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Found 102 results

  1. Global Market Place.

    I am thinking of closed area with market where you can go using special market portal (like epic one, you can build them in your deed) from every freedom island after paying travel fee 20-30c (back is free). Set a merchant and trade with other peoples.(no carts , no bulk trade there) Just simple global trade center.
  2. I would post this in the market forum, but this is the initial start-up of the market as opposed to the actual market post. The idea of this market is that it is at a location easily accessible from both Pristine and Sloping Sands as shown on the following map: There is a full highway from Spawn Lake to Lotus Landing. I have every intention of putting guard towers up along the desert near my deed to make safer travels. Even without the towers, I still get a fair bit of traffic from Sloping Sands. So the details... - The market is right beside the water right at where the highway meets the water (well maybe a few tile south of that ) - As of now, I currently have 6 stalls being made (3 completed and ready for a merchant, 3 more almost complete) - I have room for 50+ stalls with the willingness to expand further if it ever came to it. - There will be no fee from me to set up a merchant and I have no intention of charging a fee later on. I want this to be a public market. - There is also a clay pier being made at the north end of the market and I will make sure a tar patch is accessible nearby as well. - I will also be setting up public buildings (ie. workshops, etc) so merchant holders will eventually be able to work on items at the market if desired. Finally, I also am hashing out the idea of myself checking each merchant once every 1 or 2 weeks and notifying the merchant holders if their stock is running low. If you have any question feel free to im me, contact me in game (my name is Lotus), or post here. If you would like to place a merchant, simply head to Lotus Landing and place your merchant (although sending me a PM would be helpful if you intend on doing this )
  3. Celebrity Seaway Market Directory

    Celebrity Seaway Market Has a New Owner, New Merchants, and New Spaces Available for More Merchants! The new owner is Caelohh in game, and jacobw on the forums. PR rep (will be posting on behalf of CS) is Pintadragon in game, Pinta Dragon on the forums. We have many new spaces open! There is no fee to move in anymore. -To request a building space or to get more information, PM Caelohh in game or Jacobw on the forums We are currently finishing up with renovations, but there is a new Directory below as well as a map to CS Here is a map to show you where Celebrity Seaway Market is: This is the Directory for the Market Here is the map with the merchant spots numbered: green=available space yellow=coming soon(terraforming needed) blue=reserved Here is a list of the Merchants with details about their stocks: 1. Slayerspear's Shipyard 2. Pinta's Ranch Sales -Horses -Bison 3.Dragon Forge Weapons -Merchant Dragon Forge Arms --70-90ql iron and steel weps,most enchanted 4-7 Open spaces for new merchants to create their buildings! 8. Ropes for sale 8.a.-Merchant Cristhel --60 quality studded leather,60 quality toolbelts and misc quality mooring/coordage ropes 8.b.-merchant Frathen Drothan --70-80 quality unenchanted tools and brass lamps 8.c.-merchant Enchdtools --misc ql enchanted tools 9. Space which will be available when renovations are complete 10. Waiting on merchant to build/stock -bulk goods,floorboards and support beams 11-12 reserved currently,PM caelohh in game or forum PM jacobw 13. Kruggan's Lamps and Tools -13.a. Merchant Kruggan's Lamps --Lamps 50ql -13.b. Merchant Kruggan's Tools --Mid to high quality tools with mid to high enchants 14. Uian's Construction and Carpentry -Merchant Uian --fence kits and house kits, 1k bricks and/or mortar 15. Open spaces for new merchants to create their buildings! 16. Waiting on merchant to build/stock -90 quality tools and weapons 17. Space which will be available when renovations are complete 18. Tpikol's Carpentry -Merchant Tpikol's Carpentry --70-90 quality carpentry items 19. reserved currently,PM caelohh in game or forum PM jacobw 20. Smith Them All -Merchant Smith them all --70 quality weapons, some enchanted; 70 & 80 quality tools, some enchanted 21. Wine and Cellar -player quit, glitched merchants, waiting for the glitch to be fixed so they can be removed. 22. Xallos Legendary Warcrafts and Artifacts -Merchant Frank --Life transfer weapons, 100 quality pelts, 90 quality leather barding, 8-9 slot toolbelts, drake armor, high quality tools with high enchants, saddles 90 quality with high Wind of Ages 23. Dredorra's skillers and Caelohh's lumps -23.a. Merchant Dredorra's skillers --10-30 quality tools with Circle of Cunning -23.b. Merchant Caelohh's lumps --down for restocking --will have 50, 70, 80 quality lumps of: tin, gold, silver, iron, copper, zinc. 24. Thunders Black Market -Merchant Quick fingers --40-70 quality tools with no enchants, some weapons with enchants, various goods of all kinds 25. The Awesome Sauce -Merchant I love you --70 quality tools, most enchanted 26. Ragnaroks Steel -Merchant Bob the steeler --Steel tools and armor-temporarily inactive player 27. Metal and Chain -Merchant Chain armor --70 quality chain armor 28. Korner Market -Korner industries -- 50 quality lamps, misc goods 29. Space which will be available when renovations are complete 30. Pinejon's Shop of Enchants -30.a. Merchant Enchanted weps --70 quality enchanted weapons -30.b. Merchant Enchanted tools --Unenchanted 70 quality weapons and tools 31. The hillbilly -Merchant Billy Bob -70-80 quality tools and lanterns 32. Airwalkre's Bowyery Shop -Merchant Huntress labow --60 quality bows, 50 quality quivers, 41-65 quality arrows: hunting and war 33. The Magic Factory -33.a. Merchant Elven armor -- 70 quality studded leather, 60-70 quality misc. leatherworking good --- 60-80 quality enchanted leather armor -33.b. Merchant Thor's Hammer -- 60-80 quality iron tools ---60-80 quality enchanted iron tools 34. Open spaces for new merchants to create their buildings! 35-36. Spaces which will be available when renovations are complete
  4. Welcome all! PUZZLE PLAZA MARKET AND EVENT DEED: LOCATION: 25X 32Y DELIVERENCE SERVER Hello all and welcome to the Puzzle Plaza thread. The Plaza is up and running, The event section should be open in time for a Christmas event. After wroking long hours, Puzzle Plaza is now the main MarketPlace for the whole Deliverence server. I would like to Reach out to all the players that helped with DMP and watched as it fell. The DMP was a place built by many good players all with the right intentions. The reason it was built and the person who birth the idea may have been alittle less forth coming of why. So to all that helped I hope Puzzle Plaza will be in your travels for the future. Accomplishments: Since opening the Market has attracted over 50 mercahnt and has Hosted 2 major events: The server wide god spells were successfully casted on the 22nd of september 2012 and the Troll king was slain one week later on the 30th of september 2012. We are working toward a great place where the whole community can meet up and have fun, make friends, and celebrate this wonderful game we all love to play. Something new: Webbler, Monctonclown, Tep and Snoo have been working on a desert and when complete will be 16,500 tiles in total, making it the biggest desert on Deliverence server. It is located Just west of the main entrence of the Plaza. For all new hunters and all old, it should prove a nice hunting ground and centeral locations for all. The Truth behind the events. After hearing of a place called Puzzles labyrinth, I quickly contacted these Players. Griphyth (also see blog) Faeran (Maze Designer) Nicilie (Building Champion) We Lassoed the Idea together in Fusion of a game/event deed, Comperhensive Market area and a Well designed Puzzle/Labyrinth, in a compact area. The Puzzle: Monthly events ( 1 week on 5-6 weeks off). Games, Mini quests designed by us for the players, Team events with preists needed to complete tasks inside the Labyrinth (challenges for older players) and a 4 day event timer, for starting events at maximum players online ( Sermons between thurs-sat) While players gather for a Sunday event time. The Market: Mini map, Colored sections, Player name and description, trader, mailbox and altars. The Grounds: 8 Bed Inn (perplexed Pillow), Working church with water (Priested pietism), Stable and parking area (Puzzle Parking). Puzzles crew and design team: Faeran, Nicilie, Griphyth, Lizabeth, Snoo, Wulfgar. Mapping and screen shots by Foreverskyz Special Thanks to: kaih, Snoo, Lizabeth, zuperman, Sandyar, Wulfgar, Gumbo, Zivrit ,Raycg, Despise, Clifford, Fig, Bonehunter, Jamesp, Metaldragon, Drago,Willow, Order of Black Rose and all others from Christmas event 2011. ZA|!F3A® Clear, Build and Own the Land!
  5. 7 Markets - 600 Players..

    Hey guys, What is with the lack of cooperation going on with these markets? According to the community map Exo has 6 markets.. and seems that a new one pops up every couple months. Why do we need 7 markets? half of which are near empty, the other half are so far inland or only reachable by sailboat (no larger ships). Following this, is the horrible placement of said markets.. - Arcanum is so far to the SE that its almost useless to 50% of the server (also no overland access) - Silver pearl is in the middle of a smaller island with no boat access what so ever... - New market and Exodus central market are both beside each other and overland only with sailboat only connections (from my understanding) - Port Tanelorn.. is that even a market? Now this maybe an issue with the map, but its also an issue with the fact that with so many markets, the merchants get little exposure due to players no wanting to waste their time looking all over the map for what they need. I know everyone wants to play community market leader, but really people, lets, as the community pick just one. So far, none of the locations suit a proper full access market due to the water access we have.. I need input on this, its getting a little out of hand..
  6. Its my pleasure to announce that the upgrades to TDM are now officially coming to a close this weekend. The market is located at the center of the map on a man-made coastal island connected to the west side of Tap Dance by a land bridge. We've been striving away to fill empty spaces and expand our animal selling facilities and construction work is finally coming to a close. However if you are interested in a shop here and are not already on the list we will continue to slowly replace empty Market stalls with our new stone shops where possible. Id also like to thank those who have lent a hand with some of the work and really sped things up, you know who you are. TDM has a high power mailbox that delivers in under 10 minutes as well as an altar to each god, both are available to the public Tap Dance market currently contains a variety of merchants catering to a wide range of needs: Lump Tools Enchants - Sells a selection of high quality chain armor, Enchanted tools from low quality skilling tools to high WOA tools as well as high quality bulk lumps New Awesomesaucia Wares - Comprised of 3 merchants selling quality shields, Enchanted tools and anvils, meditation rugs and carpentry wares Tpikols Carpentry - Tpikol's merchant specializes in 70-90 quality carpentry wares from practice dummies, grooming brushes, signs, even altars and mailboxes Dragon Forge Weapons and Sfaleron's Wares - Dragon Forge weapons sells weapon smithing goods from quality 50-85 and on occasion enchanted tools as well, Sfaleron's Wares sells quality Blacksmithing goods, high quality carp goods and other general wares. Whisky Lamp and Moonshine Tannery - These two merchants sell traited Horses, quality studded leather armor sets, ropes, toolbelts and cloth goods. Germania's - A merchant selling traited horses and other general goods Necromancers Smithy - This merchant sells quality Weaponsmithing and Blacksmithing goods Sara - A high quality weaponsmithing, Armour and blacksmithing store Das Booth - A general goods store Violets Tools/Weapons - A high quality enchanted weapons and tools store comprising of two merchants Cheap weps/tools - This merchant sells Heavily enchanted weapons and tools of a high quality as well as un-enchanted quality products Hillbilly Hermit - A blacksmithing and enchanted tools store that also regulatory stocks anchors Woventhreadii - Sells cloth and rope wares of quality Mostly Chain - This merchant sells chain armor sets for affordable prices Trinity Trading co - A general goods store What you need - A general goods store Korner Industries - This merchant can be found selling studded leather armor and an assortment of other goods As well as an asortment of other merchants Coming soon new bulk crop and materials vendors (stalls are in progress and merchants have been found) If your interested in placing a merchant here please pop buy and just plant one in a free stand or contact Dyf/Split Ingame If you'd like your very own shop here there is a waiting list, however if your willing to provide materials or lend a hand making them we'll happily provide the spot. Place a merchant here is free and always will be this is a community Market and is not for profit.
  7. As the title states, where is the most active market on Exodus, please list name and coords.
  8. new MERCHANT opening soon!!! in DELI!!! this merchant is designed with the newb in mind.... read on for full could help you be set for life in the wurm world.. ok basically this is a merchant with the newb in mind... now i know your thinking... "but most newbs don't have coin!" and this is true...but with a quick stop at the merchant they can find a job board... the two neighbors of this merchant are willing to give jobs and pay a few coins in exchange.. now most must be thinking well where is this... (pics will come later) but it's easy...there will be signs from greendog... and it's only a 3min walk from greendog... next to tabula rose and mookton... around 20x 32y... now you must wonder...what stops other high level players from taking advantage... nothing..other then most of the items are going to be low ql... just starter items that they can get going with... and even if they do...they still have to pay... so...when the newb market is open i will add pics and directions... thanks for reading.. EDITED (changed the wording since that is what everyone is tripping off of....) (one word misused and everyone hates...Thanks ppl)
  9. Amish Paradise Market

    We hope you will visit us soon! If you can't find it here, we will try to order it in for you!!! Until you visit us in person, please check out the screen shots and information below. Located at O40 or on the south side of "Deadnoob Sea" on Celebration server. Community Map Links http://noizeviolatio...wurm/CelebH.png Bison are now being bred! Aniceset's Livestock There is currently 45/60 Market Stalls in the main market & 9 on the Bay3 Dock (near guard tower). We have room to expand to our max upon need of the community. Many merchants are already in place and ready to sell to you today, but we are currently looking for more well stocked tenants. You will find 2 Fountains on our property. One is located near the Market itself, and the other is close to the token south of market marked by signs. You will find our 99cast mail box & Token near the Champion Unicorns. Is also 2 Inns on AP property with free beds. Our Chapel is now finished. It is also near the Champion Unicorns, with sermons happening many times through the day. You will find an Epic portal near the B1 Dock at west side of Market area. If you wish to go the path of love, visit our meditation rug near the market to embark on your journey. Our Knowledge tiles is just north of the epic portal. We are selling Horses, Cattle, Deer, Eggs & Bison. Is also a onsite Fo priest with Genesis cast available to remove any negative traits your critters may have! 20c per cast at Amish Paradise, will travel with a fee. Fee depends on location and can be determined via pm to Aniceset on forums. Contacts for Amish Paradise Aniceset/Squeeks - Owner & Breeder/Fo Priest
  10. Midgard Trading Post

    Location: (X11, Y39) (Map Here)Order Status: Temporary Closed Contact [in-game]: Roggeh Contact [forum]: Roggeh The following are bulk goods and services provided at Midgard Trading Post. We are located at: P,13 on DM's Map; or x11, y39 on Tpikol's dump map, in Celebration. We have a market place where people may place a merchant down for free on a first come first serve basis. There is a free conversions to a Follower and Priest of Magranon. If you have any suggestion on an item we should sell; Give me a PM on the forums. When you post an order here, or send me a PM, I will need to know the following information, along with your order: 1) In Game Name 2) Location where you want the delivery to go.(Will only delivery to places along the coast) 3) Which server you are located on. When your order is complete I will get in touch with you over forum pm or in-game; and we can set up a delivery time. If for some reason I can't get a hold of you, or you don't contact me, for a couple days after the completion of your order, I will put your order on hold for a few days; and it will be deleted if no contact of any sort is made at the end of the holding period. Gems: We accept gems of quality 10 and below, at a going rate of 2c per 1q, as payment for our goods and services. Merchant Stalls: Anyone may place a merchant at any time provided there is stalls available. There will be a public trader on site(soon); if you want to buy a merchant contract should you need one, or other supplies. Feel free to place and remove your merchants whenever you like. Empty stalls are first come first serve basis; so once they are filled, it might be awhile before new ones are made. Delivery Fee: Celebration: 20c Exodus: 50c Deliverance: 1s Independence: 2s Bulk Goods: Bricks x 100 - 25c Clay x 100 - 10c Corn x 100 - 10c Cotton or Cotton Seeds x 100 - 10c Dirt x 100 - 15c Floor Boards - 10c EA Iron Fence Bars x 10 - 15c Logs 55ql - 1c EA Logs 65ql - 2c EA Logs 75ql - 3c EA Logs 80ql - 5c EA Mortar x 100 - 30c Nails x 100 (Mix Anything You Need) - 20c Planks x 100 - 25c Ribbons x 100 - 50c Rivets x 100 - 30c Rock Shards x 100 - 20c Sand x 100 - 15c Shafts x 100 - 20c Slabs x 10 - 15c Support Beam - 10c EA Tar x 100 - 10c Wemp Fiber or Wemp Seeds x 100 - 10c Wheat x 100 - 10c Tools: Carpentry Tools:(Fine fishing rods,Grooming brushes,spindles,spatulas,clay shapers and practice dolls.) (Fishing rods are willow, other tools are oak) 70ql - 30c EA 80ql - 45c EA Mallets: 70ql - 10c EA 80ql - 20c EA Armor: (Prices for armor is decreased by 50c till 25th of December) 80 QL Chain Armor Set - 2.5s 70 QL Chain Armor Set - 2s 60 QL Chain Armor Set - 1.5s 50 QL Chain Armor Set - 1s Carpentry/Fine Carpentry: (When you order one of these items tell me what type of wood you would like them to be; By default it will be cedar.) Bed - 25c EA Bulk Storage Bin - 15c EA Food Storage Bin - 15c EA Huge Tub - 40c EA Large Barrel - 5c EA Market Stall - 40c EA Small Barrel - 2c EA Small Wine Barrel - 5c EA Armor Rack, Bow Rack, Polearm Rack, and Weapon Rack - 20c EA Lumps: (Prices are per 100kg, unless stated otherwise.) Iron Lump below 30ql x 1000kg - 2s Iron Lump 50ql - 80c Iron Lump 60ql - 90c Cloth Tailoring: Satchel 20ql - 5c EA Sheets - 5c EA Small Square Sail 30ql - 25c EA Square Sail 30ql - 80c EA Triangular Sail 30ql - 35c EA Rope Making: Cordage Rope - 10c EA Mooring Anchor QL 30 - 40c EA Mooring Rope - 5c EA Rope - 1c EA Thick Rope - 20c EA Packages: Wood House Package(4000 planks, 200 large nails) - 5s 25c Stone House Package(2000 bricks, 2000 motar) - 10s Wood Fence Package(200 Shafts, 200 Planks, 100 Small nails) - 1s Iron Fence Package(1000 bricks 100 fence bars) - 3s 75c Big Boat Package(Corbita(15s), Knarr(26s), or Caravel(38s) with 100rafts) - 2s off pricing below. Ship Yard: (All Boats will come with a mooring anchor and boat lock and key) (When you order your boat tell me what type of wood you would like the boat to be; By default it will be cedar.) Raft - 10c Rowing Boat - 1s Sailing Boat - 2s Corbita -7s Cog - 12s Priest and Other Services:(Some Priest services are halved if items are provided to sacrifice) Enchanted Grass - 50c EA Mole Sense - 60c EA or 30c EA Strongwall - 1s EA or 50c EA Things will be added as we are able to produce them, for the time being this is what we will offer.
  11. As the construction of Tap Dance Market draws to a close and more and more people ask me when ill be fully opening i believe its time to begin advertising are requesting merchant placements. The aim is to open this weekend once the colossus is up however this may change. I'm currently in the process of tidying up and adding the final small touches (until 1.0 is out when towers will be added to each corner) So here,s a little about the market: Tap Dance Market was constructed to provide a trade point at a central location in Celebration. The was a small market located on the outskirts of Tap Dance, however it was built in the perimeter of Tap Dance and the stalls constantly decay away making it unsustainable. Tap Dance Market is located at coordinates (40,AI) (Formerly Libero Terra) TDM currently has one dock but will have a 2nd one by the end of tonight and contains 30 market stalls (more will be built in the future if needed), It also has an altar to Vynora and Magranon and i can offer free Mag conversions to follower or priest, there is a Altar for Fo but I've yet be able to find a Fo priest nearby who can bless it for me. The colossus should be up within the next three to four days, we have a power 92 mailbox and there are limited beds available for free to the general public. With the opening coming out I've now allowed the placing of merchants and ask anyone thinking of placing one here on Celebration to please consider placing one here, TDM is a minutes walk from Tap dance and as its a man made island connecting to Tap Dance with a Land bridge it's exceptionally easy to access Via Boat. Ill beginning an Advertising campaign once as soon as the market does open but if you'd like to place a merchant please do asap After the opening im going to post some pictures of the market during the its construction on the main post i make for the market here in the forums for anyone interested Either way I hope this market benefits the whole of Celebration and helps with the improvement of the general Tap Dance region. I hope to see all of you soon at TDM after the opening. Split out
  12. I have a deed i am wanting to sell its perimeter touches Tap Dance (The starting town of the Celebration server) I have built it out with a 16 stall market ready to open its gates. The market has 16 stalls and 5 livestock sale pens with a connecting breeding area. There is an on deed mine with good ql iron found so far along with a huge 38 tile workshop house. There is a 5x5 and an 8x8 area for farming along with a 5x5 breeding area with 5 stalls connected to the 5 sales pens of the market. It has everything you need to run the market and comes with writs to a few off deed areas as well for tree farming or later expansions. You really just need to come have a look at it to get the full value of the deed. I have unlocked the gates so feel free look around the place if you like. Starting Bid: 15s No reserve Increments: 1s Buyout: 25s Sniper Protection: 1 hour End: 1 Week
  13. Welcome to the Market Island I recently resolved to make a day-long tour of all of the markets on the Celebration server, in order not only to familiarize myself with their locations and the routes between them, but also to get a sense of the extent and variety of the merchandise on the server. First, it should be noted that every market I visited is located on or very near the shoreline, and I almost never found myself more than 20 tiles from my ship. This fact along with the abundance of interior and exterior shoreline, and the existence of good canals makes Celebration an exemplary server with respect to the abundance and ease of travel between its markets. Rather than traveling over large and dangerous land passages to one central marketplace, the markets on Celebration are situated relatively close to population centers, and with the possible exception of the southern and southwestern shores, no matter where you are on the server you are pretty close to a market. Due largely to the layout of the channels and interior waters of Celebration, a Southwestern Gale is close to optimal for touring the server. Few if any of the water routes on my tour require sailing southwest: My trip began at location 0, my home port of Wealdin Anchorage, which is not a market, but which is situated near the center of no fewer than 7 market destinations. It is a good place for a merchant to call home. 1. Golden Market I sailed west and then southeast to my first stop, Golden Market. The lore surrounding Golden Market is mixed and mysterious. It is fairly well agreed upon that the founder of this market has passed away, and that loss hangs heavily upon the place. Someone clearly has maintained the deed, and there were half-rotten bulk storage bins by the piers. I repaired everything while I was here, and made a note to bring tools for improving all of the stands when I come here next. When I sailed in, it was in the dead of the night, and I was immediately aware of how dark and gloomy the place was. On the deed beside the market stood imprisoned the venerable starving Kyklops. A site to behold. Lamps sat cold and lifeless amid the market stalls, likely gathering cobwebs. I was attacked by several waves of spiders upon first entering the market square. After dispatching them, bandaging, and burying the corpses, I set about inspecting the merchandise. Without doubt, the Golden Market currently has the best and most comprehensive stock of weaponry and armor on the Celebration server. In terms of quality, variety, and practicality, I was very impressed by the merchandise. The Golden Market is a dangerous place where dangerous people go to buy dangerous things. The idea of an all-in-one market is appealing on many levels, but not nearly as appealing as a grim, haunted place where you go to find some of the best armor and weapons on the server. It would be a fitting tribute to the founder of this market, should the master weaponsmiths and armorers of Celebration, present and future, choose to make that its legacy. 2. Tapdance Market I sailed east and then southeast to my second stop, the Tapdance marketplace, which spontaneously emerged this summer in the perimeter north of Celebration's default spawn location. Since it is owned by nobody and not on a deed, I found the market stalls in advanced stages of disintegration. Several were missing, leading to gaps in the market where new merchants cannot presently be placed. The Tapdance market is the only one of the locations I visited not within sight of the water. Still, it's a short walk north from the shore, up a very gentle hill, and another dozen tiles or so to reach the merchants, so it is no great hardship for visiting sailors to transport their wares here. In addition, the area around Tapdance is at the confluence of several very well designed highway systems that lead out into the wider world, so it is a natural center of overland trade and transit. There are also several traders in the vicinity, and an abundance of trading post buildings with vendors inside of them. Some carry quite rare and impressive items, making this patchwork market worth the visit for deal-seekers. Most of the merchants dealt in the ubiquitous ropes, sails and anchors which, likely owing to our geography, are probably the single most common class of items sold on merchants on our island. There was also a small assortment of weapons and armor suitable to new players and advanced players. The most noteworthy and helpful vendor I found there was one that sold almost one of every single thing a new player needs in Wurm. Seeds, cotton for bandages, healing covers, a lantern, very basic armor, and modest upgrades to all of the starter equipment, as well as some things that should be starter equipment like a sickle. None of this was mind-blowing gear, but all of it was useful to new players. Overall, a very considerate and helpful merchant. 3. Amish Paradise Market The first thing I noticed sailing into AP Market, which has built a reputation as a sort of mercantile Mecca on Celebration, was the enormous flotilla of ships moored in its harbor. Which and how many were for sale was impossible to gauge at a glance, but I imagine quite a few. Amish Paradise Market has a very convenient and well organized bulk vendor merchant pier, with more capacity than I've seen at any of the other markets thus far. All of the bulk goods piers were designed such that deep hulled cargo vessels could easily pull up and load or unload cargo without requiring additional transport. The well stocked merchants at these stands sell keys for the various bulk item bins, making it possible to conveniently exchange massive quantities of bulk goods here. Amish Paradise Market is easily the most vital market on the Celebration Isle. You can buy nearly anything here, from high quality livestock to ships. With dozens of vendors, and nearly every market stall occupied, you can find almost everything you want at this market, and perhaps even some incredible deals. The most noteworthy exception to this was (at the time of this writing) high end weaponry and armor. AP Market seems to be underserved in this respect. There is a lack of sufficient quality and variety of weapons to satisfy demanding customers. However, there was at least one stand filled with an impressive selection of working tools. These are not tools for people who are interested in grinding skills, but for people who want to get real work done quickly. High quality, high speed tools for busy craftsmen and dedicated landshapers. The size of the market and sheer number of vendors means there is a lot of overlap in inventories. Thus, a newcomer to the market might spend a considerable amount of time digging through row after row of vendors, only to conclude that nobody is selling what they're looking for. This can be frustrating, and might possibly be eased if more of the vendors were more precisely and descriptively named. However, none of this can detract from the main strength of this crucial and powerful economic center, which is its active, lively, and helpful community and its strong leadership. Amish Paradise Market seems positioned to remain the center of commercial gravity on Celebration for a long time to come. 4. Kami Market This merchant has had a mixed and trying experience with the Straits of Kami. As the natural crossroads of maritime traffic between the eastern coasts and the interior waterways, and foot traffic from the northern to the southern parts of the island, Kami sits atop a seemingly perfect piece of real estate for a market. However, its vastly overbuilt market strip evokes the feeling of desolation and desertion. There are, by some estimates, more market stalls at Kami than there are deeds on the Celebration isle, so it should come as no surprise that the place feels empty. And in commerce, perception is reality. There were a handful of brave or vigilant merchants along this corridor, doubtless there to serve the local foot traffic that crosses over the landbridge connecting the northern and southern landmasses. This landbridge hinders traffic for any deep-hulled ships that cross it, requiring passing sailors of corbitas, cogs, and caravels to push over one tile per unit of length of their ship. Knarrs and smaller vessels are unimpeded by this landbridge, but it is a hindrance for bulk merchants sailing through the location. This almost certainly contributes to the large number of empty merchant stalls. Overall, I found the merchandise at this market lacking in volume, diversity, and in some cases overpriced. It might still be worth a stop if you're seeking something rare and difficult to find, and have exhausted your other options. Perhaps in the future, as the population of Celebration grows, the abundance of market stalls here will prove to be of use, and it will blossom into a vibrant market in its own right. It already has the perfect location, but it might take a radical conceptual redesign to make the most of that asset. 5. Da Boneyard This avante-garde boutique market is conveniently located halfway between Kami Market and Northern Sanctuary, making it a good place to stop and quench your thirst before continuing on. Owned, designed, and stocked by a single craftsman, Da Boneyard can offer a unique shopping experience you are like to find nowhere else on Celebration. There are four vendors (with room for more). They each are clearly labeled, and they each sell very specific types of merchandise. Weapons and Shields, Armor, Gems, and Tools. All of the merchandise is of reasonably good quality, and is reasonably priced. Do to Da Boneyard's unitary crafting base, there isn't a tremendous variety or quantity of merchandise, but the most important and attractive thing about this market is that you will know within 30 seconds whether the item you're looking for is available. Get in, get your stuff (or not), get out. Easy. Reliable. Right on the coast, no messing around. Items of Iron and Stone. For type-A personalities who set out to buy something specific, know what they're looking for, and don't want to sift through stand after stand of random stuff, this is a breath of fresh air in market design, which other markets would (in this writer's opinion) be well served to emulate. 6. Northern Sanctuary While Amish Paradise is the most vital and active market on the server, Northern Sanctuary is easily the most visually arresting, beautiful and supernatural feeling of all the markets I've toured. The harbor is home to a prismatic array of brightly colored merchant vessels. Flags and banners of every kind and color stand sentinel along the shore. The buildings, the lights, even the barrels and storage bins are all awash in rainbow hues. The modestly sized market is up a short stroll up from the seaside boardwalk, situated among the vineyards and near a beautiful multifaith chapel courtyard. These merchants were stocked with a modest variety of high end, enchanted tools, armor, and weapons. There was a vendor selling extremely well bred horses, and, very noteably, another one exclusively selling high quality hides. There is an outdoor museum of "Hunt of the Ancients" statues here, relics of older times that may not know their equal anywhere in the Freedom Isles. For these and all of the reasons above, sailors and merchants from everywhere on Celebration should make at least one voyage to this market, which is without a doubt our northern jewel and certainly the loveliest deed I've ever seen. 7. Ridgepoint Market From Northern Sanctuary, I turned my bowsprit south and made a fast run through the depths of the Ridgepoint Canal, which connects the northern seas to the wide and shallow waters of the Northmere. Here I made my final stop, at the Ridgepoint Market. Ridgepoint Market is the main commercial hub of the Ridgepoint Alliance, which includes a host of northern villages. It is modest in size, about equal to Golden Market, and it is home to a modest variety of tools, weapons, armor, and carpentry items. Some of these tools and weapons were of excellent quality, equal to the demands of the wild and mountainous North. Some were lower quality and priced for bargain hunters. Ridgepoint, due to its location between the northern seas and the interior lakes of Celebration, may have stolen some of the wind from the Kami Market in the southeast. The people who built this most impressive canal are crafters and miners of skill and determination, and are obviously capable of fine metalwork equal to the mountains they have tamed. 0. And Back Again This concludes my account of the markets of Celebration. These landmarks will almost certainly shift. New markets will rise and others will fall. Deeds will trade hands. But each of these markets contributes something vital and important to the commercial tapestry of our island, and taken together they make Celebration an economic powerhouse in the Freedom Isles. After seeing what I have seen today, I am convinced that anything I want can be had on this server, and that each market could greatly benefit from additional merchants and increased specialization.
  14. Deliverence Fcc Disputes

    As stated Post your dispute here. Deliverence only please. New thread about Puzzle Plaza Market is here: [/size]
  15. KAMI MARKET After a long construction period we are pleased to announce that the Kami Market is open for business once again! Feel free to drop by for all of your shopping needs or to place your very own merchant to sell goods! After further consideration and feedback from the community we have closed the cave canal that was constructed and returned the old canal back to a passable spot right through the center of the market. We have kept a 1 tile landbridge for animal crossing; so large ships will have to push/pull over the 1 tile. Once bridges are placed in game we will change again to full boat access and a bridge for foot traffic. The new market has many great features and more to come as we continue our work. Currently there are stalls in place for 124 merchants, with more room to expand if needed. Some additional features to the market include: - Public Trader, open to all! No need to ask for access - Plenty of docking space from both sides - 124 market stalls - Two mailboxes - Two Inns - Space for bulk sales - Land crossing between North and South of map (1 tile in old canal, 9 deep) - Love tile - Guard Tower to keep you safe! Also a templar! - Chapel with Fo, Vyn and Mag altar Coming Soon! - Ship sales - Live auctions - Raffles and contests! -Animal Pens for Animal Sales ... and more Located at AC52 Contacts: Ishymitsukai (Owner/Contact) Tek (PR/Contact) (Topdog in-game) Reply 2 - Screenshots Reply 3 - Market Overview, Layout, Merchants
  16. Whispering Glade Market is now open for business on the Celebration server. We are located at 27, AO on Darkmalice’s map and x22,y19 on Tpikol’s map. We currently have 8 merchant spots (3 filled and 5 vacant), which are placed on the dock for your convenience. Instead of merchant stalls, we have provided arched buildings for a different look from the standard marketplace and to provide the sellers the opportunity to decorate and customize their spot. We also have a trader open to the public, 2 mailboxes with 95 & 82 courier enchants, and off deed spots to place BSB’s and FSB’s for bulk items. There are currently plans for 26 merchant spots. However, 26 is not necessarily the limit. If there is a demand, accommodations can be made to fit more merchants. Current merchants: Merchant Dawnshroud ironworks –lamps and metal tools Merchant Tallowyn - Misc. sprouts Merchant Ayala- Maple and Lavender Sprouts Merchant Joseph – BSB’s, FSB’s, wood tools, fine carpentry items, and bulk wood items We need more merchants. If you wish to place a merchant please send me a PM here or in game. Hope to see you soon!!! -Uian
  17. The Sword Coast Market

    The Sword Coast Market We are proud to announce that The Sword Coast Market is now open on the Celebration Server! We are a mini-market located at BH,25 on the map, at the far northern coast of Celebration, We are currently looking for more well-stocked merchants. For a Limited Time - Discount Merchant Contracts available for 8.5s - PM Kruggan for info! Here are some of the amenities we currently offer: - A completed church with gold/silver altars for Vynora/Fo/Magnaron - Guest beds for weary travellers (free of charge) - Free food for our merchants - Path of Love & Path of Knowledge tiles - Mailbox (89 courier) - BSBs for Bulk Sales available upon request - Templars and Guard Tower for your safety - Currently enough room for 20+ merchants with more to come. Currently Under Construction: - Public Crafting Area for our guests! (loom, forges, etc.) - Even more guesting housing/beds - Additional dock space Priest Services Available: We also have Vynora and Magnaron priests available for your enchanting and/or Strongwall needs. Discounts available for merchants! We also provide Enchanted Grass services at very reasonable prices! Additional Screenshots: Dock and market stalls. A place to pray and sleep! PM Kruggan or Rhazul with questions or to arrange Merchant placement. We sell Merchant Contracts!
  18. Welcome ! Tanelorn and Strong Badia have opened a new Marketplace on Exodus. All kinds of Crafters and Sellers are welcome to place their Merchants in our Market Stalls or even the great Market hall we built to enhance the design. There are plenty of spots to fill. Where to find us Our Village is located south of Esert. You can reach it in about 10 Minutes from there when walking. We also have a large harbor for those who prefer to sail over. The coordinates are X29, Y37. How to put your merchant Simply contact us and give us a short notice who you are in game and where you want to put up your merchant. If you want a spot in our themed market hall rooms arrange a time with us so we can show you the place and add you to the writ. You can PM me in game under the name Vedurin or PM me on the forums. So far we have space for 38 merchants, which will be increased soon. Let's talk about extras ! The marketplace itself just finished and opened to the public. Besides the unusual design we worked out and the merchants themselves we'll continue to add more features to the merchandise. A webinterface is being worked out which is supposed to offer an overview of the market, advertising, order handling, notifications for stock refill and more. In the future we will build a castle which will be location for several public events. Plus more public services like mail box, inn, tavern, duel arena and others are planned. We're always open for suggestions. Tanelorn is waiting for you ... We're looking forward to see you.
  19. Ridgepoint Market

    Ridgepoint Market. The location is BB 44 at the south entrance of Ridgepoint Canal. There are plenty of merchant stalls to set up a merchant. If you would like to set up a merchant then send me a PM in the forums or in game. Here are some of the things we have on merchants right now. Tools up to 80QL Weapons up to 80QL Shields 85QL Chain Armor up to 80QL Cloth Items up to 50QL Leather items up to 50QL We build all types of ships as well. Thanks and have fun! Quiglen
  20. Isilinde Market & Waystation

    Located at 25x, 11y We invite to public to place your merchants at our stalls - rent-free for early comers! We've got 3 market stalls left, with more planned as space fills up. Currently Available Items: Assorted Ropes Hatchet - 30ql Saw - 29ql Assorted Pelts 100 cooked meat (bin) - ~16ql Horses! GOLDENJOLLY Young Adult Male Black No traits [*]ECKERMAX Adolescent Foal Male White It can carry more than average It is a tough bugger Amenities: Mailbox (48cc) Low-rent bed 40ql Carpentry Items (by request) 30ql BS items (by request) Public Oven Public Loom Delivery & Prices negotiable, just send forum/in-game PM.
  21. Cazic Market Makeover

    Cazic Market to the north has been Renovated! (24.5x 4.5y) - The new design allowed us to put in 24 stalls from the orginal 19 with room for 8 more if required. - From the pictures you can see we have used a design that allows one to shop and browse with a lot less confusion then the prior setup. - We tried to ensure there is no "bad" spot for those of you placing merchants. -The market is not so big that yours is "lost in th mix". Please, if you have a merchant here or know someone that does, they need to be REPLACED! Special Thanks to: Jesslynn - For supplying cloth peices for stalls Cita - Terraforming, plank creation & building Aetherwalker - Generous offer to supply alters. (Coming soon) Rudie - Terraforming, plank creation & building. Calimdor - Allowing us the space and to make changes. Gypsypunk - Carebearin' the dirt tiles CrasherUK - Carebearin' the dirt tiles Those 4 oak trees, 2 pines and a lavender bush - Giving up their lives for the greater good. (RIP) The below screenshots are placeholders until i can get screenshots taken during the day. Credit To Kajmir for Market design and complaining about the orginal market enough to force her beloved bf and friends into working all day with no beer and no breaks.... And building and plank creation.
  22. the market will contain 60 stalls a guard tower close by also at the center a Colossus also will try and get a mail box ill post pictures when it is close to complete
  23. Kami Market Open

    Location Village of Kami cords 29y 42x 7 market stalls currently available Merchants here Merchant_General store Merchant_Lorehope Merchant_Khaleel's carpentry Merchant_Lostpox tools n stuf Merchant_Black diamond Because Amish Market is closing I'm no longer going to run trial market and will build market completely now planned 30 stalls now more if needed will build more stalls upon request
  24. Amish Paradise Market

    Amish Paradise Market is Located on the border of 32/33x and 40/41y on the Celebration Community Map, Directly South of Tap Dance as seen on the Celebration Community Map which can be found here: http://forum.wurmonl...ty-map-project/ We consider the market to be finished however if needed we have plans to introduce a further 8 - 12 Market Stalls although we still have a few market stalls readily available for use by the community of Celebration. Also here you will find Fountains located near the Market itself and one also close by to the token, where you can also find a Vynora, Fo and Magranon altar as well as a 99 Courier Spirit Castle. Click HERE for an overhead image of the market as well as the listed merchants, their owners and items sold below. Below are some screenshots of the Market Illuminated at night. Thankyou, Rudie and Kajmir
  25. Golden Market With Map

    The Golden Market Deed is nearly complete! Everyone is welcome to place a merchant in any free spot. Spots are filling up fast, and so far we have everything but an armor stall and weapon stall. However, we have a weapon stall coming soon from our village! 90 Courier Red Mailbox by the Token, Blue Signs direct you to the Token from the Market. Here is a more detailed map to Golden Market! Here is a screen shot from the mountain: And from the top of the market area: And from the docks: Thanks for visiting!