown, Female Starkdream: It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. Brown, Male Huntingheart: It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. Grey, Male 5 speed horse, 1s Happyrun: It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. Brown, Female Jollypearl: It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. Brown, Female
  24. I am taking orders for and selling crafting supplies. I will list prices below here. I am on Celebration and live south of the Great Plains. Stock will vary depending on quantity. Send me a pm in game if you have any questions. PLEASE NOTE: Prices are subject to change OFTEN, and may be lower than what was is posted. 1K = 1000 S = Silver C = Copper 1K Cooked meat - 2S 1K Onions - 80C 1K Pumpkins - 1S 1K cotton - 1S 1K stone bricks - 2S 1k mortar - 2s 1K dirt -1S 1k planks - 1S 80C Will be updating regularly.
  25. ~Solitude Produce & Tailored Goods~ Need to skill up Soul Depth? Decide it's time to take up rope making? How about getting a sail for that boat that's finally sea worthy? Well look no farther! You know you need it, so get it here! Free Delivery on all bulk produce anywhere in Deli, sorry no delivery to other servers. Buyer pays COD on all mailed items. Mail box with 89 cast onsite for quick mail service! For questions or inquiries contact Nyteshade in game or send a PM in the forums. ~Bulk food in stock~ All bulk produce 1k/1s Cooked meat 500/1s Onions ......................... 1,000 Garlic................................7,000 Wemp fiber, 70ql ....................5,000 Corn....................................1,000 Wheat.......................................3,000 Cooked meat.............................1,500 ~Tailored Items~ Full set of cloth armor: 50ql- 60c; 70ql- 75s; 80ql- 1s Meditation rugs: 50ql- 40c; 70ql-60c; 80ql-80c Fine mediation rugs: 50ql- 50c; 70ql- 70c; 80ql-90c Beautiful rugs: 50ql- 60c; 70ql- 80c; 80ql-1s Exquisite rugs: 50ql- 70c; 70ql-90c; 80ql-1s10c Triangle Sails........... 50c Small square sails............30c Square sails..................75c Satchels................ 5c Sheets.................... 5c Kingdom flags.............25c Kingdom banners................25c White flag.................... 25c White banners................ 25c