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Found 4 results

  1. So The Lord of The rings Online is having music festivals all summer long. They're great fun and they would fit this game even more! We could have bands perform at our impalongs, people dancing (animate that emote please :P) and cheering along. It gives players a new thing to do and crafters new instruments to make. It could even be a new subskill for carpentry, making and tuning instruments. I know that it would be a lot of work to implement something like this but I think that it would be worth it and with the new update schedule it should be possible I suppose. We could use more fun-features in this game and this would be one.
  2. I talked about this a few times in chat, but it would be interesting to have musical instruments in the game with a music skill, along with subskills for certain instruments. Some instruments would be lute, flute, and drums. Like activating it and using it will pull up something that you can click or type in to play certain notes. Higher skills will allow more notes to be played in order, or less mistakes being made, like you wanting a c note, but you end up getting an a note being played. There is yoyos and puppets in the game, why not musical instruments? When I think the old days, I think people sitting around a fire talking and playing music... even in a pub or something.
  3. Having musical instruments an the ability to "compose" write your own scores, We have all the materials to already do such. It will take skills to write the scores an to play them. Musical instruments Such as a mandolin flutes harps snare drum the bass drum an ext.... We already have reed pens an parchments.
  4. I was wondering if yall eve thought of adding instruments to wurm, it seems like a good idea there could be lutes, flutes, drums, violins, pianos, ext. you could use your keyboard to play the instruments and there could be a skill called bard and sub skills for it for each instrument you have played idk just a thought : )