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Found 38 results

  1. Basically a lottery with entries fueled by an amount of karma (1000?). Not an equal chance for all options, most of the more common possibilities would be small rewards: ten iron, iron lump, etc. However, some really nice stuff at very low probabilities. Offhand Id see this as some massive stone wheel with glowing runes, maybe player-craftable using some rare item as a key component.
  2. 2,220 karma worth of Source Liquid! Each 0.01 liquid gives 10 Karma. Located in deli(24.5x 7.5y) Delivery/pickup will be discussed with winner Winning bid: 5s Starting bid: 2s Minimum increment: 50c Buyout: 10s(includes free delivery anywhere, yes even xana) Sniper protection: none PS: 7 Source crystals tossed in for free!
  3. Is anybody interested in these 4 source crystals @ 50c each? Pickup (SE Deli) or COD. If you are close I'll deliver too.
  4. Did a little test today, just now, on Inde there was a quest to create 10 headboards (Libila). Now, I (vyn follower) had a bunch laying around only needing 2 planks each to finish so I thought I'd give it a try to complete the mission on my own. It worked (made all 10 head boards for the mission), but funny thing, only 100 karma was received. Altho the wiki states that 1000 karma gets divided among those who helped with the mission. Not sure if this is: * Normal for freedom missions * Normal for "creating" missions * Normal for 1 person completing an entire mission oneself * Normal when completing missions from Libila when being a whitelight follower * Normal because I already have a high amount of karma (8k+) * Any combinations of the above I did a "give something to an avatar" mission once with 4 of my chars (since the avatar spawned on one of my deeds) and they each got the 250 karma like the wiki would suggest (that was 1-2 weeks ago), so no probs there. (details: mag avatar, needed 4 sleeves of cloth, gave them with a mix of vyn and mag followers/priests) I didnt post this in bugs, because maybe freedom has different rules on some types of missions that the wiki is lacking the info on. If a dev should come across this thread and recognize it as a bug, then please feel free to move the topic to server bugs. If a dev should come across this thread and recognize it as something intented, then feel free to reply so maybe someone can give the wiki a poke Many thanks in advance
  5. Karma should be fleshed out more. Here are some example rewards to consider. 5,000 karma- Farwalker Affect 10,000 karma- 50% damage reduction for 30 minutes 10,000 karma- summon an avatar of your god who defend you. 10,000 karma- ghost ship, a ghost ship you can command for 24 hours. 5,000 karma- spirit steed, a spirit horse that is your pet to ride for 24 hours. 5,000 karma- a deadly spirit bow that fires spirit arrows 5,000 karma- recharges a sculpting wand I'm sure more great ideas are out there, lets hear them!
  6. Note: Some are good only for PvE 1. less ticks per action for X minutes (this means that it takes less time to perform an action it would help for bulk production) 2. More skill gain per action for X minutes X3. Refresh food and water (suggested high cost so that paths are still useful for that reason) X4. increased quality of all items made for X Mins X5. Increase rare chance for raw materials (preferably only for components needed to make larger projects) PvE?6. Increased vehicle speed for x time X7. Increased output for harvesting, chopping trees, butchering, etc for x minutes PvE?8. Super stamina regeneration for x mins (high karma cost preferably) New Ideas: 9. Increased damage on Mobs for short period of time 10. Decreased damage from mobs for short period of time 11. Faster climbing for x mins or no stamina use while climbing for X mins(useful for people wanting to build tall things but possibly abused) 12. Remove marsh 13. Larger quality improvements per success rate Red is a NO Blue is Revised but not accepted yet Green will be a yes if i get enough comments
  7. I think you all know why we should encourage people to bury animal corpses. Getting 1 karma every time you bury animal corpse would be cool and useful.
  8. Hi there! A small suggestion in a short post, cause my english isn't good enough to write elaborations: Freedomers can get Karma from Source Salt (10 karma per one, so we need to eat 100x source salt to get the ability to summon our corpses), source spring and source fountain (10 karma for 0.1 kg of liquid source). Epic player can get 1000 karma for completing missions. It's little unfair IMO, that epic players can enjoy new feature easier. I don't know single freedomer who ever had 1000 karma points (not saying they doesn't exist). My idea is very simple. You should get Karma after killing a champion mob. It can be automatic (you kill a champion scorpion and you get for example 100 karma instantly) or "the source" could be one of the butchering item (it would spice up PvE even more, cause some people could hunt champions not only for FS gain, but for profit aswell - free market would determine the price). I don't care about epic, so it may works only for Freedom if it "destroys pvp completely" or whatever...
  9. Hot food cooking is a pretty in-depth skill as it is now. There are many, many, many recipes and subskills involved. Currently, there are many food items produced by hot food cooking or another cooking skill, but, other than casseroles and meals, hardly any of them are ever made or consumed. I find this dissapointing. We have recipes ranging from cakes, to porridge, to delicious soups and tuna caseroles. What I would like to suggest is "cravings" (okay, maybe not the exactly right word, but I simply don't know the proper word so bear with me ) A craving would be much like a mission. It randomly appears and randomly goes away. For example, your character could suddenly get a craving for a blueberry jam sandwich, or some nice hot soup. It would appear with a message in event "your stomach grunts at you and you're really hungry for a <food item> now.". The food item would be a completely random item picked from the database. It would be great if the databse could even recognize ingredients, such as "nettle soup". If that's not doable, just any random food item would work - wether its a little herring or blueberry, or a strawberry cake or meal. Eating your craving item will not lower your nutrition, but it will fill your food bar by however amount you eat. Ontop of that, eating your craved food will also give you +20 KARMA. as it stands right now, karma is near impossible to gain on the freedom isles but doing a mission on epic gives you 1000(?) karma, so I don't think it's a huge thing to ask, just a little reward to make the immense food system in wurm more desirable. TL;DR version; Character can get cravings Eating craved item gives +20 karma No nerfs, only small bonus Hopefully makes more use of the depth of the cooking system.
  10. Ok so I haven't really thought this through so there's probably an obvious flaw with the suggestion, in which case I welcome and anticipate the immediate shooting down. But until then... I think that karma and missions should be introduced hand-in-hand to the freedom servers. This is how I would work it: Good quality missions (first step! I know epic has problems with this) get introduced which anyone can attempt. Preferably several different ones at the same time so people who want to work harder can complete a few every mission period or whatever. Karma is awarded for completing a mission. I think this is already the case on epic? Karma can then be used for the effects listed in the wiki (lighting up lamps in an area, teleporting corpse, and town portal) but also, if you really save up..... the christmas gifts! And here I mean for large amounts of karma (deliberately not suggesting an amount here) you can get the gnome, or the fireworks, or some other aesthetic gift I have forgotten. and for LOTS of karma, you can get a spyglass or other gift that they really should have made craftable or money-sink a long time ago. I am aware that doing this would devalue existing christmas gift items in the player market but to be honest, I don't think that matters because they were gifts not dividends for investing in the game. And especially with the spyglass, this is something that is crazy to have the mechanic in the game for and make it such a rare thing to have. Perhaps think of it as christmas gifts being a preview of a future feature, and you got to use it for x years before newer people did. I'd also like to point out I'm not suggesting EVERY christmas gift become available (here's looking at you, evil twig) In anticipation of the inevitable comment "if you want missions, go to epic" - I don't think you should have to have a certain playstyle to get new features. Epic still has it's "epicness" draw in the form of the valrei board, mobs, and terraforming events (at least, it should do). so... thoughts? *braces*
  11. The "Body" option "Karma" is showing as "Manage Achievements" and seems to do nothing. After seeing this in IRC ... [09:07:49] <bloodthirst> whats this "manage achievement" on body? [09:07:55] <bloodthirst> and where is karma ... I checked my accounts. Seara also saw the same symptoms, but Malcolm did not. Seara should also have some Karma. I confirmed the issue by having Malcolm drink some Source, and then saw the same thing on him.
  12. I dont know if anyone else figured out the use for source crystals yet, but i didn't find much info on them on the forum or wiki. Found one earlier today and did a little experimenting based on the little info i could find. Turns out you crush it with a hammer.. (maybe other tools work) 1 source crystal turns into 1 source salt. Which you can then eat (the source salt) and gain 10 karma. Basically a trade between say 50ql source crystal thats worth 1.25s (get price.. so 25favor sacced) or 1s to most players, good for saccing for favor or storing favor in for pvp.. or vesseling on freedom i guess. or 10 karma. pretty poor karma gain compared to the other uses for these gems i guess. also considering a 1ql and 99ql source crystal seem to be worth the same in terms of karma. Anyone.. feel free to test this and maybe write up a wiki article
  13. With all the complaining about how hard it is to keep large deeds and heritage sites lit I thought about some high level alternatives: How about making lamps out of gems, that can be enchanted with a light token and charged with favor. It would stay lit for as long as the charge lasts, which could be weeks or months on high ql and a full charge. Might even be possible for non priests to recharge with charged gems. I don't know hop the new Karma lighting works, but if it summons fuel into the lamps, that would be weird, if it gives you that noob aura on the other hand, that would be great. But I would also go with a simmilar idea to the above: make chrystal lamps that glow as long as they are filled with enough source.