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Found 3 results

  1. There needs to be a serious effort to bring recognition to a fatal addiction plaguing the older players especially Teeebomb, just this week alone he has died at least 3 times due to his addiction to food buffs, this is a real problem. these older players are literally dieing from loss of nutrician because of a desire to maintain multiple drug like affects on their bodies. Something must be done about this. we need to preserve our older players and prevent them from suffering from PDS(Post Death Syndrome) which robs them of their very skills and forces them to spend fruitless extra time regrinding their skills to return to their former glory. This is unacceptable and therefore i purpose that an addiction counseling service and group meetings be organized on the behalf of our elders. Please send help
  2. Magranon's Run - Jakerivers Hi Everyone! I'm back with more news, after surviving on Emoos stream, defeating a silly noob who dared to pick a fight with me, and have all the latest of what's been going on in the dev halls (at least what I'm allowed to share) So let's go! But first... Patch Notes Mac compatibility Now some mac users have been experiencing a lot of issues with the client on mac, and we're pleased to announce with the latest client update the issues should now be resolved. As previously mentioned, settings will not work correctly when launched from ingame, but will work via the launcher, so use that! A better solution is in the works but may take a little longer to come, so stay tuned. A new dev on the block Last news we mentioned increasing our focus on addressing some of the long standing bugs within the game, and our plans to ramp up addressing bugs. While we slay a significant amount with each update, all games seek to remove as many as they can, and we're no different here. As part of this, Someone who may be recognised from the forums, Darklords has joined the dev team! Darklords will be working on us in addressing bugs and testing of larger features, he's been a long time player of both Epic and Chaos and we look forward to working with him, so give him a round of applause! (Or condolences) Visual improvements One major thing in the works is the addition of specular and normal mapping to textures. To those of you unfamiliar with these terms (as I was, Saroman nearly went mad explaining it to me) I'll touch on them both: Normal maps: Normal mapping is a layer placed over an existing model, that simulates more lumps and bumps, allowing for rendering of shadows and light without actually requiring complex lighting calculations or more heavily detailed models, this means models and textures will look less flat without causing major performance penalties. Specular maps: Specular mapping is a way of dictating how a model or texture "shines" on certain parts, e.g. Making that golden part of a model shine without the stone part shining too. both of these will add quite a significant change to just how a lot of things look and feel. Their introduction will take some time, as they require creating a normal and specular map for every texture, so they will be coming out in batches over a period of time, and we'll be sure to let you all know when they do! Shades of green, and red, and yellow, and blue Last news had a riddle, which many of you all had guesses at, and some got it right! This week, I get to show off the new creature condition colours returning! Now I know what you're all thinking, creature colours looked like they'd been playing around in my workshop, and all left drenched in dye (or blown out of a nostril), but fear not! Saroman has been again hard at work (along with Samool too) and is in the process of giving these fine creatures makeovers, check it out! The lovely little cave bug models in this picture also have the normal and specular mapping, as you can see their shells look very different (and not just because of the colour!) Wurm streaming and content creation! We (I) are (am) currently in the works of introducing a program to support those who take their time and showcase just what they get up to in wurm, be it streaming or youtube, we want to support those who make wurm more fun to watch and play, so we'll be working on helping you all through various means, including promotion through our social media and the possibility of partnering up with us for some streams! Of course there will be some requirements and expectations from streamers, but stay tuned for that coming out soon! Now there's more in the works, and soon we'll be able to share it, along with a semi firm release date and perhaps even public testing (now what could that be?) Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  3. Hi Everyone! It's been a busy week here, with march finally upon us. There's a lot still going on but it's all a little while away, so this we'll be looking at some of the changes this week and also some of the events and competitions! Patch notes Wurm Unlimited Single player mode comes to Wurm Unlimited! This week saw Offline, or single player mode come to Wurm Unlimited. Players are now able to play Wurm Unlimited without any connection to the internet, you can also direct connect via IP, so you'll be able to play on a local network! To celebrate this, I'm also hosting a giveaway of five Steam keys, if you want the chance to win one for you, or a friend, enter your details here! Kingdom titles minimum requirement Due to popular feedback we have adjusted the minimum requirement of premium accounts in a pmk, the new minimum requirement for titles to work will be adjusted to 10 premium players. This may change as the game progresses, depending on the populations of the PvP servers. This update will go live early next week. Changes to the starter deed contest! We've made some adjustments to the starter deed competition, with the following alterations: Removed all restrictions on wall types, all walls are able to be used. Maximum of 300 house walls All building resources will be provided by GM's, players can still craft everything and have their signature and some items may require players to provide the materials. Players may either tender just a design, or enter to build as well. Design winners will be marked by commemorative signs, if the winners also build the design they will receive a rare trowel or mallet made of a unique material. We hope these changes open up the entry field, and allow those without as much time to enter, as well as making it easier to build, we'd love to see you all building, rather than pumping out the bricks! So if you'd like to get in on the action, check out our starter thread here: Unstable client This week saw a new unstable client release with some major changes; the development team has worked hard on optimising the .WOM model format, as well as changing the way models are loaded and unloaded. This has led to remarkable improvements on heavy load areas, as well as that dastardly travel lag, while it hasnt removed it altogether, please do try out the new client and tell us how you go. Pending feedback, it will come to the stable client next week. Treasure hunt review! The treasure hunt last weekend was a lot of fun for all involved as players uncovered the mysteries behind the first explorers of Celebration. The hunt is still open this weekend but will close this monday, so get in quick, and you receive a unique copper flask for finishing! Weekly question This week has two questions, as I'm quite curious about them! This screenshot is from Wurm Unlimited of a champion Lava spider casting a glow on the sea as it eyes the sailor passing in the night, another piece I wouldn't mind on my wall!