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Found 141 results

  1. I'd like to see some map enhancements for the ingame map: 1. Increase the resolution and add at least one more zoom level. 2. Allow for drawing lines and naming the lines, so it shows on mouseover. 3. Allow the creation of more maps, that we can name for specific projects and separation of current maps (village, alliance, personal). 4. Make all maps "layers" that we can select (check box for each layer) if we want to view just some or all annotations. 5. Allow personal and custom maps to be shared with others - add names to the map, like mine door permissions. Village and alliance map layers should require special permissions for sharing, or not sharable at all. 6. This is a bit out there, but how about a "Cartographer" skill, that increases the more you travel, allowing you to literally build a map dump, a few tiles at a time. At skill 1, you can "reveal" a small radius of map dump on your personal map AND can only do so once every minute. At higher skill, the radius increases and the cooldown timer shortens significantly. Would love to just travel all over Xan, mapping it. I could see this being a real issue for PvP though, so probably make it a PvE only skill. Yep, we can always do screen shots and then use editor programs, then photo sharing programs, or cloud collaboration programs... but I am interested in making a solution that is part of the game, to help enable community project planning. It also becomes a great way to show new players where resources are and where they are. It would make trade easier, being able to draw out the best route for someone to make a delivery. It will make public hunts easier to attend. As always, please add more useful ideas that would improve the map.
  2. There is a lot of the time that i am checking the forum and i want to access the in-game map when i am not in the game as that is slowly becoming the standard. Has any of you toolmakers thought about making an offline map much like what we have now but maybe with more options? ( Maybe not so much offline as out of game) Something to think about if you are bored and are looking for a project to do.
  3. The Map East of Summerholt

    Good day, people of Xanadu! The members of The Opelika Alliance bring you new from East of Summerholt! As residents of the area know, east of Summerholt has been very hard to traverse both because many people do not know the way, but also because of poor roads. So our alliance has found solutions for both of these complications. Since the first of the year, The Opelika Alliance has been hard at work forging new roads, new friendships, and writing new maps through the valleys east of Summerholt. The major part of this project has been the task of cutting a new road through the hillsides, both litter ally and figuratively. We call this road "The Summerholt Road". The highway travels through the hills, begining at the Starter City of Summerholt. The road ends at my personal deed, Vynora's Harborage, one of the central deed of the Opelika Alliance's coastline, and just a short jump away from the alliance capital at Opelika. Along side this road, the cartographers of The Opelika Alliance have scribed throughout the nights to produce a map for the people of Wurm. This map includes not only the Summerholt Road, but existing roads and even side roads not fit to be highways but are indeed there on the land of Wurm. So with this, The Opelika Alliance is proud to present this map! And with that The Alliance of Opelika wishes all of you safe and fast travels, on our roads and others! Yours truly,
  4. Maps / Search Tool

    Ok - two things here: 1. The search tool sucks! Had to use google to find the maps on Wurm forum.... "No results found for 'map'." = result using Forum search So this obviously needs some huge improvement. 2. Finding maps on Wurm forum is not easy - they are under each server - under recruitment, so: On the front page, it might be an idea to put not just "recruitment", but "map" as well ??? These two things would really help - new players especially - i know i battled at first and i can never remember where the maps are, as it does not stand out on the front page.
  5. Requesting yet again that we get a new dump on Chaos Map. We are still seeing REALLY old stuff in the map and we would like to be able to see how the map actually looks like now. Please vote and also leave your opinion below.
  6. New Map

    Ok I have started adding locations to my map system since our map has not been updated since last month, the supposed new map has not had new info in over a week, and I have been told that the current map chief quit on a former map they did. So lets do what Wurmians do best and take this up ourselves. This is the map as it stands currently as I am adding locations from the old map to it: This map system has the ability to add screenshots for villages that come up when someone clicks on a village, as well as a description for the village. Tags can be added to the rollover to include things like mailbox, sermons, marketplace. If you guys like this and would like to help I need a couple of trusted map editors to help me get the old locations moved over, and new locations added in. I also need someone good with photoshop to help do the highways/canals/tunnels. Editing this map is very easy with this system. You just click add new map location, type the name then optional add a description, tags, images, then doubleclick the location on the map and save it. The only photoshop work that needs to be done is with the highways/tunnels/canals. Look forward to hearing from you.
  7. land map

    i had an idea this morning.... its gone now. hehe here it is land use map, direct from devs. only thing its shows is deeded vs non-deeded land. helpful tool for noobs needing to select a direction to start out for dropping new deeds yeah not for use on pvp servers, Thanks new_unsleep
  8. Deliverance Map

    Map Link : Permanent Link If you want to report aditions,disbands,old disbands that i missed or whatever else,you can reply here,on forum pm to me or ingame pm to tpikol.when adding or changing roads,canals or tunnels a little sketch usually make it much easier for me to get it right. i recreated the map from scratch and its not yet finished but im opening this now to start getting feedback. feel free to report any roads,deeds,old disbands,public traders,or whatever else that its not on the map, My current plan for this is to update the map as much as posible for some time and then look for someone else to take over,who will get the source files from me,which i can just make public in case that person eventually disappears the full psd files will be there and there will be no need to recreate from scratch again.
  9. [Update] Maps Overview Wurm Server Travel Map By Ingmar. Shows all servers and links to available maps. This map is no longer accurate. May want to note that or create a new map.
  10. In a perfect world our merchants would all be in the same place, but perfect world is a different game. If you have more than a couple of merchants or you host an Alliance market please, add their location here and we will get it added to the map. If a location on the map is marked as having merchants but does not.. please, mention it here and we will get it removed. Thank you. Both actions will gain you custom in the long run. (merchant locations are symbolised on the map by 3 interconnected orange dots)
  11. In-Game Map zoom please!

    Comparing my in-game map zoom from Pristine to Xanadu: When zoomed, the actual land mass from east to west just barely fits to the edges of my viewable screen (I personally have a small window I play in). In contrast, Xanadu east to west land mass is 2.25 viewable screen widths, when it should be 4, if we zoom into the same scale as Pristine. This may not seem like a big issue and it certainly isn't any major problem, but on a small world like pristine, we were already having problems with map markers overlapping each other, but here on Xanadu, the map markers are literally taking up about 40x40 tiles when zoomed in all the way. Not a big deal if nobody ever moves close to each other, but I personally have a neighbor 8 tiles away and would also like to mark things like Clay, Tar and Mines near by for allies & villagers. This maybe should go to ideas and suggestions, but starting it here for more Xanadu player feedback. Anyone else think we should add more zoom levels?
  12. The Countdown to Xanadu

    • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Click here for the live countdown • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • * The map displayed above may or may not be of Xanadu. Use at your own discretion!
  13. Tacnet is a team tactics collaboration tool, and recently added Wurm's maps alomng with a few faction-specific icons I dug up. Although Wurm has a rudimentary system in-game, I thought some of you might find this useful / amusing. Here is their official speal: You can check out Tacnet here.
  14. Hello everyone! I haven't seen this type of service proposed anywhere before on Wurm, so here I am! I can create maps of your mines or deeds (or both!) Additional services offered while I'm mapping: - Prospect your ore veins and tell you how much is left in each vein (60+ prospecting) - Check the exact QL of ore veins (up to 74QL - Poor, Acceptable and Normal, and maybe some Good veins) - Plant signs in front of your veins for easy in-game visual cues! - Strongwall casts to collapse open tiles or reinforce walls - Mine some high ql ores from your veins for your personal use (up to 74ql) - Remove annoying veins of ore which prevent you from creating the perfect mine! - Create tunnels for you if you don't feel like mining yourself - Flatten/fix the ground or slopes in your mine Here are the costs of the different services: Mine mapping (see below for examples): Mine map: 10i per tileMine map with slopes: 15i per tileProspecting: 10c per ore vein ==> Vein quality (exact QL for veins up to 74QL) + amount left in the vein Deed mapping (see below for examples): 2D map: 10i per tile3D map: 20i per tile3D map + elevations: 40i per tile Additional services: Strongwall: One free strongwall cast for every 2s of the job's worth. Additional Strongwall casts at 75c each (or 40c if you provide items for sacrificing)It takes 2 hours to regen favor for a Strongwall cast. This can be reduced if you have an altar of Magranon and items to sacrifice (door locks or cordage ropes work best). Ore mining: 5i per action if I keep the ore, 15i per action if you keep the orePlease note that I cannot guarantee that all ores mined will be of the highest QL possible, but I'm using a high QL pickaxe, so the average should be high. Stone mining: 5i per action if I keep the rock shards, 10i per action if you keep them.Flattening/Fixing ground and slopes: 1c per tile + 50i per concrete used (no additional cost if you provide the concrete)Signs: 3c per sign (QL30) Map examples: Mine map: Mine map with slopes and basic prospecting: 2D Deed map: 3D Deed map: FAQ: - Can I choose which program you use to do my map? I usually use Excel for 2D mapping, or Deedplanner for 3D mapping. If you don't like those programs, and prefer another one, I'm always willing to accomodate, but I'll charge a 50c flat fee for getting out of my confort zone. - Will you give me the map file so I can edit it myself after you're done, or are you only going to give me a picture of the map? I will give you the source file for the map, and will additionnaly provide pictures of the maps too - How long does it take to make a map? I want you to do it while I'm online so I can keep an eye on you! It depends on the size and complexity of the zone to map. Mine mapping is usually pretty easy, but deed mapping can be harder due to slopes and having to take detours to access some places. 3D mapping with elevations is usually very long (around 5 hours for a 25x25 area) unless it's mostly flat. I have a very large amount of online time, so I can accomodate if you don't want me going around your deed to map it when you're not online (which is perfectly understandable). - If you get gems or rares while mining, do I get to keep them? I usually like to keep those items as an "extra tip". If you prefer to keep them, please let me know beforehand, and we'll find an arrangement. - My deed/mine is HUUUUUUUUUUGE. Is there a discount for that? I'll usually need to see by myself, as a huge zone to map usually means it'll be more difficult to map, but I'm usually pretty open to discounting some services for big jobs. - Your prices are crap! It should be less/more expensive! Well, I did my pricing a bit on "gut feeling", but if you feel like some of my prices are too expensive, or that I'm undercutting some prices and it's bad for commerce, please contact me and explain why you think some of my pricing should be changed. I can't assure you I will change my prices, but I'm always open for intelligent criticism. - How much do you charge for travel? My usual fee is 30c for Pristine and 50c for Release. For any job worth more than 2s, travel fee will be waived as long as you're on a coastal spot. If your deed is inland, I might add a fee of up to 1s, especially if I keep rock shards/ores from mining and have to bring them back to my boat. - I would like some services that are not in the list! Please contact me to discuss it and if it's something I'm willing and able to do, we can probably arrange something - What is the best way to contact you? I'd prefer to be contacted on the forums via a private message. You could also contact me in-game on Boogiepimps (on Pristine) if it's just for a quick question.
  15. New community map project 2.0 In Acaos' absence I have decided to update the map myself. I will update the thread's title whenever I update. I am currently hoping to update at least once a week. The map is still a work-in-progress! It is based on Acaos' last updated map plus the updates that had been posted in the old thread since his last update. Please inform me of any errors or other updates on the map. It's also been completely revamped, so please do leave feedback. The grid is the same from Acaos' map. That way deed locations are still sitting on the same coordinates. What do I want? Your deed locations, public mailboxes, public traders, merchants, rare fish, public tar pits, and public clay pits. Regarding roads To be included on future map updates roads must be either two or more wide or have sand on either side. They also must be publicly available. Regarding deed submissions If you are not the mayor of the deed you are submitting, do not submit it. Some people want to keep their deeds private and off the map. If you find your deed on the map and didn't want it on the map, send me a PM on the forums or in-game to have it removed. (You can find my name, and the names of my alts I'm likely to be on in my signature) Links: Shorter, less scary URL (Thanks, Eject!) And the direct dropbox link for the paranoid: Constructive feedback is always welcome!
  16. Please post information for the map here, do not PM it! Release travelers map What i need for listing your deed: - deed name: - deed location: - and special offering: Mailbox (public), Trader (public), Merchant, Market (min 3 merchants with marketstall) Locations of rare fish spots (lurker of the deep pendulum) Public highways (must be 2 tiles wide or with sand either side) Public canals (please note if large ships can get through or not) Mine Tunnels Ideas are also welcome Thanks!
  17. Clean map for Exodus!

    the current exodus map looks so horrible that i made a new one starting from scractch(well not really,i used the map dump). this is how the map looks right now - and this is the dropbox folder with the full psd(the one i used) the simplified psd,the legend psd and the map jpg. usually i would just pm this to eject,but i figured since the servers are down il give people something to read and no i dont want to update the exous map myself.just want whoever updates it to use a clean map.
  18. Updates will be shown in the title. Permenant links: High Resolution Low Resolution so, what am i after? deed locations obviously, and if you have them, Public mailbox, trader, merchant etc. locations of rare fish spots (lurker of the deep pendulum) public highways (must be 2 tiles wide or with sand either side, get to work pavers!) public canals (please note if large ships can get through or not) Mine Tunnels locations of: Goblin Leader Kyclopse Black Dragon please post information for the map here, do not PM it, thanks in advance. ideas are also welcome for the project, it is for the community after all =)
  19. hello,im looking to retire from updating the celebration map,so i need someone to continue avoid some of the problems some people had last time i will provide either a full psd file with all the layers i use or just a simplified psd with 4 layers(the map dump,roads and canals,permanent markers and deeds) i will also provide a small psd file with the layers used for adding items from the legend. if u are interested pm me or reply here.
  20. Maps1

    WIP version of Desertion, all maps will have the same style. We will also make Islands(cluster) maps for freedom islands and for Epic islands. The individual island maps will have one level of zoom in. The Starter towns will be marked. On Elevation all Starter town will marked on the map. Pmk's (Player made kingdoms) will be not marked. There will be NO "You are here" marker! There will be NO minimap! There will be a A map button in the quickbar to open and close the map, key bind "M". (work in progress, it will act as a template for all maps)
  21. Topographical Map

    Has anyone ever made one? A map that shows no deed names or anything like that, just the topography, with elevation lines and all. Also on the same note, has anyone ever made a sea chart?
  22. Celebration Map

    Let's try this again, shall we? Third times a charm? haha I've continued with Tpikol's map work, these can be found here: CELEBRATION MAPS For those unfamiliar with the dropbox interface, once you have clicked the map size you wish to view, there is a small "..." in the bottom right corner that will allow you to view or download the full resolution original. So far so good. I have made a few changes however, these are as follows: Disbanded deeds are now marked with a red icon. This change is to let players who are seeking to place new settlements know that there is (possibly) pre-terraformed land/resources here. The names of alliances can now be shown in a colour of that alliance's choosing. NOTE* This change is still being tested to see if more people like or dislike it. The final change is just sort of my own insanity really, but I would like to add per tile accurate displays for all major roads/canals/tunnels... I've already been called both insane and genius for attempting this, considering you can scarcely see it, even on the 4096 map. But I know they are accurate and that's what matters most An example can be found below, and I welcome all coordinates to any major travel areas so I can map them and add them as soon as possible. Any other suggestions on ways to improve the map are always welcome, as well as any criticism on the changes made. Thank you all for keeping me updated on name changes and disbands, I couldn't do it without you
  23. Maps And Education

    The first one has probably been requested a lot, but here's my personal vision: A 'map' item that gives you a map GUI when used and standing still. The map is blank to begin with, but you can fill in a small area around you by using a brush on it and having dyes in your inventory (or something like that) It doesn't show your location, just a map. Mapmaking skill Second suggestion is Education. As a beginner, the only way to get your stats up right now is by practising (cutting trees, sawing planks, etc.) You could have the option to teach other players different skills. Their skill goes up, but it takes time and they need someone who is good at teaching. The lower the skill, the faster you learn. You can't get higher skill than the one who is teaching. Teaching is only useful for relatively new characters. You could work as a teacher.
  24. I am rather new to the game, I startet up at the Indepenence server where I joined a friendly village and started to work on my skills, and learning the basics. I enjoy the game, but I started trying to find a place of my own. Wanting to start in the wilderness, creating my own home, like a settler in the old days. But I have been searching for the last frontier in vain. I soon found out that Independence had few areas untuched(no surprice..), so I searched the forum for the least populated server. I fund the maps, and combinded with the overview of the activity on the servers, I figured that Release could be a good server to find my prestine paradise beach to build my home. But I was walking the coast line for days without finding an untouched stretch of land. buildings all over... I am thinking of trying Celebration next, but looking at the map I dont have a big hope of finding a private beach. What do you people think, is it possibile to find a private place with no buildings or roads close by? Preferably a coast line, not to steep, with trees nearby....
  25. First off, big, HUGE props to Lobber and Leslie for all the work they've done on creating/maintaining the Exodus map so far. This map isn't meant to replace Leslie's map, nor do I wish to step on any toes with this project. This is a fun project I've done for myself and would like to share with others on the server in case they may find it helpful. Legalities out of the way. Onwards! I wanted a searchable, filterable, zoomable map of Exodus, and one that was a bit cleaner but still conveyed all the information of the current version. I think I've mostly hit that nail on the head. A few things here: It doesn't load with all of the markers on - most marker groups can be filtered on and off at will, depending on what you want to see. I turned clay and tar off by default for example, but you can easily click them back on. There is a search box so if you're looking for a specific deed or landmark, enter the information and it'll zoom you to that part of the map. Traders, Merchants, and Mailboxes are listed on each deed marker. The grid is the same, but the coordinates are different. Mostly because I'm easily confused by x's and y's. I hope I'm not the only one. Additions to the map: DO NOT leave your deed additions/corrections on this thread. To make things easy on Leslie & keep all the info in one place, please continue to make your additions on Leslie's thread. I'll be monitoring that one and making the appropriate changes on mine. Corrections to this map: If there's something wrong specifically on my map only, feel free to leave a message here or better yet, just PM me. Lastly: Be gentle. This is my first attempt at such a beast, and I'm sure that it still needs some polish. <3 Mox