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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, I currently have above 98 leatherworking and am offering imps to 94ql. All of my leather is made fresh from the horses and donkeys in my steppe, but don't worry, we use all the parts of the animals and all scraps are turned into glue! Prices Below Studded \ Leather Sets (Full Set) | Saddles | Toolbelts (For every 10ql they get an extra slot) | Drake Hide Imps (Full Set) | Single Leather Armour Item (Drake, Studded and Regular Leather) Quality Price | Quality Price | Quality Price | Quality Price | Quality Price 60 ql 75c | 60ql 30c | 60ql 30c | 60ql 67.50c | 60ql 13c 70 ql 1.00 | 70ql 50c | 70ql 50c | 70ql 90c | 70ql 25c 75ql 1.50s | 75ql 70c | 80ql 80c | 80ql 2.25s | 80ql 40c 80 ql 2.50s | 80ql 1.25s | 90ql 2.25s | 85ql 3.60s | 85ql 65c 85ql 4s | 85ql 2s | 90ql 4.5s | 90ql 95c 90ql 5s | 90ql 3s | 91ql 7.20s | 91ql 1.15s 91ql 8s | 91ql 4s | 92ql 9.00s | 92ql 1.55s 92ql 10s | 92ql 5s | 93ql 11.70s | 93ql 1.85s 93ql 13s | 93ql 6.5s | 94ql 13.50s | 94ql 2.10s 94ql 15s | 94ql 8.5s | 95ql 17.55s | 95ql 2.4s 95ql 19.5s | 95ql 11.50s Please PM for barding Any armour with my signature will be 50% off for future imps. Any Drake Hide armour with my signature will get a free imp from 5 ql below what it was initially brought to. So if you paid me for a 85ql imp, so long as it's above 80ql I'll imp it for free back to 85! Anything below 85 ql I can likely make or imp the same day it's sent in, for armour sets at 90+ please remember I have to imp 9 items to 90 . I usually give updates on how progress is, so that you know I'm hard at work! Reply to this forum for service or rename your items to the character name you want them mailed back to, and the quality you want the item brought to. If you are not comfortable with sending the items before talking to me please PM me or send me a woodscrap renamed to your name and I'll PM you when I'm online. Send all items to Bungii in-game Or do you want your armour in fancy colour? See Annuile's page for dyes of all colours! Also see my deedmate's store page below!
  2. PM Kidknie, Kidkney, Kidknee in game and tell me the name or names of the horses you wish to reserve for yourself. I will remove them from the list. You may pick them up at Stiggmatta Nation. These are intended to give mounts to newer or returning players who just need the means to get around til something better can be found, or as breeding stock for those who need a particular gender or color. I look forward to helping you get your start. I reserve the right to decline any sale.