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Found 144 results

  1. The idea is to craft a map of server Islands as one of the type of tapestry. And maybe "[00:07:02] <Whispper> or sections of it" also good idea for maps, but slightly more difficult to perform.
  2. Lost all the files before managed to upload >.<
  3. Hi everyone I've been working on this for a very long time. But finally i'm proud to announce that Lake Harmony and Crystal lake now are connected. The electricians are not quite finished but you can sail/ride through it. Canal is 5 tiles wide 3 full depth one sloping and 1 land. water enterence is double in both ends. The land passage are behind stone doors awaiting to decay but open to everyone. Feel free to bash'em :-) Now some might think why work so hard to connect a tiny lake. Well the big goal is of course to continue west to the inner sea so you don't need to go down around FM Cave Canal. That project will start late 2018 likely november. A lot of trolls have spawned since i went underground cleaning out iron veins and my large maul is itching. In other words i need a break :-) Thanks to all of you who contributed killing some veins and especially you priesty guys who helped with a lot of strong walling. A few pics. If you want more you can go to Hell. We always welcome guests :-) Hell's Sewers Canal
  4. WurmWorldGenerator

    After long work I can finnally release the first version of my map generator. I've called it 'WurmWorldGenerator' to avoid confusion with the other one. All generation algorithms are executed on the GPU and it can even show all changes in realtime. In order to run the application you need a good graphic card with OpenGL 3.3 support and Java 8. You can download the latest version on sourceforge: Features Uses the graphic card to generate the map Can display changes in realtime Each step can be edited Generation data can be saved Current Limitations At the monent the full map is updated if a parameter is changed. No zoom function is available. Requirements Java 8 Graphic card with OpenGL 3.3 support ChangeLog Version 1.1.0 (2015-11-18) new start dialog menus and toolbar flower biomes possibility to change number of mining actions Version 1.0.1 (2015-11-15) map template scale window if larger than screen fix of problem with dirt generation
  5. Hearing stories of people traveling back and forth between servers, I noticed that some people are doing a lot of unnecessary sailing. So I made this little Travel Guide to hopefully make your sailing trips a bit quicker (Open image in New Tab and zoom in for best viewing) Tips and Tricks : Server Funneling (not an official term, just something I came up with) (Open image in New Tab and zoom in for best viewing) If anything you feel needs changing, please let me know!
  6. Latest release: Requires Java 8. The map and a render of the surface will be saved to a map_<seed> directory in the same location as terraingen.jar. Features: Mountains (smooth & ridged) Rivers/lakes Deserts/tundra/steppe Clay/peat/moss Tar pits Flowers Regional forests Regional ores Fairly uniform iron distribution Example maps: Source code:
  7. Hi all, wondered if anyone would ever think about making a Gold 1 map? It's what I played on when I first joined Wurm over 11 years ago, and I'd LOVE to go back and see the world I grew up in (quite literally). Here are some links to the map dumps and player made stuff: (most are broken) Anyone have any thoughts? Personally I wouldn't know how to start really, perhaps it's something I could learn and spend a few hours here and there for a while constructing, but I wondered first if anyone else had the same idea!
  8. Heya, Thinking about hosting a private WU server. Don't want to use the default maps, nor do I want to create my own because I won't be able to explore the world if I already know where certain ore are and what have you. To that end ... are there any listings of map files, say with map dumps or classic in game map screen shots that I can choose from to start my server on? If I'm completely off base here, don't hate too much, browsing the forums and searching on my phone, with this crappy work internet is hard /whine Thanks!
  9. Come join Azealius

    Hello I am hosting a server that I hope more original Wurm Online players will join. I tried to make the server settings as close the the original as I could I know they aren't perfect but people who played WO know that it takes a lot to get your skills up and are proud when you reach a goal. The map is a custom map I found on forums and loved how it looked it is 8192x8192 so it's huge with islands and a mainland but plenty of spots to settle. I have a discord channel up which I will post on here as soon as I can (writing this on phone). There will be chest hidden areound the map that has everything from veggies to money in them and once they are found the chest will be moved to another spot with new items inside. For new new players that join I will give you 15s to start so you are able to get a deed setup and can start your settlement to live on. If you have questions please post here and I will answer as I can. the server name is {US,CAN,UK} East Coast Azealius Custom Map RP/PVE/PVP Server this server is brand new and as long as I have people playing I will keep it running. There are great places to settle come in and start your Wurm life now!
  10. This page this tag Celebration Map Tpikol Map continued by Kristof. Forum Thread here is the actual link that works and doesnt give a 403 or 404 error thank you.
  11. Hello I Personally Think Its Time we upgrade the Indi Community Map To Look like the Xanadu Community Map. If you wish to vote please click on the link below and vote and comment as well Thank you
  12. Got bored decided to make a Xanadu size map, liked the look, figured I would release it to the public. Created in World Machine. Includes all image files, and actions file. Download Link
  13. Wanted to change my mapping technique, No open fields, lots of trees/bushes. 0.1 Moon Metal distribution version No Moon Metal Version
  14. The Happening is a fresh Alliance/Village based Free-for-All PvP Server with a custom map and custom mods. There is only one kingdom, Freedom. Server Map: The War of the Ancients, or just WotA, is the servers custom mingame replacing the default HotA game. Every village is fighting against each other, even alliances. The system is simple: 3 capture towers will spawn in the WotA area at the map center. Standing near a tower will capture it for your village, but only if there are no enemies around. Towers can be captured back by other villages. The first village that owns all 3 towers wins and gets a reward statue wich will appear at the settlement token. This mode is still a bit experimental, so report any bugs if you find them. If everything works as expected, more features like temporary buffs will be added to it. Server IP: Some features: - Free for All, anyone can attack anyone (villages can form alliances) - No hunted status - No fatigue system - No champions - Reduced local range - Custom supply depots - Increased timer speeds (many instant actions) - Many actions possible from carts - Custom affinity stealing system on death - Custom ranking system (use /rank, /ranks) - Faster carts and horses - Characteristics limited to 60 - Palisades built with logs - Adjusted bashing damage against structures (and disabled carving knife for bashing) - Higher BSB capacity - Guard Towers only spawn guards on deeds - Modified trap system - HotA is replaced with a custom minigame, called War of the Ancients (WotA) One of the goals is to change the classical Wurm PvP experience into something unique. To achieve this, more stuff will be customized and new features will be added. If you have any suggestions feel free to post them here. Rules: - Think twice before you name your character, any item, house, boat or your deed - Don't abuse bugs and report them using /support - Don't use any kind of cheats or hacks (all public client mods are allowed) - Insults and direct provocations are not allowed in global chat channels (CA HELP, Trade, Freedom and GL-Freedom are moderated) Staff Policy: All staff members are bound to strict rules to prevent giving them any kind of unfair advantage. If you have a problem with any staff member, please contact Army via PM on the WO Forums or contact the 'Army' account on the server using /tell Army. Just don't discuss such problems in public please.
  15. Is there interest in (or does there exist) a cave generating tool that would basically hollow out different areas underground, under certain constraints like maybe: floor and ceiling heights, and slope limits maximum/minimum cave area size how close each cave room is to one another, and how often they should be connected to each other would or would not retain ore veins inside the generated cave area whether or not caves close to the surface should have tunnel entrances I would really like to hear about any practical considerations that might go along with a tool like this. Could this be a feature adapted into one of the map generating tools out there? Thank you
  16. (Updated as of September 9th, 2016) I have taken over maintaining the community map from Capi. Please post your deeds in this thread, also for now I will take submissions via PM. If you send your submission this way I cannot guarantee I will remember it Please read the following rules/guidelines before you post: You may only submit deeds that belong to you, and that you have explicit permission to submit. Submitting purposely erroneous entries will result in me ignoring anything you submit in the future. Tar and clay pits that are submitted to the map must be usable by newbies and the general public (Generally at least 2x2 tiles, and flat.) Mailboxes must be accessible by anyone who wants to use it. Please submit changes using the community map X/Y grid. Images pointing out the exact location on the map are welcome. You are encouraged to: Report disbanded deeds that are still on the map Report spelling errors. (I speak american english, don't pester me about spelling "harbour" as "harbor." Although deeds will be however you spelled it in the game ) Submit newly constructed public highways for inclusion on the map. Submit public tar and clay pits. Map updates will now just be in .jpg using the updated map dump.
  17. My first map creation for the Dark Moon Server, After a many hours testing with the Wurm Generator. I actually got a result I consider quite satisfying. I'd like to get a few comments or ideas about this map. I prefer more Islands and not so High Mountains. here the Map view and the Topo view
  18. hello I'm looking for a few people to help in building our server spawns on a 4k map with 2 kingdoms, I have a deed plan you can build from we also have a discord server you can join. If you or a team of friends are interested let me know, I might also be looking for admins/mods to help in running the server.
  19. I have had my personal and alliance map annotations clear several times. They do not come back after relog or waiting a while. I have few facts that relate to the subject but here's what I know; They have cleared after I left the server and came back. They have cleared after alliance leadership was changed. One of my characters that has never left the server has never lost his personal annotations.
  20. Can i get this page updated on the wiki it is showing a 404 error to this link please it would be most appreciated. thank you
  21. This map is a custome map 4096x4096 It has realistic mountains and land space to explore. It is not broken up into islands but a massive indy size map with big lakes and lush mountains that flow more realistic. You want see tall round peak mountains like in indy or other maps there massive and high in the sky but they flow with terrain making it easier for the average new comer to be able to travel up and make a home stead with lower digging skills. Enjoy this map it is my own personal map I use. Edit: This map is really good if animal pop is around 30,000 + and setting hostels at 50% you'll have a real fun time. Edit new video footage inside of the map better view than a top down map view.
  22. Alright let me explain. Me and a group of people are wanting to make a server. for that server we want just one map. however we want there to be two major islands on that map and for each island to have different ore generation. for example one island will have iron, lead, copper, and tin. While the other island will have gold, silver, and zinc. Now we have ran into problems. we have noticed you can't choose the location of ore spawn and have yet to find a way to do that. Can someone please help. we really dont want to have two maps. we want just one map and the two islands.
  23. PVP Oriented map. Steppe in the center large enough to accommodate a 200x200 HoTA zone, just teleport to 1024x1024 to be in the exact center. Download Link Download Link
  24. I have passed the torch for the map on to Daash! He will do a great job and be able to maintain it much better than I will. Ty all for your support while I worked on the map! HELLO DELIVERANCE! I will be taking over the Updates from now on for the Deliverance map :-) I would like to thank Akaryd for all the hard work he has done the past year in keeping this map alive and updated, and for asking me to take over this position! Please post all updates here and do not pm me with updates. Original Map(recomended): (updated 18-Aug-2016) Modified Map(new map dump): (updated with Original Map Outdated, update pending) General Instructions Just post the following information. And do not PM your update requests. You may however PM me the deed/s you own if you DO NOT want them added to the map! Thanks Settlement name Location (x,y) If posting new roads/tunnels/bridges, then please include an image with your post. Use an image hosting service such as As I travel around Deli I will try to update roads that I travel along. I will be trying to keep up with deed disbands. If I miss one please let me know in this topic(coords are apreciated)! For suggestions on features of the map, or changes to the way things are done, please PM me to discuss! You can also make a thread in the deli forum with the change suggestion, makes it easier to gauge interest in the change, as well as keeping this thread for updates to the map! Credits: Tpikol for making the map, Akaryd for maintaining the map till I took over.
  25. I would love to have a map on WU of the old JK Home server. Here are links to some of the JK home map dumps. not sure what to do with them. If anyone has any ideas how to do this I would be so excited.