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Found 176 results

  1. Changed to flat prices. Everyone who was asking about the sickle and rake -> they're being auctioned. Some items that were removed to be imp'd or mended down will be added later. Edit: Thanks for purchasing! Some prices lowered & I hope to have some more up by tomorrow night. 80.03 shortbow-71coc 74 nim 2.1s 69.85 shortbow-76coc 1.3s 82.01 Sythe- 80 coc 72 woa 2.9s 46.56 carving knife-51 coc 73 woa 1.5 45.51 carving knife- 58 coc 92 woa 2.5 54.27 carving knife-57 85c 58.22 saw-39 coc 64 woa 1.20 32.94 shovel-53 coc 55c 80.40 hammer-63 coc 73 woa 2.2 50.12 hammer-68 coc 60 woa 1.30 83.06 hammer-53 coc 48 woa 1.8s 33.71 hammer-56 coc 60c 48.56 sickle-64 coc 80c 11.66 pickaxe -65 coc 90c 81.93 pickaxe- 73 coc 86 woa 3.2 38.56 pickaxe- 58 coc 33 woa 1s 21.33 pickaxe -59 coc 60c 7.53 pickaxe- 57 coc 60c 80.72 pickaxe-55woa 1.3 9.60 pickaxe- 72 coc 90c 2.89 pickaxe- 52 coc 55c 82.16 pickaxe- 75 coc 79 woa 2.8s 93.82 pickaxe- 48 coc 82 woa 5s 82.17 pickaxe- 61 coc 65 woa 2s 51.81 file- 61 coc 75c 71.13 spindle- 88woa 1.4s 40.48 clay shaper- coc49 50c 17.41 ropetool-69 coc 80c
  2. Anyone have any extra deed forms they're willing to part with? Shoot me a price and your location. Thanks ~
  3. Ordering: When ordering, in game or on the forum, please place your Name > Item desired > Location + coordinates on the map. This will allow for greater efficiency and getting your product to you in a timely manner. Contact: Drfrosty with questions. Delivery: Most items can be COD through the mail. Our mailbox takes 11minutes for your item to be received Cost of mailing will be included in the COD Delivery Fee: (Delivery available on Independence only) 25c – 1.5s Depending on how far the travel is Discounts: Frequent Buyers: = 10% off if you order again within 1 week =5% off if you order again within 2 weeks If your order more than 5s, order includes free shipping (to independence only) 5 Speed Horses 70c each Can also purchase horses at our stable near Freedom Market Iron Tools: 50ql – 15c 60ql – 25c 70ql – 35c Lamps: 30ql – 10c 40ql – 20c 50ql – 30c Jewelry: (Silver only) 50ql Pendulums, rings, necklaces x 1 – 25c Statuettes x 1 – 50c Weapon Smithing (Iron) + WS Tools: 30ql – 30c 40ql – 40c 50ql – 50c Armor Smithing (Iron): Chain Armor – 50ql Full-suit of iron chainmail 50ql = 1s Jacket or Pants alone = 25c Other parts are 15c each. Crops In stock: 1k/1s 1000 pumpkings 58.41 ql 1000 corn 59.07 ql 1000 potatoes 57.87 ql 2000 rye 61.40 ql 412 cheeses 23.25 ql Blacksmithing Tools: Weapon smithing + Tools:
  4. Please leave price and location information. Thank you.
  5. Bricks, Clay, And A Cog

    All available for pickup only at Bearshark Point at the mouth of Crystal Canal: 1) 4,000 bricks @ 2s per 1,000 2) 2,000 clay @ 1s per 1,000 3) Cog with anchor and lock for 10s I can always get more clay and bricks if more than these amounts is needed, it's only a question of time
  6. Chain Pants 90.09 with 75 aosp Chain Jacket 90.18 with 87 aosp A heavy jacket made from metal chain. It could be improved with a lump. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Blob'. Aura of shared pain has been cast on it, so it may hurt creatures hitting the wearer. [87] Leg protection made from metal chain. You need to temper the chain pants by dipping it in water while it's hot. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Blob'. Aura of shared pain has been cast on it, so it may hurt creatures hitting the wearer. [75] Blob signature on both. Located on indy. COD not included in price 90ql chain pieces go for around 2s each so you are only paying 1s for the enchants!! (on the starting bid) Starting Bid: 5s Minimum Increment : 10c Buyout: 7s Reserve: None End date: 24 hours after last bid or 14th of October 2012 8pm GMT
  7. I'm currently looking to fill orders for Cloth Armor and Satchels. I currently can make up to QL 20 (will update as I skill up). Please let me know if you are in need! I'm currently on Volcano Island. Post any needs or orders! Thanks.
  8. Want To Buy Rye [Close Please]

    I'd like to buy 2-3k of rye. I'll come pick it up. Prefer it to be on Indy. Thanks
  9. Rare Guard Tower? -Indy

    Are Rare Guard Towers actually something people seek? My buddy just made a Rare Guard tower today. Could someone let me know if this is actually a 'common' thing or not? We are located on the NE island on Indy. Thanks!
  10. Sutherland Shire Stock: 4 speed trait foals/horses - 1 foal 40c, breeding pair 80c 5 speed trait foals/horses - 1s each Cows/Calfs - 20c - Might have stock might not so Please Order Them! Bulls/calfs - 20c - Might have stock might not so Please Order Them! Due to alot of horses not being collected after i have put the horses aside and no answer for nearly a month on collecting and paying for the horses. I would like to add this in: If you order any Animals you have a reservation time limit of 5 days to buy and pick up. Otherwise any order that are not collected within 10days will be sold to other customers. Male Horses: 5 speed Adolescent Rageecker - fleeter movement than normal, strong body, lightning movement, carry more than average, strong leg muscles. Adolescent Winghalt - fleeter movement than normal, strong body, lightning movement, carry more than average, strong leg muscles. Male Foals: 5 speed Young Bloodeast - fleeter movement than normal, strong body, lightning movement, carry more than average, strong leg muscles. Young Eckerdream - fleeter movement than normal, strong body, lightning movement, carry more than average, strong leg muscles. Female Horses: 5 speed Young Pearlabia - fleeter movement than normal, strong body, lightning movement, carry more than average, strong leg muscles. Female Foals: 5 speed
  11. Wts Ref [Sold, Close Please]

    Want to sell ref 7s. Would prefer to meet in person in Indy, possibly Deli.
  12. Wts Dirt

    Like the topic says I have several thousand dirt for sale. 1s per 1k. Dirt is located at Mystery Glade on Indy but I can deliver just about anywhere a ship can go for a small additional fee. 2k currently loaded and ready to go. PM me here or on Ambersummers in game.
  13. Aosp Chainset

    I have one 60 ql chainset for sale. Roughly 480-490 aosp. Each piece has at least 50 aosp on it. Looking for 5.5 silver or a reasonable offer.
  14. 5K Dirt For Sale

    I have 5k of dirt for sale. Located rather close to the Freedom Market and right near a coast for your pickup or i can deliver to any coastal area(for a fee). PM here or in game. 1k/1s
  15. Wts Meat [Close Please]

    Want to sell 1000 meat for 2.2 silver. I'm at Kalayaan, West Inner Sea Indy
  16. Sutherland Shire Market

    Sutherland Shire Market - Located 27x 32y On Indy Feel free to drop by and have a look at our market, we have a range of merchants. Our newest merchant: LT Weapons - Picture Taken on 30th August 2012 6am GMT +10 LT = Life transfer is a spell given to priests of Fo at 61 faith. It is a weapon enchantment that gives the wielder a chance to gain a small amount of health every time they land a hit on an opponent. For Example: Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [96] Come Look To See More Don't Miss Out Enchanted weapons (Picture coming soon when stock is updated) Enchanted Carpenter (Picture coming soon when stock is updated) Enchanted Blacksmith (Picture coming soon when stock is updated) Jessie's Cloth Tailoring (Picture coming soon when stock is updated)
  17. Want To Sell Foals N Chain.

    Have 2 extra 60ql chainsets that I'd like to sell for 90c each and a bunch of extra 5 speed foals for 70c each. Thanks~
  18. Wasn't quite sure in which section to put this in =) Anyway, as the title says I'd like to trade 1k meat for 2.5k worth of Cotton/Veggies. Somewhere in the region of 1000 cotton and 1500 veggies. I am in Indy and I'd be willing to travel to you. I'd prefer to stay in the Indy/Deli area. Thanks
  19. For a very limited time I am making 80QL tools for 50c + shipping cost. I will make a deal on shipping for bulk orders or arrange for a pickup. I can make Awl, File, Hammer, Hatchet, Needle, Pickaxe, Saw, Scissors, Shovel, Small anvil, Stone Chisel, Trowel, Horseshoe, or Leather Knife. Post your order here. I am located on Indy server.
  20. Applewood Corbita 40ql w/ anchor & lock - 6s Cedarwood sailboat 40ql w/ anchor & lock - 1.5s (Sold) -Located At Kalayaan 17x37y Independence PM or post if interested. Thanks
  21. Wtb Veggies

    Looking to buy 1-4k corn, potatoes, and/or onions at FM. 1.3s/1k delivered to FM, Freedom Harbour, or the Inner City Orphanage. Reply here, PM on forums, or PM in-game.
  22. Rare Pendulum 63.55 Ql, 74Litd

    Auctioning Rare Pendulum 63.55 Ql, 74LitD. Starting bid 1s, auction will end on Sunday 6/10/2012 @ 10:00PM EST No reserve, min increment is 10c. Thanks!
  23. I am looking to by 2 Longswords 60+ Ql with Mind stealer enchant.