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Found 183 results

  1. Selling Cog in Indy, 7s Or Best Offer ( I am at Mystic Valley and This is a Pick up Only ) Map cords (24y-34x) is where the boat is located at Sorry about post. thought I had it in the auction area. Oh well. Cog (ship) Rafts (around 20 of them) Lock Comes with a Dredge around *50QL* and anchor Ultan
  2. Can Be Closed

    can be closed
  3. Title says it all pm me or leave a post here my friends im looking for a nice deed to buy and start operating out of :-)
  4. Free Fish

    I will have at least 500 weight of fresh fish free to pickup at Crystal Canal on Indy later today. Contact me in game if you are interested in them please.
  5. [Close Sold]

    Auctioning Rare Unfinished Forge Can be Picked up at Dragonfoot, Independence 30x 32y ( Closest Port is Damascus, or North of FM if by road ) or can be mailed. Sent to Fjalke for winning bid of 10s [19:21:44] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.
  6. Auctioning 42ql Star Ruby **will deliver if close** Bidding will start at 1s with 50c increments Buyout 5s
  7. Anyone want to sell me some clay for a sleep powder or two or four? PM me here or in-game (Monday) and let's work something out. Please close, got enough coming in now.
  8. 70 ql studded leather armor I use to do 70ql backpacks but this one took me 30 leathers so please dont ask 70 ql quivers 70 ql toolbelts 70 ql leather barding 70 ql saddle 50 ql meditation rugs 50 ql fine rugs 50 ql beautiful rugs I can do any vegtable, cotton, wemp with 64 ql I do have some 5 speed horses Please pm me on Piperlane and we can talk about what the prices for everything is. thank you for shoping at Piper's Shop
  9. Once you buy it, you will never need to replace it. It's always worth getting a one good weapon, instead of many bad ones. Why Woa on it?? - Woa = more parry, tested and checked. Shield + Weapon combined in to this one powerful sword. Start price: 5s min. increments: 1s No reserve 1h sniper protection Accepting buyout offers in PM. Can be picked up at Indy spawn area or Freedom market. Not sure about mail.
  10. Wts Tools

    WANT TO SELL IRON TOOLS PRICE Shovel QL 73 WOA 85 1.2 Silver >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sold Shovel QL 71 WOA 80 1.1 Silver Carving Knife QL 71 WOA 75 1 Silver Carving Knife QL 71 WOA 71 90 Coppers Pick Axe QL 19 COC 85 1.5 Silver >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sold Butcher Knife QL 71 WOA 75 1.2 Silver Butcher Knife QL 80 COC 76 1.4 Silver Trowel 23 QL COC 77 1.3 Silver WEAPONS Short Swords (Skill Building) "Iron" PRICE 1. 54 QL Coc 78 FB 57 Nimb 69 2 Silver 2. 54 QL Coc 65 FB 78 Nimb 68 2 Silver PM me if your interested. I can mail items out to prospective buyers, buyer pays coc.
  11. Wts Gems

    GEMS FOR SALE Saphires QL Total QL 317.95 10.73 29.34 22.96 20.65 21.34 21.99 18.77 17.87 26.17 36.92 23.45 17.11 16.87 15.00 18.78 Rubies QL Total QL 246.21 24.25 17.07 22.68 26.39 18.28 32.00 12.79 11.09 21.36 14.30 12.34 18.32 15.34 Emeralds QL Total QL 182.11 18.36 14.97 32.00 35.14 16.09 20.65 20.00 24.90 Opals QL Total QL 210.55 16.70 19.69 20.33 21.70 12.21 14.01 21.51 25.38 59.02 Diamonds QL Total QL 185.26 22.21 17.32 28.09 1.00 14.82 1.00 10.27 12.64 15.03 26.88 36.00 GRAND TOTAL OF QL FOR GEMS 1,142.08 Total Price 22 Silver 84 Copper 16 Iron PM Yamuliss or Piperlane if your Interested. Located on Indy Server at 46 X 59 Y Red Mountain Trade Port Thank you for viewing my forum posting.
  12. Want to sell unused trader form on Indy. PM me on indy or on forum if you like to buy. I am selling it for 40 silver.
  13. And Indy just crashed wholesale at 06:55 UTC... Good excuse to go get some sleep. Cheers! Hughmongus
  14. The following 5-speed-horses are for sale. Males each for 45c, females for 65c. If you take male+female: 1s Location is Hillside Refuge, south of Inner Sea at 29x,45y. Normally no delivery, but can be negotiated. All have the traits "fleeter movement", "strong body", "lightning movement", "carry more" and "strong legs" and no negative traits. Name (color, age, father, mother) males: Beneast (grey, young foal, Tearcall, Queenwarrior) Rainhard (grey, young foal, Earseast, Pieeast) Wildrun (white, young foal, Warriorraffle, Huntingmadia) Eastrock (black, young foal, Tearwild, Swiftheart) Rockrun (black, young foal, Bennypick, Jollycall) Jackrain (white, adolescent foal, Mackblood, Chaserflesh) Lightningrags (white, adolescent foal, Minschunting, Happypearl) Raffleraid (white, adolescent foal, Warriorraffle, Huntingmadia) Baxterdream (black, young, Minschunting, Ragepick) females: Saragold (black, young foal, Kalilpick, Ragepick) Starklily (white, young foal, Mackblood, Chaserflesh) Ebenrock (grey, adolescent foal, Earseast, Pieeast) Pottear (black, adolescent foal, Lightningkiss, Yoanadance) Strongkia (brown, adolescent foal, Ebennorth, Unityfast) Kalypsoecker (white, young, Warriorraffle, Huntingmadia) PM Liari or post here.
  15. Closed

    Hi I am currently wanting to buy approx 3000 Planks of any quality, I may well want to buy more over time. Looking to pay the average cost per 1000. Just post in here your asking price. I am located at Barter Town, which is just east of Harmony Lake in Independence. Delivery would be preferred. Also I'm wanting these asap. Thanks
  16. Hey everyone, I am gonna start doing Sermons every Sunday at 1200 CEST Time. Please let me know thru this forum if you will be attending. Also suggestions are appreciated on the best time for the Sermon to be held as I know not every1 lives in the same time zone. The location is Rincon Boricua in eminence island.
  17. Sold

    Up for sale is the deed Zanzibar Land, located at 31x, 47y on the Indy map. It is a centrally located deed, 10 minutes horse ride to Festival Cove, 20 minutes ride to Freedom Market. Its a great deed for newer players looking for easy land to move into. The deed size is 24x11, real deed size 49x23. Cost of tiles including form was 22.5s. The deed currently has one guard hired and upkeep is 3s 26c per month. Now for the details about the village. The village is carved into the side of a mountain and broken up into multiple heights and terraces. There are multiple pastures for farmland and animals, one of the pastures has enclosed breeding stalls for sorting. There are 3 nice houses and a small church/visitor hotel with room for more. The church has a stone altar of Vynora. There is a large mine with loads of iron and a gold vein. The deed is fairly hidden and enclosed by a large low stone wall with multiple gate houses. There is another village sized area down the hill from the deed within the wall. It was meant to be an aggro farm, extra mining, and tree farm. The wall will need some repairs though, we haven't had time for it. The deed will include a few various items, chests, weapon racks and other things that cant be picked up, nothing excessive. Various animals included, 2 4spd horses and regular horses. 2 unicorns and 1 slow unicorn, lots of deer, 4 bison, 2 bulls, a cow, and a starving stray dog. Some bulk items in bsb's/fsb like rock shards, marble shards, tar, food, and seeds. There is a guard tower in the center of the deed and a second tower near the aggro farm. Also includes friendly neighbor. Reason we are selling the deed is because we moved to a new spot down south and the trip is too long for us to keep Z-Land maintained. Its a nice deed and we would hate to see it disband and go to waste. Should also mention that there is only 23 days left of upkeep. Because of that, we're not going with a fixed price, we're taking offers. Here are some screenshots around the deed. Pastures Houses Off deed aggro farm Church If interested pm me or contact me in game, game name is Aesys as well. Or contact Shatalkua in game if I'm not immediately available. Thanks for reading!
  18. I'm looking for Magranon priest to cast one time: "strongwall" on Indy not far from Festival Cove in the mine of one of my alts to close a tunnel. I'd like to have it done this weekend. Please post offer and whom to PM in game. Thank you. Can be closed.
  19. ---------------------------------------------------------------- SOLD ---------------------------------------------------------------- Hey, I'd like to sell my old character on Indy. He is a Fo Priest. Here's the info: Name: Vaziac Skills: -Characteristics -Body: 22.65 -Body Strength: 23.87 -Body Stamina: 21.75 -Body Control: 22.10 -Mind: 22.22 -Mind Logic: 25.67 -Mind Speed: 20.89 -Soul: 17.96 -Soul Strength: 20.96 -Soul Depth: 22.78 -Religion -Faith: 38.63 -Alignment: 31.06 -Skills -Swords: 23.99 -Longsword: 42.43 -Shortsword: 1.45 -Two Handed Sword: 34.81 -Knives: 16.80 -Carving Knife: 18.59 -Butchering Knife: 21.77 -Shields*(AFFINITY): 7.85 -Small Metal Shield: 1.00 -Large Metal Shield: 7.86 -Axes: 14.36 -Hatchet: 17.51 -Carpentry: 41.90 -Bowyery: 10.48 -Fletching: 27.18 -Fine Carpentry: 20.61 -Ship Building: 13.73 -Woodcutting: 28.94 -Mining: 24.92 -Digging: 55.24 -Firemaking: 8.65 -Pottery: 8.04 -Tailoring: 3.85 -Cloth Tailoring: 2.49 -Leatherworking: 8.80 -Masonry: 40.72 -Stone Cutting: 19.36 -Ropemaking: 1.20 -Smithing: 4.01 -Weapon Smithing: 1.22 -Blades Smithing: 2.16 -Weapon Heads Smithing: 1.16 -Armour Smithing: 2.27 -Chain Armour Smithing: 4.13 -Blacksmithing: 8.02 -Locksmithing: 1.40 -Cooking: 22.67 -Hot Food Cooking: 45.63 -Butchering: 13.92 -Beverages: 1.31 -Nature: 24.76 -Fishing: 5.58 -Gardening: 11.04 -Forestry: 9.12 -Farming: 48.84 -Foraging: 11.90 -Botanizing: 4.53 -Animal Taming: 13.99 -Animal Husbandry: 13.20 -Meditating: 9.35 -Miscellaneous Items: 36.18 -Shovel: 40.12 -Rake: 37.13 -Saw: 8.44 -Pickaxe: 26.12 -Hammer: 36.33 -Stone Chisel: 12.92 -Repairing: 15.00 -Sickle: 9.01 -Scythe: 2.29 -Alchemy: 3.31 -Natural Substances: 6.73 -Fighting: 70.13 -Weaponless Fighting: 1.51 -Aggressive Fighting: 11.32 -Defensive Fighting: 15.80 -Normal Fighting: 38.44 -Taunting: 1.47 -Shield Bashing: 1.75 -Healing: 8.82 -Firstaid: 20.00 -Religion: 8.19 -Preaching: 2.00 -Prayer: 17.20 -Channeling: 8.52 -Thievery: 1.00 -Traps: 1.00 -Archery: 2.67 -Short Bow: 2.04 -Long Bow: 1.00 -Tracking: 2.04 -Paving: 7.46 -Prospecting: 9.43 -Coal-Making: 1.95 -Climbing: 10.35 Items: -Equipped: -Studded Leather Set missing the cap -Gloves at 69 ql and 71 and 76 aosp -Sleeves at 87 ql w/ 91 aosp and 77 ql w/ 85 aosp -Pants at 62 ql w/ 74 aosp -Boots at 69 ql with 70 and 71 aosp -Chest at 65 ql with 84 aosp -Rare Backpack at 10.92 ql -3 Hand Mirrors - Newbie Compass -Newbie Steel and Flint -2 Rope -2 Keys (the keys of the 2 boats this character owns) -2h sword at 71.43 ql with Nimbleness 76, Life Transfer 61, Circle of Cunning 85, and Mind Stealer 87 -Toolbelt at 80.13 ql -Santa Hat -Carrying -Rake at 89.56 ql with Circle of Cunning 62 and Wind of Ages 81 -Lantern at 58.94 ql dyed white -Statuette of Fo made from gold at 50.20 ql -Steel Shovel at 63.77 ql with Wind of Ages 68 and Circle of Cunning 72 The Character also owns 2 boats -"The Olive" small sail boat at 15ql made from maple -"The Big Olive" corbita at 30 ql made from cedar, also has 16 rafts It does have full 5 hours of sleep bonus as well 2 silver, 20 copper, and 12 iron in bank account Well thats everything my character has to offer, it is parked right next to the 2 boats it owns, just east of maple island to the south east of freedom market. Also note that it does have 3 hand mirrors, so you can choose your own looks. NOTE: The character DOES NOT have premium time ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Auction: -Starts when this is posted -Ends in 5 days from this post ( June 7th, 2013 @ 10:55pm PST) -Starting bid is 25 Euro -Bid increments of 1 Euro -Buyout is 100 Euro -Payment only from verified paypal -Not taking any offers of silver or trades -Not selling any of the contents of this character seperately To bid reply to this post or pm me via the forum messaging. I will update the current bid daily. If you wish to speak to me in game, I currently play on the release server, IGN: Crazyshot Happy Bidding! Current Bid: 25E Bidder: Rolandt
  20. Close

    Close Please I am seriously considering selling my Crystal Canal deed "Chiqqita Banaland due to lack of use. The size of Chiqqita Bananaland is 41 by 17. The monthly cost is 1 silver, 39 copper and 40 iron. The upkeep will last approximately 130 days, 4 hours and 27 minutes more. It has a truly unique house even for the great world of Wurm. A barely begun mine. undeveloped land behind the horse pens and it comes with some bison, cows , a slow bug, and a few 4-5 trait horses. Included are 3 70ql forges in the house , assorted armor, weapons racks. large chests, all the typical things a carpenter would make. The house has vaulted ceiling on the ground floor, a bell tower and approximately 7 floors depending on how you look at it. If more pictures are needed let me know.
  21. Super exciting sitting at sermons praying the day away right? Why not park the alt and go take the boring out of faith gains and put the fun into killing a ton of critters.. Sermon Location: Possibly Oak Harbour Date: Not yet set will most likely be set during the week such as Tues-Thurs (gives plenty of time for priest rotation and some decent fs gain) Hunting Location: Eastern Plains Have a deed nearby that can provide over night "horse parking" if needed. If poll turnout is good enough i will arrange such an event ,after permissions and dates have been okayed
  22. Hey all, I'm looking to earn some in-game silver to pay for deeds and thought I'd task it upon my priests. First in line is Henzy - he can cast enchanted grass and do basic vyn spells (anything at 50 faith and below.) Second is Rockeater - he's a mag priest of over 70 faith, meaning he can cast strongwall, mole senses and others like smite. Almost able to do disintegrate too, could do it with another mag linking. Prices are as follows: Henzy: Enchanted Grass (80c/tile) - path of love ability, enchants grass tiles so they give almost infinite food to grass-eating animals such as horses. Castable once every 21 hours. Other vyn spells (e.g. Animal's Demise) are negotiable. Rockeater: Strongwall* (1s/cast) - collapses mined cave tiles. AoSP (negotiable, 2c/power as a rule though that can decrease on larger orders) - adds a whole new dimension to armour, turning it into a weapon that can fight back! PM me for specifics. Mole Senses* (80c/cast) - Detects the depth of rock underneath the tile or border, in intervals of 10 dirt, up to 200 dirt in depth. Great way to find new mines to build. *If you can provide sac items on these casts then I'll knock 30c off of the price per cast (and it'll be a much quicker process) I can travel to anywhere on Indy, Deli, Exo or as a long shot Celebration. I'm based in West Deliverance and in South Independence, anywhere near there is easiest for me to travel to. I don't charge travel fees, feel free to tip for longer journeys but I don't mind. While working at your deed, it would be helpful to have access to a vyn/mag altar. Gives me something to do while waiting on the enchanted grass timer or for favor to regenerate. A bed and even a chest to store stuff in would be very much appreciated on longer jobs. While present I can do altar blessing and converts for free. On larger orders prices are somewhat negotiable, moreso if you can meet some of the criteria in the above paragraph I can accept alternative payments such as gems of equivalent value. PM Me or post here if you're interested.
  23. Yesterday me and my friend wanted to start a new place in the wilderness, to our surprise we found an abandoned home where there used to be a big deed. We used the home as safe house and removed the a badly damaged rock door guarding a mine. To our surprise when we started playing this morning, the house was repaired fully, the mine door replaced and our terraform progress cultivated and overgrown. Could the person who did that/owns the house "Villa II" please contact me? Our cart is currently stuck in your house, and we'd like to know if you are going to deed this place before we do. If we don't recieve a message from you within 3 days, we will deed over it anyway. Loc: West indy, south of N.o. Grizzlam
  24. Hello fellow residents of Indy! First of all I would like to thank Schiann for supplying a beautiful sermon venue next to the water and meals! :3 Now down to buisness, all are welcome to join the sermon located off Crystal Lake, at Oak Harbour, 52x ,38y. The following gold deity altars will be available: Fo Magranon Vynora Prayer pen is open to all so you shall be safe from any mobs once you are in it The following dates the sermons will be taking place: Tuesday, April, 23rd 2013 1:00pm EST- 9:00pm EST Wednesday, April 24th 2013 1:00pm EST- 9:00pm EST Thursday, April 25th 2013 1:00pm EST- 9:00pm EST If you are planning on attending and these times are inconvenient please let me know as you may not be the only one that would like the times changed, if majority is in favor of a different start to finish time i will change it so everyone has an equal opportunity to attend. TRANSPORTATION: IF you need a ride to Oak Harbour, I am willing to pick up people from Freedom Harbour 2 hours before the even in case wind causes a delay. Please also comment below or PM me if you want a ride. IF you do not know how to get to the Grand Steppe from Freedom Market I can give you directions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you have any questions please feel free to PM me {Cuddlekinz} in game and on forum. Hope to see you all there! -Cuddlekinz