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Found 1 result

  1. Main event deed will be HOS Farm, as seen on the playermade map its located at 4x29y or on the ingame map the coordinates are M8. The deed are easily accessed by water and from Green dog its a 10 min ride via the GD tunnel. Main building are HOS Harbour Workshed. When The event will be held from Thursday the 24th (March) 12.00 cet time to Monday the 28th 12.00 cet time. General info This will be a impalong, you may come and get your items imped up to 70ql, there will be a limit of 5 items or one armour set. This are to make sure we can help as many players as possible. Contests Fishing contest During the impalong there will be a fishing contest, it will end Sunday 12.00 (gmt+1). Only fishing from shore counts. Tourist class (under 20 fishing skill) extra prices will be awarded in this class so dont forget to add your skill when naming your fish. Happy hunting! Winners are: Above 20 Fishing skill: Tamina 97.61ql - JK Wagon + Lantern Renzal 92.89ql - Rare Short Bow + Lantern Isrik 91.51ql - Rare brown bear helmet + Lantern Below 20 fishing skill Ladytiff 95.16ql - 2 JK Kingdom Tall Banners + Lantern Draevon 82.67ql - Turtle Shield + Lantern Serilith 78.48ql - Turtle Shield + Lantern Hand in your fishes to Daash, Cecci, or Mith. The best ql on the fish wins. And if the ql are identical the weight of it will rule the winner. Current impers: Cessi: C/FC/LW Chiqa: BS/C/FC/M/WS Daash: BS/CAS/JS/C Dergen: C/FC Fendir: BS/WS Halebel: BS/C/M/SS Jaz: BS/CAS/PAS/SS/WS Magdegreen: LW MrCoolman: BS/C/CAS/CT/FC/LW/PAS/SS Necroe: BS/C/FC/PAS/SS Odynn: BS/JS/PAS/CAS/WS/SS MissWilc: LW/CT/BS/FC Mith: WS/BS/PAS/SS/C PhatThaiJones: BS/C/CAS/JS/SS/SB Shindar: BS Shrimpiie: CT/LW Steveleeb: C/M BS= Blacksmithing(11) CAS=Chain Armour Smithing(6) C=Carpentry(10) LW=Leather Workong(4) PAS=Plate Armor Smiting(3) WS=Weapon Smiting(4) FC=Fine Carpentry(5) CT=Cloth Tailoring(3) SS=Shield Smithing(6) M=Masonry(3) JS=Jewelry Smithing(3) SB=Ship Building(3) Needed Material 80ql/90ql Steel (Yarnball, Mith) 80ql/90ql Logs (Chiqa, MrCoolman) 80ql Gold/Silver for imping Sacc Items for the Priests 70ql Leather Contributers Yarnball: Logs & Steel Chiqa: Logs Mith: Steel & Lumps MrCoolman: Leather / Logs Prize contributers MissWilc (Rare Bear Helmet)