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Found 4 results

  1. Clearing some of my collected rares over the year, offer a sensible price along with your name and I'll cod it out if I like it. I am sending from a Chaos account so please put up an alts name that hasn't came to Chaos if you've done so on your main. Any questions PM me. Offers in Euros/Silver. Bloodmaster in game. Saddle Sold Rare Hatchet Sold Rare LMS Sold Rare Toolbelt Sold
  2. With settings turned up, Wurm can look pretty good relatively speaking. Though, when you crank up water, while it looks real nice, you can't see the sunken crap on the floor. You're forced to have horrific blank water just so you can see important stuff below such as item piles, mission items, arrows (has been suggested to float before), you name it. Not to mention, this blank water at nighttime just strains your eyes when you're checking the seafloor for stuff as you sail, so only checking for things on the same level as your boat/character would be visually comfy So let everything float. Corpses float, even if it's scientifically reasonable (ignoring that they sit on top of the water not in it), sunken ships float and that's not that reasonable (edit forgot even live sea animals float). We still have unicorns and giant spiders on fire though, so letting everything float so we can crank up water settings should be ok
  3. Create clay without magic I think this opens up more possibilities for settling inland, away from any lakes or oceans. True, we can always hop in a cart, travel a few minutes to the water, dig up a few crates of clay and return home, but this would be fun, making it ourselves. Pottery skill used for this. Higher skill = higher QL clay. Also, high QL dirt would help. Maybe even make the initial QL of dirt the max QL of your resulting clay.