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Found 14 results

  1. Starting bid: 15 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: 50 s Private Bids: Accepted Delivery for Free
  2. I want put to the auction rare unfinished kiln ql: 2,56 starting bid: 10 silver minimum bid if you want outbid/"upbid": 1 silver instant buyout: 15 silver PM in game (I prefer that) or in forum if you have any questions or need more information. The kiln needs 20 clay and 18 stone bricks to be finished.
  3. Start Bid 1s Min Bid 1s No Reserve No Buy Out No Private 3 Day Auction Snipe protection 30m I don't think this can be mailed - so collection will be on Harmony M-18 Sunnyside or a delivery cost of 1s will be charged and i can get it shipped to you.
  4. On the kiln Wurmpedia page (, the section to the right of the page, under the Kiln picture, there is a 'Skill and Improvement' section. Maybe in that section would be good to add.. 'Need clay and stone chisel to improve.' Not real sure if this would be the right place to add that, or if it needs to be added at all. Maybe I'm the only one grabbed rock shard to improve a kiln. Just would be clearer what you need to use to improve this item instead of grabbing bricks or rock shard. When I examine the kiln, it does already say what it needs to improve it in my event window. This is how I found out why my rock shard did not work to improve it. So just take for consideration, make your own mind up and follow that. Thanks your time, Teeebomb
  5. Greetings Wurmians Today from the shores of West Coast Cadence, I present you this Rare unfinished kiln, made from the finest slate the west coast has to offer. Starting bid: 12s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: None Buyout: NA Private Bids: No Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Can deliver anywhere on Cadence free of charge, 1s Delivery fee on Harmony or Melody.
  6. Hello wurmians, I come to you today with a thing of rarity. Starting bid: 10s Min Increase: 1s Buyout: 25s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes No Reserve - No private bids I can deliver anywhere on Cadence for free, however delivery to Other NFI servers will be charged at 1s extra for travelling I could also take it with to the public Red Hatchling slaying.
  7. I've got a 52ql Supreme Kiln sitting on my deed collecting dust. Need another supreme to complete that set? Need more shiny stuff for your deed? Look no further! Starting Bid: 10s Minimum Increment: 50c Buyout? No Sniper Protection: 1 hour
  8. Contact me via PM or in game as Luttuosa Supreme unfinished oven Supreme unfinished kiln Rare unfinished well Rare unfinished spirit castle Rare unfinished spirit cottage Rare unfinished oven Rare unfinished floor loom Rare unfinished epic portal Rare unfinished stone altar
  9. With the addition of the icebox. The new development team has added in a function that I am very happy to see. I would now like to ask that the dev's incorporate the "Icebox" concept to all the cookers and possibly the lamps and torches. Could you make a box in the bottom of cookers that would allow for the inclusion of kindling and other objects to burn. This box would be the fuel source for the cooker by consuming the objects inside. This could be used as a way to generate ash. However more importantly it adds a great amount of realism to the game for cookers of all kinds. If possible could the damage from the cooker be applied to all items "evenly" in the firebox? To prevent abuse, could there be a flag applied to objects as they are burned? Singed, blackened, burnt, charred. Each one would require more of the "burned material" to undo the state. Thus a charred wooden shield would require additional wood to bring it back to burnt, blackened, singed and normal. These flags could also limit or disable use of the item as it is to damaged to use. Or There could simply be a mechanic that allows you to use an axe to scrap the wood, thus making the item unusable but burnable. As an added change to accommodate this. I would suggest that a campfire building be changed to a rock shards and hand or activated rock shards on an empty tile thus preventing forest fires. This would also make for a quaint campfire appearance that is not determined solely by a fire that is burning.
  10. Looking to auction off this supreme kiln, want to see where it goes Starting Bid: 15s Min Increments: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: Open to Offers Sniper Protection: 1 Hour No private bids, will consider private buyout offers however.
  11. Looking to buy a rare smelter any ql, rare kiln any ql thank you!
  12. closed

    Your Bidding on x2 Rare Kiln's To Stimulate this auction I am Adding 1 Additional Rare Kiln to the Auction And Resetting Timer too 3 Days. Your Now bidding on x3 Rare Kiln's 50+ QL As an additional bonus to this auction I Am Adding 4 Rare Puppets To This Auction ( A Complete Set ) This Puppet bonus will only be activated once the auction reached 10+ Silver Starting Bid: = 7 Silver Reserve: = Reserve Has Been Removed ! Buy Out: = Buy Out Has Been Removed ! 1h Snipe Protection: Any Bids placed with 2 mins or less will active the 1 hour sniper protection until no more attempted snipes occur . Happy Bidding
  13. The wiki page for the kiln claims that small pottery amphoras do not fit inside a forge, this is incorrect. It also does not list a requirement for skill to create it. This is approximately 30 Masonry. I would appreciate if these 2 things are updated, thanks!