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Found 173 results

  1. Close

    Some horses where found in FM they are currently in one of my pens and you can contact me here or in game(Deth) with names we can get them back to you
  2. As the topic says WTS 76ql Rare Pinewood Caravel w/ Lock, Key & Anchor. Currently moored near bearshark 42x 55y in independence. Prefer pickup, may be willing to meet or deliver to an outer coastal area depending on where and the offer. If interested PM with offers \ questions. Thanks Edit: 76ql lost a point from repair
  3. As the title suggests, looking to purchase a breeding pair of 5 speed horses, no genesis on Independence. I am In SE Independence Crystal Lake area. Shoot me a PM if you have what I need. Thanks
  4. Wtb 2K Wemp

    I need 2k wemp delivered at Kalayaan 17x 37y Contact me either via pm or post here.
  5. Missing Horse Lightning Fantasy (f) Grey Venerable Last seen around the southern Grand Steppe 50x 29y. Please PM me if you find her. Thanks
  6. Wts Settlement Form

    Offering a wrongly purchased settlement form for 9 silver, pick up at Kalayaan (independence) <17x 37y>
  7. Yet another price check, this time on a QL 8.57 rare square piece of cotton. Thought it might be slightly more useful than a peg. Edit: add a rare bowstring ql 16,80 to that as well. Edit+: add a supreme plank ql 21,83 too
  8. Price Check On A Rare Peg

    Was wondering how much a rare peg would be worth, QL 13,99 Probably nothing, but still eager to know.
  9. Wtb Durable High Ql Woa/(Coc) Saw

    Hi, i need a high ql (70+) saw with a medium woa and low/medium coc enchantment. The most important thing is that the saw needs to be durable and preferably a bit fast. Edit: Closed
  10. Servers Start Up Time

    How is that all the servers can come back online in roughly 7 minutes, while Independence and Chaos take 10+ It's seriously annoying when I've had to wait for over 10 minutes extra to play a game when others can play in less than 7 minutes. Anyone else bothered by this?
  11. Volunteer Diggers wanted for road building near harmony lake (38x 26y)( Am building a New road north from harmony lake to connect the road from mystic valley directly down to the lake. lots or digging required, anyone wanting dirt, digging skill or just to help welcome. if anyone wants more information contact me edit: due to underlying terrain now miners would also be helpful, to lower rock layer The community map isn't entirely accurate around this area but here is a rough layout (new road in red) and the crossed out settlements have been abandoned Old Road Start of new road Finished Road
  12. In-game name = Shads Alternative contact = Boobaby Co-ords = 23x 46y Price = 9.5s PICK UP ONLY
  13. Hi, actually my friend found the horse but he is not very often in wurm currently so PM me instead for a meeting time and i will see if i can get the horse out for you then. Found another one, GoldenNotch, but it was too high on a cliff and he could not see who owned it. By inner sea, on the mountain there close to magix mountain.
  14. Lvl 98-100 Digger Needed

    I am in need of a very high level digger(over 98 please) on Indy to help with a small terraforming job to bring a slope of about 25 tiles from 250 to preferably 300(or as close as possible. I am paying VERY generously with this job offer. Please PM if your up for the job or PM in game @ Metrix
  15. Dunlap Hill Bulk And Misc

    Repricing items
  16. Sold

    Hi there im looking to sell Lagerdam west this weekend, it is located on blackdog isle at 29y 25 x indy map Iam asking for 15 s I believe it has 80 days left in its upkeep this is a great place to start a farm and comes with many things pm me or post here with offerl maybe we can make a deal oh and Its right on the water : ) size is roughly 44x55 I can have better specs when I return to indy
  17. Jewelry Smithing up to 50ql Silver: 20ql 25ql 30ql 35ql 40ql 45ql 50ql Rings/Necklaces: --- --- 17c 20c 22c 25c 27c Statuettes: 20c 25c 30c 35c 50c 55c 60c Candelabras: 35c 40c 45c 50c 65c 70c 75c Pendulum: 15c 20c 25c 30c 35c 40c 45c Iron: Pendulum 10c 12c 15c 17c 20c 22c 25c Chain Armour Smithing up to 80ql Iron Chain Armour: 50ql 60ql 70ql 80ql Per piece 10c 18c 34c 75c Full set* 85c 160c 275c 650c Barding** 70c 100c 150c --- *Full New set discount only applies if you buy a whole set (with coif). This is not avalable to imping. **Horse armour, it is more expensive because it takes time to create the 25kg of armour chains needed and eats all my iron Enchanted Items: Please note that armor is enchanted at around 70ql The power of the AoSP will be under 50 PM Blob or Squatsh for the stock, i cant list the enchanted items due to them being worked on Shieldsmithing up to 50ql 50ql Small Iron Shield 15c Medium Iron Shield 15c Large Iron Shield 20c Add 10c for the cost of mailing if required.(CoD)A full chain set cost 90c in mailing fees or 20c per each item on deli,exo,chaos or celebration. Delivery to be discussed in-game or through forum messages. In-game name : Blob and Squatsh Located Halcyon 39y,27x West of Freedom Market Independance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Master Chainsmith ,Renowned Goldsmith ,Shieldsmith and Miner Recommended Sellers:� - Eastern Kincans
  18. Wtb: Shortbow

    Hello, I would like to buy a shortbow - Shortbow, willow 80ql, 70+ Circle of Cunning, 70+ Nimbleness' PM or reply with price before sending. CoD to Vaziac (Indy)
  19. Wtb Multiple Items

    WTB the following items, CoD to Vaziac. - Longsword 80ql, 80 Life Transfer, 70 Nimbleness: Expecting ~8s - Shortbow 80ql, 70 Circle of Cunning, 70 Nimbleness: Expecting ~3s - Huge Axe 80ql, 70 Life Transfer, 70 CoC(sorry put WoA before), 70 Nimbleness: Expecting ~8s Please reply or pm me on forum when you send it and for how much, thanks!
  20. Wtb Enchanted Shovel & Hammer

    Wtb 80 ql shovel with around 80 woa Wtb 80 ql hammer with 80 coc/woa
  21. Please Close

    [12:24:00] A large, heavy metal anvil. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. You will want to polish the large anvil with a pelt before you improve it. Ql: 68.57314, Dam: 0.0. Bid Starts @ 5s Min Increase: 1s Buyout: 20s Auction runs: 48 hours Happy Bidding
  22. Wtb: 70Ql Large Steel Shield

    Hello, after getting a price check. I'd like to buy a large steel shield with ~70 ql, no enchants CoD to Vaziac I am on Indy Reply to this post with the price, so i have a heads up on how much it will cost (im assuming about 75-85c)
  23. Changed to flat prices. Everyone who was asking about the sickle and rake -> they're being auctioned. Some items that were removed to be imp'd or mended down will be added later. Edit: Thanks for purchasing! Some prices lowered & I hope to have some more up by tomorrow night. 80.03 shortbow-71coc 74 nim 2.1s 69.85 shortbow-76coc 1.3s 82.01 Sythe- 80 coc 72 woa 2.9s 46.56 carving knife-51 coc 73 woa 1.5 45.51 carving knife- 58 coc 92 woa 2.5 54.27 carving knife-57 85c 58.22 saw-39 coc 64 woa 1.20 32.94 shovel-53 coc 55c 80.40 hammer-63 coc 73 woa 2.2 50.12 hammer-68 coc 60 woa 1.30 83.06 hammer-53 coc 48 woa 1.8s 33.71 hammer-56 coc 60c 48.56 sickle-64 coc 80c 11.66 pickaxe -65 coc 90c 81.93 pickaxe- 73 coc 86 woa 3.2 38.56 pickaxe- 58 coc 33 woa 1s 21.33 pickaxe -59 coc 60c 7.53 pickaxe- 57 coc 60c 80.72 pickaxe-55woa 1.3 9.60 pickaxe- 72 coc 90c 2.89 pickaxe- 52 coc 55c 82.16 pickaxe- 75 coc 79 woa 2.8s 93.82 pickaxe- 48 coc 82 woa 5s 82.17 pickaxe- 61 coc 65 woa 2s 51.81 file- 61 coc 75c 71.13 spindle- 88woa 1.4s 40.48 clay shaper- coc49 50c 17.41 ropetool-69 coc 80c
  24. Anyone have any extra deed forms they're willing to part with? Shoot me a price and your location. Thanks ~
  25. Ordering: When ordering, in game or on the forum, please place your Name > Item desired > Location + coordinates on the map. This will allow for greater efficiency and getting your product to you in a timely manner. Contact: Drfrosty with questions. Delivery: Most items can be COD through the mail. Our mailbox takes 11minutes for your item to be received Cost of mailing will be included in the COD Delivery Fee: (Delivery available on Independence only) 25c – 1.5s Depending on how far the travel is Discounts: Frequent Buyers: = 10% off if you order again within 1 week =5% off if you order again within 2 weeks If your order more than 5s, order includes free shipping (to independence only) 5 Speed Horses 70c each Can also purchase horses at our stable near Freedom Market Iron Tools: 50ql – 15c 60ql – 25c 70ql – 35c Lamps: 30ql – 10c 40ql – 20c 50ql – 30c Jewelry: (Silver only) 50ql Pendulums, rings, necklaces x 1 – 25c Statuettes x 1 – 50c Weapon Smithing (Iron) + WS Tools: 30ql – 30c 40ql – 40c 50ql – 50c Armor Smithing (Iron): Chain Armor – 50ql Full-suit of iron chainmail 50ql = 1s Jacket or Pants alone = 25c Other parts are 15c each. Crops In stock: 1k/1s 1000 pumpkings 58.41 ql 1000 corn 59.07 ql 1000 potatoes 57.87 ql 2000 rye 61.40 ql 412 cheeses 23.25 ql Blacksmithing Tools: Weapon smithing + Tools: