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Found 62 results

  1. This has crossed the line. First, the update that broke fences was released. Animals everywhere, lost, stolen, killed. Animals people spent huge amounts of time breeding, caring for, and/or collecting. Animals people bought with money they sunk RL money into. Animals people NEED. Sure there's people with 60 horses in 2x1 pens, but there's people who just bought 2 horses for use with carts and riding, that are now GONE. Okay, so, it was a mistake. A glitch. It was fixed. ... It happened...AGAIN. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. Now animals are out again, getting stolen, getting killed, MORE LOSS. And what are we pretty much told? 'Sorry. Have fun chasing down your animals!' No. NO. I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS. COMPENSATION IS DUE FOR OUR LOSSES SUFFERED AT THE HANDS OF PEOPLE WHO CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO TEST UPDATES BEFORE THEY'RE RELEASED. IT'S KIND OF A HUGE PROBLEM WHEN ANIMALS CAN WALK THROUGH FENCES. DON'T YOU THINK THEY MIGHT HAVE NOTICED THAT? I appreciate Wurm and the great fun it's makers have given us, but it is not right to abuse your Citizens and PAYING CUSTOMERS like this! SOME WAY, SOMEHOW, PAY US BACK FOR THESE GRIEVOUS SCREW UPS.
  2. Found 2 champ deer around my deed at Silver Town. 1 is a male, aged and being taken care of by Ixienix and the other is a female, venerable and being taken care of by dogukakugi. I tried to pm you both ingame after i found them, they are safe and in stone walls on the deed. If you want them back i will be on Indy for a few days then back to Cele. You can pm me in game or here, Lolly1.
  3. Lost two horses from zanzibar land, they escaped from one of our hitched carts. one is black female called daisyiron and the other is a white/grey male called dogsilver. daisyiron should be branded to zanzibar land but im not sure if dogsilver ever got branded. if you see them please let me know
  4. i live right next to thunder valley around 50x 32y my horse somehow got loos and she was the best horse i had 4 speed and she was pregnant if you find her pls let me know im on indy and im playing most days so pm ty
  5. Found around Gideon's Shire and Voices From The Grave (about 50x, 17y). Wilddance is being cared for by Drkwynd. Please PM me here or in game (same name) to recover them. I'll take care of them until they're picked up.
  6. It was on the eastern part of northern tundra near Iceland and took it back to Fort Buda Leave me a message or PM me ingame if you want it back.
  7. Found a baby horse after the server fail. Found near Root Hill Docks 31y 32x Please PM me here, or in-game under the same name for his safe return
  8. so i was off on a trip to collect clay with my large cart, and this very helpful guy gives me a horse he was leading: Mature fat Tearrun. he ran off to a meditation tile (i assume) while i dug and came back with and gave me a Mature fat Silverhop (mother: Aged fat Starkyoana). I'm posting here to make sure these horses arent lost/stolen. we're around 16x36y
  9. I'm member of the game since 2010 and i dont play since then, i remember my nickname but not my password, when I try to change it from the website I cant because there's no secret question, so I cant answer it. Please, if someone can help me. I don't know if this is the correct place to post it.
  10. Last night I found 2 (two) horses by the northwest edge of Farmville. If you are missing them and can identify them they are being cared for in Vicus Arboria just west of Esert.
  11. Hi all, I lost a horse called Oceanpot during the last server crash. I was sailing the Inner Sea near Shadowpoint / Halcyon. If you happen to find it, please pm me here or in game (Magnir). Thanks Mag