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Found 173 results

  1. 92.14QL Rare Lantern

    Up for auction I have a rare lantern. 92.14QL, painted with 89QL white dye. "[17:54:32] A small iron box with wicker and a cannister for oil. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Colors: R=244, G=244, B=244. The lantern (lit) has some dents that must be flattened by a hammer." Sale Terms: -Mail Delivery COD, Buyer Pays Shipping. -If Reserve is not met, item will not be sold. If Reserve is met, auction will continue, highest bidder wins. Start Bid:2s Bid Increment: 1s Reserve: Hidden(8s met,auction continues highest bidder wins per sale terms) Buyout:No Duration: 3 days Item Location:Independence Thanks for your time and your possible bids.
  2. [SOLD] WTS 12.3k Dirt - Updated

    12,300 dirt for sale. Purchase Options: Pick up at Black Dog Island, Indy - 10s46c (0.8.5s/1k) / 14s56c with crates. Coastal delivery on Indy - 11s7c (0.9/1k) / 15s17c with crates. Coastal delivery on Xanadu & Deli - 12s30c (1s/1k) / 16s40c with crates. Other coastal delivery locations are negotiable. Current loaded crates can be included. Large crates (29) - 10c Small crates (24) - 5c
  3. Longswords Longsword, Iron, 69ql AD, Nimb 59, Frostbrand 68, Coc 88 ~3s Longsword, Iron, 46ql Coc 51, Woa 49, Frostbrand 42 ~1s Pickaxes Pickaxe, Iron, 55.30ql ~40c Pickaxe, Iron, 55.30ql, woa 56,coc 57 ~60c Pickaxe, Iron, 50.86ql, ~40c Pickaxe, Iron, 44.53ql, ~30c Pickaxe, Iron, 9.16ql, coc 32 ~50c Pickaxe, Iron, 5.25ql, coc 35 ~50c Rakes Rake, Iron, 68.92ql, woa66 ~45c Rake, Iron, 34.40ql, coc62 ~25c Rake, Iron, 46.27ql, woa13,coc16 ~20c Misc Small Maul, Iron, 67.86ql,AD,Nimb52,Frostbrand48,coc69 ~60c Spindle, Willow, 68.73ql, woa51, coc52 ~40c Spindle, Pine, 68.63ql, woa 67 ~30c Spindle, birch, 68.96ql coc 67 ~30c Small Anvil, Iron, 4.67, coc 35 ~15c Stone Chisel, Iron, 48.39ql, coc 44 ~15c Mallet, Pine, 44.12ql, coc 54 ~30c Ropetool, Oak, 7.93ql, coc 63 ~70c PM Ingame or on forums (cuddlekinz) Prices Negotiable Pickup Available at Oak Harbour, Crystal Lake, Indy or items can be mailed
  4. I have a HotA's Demon statue named Preston who has worn out his welcome. He's been eating up all my meals, combining my low ql silver with the high ql stuff (on purpose!) and being a general pita. He's currently sitting around my house in his demon underwear, which he hasn't changed in days and threatening to use my nice Fo alter as a toilet. I've had to throw out the CoC water already. You can have him for 12s, which will go towards repairing the damage he's caused. Maybe you can work with him and get him to act a little less, demonlike. Location: Lothloriean Meadows, Indy. 49x, 14y.
  5. As the topic states, this is an auction for an open seryll helm with a partial seryll lump. Starting Bid: 3s Minimum Bid Increment: 50c Buyout: 5s Buyer responsible for pick up, or COD.
  6. Red Mountain Trade Port Recruiting Large and active community of villagers. We need a Weapons Smith and Cook. Villager should have at least 3 month experience at game play and is committed to wanting to play and be active in an active village. Weaponsmith and Cook need not be of higher level. Just committed to play and wants to have fun in there craft. We have access to all resources. If you prove to be the perfect villager for the job we will provide you with a piece of land within the village large enough to build a nice house and have live stock. Access to the port and access to a merchant stall should you want to setup shop later down the road. We dont demand you contribute coin to the deed upkeep but we do ask you contribute to the village as a whole. Great group of older people average age between 20-30, No nonesense type of community of players. We hope to find our cook and weaponsmith, We already have two ship builders, miners, priests, blacksmiths,lumber jacks and a farmer or two and a couple builders, we are just missing the cook and the weaponsmith. We would also like to find two a"fo priests" to join our village. I have built a grand temple to fo that a couple of good fo priests could live, preach and work out of, it not complete but has a rare statue and rare fountain inside and once a couple priests is found ill complete it. PM me or reply to this forum page if you like to join.
  7. Sold out. Close Thread. Good bye Wurm!
  8. Wtb 80 + QL Leather

    Want to buy 80 + ql Hides/Leather. Pm me with a price and how much you have.
  9. WTS Trader Form

    Want to sell trader form on indy. 36 silver. PM if you want it. Trader form not placed
  10. WTS Rare Spindle 92QL cedarwood 4.5s.
  11. Trader & Island Deed for Sale

    Want to sell deed in the inner sea on indy. Cords are 33X 25Y not to far from Quency Mines and Pickle Island. This is not a resource deed how ever there is Mountain area near by thats not claimed by Quency or any one else. In fact there alot of Mountain area unclaimed close by. The island when i deeded it looked really bad. I put alot time into Terraforming it. I also paid for nearly 400 floor boards to stop the spread of marsh and to clean the island completely free of marsh. Currently the island being used as a tree farm with about 300 sprouts on it. It also has several thousand dirt in crates stored there to further expand the island. Island Name: Atlantis GM permission to change highway connecting to deed was given and still active. Island size 31x31 15 north 15 west 15 south 15 east is tile arrangement Upkeep 1 silver 92 copper monthly Current paid up to 44 days Along with the deed comes approx 200 more floor boards, Wagon 2 Horses I have an unused trader form for the island that goes with this package deal. You want a nice setup and a good deal this is it. Prime Real Estate on Wurm in Indy and in good timeing as the new trade city up north is being built. No issues with mobs so no need for hireing guards. Lots of sharks near by how ever. Buyer can place the trader on this deed or anywhere else as its a trader form. PRICE: 1 GOLD Im firm on the price. Note: This island could be used for anything. Very giood location as its the passage point to get from maddog canal through to the inner sea. Deed also comes with holding toon.
  12. Wts Dirt

    SOLD, Close Posting
  13. WTS 1k 88ql potato

    Selling 1k potatos 88ql - 1s 3 rare planks - 1.2s for all 3 or 40c each. gone. Located at Sand Castle, Independence, 40x, 34y. Delivery or pickup available, free delivery to indy, and deli north coast Order comes with a complementary flowerpot! PM Flinty on forum or ingame to order.
  14. 1. Corbita - 26ql - 10 rafts - cederwood ... 6s sold 2. Sailboat - 31ql - 0 rafts - cederwood ... 1.5s 3. Knarr - 43ql - 38 rafts - cederwood ...... 10s sold Contact Isleana in game for delivery or pick up.
  15. WTS Charcoal

    500x 43QL - 2s 500x 33QL - 1.8s Pickup at Kalayaan (17x, 37y) independence. PM on forum or in game if interested.
  16. Wts Trader Deed on Indy

    SOLD/ Please close thread. Want to sell trader deed on Indy. Has a trader in place. Smaller deed with a low upkeep of 1 silver a month. Located at Crystal Canal on Indy. It's been generating 7-8 silver a month on average. I have no time to work it anymore. Asking a fair price. 40 Silver This deed won't last long already have one interested buyer but i need the silver now. 98 days of upkeep paid start collecting trader profits right away. Deed size is 8x8 with 1 silver a month upkeep. Most structures been taken down except the trader house which is a 3x3 building. I have writs to all other structures. Deed is terraformed and ready for a nice development. Has mines with Iron and other minerals near by. I would post pictures but i don't know how to do that. Location is New Tuscany Bluff at 54Y 42 X on the Map I also own three more deeds in its surrounding area and will consider selling them. I also was granted GM permission to make changes to those deeds that i own that reside next to the protected canal. Lots of potential for the right buyer. Other Deeds New Tuscany, Bearshark Overlook, Bearshark Evergreen Cones, all have upkeep paid on them, all there upkeep is 1 silver or less. All have access to mines with resources. Asking 8 silver each or a package deal.
  17. Item Sold. Please end this Thread. Thank You.
  18. WTS Deed Form - 8s

    As the title says. Deed form for 8s - Those cost 10s from the trader. I residue on Indy so pm me here or Wulfgar ingame!
  19. Selling Livestock

    I have 6 Bull and 4 Cows all good traits i don,t have the time to care for them so if your interested let me know. In game names Johnnyrascal and Daisy im at Avocano by Crystal Canal 51y-43x Thanks
  20. After a long hiatus, Ravenstone Stables is back in business! (Old thread) Want the fastest horse for riding around the countryside? Looking for a breeding pair with great traits? Or do you just want two reliable animals to pull around your mining cart? Ravenstone Stables has all of those. I have 5-speed horses, bison, and cows/bulls in stock. Slower and cheaper horses are also available if that's what you're looking for. See all the details of each horse right here on this spreadsheet. Information about individual bison and cattle are available upon request. Horse prices 5-speeds: 40c 4-speeds: 30c 3-speeds: 20c 2-speeds or less, or horses with bad traits: 10c Bison/cattle prices Bison: 20c Cows/bulls: 10c Delivery is only 10c per trip (up to 3 animals per trip) for anywhere on the Independence server. If you're in the north-east corner of Independence, I probably won't charge for delivery at all. Pickup is also available at Ravenstone (48x, 13y) on Colossus Lake. All prices are negotiable, especially for bulk orders. If you're looking for new breeding stock, I would consider trading animals as well. Want better horses but don't have the AH skill to breed them? Buy at least one female 5-speed and I will breed it with one of my compatible 5-speed male on request, with no extra charge. If you're interested or would like to know more, feel free to PM me in-game (character is also named Faeldray), PM over the forums, or by replying below. Replying below or PMing me here is the best way to get a hold of me.
  21. [Close]

    Close Found Seller
  22. WTS Iron lumps

    Heya, as the title says. Want to sell 3,5k ql 50 iron lumps Also 900 + ql 25 iron lumps. I want 4s for the whole bundle, pm me! (I residue in Ultimarus Indy) Pickup only! Argustin
  23. WELCOME TO KALAYAAN KALAYAAN VILLAGE, is a village located on the "Independence" server, at the co-ordinates of "37y, 17x" (based off of this map -; literally a small boat ride across the sea, from The Howl! FOR us at Kalayaan, we value three things greatly - that is: Freedom (honestly, you can do whatever you see fit: make what you want, pursue any job that you want, do work as you please, etc.), Community (being active within the community - talking to others, being respectful, helping one another out, etc.), and Having Fun (this is rather self-explanatory -> Wurm is about having fun!) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUR community has a lot of benefits to offer you - everything from easy access to ample supplies of lumber, stones, ores, and other basic resources for all your construction needs; to easy "job related" resources, buildings, and areas (i.e. tons of grape vines for any vintners, a harbour for anyone that likes to fish, mines, etc.). BUT in order to keep things simple, let's take you through the major parts of our village, one by one, giving you a detailed description of what we have to offer you in each area! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KALAYAAN RESIDENTIAL ZONES --> TOWN CENTRE KALAYAAN offers several "community services" to its residents, such as the newly built community centre which holds all of our major buildings and major communal services (such as a woodworks, a smithy/stoneworks, a (to-be-finished) Church, and a kitchen and hunting lodge)! EACH community building is fully available to all members of the Kalayaan Community, regardless of their wurm experience! KALAYAAN RESIDENTIAL ZONES --> HOUSES KALAYAAN offers its residents several different sizes of homes in order to decorate as they see fit, several of them are compeltely empty, while some of them have been furnished already by communtiy members who have left; nonetheless, there are homes of all sizes, with varying property lots that can be built, furnished, and maintained (don't worry, our friendly village can help you with that!) EACH house comes fully built, in terms of walls, doors, windows, etc. - and a generally blank backyard (nothing planted, but with fencing!); nothing else is put into the house if it is an unfinished, so that way you can decorate it as you see fit! Some pictures of these include: KALAYAAN HARBOUR --> HARBOURFRONT & CANAL KALAYAAN is lucky enough to border right onto the "Inner Sea" in Wurm - meaning Kalayaan takes full advantage of this, by maintaining a working Harbour that is available for use by all members of the Kalayaan Community; such features on the harbour include: large shipbuilding areas, receiving (delivery) house for shipments and purchases, waterfront properties (i.e. large homes for shipbuilders), a large canal just north of the village, and all around ample area to moor/dock your vessels! Some photos include: KALAYAAN HARBOUR --> KALAYAAN INN KALAYAAN has, on-deed, what is called an "Inn" (though it is currently under renovations; a great project for anyone who likes to build things!) - that is, a building that has six rooms, each with storage bins, forges, beds, ovens, altars, etc., for anyone passing by with their boat, on foot, with a cart, etc., who need a place to stay for the night! This is a great place, that only costs approximately 10iron to rent out, that is accessible to just about anyone, regardless if they are a part of the village or not! KALAYAAN AGRICULTURAL ZONE --> FIELDS AND ENCLOSURE! KALAYAAN has a vast range of fields and stables, used primarily for growing crops, and containing our animals (horses, cows, etc.). Our 6-8 fields, some of which contain at least 100 individual tiles for planting crops on, are the centre of our profit in Kalayaan! Specializing primarily in "Potatoes" and other vegetables, our fields are sure to not disappoint any farmer or potential customer! Not to mention, we also have an enormous enclosure, excellent for natural growth, in terms of trees and wildlife! IN our fields, you will also find our many horses (which we breed and then sell for money), and cows, that are also used for meats, food, etc. Some photos include: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SO WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR? ESSENTIALLY, we are looking for just about ANYONE that is active, and willing to participate in a community setting! We don't care if you are young in wurm, old; it doesn't really matter what timezone you are from, or anything like that... KALAYAAN accepts everyone... everyone is welcome to join! IF INTERESTED, FEEL FREE TO CONTACT "XANDRYA" (OUR MAYOR), "ALASKANBOB" (OUR DEPUTY MAYOR), OR "TESULA" (ONE OF OUR VILLAGE SENIORS) IN ORDER TO GET HELP/DIRECTIONS TO KALAYAAN, AND TO ULTIMATELY JOIN US! If all else fails feel free to drop me a Pm with any questions =)
  24. Close Please

    Wanting to buy at least 6k of dirt to be delivered to a shoreline spot on Southwest Indy, with a potential need for additional dirt in the near future. Was able to arrange/schedule what I needed. If I need more, I'll create a new post.
  25. WTB Sleep powders

    o/ Buying sleep powders delivered: Potkali se u Kolina Independence 28x / 17y map: